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Finding Kari Olsdatter

Her Daughter Britha  Britha Nilsdatter of Wegemoen was born on 15 Aug 1823 at Wegemoen, Suldal, Rogaland.  She was baptized on 24 Aug 1823 in Suldal, the daughter of Niels Gulliksen and Kari Olsdatter (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.27).  Niels and Kari were not married at the time of the baptism, nor is there any evidence that they were later married, either in Suldal or Kviteseid.  See Who is Niels Gulliksen? for information regarding Britha's father.

At Britha's birth, Kari Olsdatter was of Wegemoen.  No other record has been found for a Kari Olsdatter Wegemoen.  However, Britha was still living in Wegemoen when she was confirmed in 1839 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1836-1853 p.91), suggesting that she may have had a relative living there.

When Britha married Jacob Tjostevson in 1842, they both gave their residence as Århus.  Gamle Suldal p.570 shows Jacob as a husmann on Århus, but does not provide any additional clues to Britha's ancestry.

The names of Britha's children by her husband, Jacob Tjostevson, may follow traditional naming patterns, and their baptismal sponsors may provide clues:

1. Helga, bap 23 Oct 1842 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1836-1853 p.26).  Probably named after Jacob's mother, Hæge Knudsdatter.

Baptismal sponsors:
Lars Århus: the only possibility from Gamle Suldal is Lars Albertson, but he left Århus in 1841 (Gamle Suldal p.569).
Knud Århus: Gamle Suldal does not show any Knud in Århus.
Ole Esklevig: probably Eskevig in Erfjord
Kari Aislod?:
Martha Guggedal: possibilities: Marta Torsdatter (1786-1870), from Valskår, wife of Paul Larsson; her daughter Marta Paulson (1820-), was married in 1837 to Gunnar Johannesson Bråtveit; her daughter-in-law Marta Eriksdatter (1808-1853), from Lillehammer, wife of Lars Paulson; Marta Tormodsdatter (1817-), from Vik, married in 1840 to Lars Osmundson (Gamle Suldal p.561, 566).  Jacob Tjostevson's brother, Knut, lived in Guggeddal.

2. Kari, bap 17 Nov 1844, (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1836-1853 p.34).  Probably named after Britha's mother, Kari Olsdatter.

Baptismal sponsors:
Tjorand Bratveidt: probably: Tjerand Olson from Vetrhus (Gamle Suldal p.575).
Lars Nylen: probably Nylen in Sand
Tosten Lallid: Torsten Torstenson of Veka and Lali, whose mother was the Kari Olsdatter from Rabbe i Røldal who married Torsten Olsen (Gamle Suldal p.408, 555).
Borghilda Århus: probably: Borghild Nilsdatter (1807-1881), from Bakka and Fisketjøn, married first, in 1828, to Ole Aslakson Fisketjøn, and second, in 1832 to Leiv Albertson Øystad & Fisketjøn.  They moved to Århus in 1844 (Gamle Suldal p.342-43, 569).
Lisbeth Overmflaaten or Quermflatten possibly Over Flaatnes/Flotnes: the only Lisbet in Flotnes, Suldal is Lisbet Mikkelsdatter (1821-) wife of Peder Osmundson (1846-) (Gamle Suldal p.198).  The farm is probably one in another parish.

3. Seri/Siri, no baptismal record found.  Possibly named after one of Kari's grandmothers.

4. Anna, bap 3 Jun 1860 (Sand in Sand Kirkebøk 1854-1879 p.36) - Probably named after Anlaug, one of Jacob's grandmothers (Jacob's grandmothers were Anlaug & Margit).

Baptismal sponsors:
Add Leleand?: ?
Lars Vaage: possibilities: Lars Olson (1800-1876) from Kolbenstvedt (Gamle Suldal p.422, 502); Lars Jonson (1809-) from Halvfjerdvik, Øystad (Gamle Suldal p.441, 503).
Resten? Larson Nylen:
Inger Torjusdatter Nylen:
Ragnille Olsdatter Shurs?:

5. possibly Knud, no baptismal record found.

Candidates for Britha's mother  To be of childbearing age in 1823 (15-45), Kari would have been born in 1778-1808, probably in Suldal.  The 1801 and 1865 censuses identified some candidates, and a search of the birth records from 1801-1808, provided more.  Suffixes "d.e." and "d.y." have been assigned to distinguish between two people from the same farm.  The suffixes do not appear in the parish registers or in Gamle Suldal, the bygdebok or farm book for Suldal.  The most likely candidates:

1. Kari Olsdatter Tjøstheim d.e., born c.1778.  1801 census: (Karen) residence - Stavanger Saledahl Saledahl Tøstem, Tienestefolk, age 23, apparently in the household of Gaute Gauteson (Gamle Suldal p.266); age in 1823 - 45.  Gamle Suldal p.274 does not show her as a daughter of Ole Knudsen & Guri Oddsdatter, the only family on Tjøstheim that was headed by an "Ole".  No other records have been found for her.  See Kari Olsdatter Tjøstheim d.e. for further information.

2. Kari Olsdatter Tjøstheim d.y., born 1798, daughter of Ole Knudsen & Guri Oddsdatter (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1780-1800 p.84).  1801 census: residence - Stavanger Saledahl Saledahl Tøstem (same farm as above), age 3, børn i siste [last] egteskab [marriage], (Karen in the 1801 census, Kari in all other sources), ; age in 1823 - 25; she never married.  See Kari Olsdatter Tjøstheim d.y. for further information.

3. Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.e., born 1804 Fisketjøn, Suldal, daughter of Ola Nilsson & Siri Olsdatter (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.37); confirmed in 1819 (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.247); age in 1823 - 19; married in 1826 to Tormod Tormodson from Nordmork who settled in Fisketjøn (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.202).  See Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn for further information about her life after Britha was born.

4. Kari Olsdatter Haugen, born 1805 Haugen, Suldal, daughter of Ole Torbjørnson & Lisbet Leivsdatter (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.54); age in 1823 - 18; married in 1833 to Tjerand Olson Overskeidsmoen and in 1840 to Ole Olson Overskeid.  See Kari Olsdatter Haugen for further information about her life after Britha was born.

5. Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog, born 1806 Tufteskog, Suldal, daughter of Ole Knutson & Kari Torkelsdatter (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.56), Gamle Suldal p.677-678; age in 1823 - 17.  She was married in 1825 to Ole Torjusson of Bratland, and second, in 1828 to Leif Colbenstvedt of Veka.  See Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog for further information about her life after Britha was born.

6. Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.y. - There is another possible, but unlikely, Kari Olsdatter.  She was born in 1809 (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.66), which would make her age in 1823 only 14.  This Kari, born 1809, was the daughter of Ola Nilsson & Siri Olsdatter and a younger sister of Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.e.

This Kari was married in 1834 to Jørgen Gunnarson Gautun. 1865: living in Gaudethun, Suledal, widowed, and Føderaadskone.  She died in 1897 (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1878-1900 p.257).  Because of her age she was not seriously considered as a candidate, although many of the arguments for her sister would apply to her also.  Interestingly, of the Kari's who married, she is the only one to have had only one husband.

One factor further complicates the issue.  Of the five whose ancestors are known, four of them are related to each other.  See Cousins chart

The two Kari's of Fisketjøn are fifth half-cousins of Kari Olsdatter Haugen and fourth cousins once removed of Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog.  Through a different line, they are also third cousins of Kari Olsdatter Haugen.

Kari Olsdatter Tjostheim d.y. is a fourth cousin once removed of Kari Olsdatter Haugen and a fourth cousin of Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog.

Kari Olsdatter Haugen and Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog are second cousins once removed.

Apparently Kari Olsdatter Tjostheim d.y. is not related to the two Kari Olsdatters of Fisketjøn.

Analysis of the candidates  In analyzing the available information for these six, there were several considerations:

  1. Why did Kari name her daughter Britha?  Is there any family connection?  None of the known mothers or the known grandmothers were named Britha.  Niels Gunlikson's mother was Kari, so she was not named for his mother.  His maternal grandmother was Margrete.  His paternal grandmother is unknown.
  2. • Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn (d.e. and d.y.) had no siblings named Britha, but their grandmother's brother Lars Knutson, had a daughter Brita who was married in 1823 to Sveinung Olson Veka.  She may be the Brita Veka who was one of Britha's baptismal sponsors, and Britha may have been named after her.

    • Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog had an older sister Brita, born 1790 who died as a child.  (One of this Brita's baptismal sponsors was Disa Olsdatter, grandmother of Jørgen Gunnarson, who married Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.y.)  Kari had four daughters: Kari, Marta, Ragnhild and Kari.  She did not name any of her daughters Brita.  The ancestry of Kari's father, Ole Knutson, is unknown.  Since he named his first daughter Brita, that was probably his mother's name, and that Brita would then be Kari's grandmother.

  3. Why did Britha name her third daughter Seri/Siri?  Is there any family connection?
  4. • Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn (d.e. and d.y.) are the only ones with a mother or grandmother named Siri (their mother and maternal grandmother were both named Siri).

    • Kari Olsdatter Haugen's father's grandmother was named Siri, and her father had a sister Siri.

  5. What ties did Kari have with Vega/Vegamoen? Wegemoen is also called Veggemoen or Vekamoen and is under Veka (aka Vega).  Kari lived in Wegemon at the time of Britha's birth and Britha was still living there when she was confirmed.  The sponsors at Britha's baptism were Tormo of Wiig, Paul of Wegamon, Birte & Kari of Vega, and Siri of Vega.
  6. • Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn (d.e. and d.y.) had numerous family living on Veka in 1823, including several households with small children.  See Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn for the details.

    • Kari Olsdatter Haugen's mother Lisbet had a half-sister, Ingrid Østensdatter, who married Tjerand Oddson of Veka.  Their children were born 1811-1825.  The closest in age was their son Tjerand.  The parents were of Dalene under Veka at the time of his birth.  The only sponsor from Vega was Guri Vega (Suldal in Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.26).

    • Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog's 2nd husband, Leif Østenson Colbenstvedt, moved to Veka in 1825.  Kari lived there from 1828 on and died there.

  7. If she married, should any importance be given to the age at which she married, the person she married, and/or how soon after Britha's birth that she married?  Typically, at that time, both men and women were in their late 20s when they married for the first time.
  8. • Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.e. was married in 1826, age 22, to Tormod Tormodson, age 29, her mother's second cousin.  She was married, second, in 1839, to Lars Larsson Veka, her mother's first cousin.

    • Kari Olsdatter Haugen was married in 1833, age 28, to Tjerand Olson, age 38.

    • Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog was married in 1825, age 19, to Ole Torjusson, age 52.

Summary  Of the above six possibilities, Kari Olsdatter Fisketjøn d.e., seems the most likely.

  1. She has a plausible explanation for naming her daughter Britha.
  2. She and her sister are the only ones with a mother or grandmother named Siri.
  3. She has numerous known family ties to Wegemoen and Veka and a plausible explanation for living there at the time of Britha's birth.
  4. She is of a reasonable age, not just a possible age (age 19 in 1823) to be Britha's mother.
  5. Her migrations suggest a more adventurous spirit.
  6. Of the candidates who married, she married at a younger age (22) than most of them.  And at a much younger age than her sisters: Siri age 39, Kari d.y. age 25, Anna age 31.
  7. Both of her husbands were relatives - first, a second cousin of her mother and then a first cousin of her mother.
  8. One of the sponsors of Britha's first child, born in 1842, was Ole Eskevik.  Kari and her first husband emigrated to Eskevik in 1838.

The second most likely seems to be Kari Olsdatter Tufteskog.

  1. She had an older sister Brita, born 1790 who died as a child, and was possibly named after their paternal grandmother.
  2. Although a bit young, she is of a reasonable age, not just a possible age (age 17 in 1823) to be Britha's mother.
  3. Of the candidates who married, she was the first one married.  She married at an unusually young age (19), and she married a much older man.
  4. She and her second husband lived on Veka, but not until some time after 1840.  They apparently remained there for the rest of their lives.

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