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From Thomas2 York to Lydia Maud3 (York) Stevenson.
Geraldine5 Savage has the original.

My dear Niece,

We ought to have answered your letter long ago but your Aunt complains about her fingers preventing her writing, so I must try to scribble a few lines myslef allthough my hand is getting very unsteady for writing.  We are getting old and feeble and allmost alone, and at times feel lonsome for some one to come and see us.

I know you must have been lonesome yourself after meting your great loss, but you have your children arround you and now you are near your father & mother you will feel it less.

It has been a very good winter so far for peope out of doors but us old folk are unable to stand the cold, and I have been a house bird all my life and feel it more on that account.  I am not able to do much work now just a few bits of cobling now and then, and we had a ppor crop of fruit last year which left us pretty bare, but we mean to keep out of debt as long as possible.

Did your farm suffer from the hailstorm.  Had you it rented, or did you get it put in on shares.

The was a good deal of trouble last week at Mr. Uflands.  Thier son Jacob was working at a coal wharf loading the cars and a mass of coal fell suddenly and crushed him against a post killing him.  He was brought to Meaford and burried.

He was a very good young man and sent his savings home to his folks and insured his life for 4000 dollars.  To add to their trouble, they were all down with the grip at the home.  They are some better now.  Carrie Ufland is here from Morden.  She is coming back to Morden this month along with Price Mallory.

If you could write soon I should like to know a little more about that squalbe between Tom & Johns boys, if its settled yet or when its likley to be settled.  It was the silliest peice of busniess to go to law about they could have had adopted.  I expect they know that by this time.

I was over at WIllie Bumsteds a few days ago.  They have six children.  Three of them go to school.  They have a lot of stock.  They milk 4 cows now & three more to come in shortly and 2 later.  5 yearlings & 5 calfs, 3 horses, so they have plenty of work.

I had a letter from Birdie a few weeks ago.  They are all well.  I understand from Alice that Mr. Perry and her have got married, and I don't know but is was quite as well for Mr. P. I think is a very good man judging from his kindness to his first wife, and it is better than taking a stranger amongst them.

We are having a cold snap just now with plenty of snow and very good sleighing but we dont go out much on account of the cold.  Jerry Robinson lives near us.  He is a very good neighbour, willing to give us help with anything we can't do for ourselves.  Yesterday he came and split some wood for us.  It was a bad day and I could not go out.  We shall be glad when the winter is over.

Wishing this may find you and your little ones all well, we remain, Yours Affectionally, T & A York.

We should very much like to hear from Fanny Bumsted.  If you see her tell her so.  If you can tell where Hattie lives and what her new name is and wether her husband is a farmer.  With kind love to all, T & A York.

Kind thanks for the Memorial Card.

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