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Per Jonsson Research Notes

Per Jonsson was born in 1710/1712 according to Bäckaby household examinations (1740-1753 SWE Gammalstorp and following).  He died 14 Feb 1799 Gammalstorp, Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.392).

He was married on 21 Apr 1745 in Bäckaby to Annica Andersdotter (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.198).  She died in 1791 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.371).

According to the 1740-1753 household examination of Gammalstorp, Per migrated from Fröderyd to Bäckaby in 1743.

When and where was Per born?
Although he migrated from Fröderyd to Bäckaby, he was not necessarily born in Fröderyd, but that possibility was considered.  Only one likely candidate was found:

Per Jonsson baptized 14 p Trin (21 Sep) 1712. The 1740-1753 household examination for Novregård, Fröderyd (1740-1753 SWE Fröderyd Novregård) lists a Per Jonsson baptized 14 p Trin (21 Sep) 1712, son of widow Kirstin Larsdotter.  The family is also listed in the 1720-1739 household examination for Novregård, Fröderyd (1720-1739 SWE Fröderyd Novregård), and now includes the father, Jon ?Gunnarson?.

This Per's baptism record (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.6) lists his parents as Jon Gudmundsson and Kirstin Larsdotter, and his birthplace as Kleef.

Jon Gudmundsson and Kirstin Larsdotter were married 1 p Trin (26 May) 1706 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1703-1736 p.228).

Jon died 24 Dec 1738 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1709-1753 p.375).

Kirsten either died or moved as she is not in Novregård in the 1754-1769 household examination (Vol. AI:3, p.16, GID 1082.3.109400).  No death record has been found for her in Fröderyd (searched 1740-1790).  Did she remarry?  She is not in Gammalstorp in 1740-1753, so she apparently did not go to Bäckaby with Per.