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Trond Siurson Research Notes

The need to reconcile information about Trond from different sources became apparent with the publication of the new Sogndal bygdebok.  To provide a format for analysis I examined in detail the family of Siur Johannesson of Hausa, Sogndal, Sogn of Fjordane.

The sources used are:
1. 1701 census which only includes males, for Hausa (aka Husum), which includes the only Trond Siurson
Sifver Johansen56oHuusumSogndals
Peder Sifversen12sHuusumSogndals
Jens Sifversen10sHuusumSogndals
Johanis Sifversen  6sHuusumSogndals
Trond Sifversen  4sHuusumSogndals

2. Birth index for Sogn og Fjordane (which is based on the kirkebøk, so it only includes children born after the records began)

3. Records from the Sogndal Kirkebøk 1689-1713 and a few records from other later years.  Although baptism records begin in 1689, burial records do not begin until 1698 and marriage records begin in 1700.  Following the 1689-1713 Kirkebøk, there is a gap in the Sogndal records from 1713 to 1725.  Some critical records fall in that period, including Siur Johannesson's death and Trond's marriage, both of which occurred about 1721.

4. old Sogndal bygdebok: Sogndal bygdebok 1921-1941, pages IV:102-03, X:26.

5. new Sogndal bygdebok: Sogndal bygdebok 2007, page 2:456.

The family lived on the Hausa farm in Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane.  Their parish church was the Stedje annex in Sogndal.  The old name for the farm was Husum.  The name Siur was sometimes spelled Sjur.  Although his death record calls him Siurson, the register of Trond's probate calls him Sørenson.

The father of the family in the 1701 census and in the new bygdebok is Siur Johannesson.  The other sources mention individuals, but do not group them into a family.  In the children's baptismal records he is named only Siur Husum, without the patronymic.  Since Siur Johannesen is the only adult male in Husum in 1701, he and Siur Hausa can be considered the same person.

Siur was born c.1645 or c.1657, age 9 in 1666 census and age 56 in 1701 census (both dates are also in new Sogndal bygdebok 2:456).  His father, Johannes Husum, was brukar from 1653 to 1690.  Siur followed his father as brukar from 1690 to 1721, and was lensmann (sheriff) from 1711.  He probably died about 1721.  No probate record has been found for Siur or any possible wife.

The known children of Siur Johannesson are:

1. Peder, born before the baptism records begin, age 12 in 1701 [b. c.1681], brukar after his father.  Peder was buried 21 Jul 1754, age 73 (Stedje i Sogndal Kirkebøk 1747-1768 p.78), which is consistent with his age in 1701.  He was married about 1721 to Synneva Knutsdatter.  They had at least two children.

2. Jens, born before the baptism records begin, age 10 in 1701 [b. c.1683].  New Sogndal bygdebok 2:456: "b. c.1691 (no baptism was found for him).  Utkommandert [called up - drafted], d. 1717 i felten [military?]".

3. Maren, baptized 16 May 1690 [the farm is "Hundere"] (Sogndal Kirkebøk 1689-1713 p.4.

She may be the Mari Siursdatter Rutlin who was buried 15 May 1774, age 84 (Stedje i Sogndal Kirkebøk 1768-1782 p.70), which is consistent with the year of her baptism.

4. Johannes, age 6 in 1701 [b. c.1695].  However, the only baptism that could be him is 21 Jan 1693 [again, the farm is "Hundere"] (Sogndal Kirkebøk 1689-1713 p.18.

5. Trond, age 4 in 1701 [b. c.1697].  According to the new bygdebok, he was born in 1697.  I could find no further mention of him in Hausa.  The old bygdebok, mentions him twice, both times in connection with his marriage to Marta Ellingsdatter.

4:103 - "Marta Erlingdotter f. 1697 d. Kvåle 1789.  Ho vart gm. 1. enk. [She was married, first, to widower] Ola Larsson Kvåle 1721.  Gm. 2. [She was married, second, to] Trond Siurson Hausa, lensmannsson [sheriff's son], 1721."

10:37 - "Folket atta frå Hausa.  Ein son av lensmann Siur Hausa heitte Trond Siurson.  Han kom til Kvåls og gifte seg med enkja etter Ola Larsson på Trondgarden og vart ættfar til folket som fylgde på næraste bruki."

The only baptism that could be him occurred on 8 Sep 1695 [The Birth Index says the farm is "Hausa", but it is apparently the old name, Husum] (Sogndal Kirkebøk 1689-1713 p.28)

Trond died 6 Oct 1746 at St. Jørgens Hospital, Bergen.  No age at death was recorded. (St. Jørgens Hospital, Bergen Kirkebøk 1743-1765 p.4).  His probate record, dated 17 Dec 1746, names his widow, Martha Ellingsdatter and 5 children (Fylkesarkivet, Sogn og Fjordane, Probate records Indre Sogn (Trond Sørenson)).

6. Karen, baptized 6 Aug 1698 [Again, the Birth Index says the farm is "Hausa", but it is apparently the old name, Husum] (Sogndal Kirkebøk 1689-1713 p.44)

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