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Börge Bengtsson Research Notes

Most of the events mentioned below occurred in Jönköpings län, Smaaland, Sweden, in the parishes of Bäckaby and Fröderyd.  There may be at least one more parish that is unknown.

The problem The death record for Börge Bengtsson has not been found.  That record may have details about his life that would be helpful in identifying his parents.

The earliest known records for Börge Bengtsson are his 1689 marriage to Malin Månsdotter (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:1 (1688-1711) p.253) and their residence in Bäckaby Storgård (Malin's home) in the 1688-1689 household examination (AKA HFL).  From 1690 on they lived in Lilla Gudmundsås (1690-1692 and following HFLs).

Malin died 5 Oct 1725 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1715-1736) p.129).  Following her death, Börge continues to be recorded in Lilla Gudmundsås HFLs in 1731-1733 and 1720-1739.  His son Per and his family are also living there.

He was still in Lilla Gudmundsås in 1727 when he was a sponsor for a baptism (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.33).

No further record has been found for Börge Bengtsson.  He was only 63 years old when his wife died.  He may have remarried, but there are no Bäckaby marriage records 1726-1732.  He is not recorded as living with any of his three children.

Children of Börge Bengtsson and Malin Månsdotter According to Malin's death record, she and Börge had three children, two sons and one daughter:
Bengt Born at Bäckaby Storgård, baptized 10 Aug 1690 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1688-1714 p.9).  His sister's second child was born in Båckagöl, Bäckaby in 1721, and Bengt Beckdahl was one of the sponsors.  No other records have been found in Bäckaby.  He apparently left Bäckaby when he was very young.

Bokhållaren Bengt Beckdahl of Lung? [Ljunganäs?] and Anna Maria Bergman were married in 1714 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.301).  They are found in the 1720-1739 HFL for Hulluboda.  They then apparently moved to Röshult where they are found in the HFLs in 1720-1739, 1740-1753 (GID 1882.2.97700 Vol. AI:2 p.83) and 1754-1760 (GID 1882.3.113600 Vol. AI:3 p.100).  Bengt died 28 Oct 1757 at Röshult (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1754-1804 p.287).

Anna Maria Bergman, daughter of Anders Bertilsson Bergman and Märta Sabelsköld, was born in 1686 in Arkelstorp Göinge, Oppmanna, Kristianstad, Sweden.  She died 13 Oct 1768 in Röshult, Fröderyd, Jönköpings, Smaaland, Sweden (Inger A Andersson 2009-06-05 Family Tree,  Records often add a title "Madame" to her name, which means she had higher social standing than ordinary farmers' wives.

Children of Bengt Beckdahl and Anna Maria Bergman:
Anders Born in 1716 according to the 1720-1739 HFL, but no baptism record was found.  See Släkten Beckdahl for more information about him and his descendants.
Magnus Born 13 Nov? 1717 Hökhult, died 27 Dec 1717, buried 4 Jan 1718 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.335).
Mans/Magnus   Born in Röshult, baptized 4th Sunday after Easter 1719 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.23).
Anna Marta Baptized Michealis Day 1721 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.32).  She died 22 Jul 1725 Röshult, funeral service 10 p Trin 1725 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.349)
Hans Born in Röshult, baptized 24 p Trin 1724 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.45).  Is one of the sponsors Per Friberg?
Maria Catharina  Born in Röshult, baptized 17 p Trin 1727 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.53).  One of the sponsors was Per Friberg.
Eleanora Born May 1730 in Röshult, baptized Trinity Sunday 1730 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.62).  She was buried 11 p Trin 1730 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.359).
Sven Born in Röshult, baptized 18 p Trin 1731 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.66).
Elizabeth Born in Röshult, baptized Låtare 1735 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.72).

Kirstin   Baptized 2 April 1694 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:1 (1688-1711) p.16).  She was married Die Michaelis 1718 to Per Persson Friberg (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1715-1723) p.105).

In 1727 they moved from Bäckaby to Fröderyd.  They are found in 1720-1739 HFLs in Fröderyd at Hulluboda, Röshult, and Ljunganäs Korpralsgården.

See Peder Persson Research Notes for further information about her life.

Per Baptized 5th Sunday in ?Lent? 1700 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1688-1714 p.25).  Although his baptismal record says he was born in Bäckaby Storgård, the HFLs clearly show his parents residing in Lilla Gudmundsås.  His first appearance in the Lilla Gudmundsås HFLs is in 1717-1723.  He remained there.

He was married to Maria Carlsdotter/Olufsdotter?.  It would appear from the Lilla Gudmundsås HFLs that they were married about 1731 (no marriage records for that year).  However, Per's first child was born in 1726.  Children of Per Börgesson (no mother was named):
Kirstin   Baptized 4th Sunday in Lent? 1726 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.30).  Her sponsors included Kirstin Börgesdotter from Slageryd, Per's sister.
Maria Baptized 20 p Trin 1728 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.35).
Malin Baptized XX 1730 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.39).  Her sponsors included Bengt Börgesson of Röshult, Per's brother.
Annika &
Twins baptized 19 Mar 1735 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.51).

Summary Despite extensive searching, no death record has been found for Börge Bengtsson.

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