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Lisbet Svensdotter (1704-1765) Research Notes

The events described below occurred in the county of Jönköpings, Smaaland, Sweden, in the parish of Hultsjö.  Lisbet died, age 61, on 17 Jul 1765 at Kiatorp/Kåttorp (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1792) p.285).  Her husband was Sven Persson.

She is found in five or six household examinations throughout her life, and always with her husband, until his death in 1738:

1717-1730 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård p.8-9"Lisbet."  The first dated entry on this page is 25 Dec 1724.

1717-1730 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård p.10-11"Lisbet."  She is listed after Sven's brother Jon, so this entry may not be her.

The dated entries on this page cover 1717 through 1723.  The first entry for Lisbet is in January 1722, but on a different day in January than the entry for Sven.  This is the only entry in a household examination that includes her patronymic (surname).

1731-1737 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård"Lisbet Svensdotter"

1749-1752 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård"Lisbet b. 1704"

1753-1769 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård"Lisbet b. 1704 7/17."  The last dated entry for her and all others listed was 10 Apr 1757.

1753-1769 SWE Kiatorp/Kåttorp"Lisbet b. 1704 7/17, died 1765 ..."  No other dates appear on the page other than the notation of her death.

The marriage of Sven Persson and Lisbet Svensdotter The only marriage record found between 1722 and 1725 in Hultsjö of a Sven Persson and a Lisbet or Elizabeth is the 8 Nov 1724 marriage of Sven Persson of Hultsjö and Elizabeth Svansdotter of Hallaboda (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1703-1736) p.270).

This appears to be the correct marriage record, but examination of baptism records suggests that it may not be.  The dated entries in the 1717-1730 household examination suggest that they could have married as early as 1722.  However, no children have been found until their son Pehr was born in 1726.  Perhaps a probate record or an indexed marriage record in another parish might resolve this question.

Lisbet Svensdotter of Hallaboda The 1717-1730 household examination of Hallaboda [p. 191 (old 92 in the village index) - GID 1095.1.63100] shows a Svenn with wife and family, but no Lisbet.  Since the family only has dated entries from 1724 on, if she was there at all, the entry would be very brief.  She may have already moved to Hultsjö Mellangård and have been there working before her marriage.  Since she appears there in the records shortly after the widow Elen died, she may have gone there as a housekeeper or maid.

However, a further problem emerged.  Lisbet's birth date does not fit with any Hultsjö baptism records.  Svenn of Hallabora had a son Niels baptized 21 Apr 1704 and a daughter Elizabeth baptized 23 Apr 1705 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1703-1736) p.217).  There were no baptisms recorded for July 1704 and no Elizabeth Svensdotter was baptized in all of 1704.

Summary Further information is needed to clarify the discrepancies between the household examination information and the baptism and marriage records for Lisbet, or to locate an alternative Lisbet, perhaps in another parish.

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