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The Parents of Anne Amundsdatter

All of the events described below occurred in Oppland, Norway, primarily in the municipality of Land.  The old municipality of Land was divided into Søndre Land and Nordre Land in 1847.

The events occurred primarily in two parishes, Fluberg and Østsinni.  When Land was divided, Fluberg became part of Søndre Land.  It was separated from Søndre Land January 1, 1914 - but it was again merged with Søndre Land January 1, 1962.  Østsinni became part of Nordre Land.  Hoff, a third parish, also became part of Søndre Land.

The Problem: To identify the parents of the Anne Amundsdatter who married Hans Torkildson.  Anne was the second wife of Hans.  They were married 5 Jan 1834 at Fluberg, Land, Oppland (Land Kirkebøk 1830-1846 p.208).  Hans and Anne had five children: Ingeborg Marie, b. 1834, Anne Helene, b. 1836; Anne Helene again, b. 1838; Martin, b. 1843, and Christiana, b. 1847.

In addition to her marriage record, there are two other records that clearly identify her as the Anne who married Hans:
1865 census, where she resided on Nybakken with two of her children, Ingeborg and Martin, and Ingeborg's daughter Anna Gustine and son Carl Olson
1875 census), where she resided on Nysbynt Nordre with her son Martin and his family.

From these records we know that Anne was born c.1804 (age 30 at her marriage in 1834, age 62 in the 1865 census, born 1804 in the 1875 census).  According to the 1865 census, she was born in Land.  In 1875, her birth place was "Østsin den N.L.", i.e. Østsinni, Nordre Land.

The problem is that her marriage record says that her father is Amund Christenson.  There are records for persons with that name, but nothing to tie them to Anne.  Between 1803 and 1805 only two children named Anne Amundsdatter were baptized in Land.  In later records, including confirmations in Land, the 1865 census, and the 1875 census, the same two are the only persons named Anne Amundsdatter, and born 1803-1805:

1. Baptism: Anne, dau of Amund Jensen & Kari Tomasdatter Ego, baptized 3 p Trin (26 Jun) 1803 at Hoff; sponsors: Christian Kloveng, Berta & Margrete Ego, Ole Sollein (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.72).

Confirmation: Anne of Ejo?, dau of Amund Jensen and Kari Tomasdatter was confirmed on 20 Dec 1819 at Fluberg (Land Kirkebøk 1814-1833 p.248).

Census: Anne Amundsdatter Eid, was unmarried on the 1865 census.  Eid is in Hov in Sondre Land.  She may have married after 1865, but no record has been found, and the 1875 census may be in error in calling her a widow.

2.Baptism: Anne, dau of Amund Gudmundsen Engerfjer & Ingebor Olsdatter Engerfjer (not married), baptized 24 Jun 1804 at Østsinni; sponsors: Christian Gudmundsen Engerfjer & wf, Lars Engerfjer, Marte Schinderud, Hovel Scholerud (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.77).

Confirmation: Anne of Enger, dau of Amund Gudmundsen and Ingebor Olsdatter was confirmed on 10 Oct 1819 at Gaarder Kirke (Land Kirkebøk 1814-1833 p.254).

Census: In 1875, Anne Amundsdatter, born in 1804 in Østsinni, Nordre Land, was residing in Fluberg, Sondre Land.

Death: Fattiglem [Impoverished] Anne Amundsdatter, widow, b. 1804 Enger eie (Østsinni), (cause of death = "Alderdomssvaghed" = weakness of age), d. 28 Aug 1880, bur 1 Sep 1880, jordfæstet 5 Sep 1880, Fluberg (Fluberg i Søndre Land Kirkebøk 1878-1894 p.148).

The information about Anne, dau of Amund Jensen & Kari Tomasdatter, rules her out as the wife of Hans Torkildson, leaving only Anne of Enger as a candidate.  Could Anne (the wife) be someone other than Anne of Enger?  Additional searches were made in the Land parish registers and in Family Search.

1. Additional searches failed to identify other possible births.
2. No other deaths of an Anne Amundsdatter born c.1804 were found in Land or Søndre Land.
3. No other marriages have been found of an Anne Amundsdatter born c.1804.

The question then became: did the priest err in recording the father of Anne in the marriage record?  Other information was found which supports the conclusion that Anne, wife of Hans Torkildsen (the bride), was the same person as Anne of Enger (the daughter).

The Enger family:
Amund Gudmundson and Sisel Olsdatter were betrothed 2 Mar 1804 and married 6 May 1804 (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.116).  They had six children: Johanne, b. 1805; Mari, b. 1808; Gulbrand, b. 1810; a child b. 1813; Ole, b. 1815; and Gunil Martea b. 1818.

Anne and the Enger family:
1. Anne (the bride) was residing in Brurud, Østsinni, at the time of her marriage in 1834.  Amund Gudmundsen's son Ole Amundson married Ingeborg Torgersdatter Brurud in 1836.

2. Anne (the daughter) was confirmed in the same class as her half-sister, Johanne and is called Enger-eie at her confirmation.  That seems to indicate that Amund Gudmundson acknowledged paternity.

3. Since Anne (the bride) moved to Fluberg when she married, and the children of Amund Gudmundson and wife Sisel Olsdatter remained in Østsinni, the families are not likely to be godparents for each other.

4. Anne (the daughter) is not included on Amund Gudmundson's probate, but illegitimate children could not be heirs.  There are instances where a woman's probate does include her out-of-wedlock children.

5. Amund's brother Christian and his wife were sponsors at (the daughter) Anne's baptism.  He was already married and a father.  With Amund's new marriage, it seems possible that Anne might have been raised with Christian's family.  It is easy to imagine the priest at her marriage asking Anne for the name of her father, and she automatically replying Christian, but then correcting it to Amund.

Ingeborg Olsdatter, the mother of Anne of Enger:
Other than Anne (the wife) naming her first daughter Ingeborg, no clues have been found in Anne's records that would help to identify her mother.  Anne's other children were: Anne Helene, Martin and Christiana.  Hans Torkildson had children from a previous marriage.  He apparently did not follow traditional naming patterns with those children.

Timeline for Ingebor age 22 in 1801 (the mother) and Ingebor age 87 in 1865 (the wife)
1779   Both Ingebors were born c.1779.  A search of the baptisms in Land for 1778-1780 identified the following four possibilities:

Ingebor, dau of Ole Jorgens & Anne Nielsd Norbyvin?, baptized 13 p Trin (13 Sep) 1778, Fluberg (Land Kirkebøk 1765-1784 p.106).

Ingbor, daughter of Ole Amundsen & Mari Pedersdatter from Gaarder, baptized 4th Sun in Advent [19 Dec] 1779 (Land Kirkebøk 1765-1784 p.117).

Inger?, dau of Ole ? & Mari Mikkelsdtr, baptized 2 p Trin (4 Jun) 1780, Fluberg (Land Kirkebøk 1765-1784 p.122).

Inger, dau of Ole Neilsen & Marta Knutsdtr, baptized 5 p Trin (25 Jun) 1780, Torpen (Land Kirkebøk 1765-1784 p.122)

1792-1800  The likely years for Ingeborg's confirmation were searched.  Two possibilities were found:

25 Nov 1794, Fluberg, Ingeborg Olsdatter, St. Adnes?, age 15 [b.c.1799] (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.105).

20 p Trin [18 Oct] 1795 Fluberg, Ingeborg Olsdatter Sondre Dalens? age 16 [b.c.1799] (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.106).

1799Berte Maria Olsdatter was baptized 26 p Trin (17 Nov) 1799, illegitimate daughter of Ole Olson Koldsrud? & Ingebor Olsdtr Ourland (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.58).

1801Enger, where daughter Anne was born in 1804, is located in Gaarder Annex.  In 1801, there were only 3 Ingebor Olsdatters in all of Gaarder Annex and their ages were 1, 52 and 63.  In Flubergs Hoved Sogn, where Anne (the wife) married and lived for the rest of her life, there were also only 3 Ingebor Olsdatters, ages 4, 22, and 52.  The 22 year old Ingeborg seemed an excellent candidate (1801 NOR Ourlund).

1804Anne, dau of Amund Gudmundsen Engerfjer & Ingebor Olsdatter Engerfjer (not married), baptized 24 Jun 1804 at Østsinni; sponsors: Christian Gudmundsen Engerfjer & wf, Lars Engerfjer, Marte Schinderud, Hovel Scholerud (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.77).

1809-1818Ingeborg Olsdatter (the wife) and Anders Olson OverSchiager, widower, were betrothed 2 Dec 1808 and married 28 Dec 1808 (Land Kirkebøk 1784-1813 p.182).

Anders and Ingeborg had at least two children: Ole, born 19 Aug 1809, bap 3 Sep 1809 at Østsinni; and Maren, born 26 Dec 1816, bap 5 Jan 1817 at Gaarder Annex.

Anders had a son Sven from a previous marriage.  If Anne Amundsdatter's mother, Ingebor, is the Ingebor Olsdatter who married Ansders Olson, then Sven is her stepbrother.  He had a daughter - Gunile Martea, dau of Sven Anderson & Berte Kristoffersdtr Enger b. 19/bap 28 Dec 1817 Gaarder; sponsors: Lars Enger &? Johanna Christphersdtr ibid, Ole Nedre XX or Niseltog?

Six months later, another Gunil Martea, Anne's half-sister, was born - Gunil Martea, dau of Amund Gudmundsen & Sisel Olsdtr Enger, b. 16/bap 28 Jun 1818 Gaarder; sponsors: Lars Engers, Christopher Johannessen ibid, Arne Folberg.

1865The Ingeborg living in Langengen in 1865 is the right age to be the same person as the Ingeborg who was age 22 in 1801 (1865 NOR Langengen).  Since she is a widow, she could also be the Ingebor who married Anders Olsen.

1866The widow Ingborg Olsdatter Eltons eie, age 86, who died 25 Oct 1866 and was buried 1 Nov 1866, is apparently the same person as the 1865 Ingebor (Nordre Land Kirkebøk 1860-1871 p.192).

Ingeborg - Summary: All of the above information fits together, suggesting a strong possibility that Ingeborg (the mother) and Ingeborg (the wife), are the same person.  More work is needed to identify other possibilities and narrow down the alternatives already found.