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From Frederick3 York (Samuel2 York)

Nov, during WWI
154 Manchester St., Oldham [ENG]

My dear cousin George D. York
I must thank you for the very interesting & historical letter I have now received.  I am sure you have been to a considerable amount of trouble to get into touch with your relatives in this country.  It is very pleasing to know about our history & genealogy.

I really did not know so much about my father's relatives as you have described in this letter.  I do not remember that my mother given me much information about my fathers relations & as I left home early in my teens, there was not much chance of talking about these matters in detail.

I of course knew that my father went to America when I was quite a child, & that he had brothers & other relaives there.  I was also aware that he died soon after his arrival.  I did not know of the place of his burial before receiving your letter.

I must tell you that my dear mother died about 12 years ago.  She has left one sister & two brothers.  One is still at Daventry & we go occaisionly to Daventy to see my aunt & other friends &c &c.  It was on one of these visits that we learned about Cousin Mrs. Ivens and Cousin Kinch.  So we (my wife & I) paid a visit to Badby, also to Woodford & they were exceedingly pleased to see us. & of course it was very nice to see them & talk about our relaionships &c &c.

I may tell you that my brother William died some years ago in Leicester.  He left a wife & three children who are still alive & well, in or about Leicester district.

In regard to myself I may say when I left Daventry as a boy I went to Northampton to work & then on to Leicester where I lived a good while.  I was married at Leicester.  My wife's name was Elizabeth Vernon.  (She is about 3 years younger than I).  We have had four children, names Florrence, Edith, Sidney & Stanley.  The two daughters are married but the two boys are at home, one in the business & one just leaving school.

We have lived in Horncastle, Colchester & Louth.  I was a manager for boot shop at each of these towns for a Multiple Firm.  But I began business for myself in 1897 her in Oldham, Lancashire & we have done fairly well.  Of course had our troubles and slow times as well as the better years &c &c &c  These few rambling remarks will give you a little idea of my life since leaving home &c.

I trust you will understand these few lines & excuse any mistakes.

I will again express our pleasure at receiving this letter from you & to read about relavites in America &c & to understand more about the genealogy of the York family &c.  I may add it would give us great pleasure to see some of you good folks if ever it was possible to do so at any time in the future.

We sincerly hope that your parents & brothers & sisters & other friends of yours are all in good health & doing well.  May I ask if you are living at home, or are you married & what might be your age now.

I may say I should be pleased to explain anything further that I could in regard to any other relaives &c.

I may just remark that I do not remember about my grandfather or grandmother.  I may also add I have not been in Long Buckby I think since I was quite a lad.   So cannot tell you anything about that part or people.  There must be some York's there, as I have noticed in the Boot Trade papers advts of some "Yorks" Upper Boot Makers &c.

As you remark in your recent note we are greatly troubled about this terrible war which is raging in Europe.  It is the one topic of conversation & is making great distress & unemployment in this country.  In Lancashire we are affected very much, seeing that we are upset about the Cotton Trade, being so disturbed.

We do hope & pray that this terrible slaughter may soon be brought to a close & that we all may be spared to see & realize a reign of Peace throughout the wide wide world.

With love & best wishes to all yours &c.  Frederick York, cousin

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