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Lisken Research Notes

The events described below occurred in Eskilstorp, Hultsjö, Jönköpings, Sweden.  Per Svensson, his ancestors and descendants, lived on the farm, Eskilstorp, for at least 100 years.

The Problem: Did the priest make a mistake when he named Lisken Johansdotter as the mother of Magnus Persson when she should be Lisken Samuelsdotter?

Lisken comes from the German name Lieschen which is a diminutive of Lisa, a nickname for Elisabeth.  Searches included Elisabeth and Lisbeth in addition to Lisken.

Per Svensson and his family The household examinations for Eskilstorp provide an historical overview of Per and his family:
1749-1752 Eskilstorp 
Sven Nilsson, 1683
Maria, 1699
Pehr, 1727 (crossed out and reentered below) 
Magnus, 1739

Pehr, 1727
Stina, 1733

1753-1769 Eskilstorp
Per Svensson, 1727 (name crossed out)
Stina, 1733 11/1 (name crossed out-1754 death recorded) 
Maria [Persdotter], 1753 (name crossed out)

Per Svensson, 1727 7/10
Lisken, 1731
Maria [Persdotter], 1753 8/3
Magnus [Persson], 1762 3/16
Nis [Persson], 1766 8/11

1770-1782 Eskilstorp 
Per Svensson, 1727 7/10
Lisken, 1731
Maria [Persdotter], 1753 8/3 
Magnus [Persson], 1762 3/16
Nis [Persson], 1766 8/11
1783-1794 Eskilstorp
Per Svensson, 1727
Lisken, 1726
Magnus [Persson], 1763 
Nis [Persson], 1766

Timeline From these household examinations, and from church records of births, marriages and deaths, the following timeline was created.  Comments and possibilities are in italics.

1752  Per married 1st, Christina (AKA Stina) Gabrielsdotter on 23 Oct 1752 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.193).
1753Maria, daughter of Per and Stina, was born 3 Aug 1753 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok 1748-1793 p.19).
1754Stina died on 24 May 1754 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok 1748-1793 p.263).

Per married 2nd, Lisken.  No marriage record has been found, but they were apparently married in 1754.  Communion records for Lisken in the Eskiltorp household examination begin in 1754.

1755XX Svensson of Eskilstorp & Lisbeth Svensdotter from XX were married on 18 Apr 1755 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok 1748-1793 p.195).  This could be Per and Lisken, introducing still a third possible surname for Lisken.  There is no Lisbeth Svensdotter in Eskilstorp in 1753-1769, but they might have gone elsewhere to live.

Per Svensson and Lisbeth Svensdotter from ?Eskilstorp? had a son Johan born 22 Jan 1757 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok 1748-1793 p.32).  He is not listed in the 1753-1769 household examination and I could not find him in the deaths for that year.

1762Magnus, son of Per Svensson and his wife Lisken Johansdotter was born 16 Jul 1762 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1787) p.52).
1762-1766 There are no comments or other indications in the 1753-1769 household examination to suggest that Per changed wives between the births of the two boys, Magnus and Nis.  A search of the deaths and marriages from 1762-1766 found nothing that would explain a change in wives for Per.
1766Nils (AKA Nis), son of Per Svensson and Lisken Samuelsdotter was born on 11 Aug 1766 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok 1748-1793 p.72).
1794Lisken Samuelsdotter, born 1726, died at Eskilstorp on 9 Feb 1794 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.454).  Her age at death was recorded as 67 years 2 months and 9 days, giving a birth date of 30 Nov 1726.  No birth on that date was recorded in Hultsjö.  All of 1726 and 1731 were searched, but no birth record was found.

Lisken In the household examinations, Lisken's surname/patronymic is not given.  Her birth year changes: 1731 in 1753-1769 and 1770-1782, 1726 in 1783-1794.  There is no evidence in these records of more than one Lisken, or of Lisken coming from another parish.

The change in Lisken's birth year in the household examinations occurs long after both Magnus and Nils were born, and therefore, does not coincide with the change in her patronymic.

There were other women named Lisken or Lisbeth Johansdotter in the parish who were having children about the same time as Per and Lisken.  None of the children's fathers were named Per.  In at least most, perhaps all, of the cases the mother was married to the father.  Children located in Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) include:

Christina, daughter of Erich Jonsson & Lisbeth Johansdotter, b. 30 Nov/bap 8 Dec 1751 at Ryga (p.15, GID 1095.26.19900)

Johan, son of Hakon Johansson & wife Lisken? Johansdotter, b. 16/bap 24 Mar 1754 at Kolina? (p.23, GID 1095.26.20300)

Svenn, son of Hakon Johansson & wife Lisken Johansdotter, b. 6/bap 19 Oct 1755 (p.29, GID 1095.26.20600)

Jonas, son of Erich Jonsson & Lisbeth Johansdotter, bap 12 Oct 1760 (p.45, GID 1095.26.21400)

Carl, son of Hakon Johansson & wife? Lisken Johansdotter, b. 20/bap 25 Mar 1763 (p.57, GID 1095.26.22000)

Summary Given the absence of both birth and marriage records, Lisken probably came from another parish, which would account for the priest's confusion about her name, and for the incomplete and changing information in the household examinations.

The same Lisken is probably the mother of both Magnus and Nils, and her patronymic is probably Samuelsdotter, since that is the name that appears on her death record.

While the name Lisken is found throughout the Hultsjö household examinations, it is not one of the more frequent names, and with at least two women named Lisken having children during the same period, the likelihood of the priest making an error is quite understandable.  The name Johansdotter also appears frequently.  However, the name Samuel is rare in Hultsjö, and the priest is unlikely to use that one in error.

So, the identity of Lisken remains probable for now.  Hopefully, further sources will become available that will shed more light.