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Peder Persson Research Notes

All of the places mentioned in the following material are in Jönköpings län, primarily in the parishes of Bäckaby, Fröderyd, and Nävelsjö.  While the records vary in the spelling of Peder's given name - Peter/Peder/Per/Pehr - I have used just Peder Persson here for the husband of Lisbeth Svensdotter, and Per Persson Friberg for his father.

The Problem   To identify the parents of Peder Persson.  Peder was born abt 1738/1741, supposedly in Nävelsjö, Jönköpings.  He died 6 Sep 1820 in Rösjö Mellangård, Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:4 (1805-1860) p.279).  His death record does not have any information about his birth.  He was married 7 May 1769 to Lisbeth Svensdotter (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.206).

Peder and Lisbeth are found in the household examinations [AKA HFL] for Rösjö Mellangård from 1764-1788 until their deaths.  They had 3 sons, all born in Rösjö Mellangård, Bäckaby:

Per He was born 13 Oct 1771 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.91), and was living with his parents in the Rösjö Mellangård HFLs for 1764-1788 and 1789-1797.

Two of his baptismal sponsors were Sven Svensson and Christin Wickell.  They are probably the Sven Svensson and Christin Persdotter in the Rösjö Mellangård HFL in 1764-1788 (AI:2 p.64 and 384).  That Christin was born in 1731 and died in 1792.  Her death record does not name her parents or her birthplace (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.377).

Johannes   He was born 14 Jun 1774 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.96).  Johannes was living with his parents in the Rösjö Mellangård HFLs for 1764-1788 and 1789-1797.  He died 24 Sep 1794 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739_1804 p.383).
Daniel He was born 29 Dec 1776 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.105), and was living with his parents in the Rösjö Mellangård HFLs for 1764-1788 and 1789-1797.  He remained in Rösjö Mellangård for most of his life, but in 1825 he moved from Bäckaby to Hultsjö (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. HII:2 (1812-1830)) where he died 29 Dec 1835 at Eskilstorp (Hultsjö Kyrkobok Vol. C:3 (1793-1852) p.546.

He was married 27 Apr 1802 at Nye to Catharine Svensdotter (Nye Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1787-1846) p.429).

Peder's birth   The HFLs for Peder as an adult provide some clues regarding his birth:

1764-1788 Paddingetorp Qwarn (Peder, miller, born 1741.  It also mentions his 1769 move to Rösjö Mellangård.)

Rösjö Mellangård from 1764-1788 through 1806-1810 (Peter b. 1738).

Rösjö Mellangård 1810-1815 and 1816-1823 (Peter b. 1738 Nävelsjö).

There is only one possible birth of a Peder/Per Persson in Nävelsjö from 1737 through 1742:
15 Jul 1739, Pehr, son of Per Friberg & Kirstin of Nobbald (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.89).
The conclusion that this is the same person as the Peder Persson of Rösjö Mellangård rests on the information in the 1810-1815 and 1816-1823 HFLs for Rösjö Mellangård.

Peder's Migrations  
As the son of Per Friberg & Kirstin Börgesdotter:
1754Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjöto  Nöbbele Storgård, Nävelsjö
1755Nöbbele Storgård, Nävelsjö toNorra Sandsjö, Jönköpings 
or Södra Sandsjö, Kronoberg or?
As the future husband of Lisbeth Svensdotter
Before 1769 unknown  toPaddingetorp Qwarn, Bäckaby 
1769Paddingetorp Qwarn, BäckabytoRösjö Mellangård, Bäckaby

In 1754 Peder moved from Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjö to Nöbbele Storgård, Nävelsjö.  Then in 1755 he moved to Sandsjö [Norra Sandsjö, Jönköpings or Södra Sandsjö, Kronoberg or?]. (1753-1804 Nöbbelestomt, 1753-1804 Nöbbele Storgård).

There are no records available for Södra Sandsjö that are early enough to provide any information about Peder, if that is where he went, and the records for Norra Sandsjö are too limited to be useful.

Per Friberg and Kirstin Börgesdotter Per and Kirstin were married Die Michaelis 1718 in Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1715-1723) p.105).  At the time of their marriage he was residing in Stockagården and she in "lilla Gommingsås", i.e. Lilla Gudmundsås.

They lived in quite a few places.
In 1719 they moved from Lilla Gommingsås, Bäckaby to Båckagöl, Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:2 (1717-1719) p.85) where their first two children were born in 1719 and 1721.
They are found in the 1724-1730 HFL for Slageryd Västergård, Bäckaby, where their third child was born in 1725.
In 1727 they moved from Bäckaby to Fröderyd.
They are found in 1720-1739 HFLs in Fröderyd at Hulluboda, Röshult, and Ljunganäs Korpralsgården.  Their son Sven was born and died in 1732 in Ljunganäs Korpralsgården, Fröderyd,
Sometime between the birth and death of their son Sven in 1732 and the birth of another son Sven in 1735, they moved from Froderyd to Nävelsjö, where their last two children were born in 1735 and 1739.

Per Friberg Pär Pärsson Friberg of Nöbbelestomt, age 52 [born c.1691], was buried 19 Jun 1743 (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok Vol. CI:1 (1718-1804) p.293).  See Per Friberg Research Notes for further information about him.

Kirstin Börgesdotter Kirstin was born or baptized 2(??) April 1694 at Lilla Gudmundsås, Bäckaby (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:1 (1688-1711) p.16).  She apparently spent her entire childhood there (HFL 1709 through 1717-1723).

After her husband died, Kirstin remained in Nävelsjö, where she was living in Nöbbelestomt in (1753-1804 Nöbbelestomt, along with her sons Sven and Peder.  Since I couldn't follow Peder's migration, I began to look at the other people in that HFL.

It seemed that perhaps Måns and Malin, the couple listed below Kirstin and her sons, was related, especially since they moved to Bäckaby at the same time that Kirstin did.  It turned out that Malin was Kirstin's daughter.  Malin's death record does not have a patronymic for her father, but clearly names her mother as Kirstin Börgesdotter.

As indicated in the 1753-1804 HFL for Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjö, Kirstin moved in 1756 to Bäckaby.  There she lived with her daughter Malin and Malin's family (1754-1760 Slageryd Övregård).  She died 9 Apr 1763 at Slageryd Övregård (Bäckaby Kyrkobok Vol. CI:3 (1739-1804) p.268).

Children of Per Friberg and Kirstin Börgesdotter   From HFLs and birth records, the following children of Per Friberg and Kirstin, were found.  They are listed in birth order.

Born at Båckagöl, baptized Trinity Sunday 1719 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.13).  His sponsors: Corporal Per Fromberg, Maja, Elizabeth and Anna from Rösås; Margreta and Lucis? from Storgård; Sara from Stockagården; and Sernan? from Bäckaby.

He was living with his parents in 1720-1739 Nävelsjö HFLs in Röshult, and Ljunganäs Korpralsgården.  According to the latter HFL, in 1733 he moved to Ingaboda, where he is found in the 1720-1739 HFL.  He is not there in the 1740-1753 HFL.  No further record has been found.

He is not the Jonas Wiskell who was in Rösjö Mellangård in 1764 (Bäckaby AI:2 p.60) and died in 1786 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.360-361).

Born at Båckagöl, baptized 15 p Trin 1721 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.19).  Her sponsors: Bengt Beckdahl (Kirstin's brother); Jonas Torpelig; Per Johansson? and Per Månsson of Lilla Gudmundsås (Kirstin's birthplace and continuing home of her parents); Stina and Anna O. from Stockagården; Elizabeth, Ingrid and Kirstin from Rösås.  Lisbeth was living with her parents in 1720-1739 Nävelsjö HFLs in Röshult, and Ljunganäs Korpralsgården.

She is probably the Elizabeth Persdotter from Nöbbelestomt who married Samuel Johansson of Glömsjö Jonsgård on 18 Oct 1747 (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.243).

She is not the Lisbeth Persdotter in Paddingetorp (1764-1788 Paddingetorp, Bäckaby).

Born at Slageryd Wäster [Västergård], baptized XX 1725 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.28).  Her sponsors: Maja from Rösås; Elin Månsdotter from Stockagården; Elin and Simund from Slageryd Övregård; Anna Nilsdotter and Peder from Slageryd Västergård; Simund from Bäckaby Storgård.

She died 4 Sep 1725 at Slageryd Wäster and was buried 16 p Trin 1725 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1715-1738 p.129).

Born at Röshult, baptized 6 Sun Epiphany 1728 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.55).  Her sponsors: Eric?, Nils and Sara from Ingabo; Per from XX; Jonas, Nils and Sara from Röshult; Madam Anna Maria Bergman (wife of Kirstin's brother Bengt Beckdahl); Christina from Hökhult.  Malin was living with her parents in 1720-1739 Nävelsjö HFLs in Röshult, and Ljunganäs Korpralsgården.

She was married 28 Dec 1749 to Magnus (Måns) Adamsson (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.244).  They were living in Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjö in the (1753-1804 HFL.  As indicated in that HFL , they moved in 1756 to Bäckaby.  There they lived in Slageryd Övregård in the (1754-1760) HFL.

Malin died 17 Dec 1763 at Slageryd Övregård (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.270).  It was her death record that led to Fröderyd to look for the family.  Måns d. 1 May 1771 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.301)

Children of Måns Adamsson and Malin Persdotter

Born 4 Jan 1751 Nobbald (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.126).  She was living with her parents in Nöbbelestomt, Nävelsjö in the (1753-1804 HFL.

She moved with her parents in 1756 to Bäckaby.  There she was living with them in Slageryd Övregård in the (1754-1760) HFL.  She died 8 Jul 1757 at Slageryd Övregård and was buried 10 Jul 1757 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.255).

b. 15 Jun 1757 Slageryd Övregård, baptized 19 Jun 1757 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.45).  He is listed in Slageryd Övregård in the (1754-1760) HFL.  He died 6 Jul 1757 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.255).
Born 5 Jan 1760 Slageryd Övregård, baptized 13 Jan 1760 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.51).  She died 8 Jun 1766 age 6 1/2 yr. (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.277)
Born 29 Nov 1763 Corp. Nydalen, baptized 4 Dec 1763 (Bäckaby Kyrkobok 1739-1804 p.65).

His home baptism at Corporalsgarden [Korpralsgården Ljunganäs] was confirmed 8 Apr 1732 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1711-1735 p.67).  He died at Ljunganäs and was buried 16 Apr 1732 (Fröderyd Kyrkobok 1709-1753 p.362).
Born at Nöbbeled, baptized 31 Oct 1735 (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.83).  His sponsors were all from parts of the Nöbbele farm: Samuel Håkonson, Arvid, Sven Nilsson, Elin Persdotter, Margretha and Kirstin.  He was living with his mother in Nöbbelestomt in the 1753-1804 HFL, but that record indicates that he moved in 1753 to Åshult?.
Born Nobbald, baptized 15 Jul 1739 (Nävelsjö Kyrkobok 1718-1804 p.89).  He was living with his mother in Nöbbelestomt in the 1753-1804 HFL.

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