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From Thomas2 York to Henry2 York.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Brother,

I recieved your note.  Was glad to hear from you and that the boys had got safe back, and that you were all well.  I was talking with Fred on Saturday about his situation.  He seems bent on coming out but seems worse prepared for it than ever and no prospect of getting better.  There is less work in his line and more parties bidding for it, so the longer he stays the worse he is off.

If he owned all the stuff he has about him it go a good way towards it but a good deal of it under chattel mortgage which is a bad fix.  If he can come with a car load of stuff I will send some barrels of appels.  Expect you would all be glad of some.

I can't exactly give you Charles Bumsted's address.  It is somwere near the Soo as they call it, Sault St. Marie.  I will try and get it for you.  It over in the states side.  I expect he went there to prevent his creditors from following him.  I was quite surprised when I heard he was in trouble.  I did not know even that had a mortgage on his place.  The place is to be sold today at Pauls Hotell.  Sarah is here yet waiting till the boats run.  I think it likly he will find his way to Manitoba yet.

Willie Bumsted means to come out either this fall or in spring.  If he does he will bring a car load of stuff with him.  Hattie Bumsted went out this spring with a family from Toronto to a place called Menota.  Its near the Souris River.

Willie Clark's two brothers left here last Wednesday.  I expect you have seen them by this time.  If you can help them to get a place do, for they are very good honest boys and have been very good neighbours but they want practice & experience.

You are right in thinking we shall feel lonesome all alone here.  I should like to be along with the rest of you for the rest of our time but must dispose of the place before we could come, and its rather a poor time to sell just now.  Property is not worth so much by a good deal as it was a few years ago but I will try and find out what chance there is and let you know.

Send me what news you can about Alice's boys.  I want to keep track of them.  How did Tom & Magill settle their affair.  I haven't heard from them for a long time.

Alice's youngest boy is with H. Laycock.  Let me know who they are hired with.

We had very good weather all through March.  We are having more snow now and it looks as if we should have a backward spring.  I think you will be a month ahead of our farmers.  A good many farmers are being sold out and many more very hard up.  A good many people have left Meaford and there are plenty of empty houses.

You have been fortunate in getting a good price for your wheat but the dry mumer prevented our farmers from having much to sell.  It was on the fruit crop.  Apples were not above 2 thirds the full size but the trees were well loaded.  I see by the papers that a million barrels were sent to the old country.  I would have sent you more but Henry Laycock said he was going to get some from his Uncle Alex.

We wish to hear from Nate & Ann wants to hear from Alice.  Yours truly, T & Ann York.

Let us know where Will is or what he is doing.

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