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From Thomas2 York to Henry2 York.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Brother,

I meant to write to you last week to let you know when Frederick would start but we did not get to know when the boat would start but a few days before he left.  I expect he has arrived at your place while I am writing this.

I hope they have had a plesant journey.  The weather here has been just the thing for a trip up the lakes.  I went to Meaford to see them off and allthought I shall miss them very much, I was very glad they were going, for the prospect here was getting worse every year even to get a living, and he is not able to go through the work he has done.  Its a pity he did not go years ago, but I know he had not the means.

They have got liberty for two weeks to pay you all a visit, which is quite a privilege.

I expect you have done seeding long since, but our farmers are not quite done yet.  One of my neighbours has got wheat to sow yet.  The spring has been very cold and backward.  The green leaves are not out yet, but I think there is good prospect for fruit.

I recieved a letter from my daughter last Saturday.  She tells me that Tom had been staying with you all winter and John had got his house up and was living in it.  She says he had to buy hay and draw it 30 miles which must have been something new for Manitoba.

Henry Laycock send word T. Harris that he had wintred his cattle on straw and they had come through all right.  I suppose that is something new too.

If you learn anything about the Clark boys please let me know.

We lost one of the old on the 7th line lately, Richard Cox's wife.  She had been ill for the last 9 years from papaletic stroke and allthough helpless did not suffer much.

If Fanny Bumstead is still in your neighborhood, tell her I very much wish to hear from her and wether she writes to Hattie and if she is still at Menotta.  It looks as if we where to loose them alltogether.  I get no word from the Soo and except she writes we shall be quite in the dark about them.

John and his were here on Sunday.  He still thinks he shall come to Manitoba yet.  He expects David will come phraps in the fall, but he is sure to come.

I was glad to get the letter from Nate and congratulate him on getting a suitable partner.  We wish them much joy and hope they will not forget that we shall be glad to hear prosperity as of as convinent.

We are holding about as usual in health but not very rugged nor dont expect to be.  We remember yours truly, T & A York

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