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Per Friberg Research Notes

All of the events mentioned below occurred in Jönköpings län, primarily in the parishes of Bäckaby, Fröderyd, and Nävelsjö.  Because of his military connection, the records vary in their presentation of Per's name.  The full name while he was in the military was Ryttaren Per Persson Friberg.  Probably after his military discharge the Ryttaren title was dropped.  Before he began military service, his name would not have included "Friberg".  For simplicity here, I have used Per Friberg for his name.

The Problem To identify the parents of Per Friberg.  Per Friberg first appears in the records with his marriage to Kirstin Börgesdotter in 1718 in Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1715-1723) p.105).  At the time of their marriage he was residing in Stockagården and she in "lilla Gommingsås", i.e. Lilla Gudmundsås.  See Peder Persson Research Notes for more details on his family.

There is no baptism record in Bäckaby for Per Persson [Friberg] from 1688-1695.  There is a gap in the Nävelsjö baptism records from 1681-1697 and no baptism record for a Per Persson in the remaining records.

There is a possible baptism record in Fröderyd: 24 p Trin 1689, Per, son of Per Jacobsson and Marit Olufsdotter of Hultatorp (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1688-1709 p.12).

His title on the Backaby HFLs, and on the birth records of his children born in Bäckaby and Fröderyd, is "Ryttaren" (the cavalry soldier).  This would explain his name Friberg, it would be a soldier name. [comment from Bo Johansson].

There is a question of his residence at the time of his marriage.  In all of the 1717-1733 records for Stockagården, there is a Per Persson listed (AI:1 p.6/52/114).  His wife was Elizabeth Olufsdotter.  Since this period overlaps the time when Ryttaren Per Persson was married to Kirstin Börgesdotter, they could not be the same person.  Could the priest have made an error in recording the residence of Ryttaren Per Persson on the marriage record?  Or was Per Friberg's residence in Stockagården temporary and therefore not recorded in the HFL?

Known records From 1718 through 1725 there are records in Bäckaby that include his title of Ryttaren.  Then in Fröderyd, some records in 1727 and 1728 include his title, but others for that same time and later do not.  Records in Nävelsjö, including that of his death, do not include his title.  (HFL is an abbreviation for Household Examination)

Records in Jönköpings län that include his title of Ryttaren:
1718(Die Michaelis) marriage in Bäckaby,  residence Bäckaby StockagårdBäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1715-1723) p.105

1719move from Lilla Gommingsås [his wife's home] to Båckagöl, Bäckaby Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1717-1719) p.85

1719 son Jonas, born at Båckagöl, baptized Trinity Sunday 1719.  One of his baptismal sponsors was Corporal Per Fromberg.Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.13
In 1733 Jonas moved to Ingaboda, where he is called Jonas Fribergson.1720-1739 HFL Ingaboda

1721daughter Lisbeth, born at Båckagöl, baptized 15 p Trin 1721Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.19

1724?-1727 resided Slageryd Västergård, Bäckaby.  Note that the first person listed on the page is Ryttaren Per Siggesson.1724-1730 HFL Slageryd Västergård

1725 daughter Annika, born at Slageryd Wäster [Västergård], baptized XX 1725.Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.28
She died 4 Sep 1725 at Slageryd Wäster and was buried 16 p Trin 1725Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.129

1727?resided Huluboda, Fröderyd1720-1739 HFL Hulluboda

1728daughter Malin, born at Röshult, baptized 6 Sun Epiphany 1728.  The record included his title of Rytterman but not his military name, Friberg.  Note that the HFL covering that year did not include his title.Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.55

Records in Jönköpings län that do not include his title:
1727?-1729resided Röshult, Fröderyd 1720-1739 HFL Röshult

1729-?resided Korpralsgården Ljunganäs, Fröderyd1720-1739 HFL Ljunganäs Korpralsgården

1732son Sven, home baptism at Corporalsgarden [Korpralsgården Ljunganäs] was confirmed 8 Apr 1732.Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.67
He died at Ljunganäs and was buried 16 Apr 1732Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1709-1753 p.362

1735son Sven, born at Nöbbeled, baptized 31 Oct 1735Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.83

1739son Per, born Nobbald, baptized 15 Jul 1739Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.89

1743Per Friberg died Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjö, buried 19 Jun 17431753-1804

From a military perspective, these records suggest that he enlisted in the cavalry some time before 1718, and was discharged about 1727-1728.  Although his Ryttaren title is included in the two earliest records in Nävelsjö, all of the other known records with the title were from Bäckaby.

Corporal Per Fromberg He was one of the baptismal sponsors of Per Friberg's first child.  The baptismal record indicates that Per Fromberg was a resident of Rösås, an early name for Rösjö.  There were three farms with that name - Rösjö Mellangård, Rösjö Norrgård and Rösjö Södergård.  Per Friberg's son, Peder Persson married a woman from Rösjö Mellangård and lived there for the rest of his life.

Corporal Per Fromberg is in the following records:
Bäckaby, Vol. CI:1, p.9 (GID 1077.3.22600)3 Aug 1690 baptism of Per, son of Gudmund Jonsson and Elizabeth Persdotter of Såby

1717-1723 HFL Rösås Södergård, Bäckaby, Vol. AI:1, p.44 (GID 1077.8.60500)Corporal Per Gudmundsson and wife Helena Sandman
1724-1730 HFL Rösås Södergård, Bäckaby, Vol. AI:1, p.110 (GID 1077.8.63900)Corporal Per From and wife Helena Sand
1731-1733 HFL Rösås Södergård, Bäckaby, Vol. AI:1, p.188 (GID 1077.8.63900)Corporal Per Fromberg and wife Helena Sandman

1720-1739 HFL Rösjö Södergård, Bäckaby, Fröderyd Vol. AI:1, p.81 (Genline 1077.24.83700)Corporal Per Fromberg and wife Helena Sandman

1740-1753 HFL Rösjö Södergård, Bäckaby, Fröderyd Vol. AI:2, p.140 (Genline 1077.25.100700)Corporal Per Fromberg, b. 29 Jul 1690 Säby, #148?, and wife Helena Samuelsdotter Sandman, b. 15 Apr 1693

Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.248Corporal Peter Fromberg died 19 May 1754 Rösås Södergård

Rather than being Per Friberg's father, Corporal Per Fromberg is about the same age as Per Friberg.  They were probably in the same company.

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