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From Mary Ann3 (Minnie) York to Lydia Maud3 (York) Stevenson.  Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

My Dear Sister

I was very sorry to hear that you felt so bad about your dear little baby and I am sorry that I did not write to you before when you felt so bad but really Lydia it is very seldom I get a few spare minutes to my self, and anything any person can say only seems so meaningless.

But really you should not fret so about your little baby; you see your love for your child is really a selfish love, would you keep her here to suffer all you have suffered and phraps more just for the sake of a few years on this earth instead of being one of God's jewels, his brightest jewels too, for God loved little children because they are so pure and innocent.

When we compare our lives with eternity see what a few short years they are and full of woe to what our lives in heaven will be.  Besides you are sure of your little baby is in heaven.  We can hope for the best for our living children but we can't feel at rest like we could if we were taken from them.

About the little ones in heaven, I think when the suffering of which you speak is past, try and be resigned to God's Will.  He is all sufficient for your sorrow and he will comfort you.  He is a friend that never faileth.  If you ask God to help you to bear your sorrow you will feel happier.

My Dear Sister your four little pets that is living has more need of your care [than] your little baby in heaven.  Imagine her beautiful bright home and her pure little spirit enjoying God's Glory whiles the rest of us is plodding along on this earth for a short time and we will be there too.  Now don't fret any more like a dear good girl.  Trust in our loving Savur.

I have changed a little since I saw you.  I am trying to be a little better than I used to be.  I hope God will help me to go on to Victory.  What I write to you is from my heart.

I have a lot to try one here, though woulden it be Glorous to be able to live without sin, to keep our tempers all the time and never fall, live a holy life unto the Lord.  I know a young girl who does that.  I never thought it possible before but it can be done.  If we would try each day to conquer some sin each Victory would make us stronger.

I must say Good night My Dear Sister and Brother.  May God who saw fit to take your dear little baby bless and keep you both all the day and every hour, and bless us all with his divine blessing and keep us Holy until we too be called to bid adeu to this world and its cares and go up to that home he has prepared for us.

George is able to walk around with a cane now.  I hope you are all well.  The household is at rest now.  It is half past 9 now and time to go to bed.  I have Mary with me yet. Maggie went to her school today.  Give my love to Alice and all the people.  Your loving sister Mrs. G. Wilton. Write soon.

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