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From Thomas2 York to Henry2 York.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Brother,

Its a long time since I wrote to you, but I am anxious to hear how you are getting on.  I wish to know how your crops have turned out.  You have had a dry summer, I understand, something like what we had last year.  These things will occur no matter where we are.

The crops are better here this season.  Respecting the fruit crop, there is going to be a scarcity of winter apples.  Last year there was too many and there were thousands of barrels fed up to cattle and pige.  The plum crop was very good in this qarter.  I had a fair share myself.  We got a dollar & a half a bushel for good plums.

We are in reasonably good health but feel old age creeping on pretty fast.  I am not able to do much now.  I am troubled with kidney complaint and any exercion in the shape of work uses me up.  We have managed so far to keep out of debt and have the place clear and have to live on what it produces.  Its not much but we live on little.

I expected Frederick would have been with you before now but it seems a hard matter for him to get away.  He is doing no good for himself here, just living from hand to mouth and no prospect of doing better.

I believe John is doing well.  He has that place of Arthur's very cheap.  He told me he would have a hundred tons of hay this year besides a good crop of grain, so he seems inclined to stay were he his.

I would like to hear how Alice & boys are getting on.  I expect John will be able to make a good start for himself when he goes on his own land.

Send me what news you can what the Clark boys are doing.  There was a talk here that they were coming back.  I hope they will think better of it.  I believe they will be better of by remaining, allthough I miss them very much as neibghbours.

I had a visit from Jacob Prentice on Dominion Day.  We had a long talk about Manitoba.  He seemed to think he would like to be there but was affraid to part with his little place for fear he would not succeed out there.  I told him I thought he might do very well ther but I did not urge him but told him to please himself.

We are having a spell of wet wether.  Its been raining now for about a week.  Its about the time of the Exquinox so we are surprised.  Expect our hot weather is over for this season.

I like the Sun Newespaper you send me.  Its a good paper, but it has the old failing of newespapers of abusing its neighbour.  The editor should find something better to talk about and his paper would be all the better for it.

We were both glad and surprised to see what a fine fellow Nate had grown to be in such a short time as it seemed since he was a little fellow.

I hope this scribble will find you all in good health.  Let us know all you can about Will & Levi.  Archie York is keeping store in Vancouver B.C.

If you can send Edward Clark's address.

With kind regards to all, we remain yours truely, Thos & Ann York

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