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Per Svensson and Maria Carlsdotter Research Notes

All of the events mentioned below occurred in Jönköpings län, Smaaland, Sweden, in the parishes of Hultsjö, Ramkvilla, Skepperstads, and Stockaryd.

The lives of Per Svensson and Maria Carlsdotter can be followed with some ease for most of their early and middle years.

Per Svensson was born 3 Feb 1726 at Hultsjö Mellangård, Hultsjö, the son of Sven Persson and Lisbet Svensdotter (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1703-1736) p.259).  He appears with his parents in the 1717-1730 and 1731-1737 household examinations and with his mother in the 1749-1752 household examination, all in Hultsjö Mellangård (1717-1730 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård and following).

Maria Carlsdotter was born 31 Jan 1725 in Kålberga, Stockaryd, Jönköpings, Smaaland, Sweden, the daughter of Carl Nilsson and Lisbeth Svensdotter (Stockaryd Kyrkobok Vol. C:1 (1689-1783) p.108).  No household examinations are available for that period.  The family moved to Målen, Ramkvilla, Jönköpings, where Maria appears with her parents in the 1740-1753 household examination (1740-1753 SWE Målen).

Per and Maria, 1751-1770 There are some records which document their life during this period.

They were married on 20 May 1751 at Ramkvilla (Ramkvilla Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1708-1753) p.198).

They appear in Hultsjö Mellangård, Hultsjö in the 1749-1752 and 1753-1769 household examinations (1749-1752 SWE Hultsjö Mellangård and following).  Some time between 1753 and 1769 they moved to Kättorp, Hultsjö (sometimes the name appears to be Kintorp or Kiättorp, but is apparently the same place), where they appeared in the 1753-1769 and 1770-1782 household examinations (1753-1769 SWE Kättorp and following).

They had two daughters

1752 - Catharine 

Catharine was probably born 2 Jul 1752 at Hultsjö Mellangård.  The household examinations in Hultsjö show her birthdate as 2 Jul 1752, but there is apparently a page missing from the parish register as the dates skip from April to December.  Her birthdates in the household examinations in Skepperstad vary from one household examination to the next.  They range from 1751 to 3 Sep 1758.

Catharine appears with her parents in Hultsjö Mellangård, Hultsjö in the 1749-1752 and 1753-1769 household examinations, and in Kättorp, Hultsjö in the 1753-1769 and 1770-1782 household examinations.

The 1770-1782 household examination notes that she migrated to Nygård, Skepperstads, following her 9 Jun 1771 marriage to Sven Nilsson of Nygård (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1792) p.207).  They lived the rest of their lives in Nygård, and died there.


The household examinations for Per and Maria did not identify any children born during this period.  A search of the births in Hultsjö for this period did not identify any other children of Per and Maria.  A Jonas Nielsson and Maria Carlsdotter of Löneslätt did have children during this period, e.g. Kirsten, bap 14 May 1762 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.51).

On 26 Jun 1795 Maria Carlsdotter of Löneslätt died, age 68 yr 8 mo 22 da [calculated birthdate - 4 Oct 1726] (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.456).  According to the 1753-1769 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:4 p.180), 1770-1782 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:5 p.184) and 1783-1794 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:6 p.4, 184, and 400) household examinations for Löneslätt, Maria was born in 1721 or 5 Oct 1726 and was the wife and then widow of Jonas Appelt.

Note: Because of the location of the mother's name in the record - just before the sponsors - and the less frequent use of the name Carlsdotter, the search focused on Maria's name.

1764 - Elisabeth

Elisabeth (AKA Lisbet and Lisa) was born 11 Jul 1764 at Kättorp, Hultsjö, and baptized 15 Jul 1764 at Hultsjö (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.63).  Elisabeth appears with her parents in Kättorp, Hultsjö in the 1753-1769 and 1770-1782 household examinations (as Lisbet).  In the 1770-1782 household examination she is also listed with her husband (as Lisa).

As Lisa, she was married on 3 Feb 1782 to Eric Nilsson (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.219).  They appear in Kättorp with their daughter Lisa Stina in the household examinations for 1783-1785 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:6 p.144), 1786-1788 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:6 p.354), and 1789-1794 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:6 p.558).

Their daughter, christened Elisabeth Christina, was born 23 Jan 1785 at Kättorp (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.181).

The entries in the Kättorp household examination for 1794-1798 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:7 p.196) indicate that Eric Nilsson died and Lisa remarried to Johan.  Eric died 5 Oct 1795, age 43yr, 11mo, 3yr (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.457).

Johan Persson from Kastorp in Skepperstad and widow Lisa Persdotter from Kättorp were married on 6 Nov 1796 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.321).  Their twins, Peter Eric and Lisa Stina Martha Lena, were born at Kättorp on 4 Oct 1797 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.30).

Per and Maria after 1770 The 1770-1782 household examination (1770-1782 SWE Kättorp) is the last known record for Per and Maria.  The names of the family group except for Elisabeth are crossed out.  Such crossing out is common in the records and usually means that a person or persons have moved elsewhere or died.  There is a note with Catharina's name, telling of her move to Nygård, but there are no such notes for Per and Maria.  Further searches were necessary.

There are some records that are not available:

Moving out records for Hultsjö do not begin until 1804.
Except for one record in 1780, moving in records for Skepperstads (where daughter Catharina lived) do not begin until 1790.
Hultsjö Church Accountings end in 1750

Per and Maria - of Lilla Kråkhult? At the same time that Per and Maria disappeared from Kättorp, a couple also named Per and Maria appeared in Lilla Kråkhult, in Hultsjö.  The 1783-1785 Hultsjö household examination for Lilla Kråkhult (1783-1785 SWE Lilla Kråkhult) lists a Per born 1723 and a Maria born 1724.  They were not in the 1770-1782 household examination for Lilla Kråkhult (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:5, p.235).

The same Per and Maria continue to appear in Lilla Kråkhult in 1786-1789, 1790-1794 and 1794-1798.  The latter household examination indicates that Per is deceased.  Per of Lilla Kråkhult died 21 Sep 1796, age 73 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.458).

After Per of Lilla Kråkhult died, his widow remained in Lilla Kråkhult.  In the Lilla Kråkhult, Hultsjö household examination for 1799-1803, she is called Maria Carlsdotter.  That is the first appearance of her patronymic in Lilla Kråkhult.  Also in that household examination, there is a comment naming her birthplace, which is Målen, probably the Målen in Ramkvilla, which is the same place where Maria Carlsdotter, born 1725, was living when she married Per Svensson.  There is no baptism recorded for a Maria Carlsdotter in Hultsjö in 1724.

There is a woman listed in that household examination, Ingierd Svensdotter, wife of Johannes Svensson, who was born in Nygård.

In the Lilla Kråkhult, Hultsjö household examination for 1809-1815 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:10, p.203), Johannes Svensson's birthdate is 1767 12/4 (12 Apr), and Ingierd Svensdotter's birthdate is 1775 11/2 (11 Feb).  In 1816-1821 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. AI:11, p.100), in addition to the birthdates, his birthplace is Hultsjö and hers is Skepperstad.

From their birth records, we find that Johannes was the son of Sven Jonsson and Kirsten Bengtsdotter (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1748-1793) p.75).  Ingierd was the daughter of Sven Nilsson and Catherina Persdotter (Skepperstad Kyrkobok Vol. C:2 (1758-1831) p.45).  Catherina Persdotter was one of the daughters of Per Svensson and Maria Carlsdotter.  So Ingierd was a granddaughter of Per and Maria.

In the Lilla Kråkhult, Hultsjö household examination for 1804-1808, Maria is again called Maria Carlsdotter.  Maria Carlsdotter of Lilla Kråkhult died 30 Dec 1805, age 81 (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.481).

One further source confirms that the Maria Carlsdotter of Lilla Kråkhult who died in 1805 was the right person.  Her probate record (Västra häradsrätt, Probate records FI:17 1806-1807 p.5-12), names her daughter Catherine and Catherine's husband.  Also named are Catherine's daughter Ingierd and her husband Johannes Svensson.

Summary Although the birth dates shifted slightly with the move of their names from Kättorp to Lilla Kråkhult, and no patronymic is recorded for Per in Lilla Kråkhult, there is sufficient evidence to support the finding that the Per Svensson and Maria Carlsdotter of Kättorp are the same people as the Per [--?--] and Maria Carlsdotter of Lilla Kråkhult, including:

1. Their names disappear from Kättorp at the same time that they appear in Lilla Kråkhult.

2. No other possibilities have been found in Hultsjö.

3. Their granddaughter, Ingierd Svensdotter, lived in Lilla Kråkhult.  Her family was listed together with Per and Maria, implying that they were in the same household.

4. Maria's birthplace, as recorded in the 1799-1803 household examination, was Målen, probably the Målen in Ramkvilla, which is the same place where Maria Carlsdotter was living when she married Per Svensson.

5. Maria's probate record names several people associated with Per and Maria.