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From Ann, wife of Thomas2 York to Lydia Maud3 (York) Stevenson.  Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Lydy, I will try rite a few lines to you once more.  I roat a letter to Aless too weekes ago.  This is Friday and Tos wrote is the last of January.  I am glad to tell you we have both been pretty well in helth so far.  Your unkel has been abel to atend Meaford once a week and do a littel work and I have been abel to do my work with sum degree of pllesaur.  For all thes belsings I thanke God with all my harte who giveth us all things that we enjoye.  To him be all the pras both now and forever.  Amen.

And now dear Lyida a few words with thee before I close this.  I want you to rite to me as quick as plsabel and tell me in a longe letter all you can cram in.  I ame very hungre to know how you and your dear husband are and the dear littel childeren.  Do let Rege rite his name and age.  It wold ples me so much.

My dear you are all rememerd by me eche day at a throne of grace.  I wish I cold see your dear faces, yours and Aleses, so we tell each other our joys and sorores and have simpethy with each other.  How good it wold be, would it not my dear one.

I hav not been to ms. Bumsteds since last fall.  I canot tell you aneything about them.  Give my love to your dear mother.  I very sorrey to her of her sickness.

My dear girl I have much to be thankful for wen I think of wod we went throw last winter.  We wear both so sick we could not one help thee other.  We had medeson and in the worst Mrs. Bumsted sent littell Sarah and she stad with us one week for compney.  Sarah was very kind to us in sending nise things to eate, but she could not come ?onde once for her helth has never been good since her hevy sickness, and Catherine she did all she could to help us and the dear kind neibers war very good to us.

Scarsly a day went by thay send us sum thing or come to see us and formoste was dear Mrs. Uffland tho unabel to come herself she euesed to send her little girl with a basket of nice things and kinde enquires, so you see we war not forsaken in our time of troubel.  I know that God put it in the harts of those dear friends to share kindnes to us poor helpless ones.  May God bless theme and suport them in thear time of nede is my hartfelt wish.

Poor Mrs. Ufland has ben very sick ever since fall.  Not been abel to do her work.  Her lege and arme is the trobel.  The last I heard she was some better.  She has a good daughter in Amelea.

I will send to papers with this, one for you and one for Ales.  I could not get anething our of Jon Laycock.  I ?asked after all teat could get nothing but they are all well.  I sent a carde each for you and Alese.  I hope you will get them.  Mrs. Clarke panted them porpsly for you.  I could like to have sent you a copel of jars of jame but she is such a no ... I could not.  Kiss the dear ones for me.  Except my loved for you and yours.

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