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From Thomas2 York to Henry2 York.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Brother,

I recieved your letter on Saturday.  From what T. learned before I had been expecting the sad news of poor Samuels death.  You must have been partialy prepared for it.  Let us hope he was so too.  Its a terrible blow for poor Lydia.  I hope Fanny Bumsted will stay with her as long as she can and help her to bear up under her sad loss.  I have a high oppinion of Fanny abilletes and disposition.

We were glad to hear that yourself and wife were in pretty good health.  We are holding much as usual.  We have had so far the best winter I have known since I came to the country.  We have had good sleighing for six weeks and only two or three inches of snow.

We had a visit from George York.  He stopped one night with us.  We chatted of all we could think of while he was with us.  He is going to Toronto to learn short hand writing, a pretty difficult undertaking.

John was going to send a car load of[f ]with David.  They had the car loaded up ready to start next morning.  Tom Chambers made a siezure on it pretending John was going to leave the country in his debt.  One of the items for rent which is not due till next March.  Another was some note which John had let him have to raise some money on when Chambers was stuck fast, and now laims that John ows him and John says he dont owe him a cent.

Of course this has caused John a good deal of trouble and expense.  It was tried in Meaford a few days ago and the judge throw it out, but it appears it can be taken to the High Court at Owen Sound, but from what I can learn Chambers has neither money nor credit to take it there.  If a few days we shall know more about it.

Give my respects to Clark boys.

With kind regards to all, we remain truely, T & A York

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