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From Thomas2 York to Henry2 York.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

Dear Brother,

It is a long time since I heard from you, nearly a year.  I was looking for a letter all summer, but I know you have written oftener than I have, so I have no write to complain.  We intended a year ago to be with you alltogether.

But we could not sell the place, and if we borrowed money on the place to bring us out, we should have but little to live on, as it would take good part of the rent to pay the intrest on what I had borrowed, and allthough we were well satisfied you would be willing to help us generously, we were unwilling to become a burden so we reluctenly gave it up, allthough I could like as much as ever that we could be alltogether for the remainder of our time, which we cannot expect to be long.

I have heard but little from Fredrick since J.H. was here.  If you can send me any news of them I shall be glad to hear.  I heard that Charles Bumstead was intending to go your way in the spring.  I don't know if it is true.  He ought to have went there at first.  Is Fanny still in your neiborhood.  If tell her I should like to hear from her.

I have been thinking that if you could manage it it would be a good oppurtunity for you to come along with and John and pay us a visit and stop the winter.  We should consider it great treat.  I have been latley troubled but am getting over it.  We much as usual in health.

With kind love to all, we remain yours affectionatly, T & A York

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