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From Henry2 York.  Published in the Meaford (ON) Monitor.

We are in receipt of a very interesting letter from our old friend and neighbor, Mr. Henry York, dated at Miami, Pembina County, Manitoba.  The following extracts, we think, may interest quite a number of our readers:

"This last harvest was good.  We raised 800 bushels of first class wheat, and 400 more was slightly frozen; 800 bushels oats and barley; 2000 in all.

The weather has been all that one could desire, showery in June and July, no rain from July till the 10th October, scarcely any rain this fall; very little snow, fine sunny days and frosty nights.  We have over a hundred acres broken up, ... 25 acres last summer.  When only one ploughing is given each year, the land gets foul after four or five crops. ***

Excuse me for stating that I think your sympathy in the Riel case was misplaced.  He did all he was able to incite the Indians to fire, kill and murder the settlers and pilage their property.  He can't expect much sympathy, to say nothing about the old offence.  We do not see how the government could have done less with such a villain.  If he had been a protestant the Catholics would not have set up such a howl about him. ***

I have quit hard labor, such as pitching and stacking, being now past 75 years old.  I am able to do light work and keep things straight round the place.  With best respect, yours sincerely.  HENRY YORK

Note.  Our friend is a little astray if he thinks we had any sympathy for Riel as a man, or with his tactics.  We looked much farther than that when we objected to taking his life.  The people whom he represented were to be numbered by thousands, and believed they had greviances [sic] which should have been considered.

The government we think was to blame and for that reason should have listened to the petitions of those people and saved his life.  We do not think the fact of Riel being a Catholic had much to do with the desire to save him, but this cry of race and creed had been raised by the followers of John A. in order to obtain Ontario's sympathy in the coming election.

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