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Jacob's first wife

All of the events described below occurred in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway, in the Municipality of Lærdal.  The Lærdal bygdebok is one of the sources used.  (See A 'bygdebok' - what is that? (Johan I. Borgos))  Use of the bygdebok was greatly facilitated by the work of Neil Hofland in indexing the bygdebok, and his kindness in sharing that with me.

The other primary source used is the Lærdal Kirkebøker (parish registers).  No probate records have been found for Jacob or either of his wives.

Jacob and his wives

In the Lærdal bygedebok, I:612 (Bjøraker), Jakob Jokumson Maristova & Bjøraker (c.1707-1793) is listed as the head of a family.  Two wives are named:
first wife: Mari?
second wife: Kari Tomasdatter (c.1713-1775)

Jakob is listed as a child on 1:706.  Again, two wives are named:
first wife: Mari Johannesdatter (1680-1751)
second wife: Kari Tomasdatter (c.1713-1775)

The dates for Mari Johannesdatter must be in error, or else Jacob had a third wife before the mother of his older children, as she would have been over 50 when Jacob's first children were born.

A search of the Lærdal Kirkebøk located only two marriage records for Jacob:
Jacob Jokumson and Mari Jacobsdatter were betrothed on Quasi modo geniti (17 Apr) 1735 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.62) and married on 22 p Trin (6 Nov) 1735 Lærdal (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.63)

Jacob Jokumson and Kari Tomasdatter were betrothed on Invocavit (7 Mar) 1745 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.98) and married on 13 Jun 1745 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.99)

Also found in the search of the Lærdal Kirkebøk were two records of public absolution, one for just Mari Jacobsdatter and one for both Jacob and Mari (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.57)

Jacob's children

The Lærdal bygedebok quotes a 1793 skiftet for Jacob which I can't find in any index.  I am assuming that was the initial source for his children, since the early dates are "circa".  The mother of the first three children is presumably Mari Jacobsdatter.  The mother of the rest of the children would be Kari Tomasdatter.


Kirsti (c.1732-1788)

She died 20 Nov & was buried 24 Nov 1788, age 56 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1783-1804 p.137).  It was apparently her illegitimate birth that prompted the 1733 public absolutions.  No baptismal record has been found.

2Liv (c.1739-f.1801)She died 12 Jan & was buried 19 Jan 1801, age 63 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1783-1804 p.150).  No baptismal record has been found.

3Jokum (1742-1796)He was baptized 20 p Trin (7 Oct) 1742 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.87). He was apparently named in honor of Jacob's father, Jochum Pettersen.  Note that one of his sponsors was a Mari Johannesdatter.  Jochum died 24 Feb & was buried 29 Feb 1796, age 54 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1783-1804 p.143).

4Mari (1745-)She was baptized 23 p Trin (21 Nov) 1745 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.101).  She was apparently named in honor of Jacob's deceased first wife.  Mari died after her sister's probate in 1808.  She apparently never married.

5Ingrid (1748-1808)She was baptized 1st Sun p New Years Day (5 Jan) 1749 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.112).  She was apparently named in honor of Kari's mother, Ingrid Agrimsdatter.  Ingrid died 11 Jul and was buried 18 Jul 1808 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1805-1821 p.193).

Her probate, dated 14 Oct 1808 Borgund (Fylkesarkivet, Sogn og Fjordane, Probate records Indre Sogn), names sisters Marie and widow Ingeborg, deceased half-sister Kirsti and her children Marie and Iver, deceased half-brother Johannes Jochumsen [sic] and his daughters Mari and Gertrud Jochumsdatter, deceased half-sister Liv and her children Halvor, Jacob, Marie, Martha [sic], and Guro (deceased), and Lars, son of Guro.

Martha is apparently the same person as Liv's daughter Barbara who married in 1796.  Barbara's husband Knud Jacobsen is named as husband of Martha.

6Ingeborg (c.1750-1827) For some reason, she is listed in the bygdebok after the 2nd child, perhaps because her birth date is a "circa" or because of her name.  She was apparently named in honor of Jacob's mother, Ingeborg Bårdsdatter.  Following traditional Norwegian naming patterns, she should have been the first daughter.

It is possible that the source used for estimating her birth was in error.  She may have been born in 1736 (see below), and would then have been listed as the first daughter born after Jacob and Mari were married.  However, her sister Ingrid's probate refers to her as "sister" and Kirsti and Liv as "half-sister".

Another possibility is that she is the second child to be named Ingeborg.

The only 1827 Lærdal death record for an Ingebor or Ingeborg Jacobsdatter is that of Ingebor Jacobsdatter Rolang?, died 28 May, buried 2 Jun 1827, age 79 (but the "7" is written differently than other 7's on that page) (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1822-1834 p.178).  If her age at death is correct her birth date would be c.1748.

7Brita (1757-)She was born 4 Dec 1756 and baptized 6 Jan 1757 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1752-1782 p.131).  She is the only known child of Jacob Jochumson that was not mentioned in Ingrid's probate record, suggesting that she died before 1808 and left no children.  There is no Brita Jacobsdatter in Lærdal in the 1801 census.  No death record has been found 1757-1801.  No confirmation record has been found.

Probable confirmation records have been found for most of the children (except for Ingrid and Brita).  However, their ages at the time of confirmation are a little unusual:

~ Kirsti age 23 Exaudi (11 May) 1755 Lærdal Kirkebøk 1752-1782 p.193
~ Liv age 21 - Dom. Misericordi (20 Apr) 1760 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1752-1782 p.194)
~ Jochum age 21 and Mari age 18 - Dom. Misericordi (17 Apr) 1763 (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1752-1782 p.194)
~ Ingeborg age 17-19? - Palm Sunday (12 Apr) 1767 Lærdal Kirkebøk 1752-1782 p.195

A Likely Timeline for Mari Jacobsdatter

c.1695-1715Her birth.  Her first known child was born c.1732 when she would have probably been at least 17 years old.  Her last known child was born in 1742 when she would have probably been younger than age 47.  Her parents were most likely Jacob and either Kirsti or Liv.

The available records in Lærdal begin in 1711, so if she was born in Lærdal, her baptism record probably cannot be found.

c.1732-June 1733She and Jacob had an illegitimate child born c.1732.  Their public absolution was in May and June 1733.

Apr & Nov 1735Betrothal and marriage of Jacob and Mari.

c.1736Birth of a child, possibly a daughter Ingeborg.  A Mari Jacobsdatter was introduced on Quasimodo geniti (8 Apr) 1736 Borg (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.65).  The child may have been stillborn or died before it could be baptized.

The only child baptized in Borg in the six previous weeks was Anna Olsdatter on Palm Sunday (25 Mar) 1736 Borg - I couldn't find her in Neil's bygdebok index and her father's surname is not clear in the record (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.64).

c.1739Birth of their daughter Liv.  A Mari Jacobsdatter was introduced on 14 p Trin (30 Aug) 1739 Borg (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.75), along with two other new mothers, Ann of Eggum and Botilla Johannesdatter.  The only Botilla Johannesdatter in the bygdebok who was of childbearing age in 1739 was married in 1748 to Gullak Einarson Maristova.  There is no Ann of Eggum in the bygdebok who was of childbearing age in 1739.

Two children were baptized at Borg in the previous 6 weeks:
    Lasse on 1 Aug 1739 (doesn't say where) - I can't read his father's given name and the surname is a farm name that could be Mærke (the child is probably Lasse Petterson Mærke, son of Petter Monsson Thyri Mærke and Mette Persdatter);
    Lars? on 11 p Trin (2 Aug) 1739 Borg - can't read the father's name, but clearly a male so couldn't be Liv.

1743Quasi modo geniti 1743 at Borg, Mari Jacobsdatter was a sponsor at the baptism of Sønneva Tørrisdatter, daughter of Tørris Håkonson Midtre Ljøsno & Borlo (Lærdal Kirkebøk 1711-1752 p.91).

October 1742- March 1745.She died some time after her last known child was born.  He was baptized in October 1742.  Jacob and his second wife were betrothed in March 1745.  No record of Mari's death has been found.

Nov 1745Baptism of Mari, Jacob's first child by his second wife.


The current research has clarified the marriages of Jacob Jochumsen but little is known about his first wife, Mari Jacobsdatter.
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