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Tore Nilsen Research Notes

Most of the events mentioned below occurred in Rogaland, Norway, primarily in the parishes of Sand and Suldal. 

The problem To locate missing records for Tore Nilsen and identify his parents.  What's missing:
1801 Census  He had two children born at Heim, in Sand, one in 1799 and one in 1802.  The children's sponsors that were from Heim are in Heim in the 1801 census, but there is no sign of Tore and his family.

A nationwide search failed to identify any possible household.  Apparently the census taker missed them.

Death record
for Tore Nilsen   
According to Gamle Suldal, Tore died in 1836.  No records have been found to support that date. 

If there is a probate record for him, it should be in b.8b 1831-1837 [FHL 126278].  That film is not online yet.

Birth record
for Tore Nilsen   
According to Gamle Suldal, Tore was born in 1764.  No records have been found to support that date.  The parish records for Suldal don't begin until 1777, but there can be records in Jelsa, a nearby parish.

Tore's family Tore was married 4 Nov 1795 Suldal, Rogaland to Brita Pedersdatter (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1780-1800 p.65).  On the betrothal record he is a soldier of Røslien and she is from Moen.  Gamle Suldal p.308 (Teigen/Brunnavika): Brita is of "Prestemoen, Vinje".

Tore died in 1836 in Suldal.  Brita died 1 May 1845 in Suldal (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1836-1853 p.169).  Brita, the dau of Peder Larsson Nedre Moen, Vinje and Ingeborg Torsdtr. Bratveit, was born in 1770 in Suldal.

Their children (Gamle Suldal p.308; Juneau county bygdebok Sorestad, Tore Nilsson Brunnavika):
born at Moen, baptized 15 p Trin (4 Sep) 1796 Suldal, sponsors: Ole Hiem, Nils Sukka, Mari Moen, Gyri Slagstad, Ingebor Berge (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1780-1800 p.71).  She resided in Straabe when she was confirmed 24 Nov 1811 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.74).

She was married in 1826 to Herbrand Olson Havrevollslia (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.202).

born Heim, Sand, Rogaland, baptized 7 May 1799 Sand, Rogaland, sponsors: Guro Hiem, Liva Heim, Ane Heim, Anfind Sand, Ingval [Ingvard] Selland (Sand i Jelsa Kirkebøk 1796-1816 p.36).  She resided in Sørestad when she was confirmed 26 p Trin (19 Nov) 1815 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.89).

She was married in 1836 to Gabriel Gabrielson Lia, Berge.

born Heim, Sand, baptized on March 28, 1802 in Suldal, sponsors: Ood [Aad] Berge, Tormo Haftun, Orm Him, Eldni Straabe, Marthe Berge (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.18).  He resided in Guggedal when he was confirmed 8 Nov 1818 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.243).

Nils was married on June 23, 1825 to Valborg Nilsdatter of Tjøstheim (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.201).  Valborg, the dau of Nils Tollefson and Guri Knutsdatter of Tjøstheim, was baptized 8 Aug 1802 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.24).

Valborg died d. 20 Oct 1861 at Tjøstheim, Suldal, Norway (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1854-1868 p.173).  Nils died 31 Aug 1875 in Suldal, Norway (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1869-1878 p.167).

born in Sørestad, and baptized 22 Sep 1805, sponsors: Knud Berge, Lori Hinbro, Siri Sorrestad, Inge Moen, Elisabet Tiondahl (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.51).  She resided in Sørestad when she was confirmed 11 Nov 1821 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.253).  She died in 1885.

She was married in 1837 to Torbjørn Gauteson Lofthus.

born in Sørestad, and baptized 16 Oct 1808, sponsors: Peder Tiostem, Johannes Vega, Ingri Sorrestad, Ranvig Tviet? (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.63).
born in Sørestad, and baptized 9 Feb 1812, sponsors: Østen Sorrestad, Albrigt Kittelstad, Peder Araabe, Marta & Kari Sorrestad (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.74).
born in Sørestad, and baptized 14 Mar 1813, sponsors: Baar Berg..., Aad Berge, Eldri & Guri Sorrestad (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1800-1816 p.78).  He resided in Sørestad when he was confirmed 1 Nov 1828 (Suldal i Suldal Kirkebøk 1816-1836 p.266). Lars Thorson Moklev (see), He emigrated to the United States in 1864.

Bygdebok information Gamle Suldal p.308 (Teigen/Brunnavika): Brita is of "Prestemoen, Vinje"

"Tore Nilsson var visstnok innflyttar til Suldal.  Han kom med huslyden til Sørestad mellom 1802 og 1805, dei budde på husmannsplasset Brunnavika som låg like ved Lågen, under bruk 6.

"Tore Brunnavika var ein namngjeten reinsdyrskyttar.  Både han og kona budde i Brunnavika til dei døydde."

[Translation] Tore Nilsson apparently moved in to Suldal.  He came with his household to Sørestad between 1802 and 1805, where they lived on a cotter's farm Brunnavika which lay close to Lågen, under bruk 6.

Tore Brunnavika was a well-known reindeer shooter.  Both he and his wife lived at Brunnavika until they died.

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