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Given Name Index (Norwegian) ... Given Name Index (Swedish)


Included are all of the ancestors, descendants parents and spouses that appear in the various charts on my web page.  Exceptions: persons whose surname is unknown are not indexed, except as wives.  Infants who died without being named or whose first name is unknown are not indexed.

Women are indexed under both their maiden and married names.  In the listing under her married name, the woman's maiden surname may highlighted; that means that there is a link back to her maiden surname where her ancestors of that name are shown.  If the maiden name is not highlighted, no ancestry is available on the web site.  Exception: maiden names are not highlighted for Scandinavian surnames, regardless of the presence of parents on the web site, since the surnames change for every generation.

Note: Norwegian naming practices are difficult to present in a way that is understandable.  I have adopted a format that treats the patronymic as the surname and follows that with "of" and any farm names. The names are indexed according to the patronymic.  See Norwegian naming practices, by John Føllesdal for an explanation of naming practices.

Note: French-Canadian women are generally known by their maiden surname, rather than their husband's surname.  However, for clarity in reading I have shown their surname in parens.  The French-Canadian names have another unusual feature - "dit" - which loosely translated means "or".  A person may be known by either part of the name or by both parts.  I have alphabetized the name according to the first part and provided cross references from the other parts of the name.

Each name is followed by one or more codes.  The code is linked to the person's name on the chart.  The numerical part of the code indicates the ancestor number on ancestor charts.  (For the York and Dickens ancestors there is only text, so there are no numbers.  Other identifiers have been used to distinguish between two people with the same name.  Only the first occurrence of the name has been indexed).

Hint: The ancestor numbers are ahnentafel numbers, i.e. the starting individual is #1, their father is number #2, their mother is #3.  For each succeeding generation the father's number is the person's number times 2, and the mother's number is the person's number times 2 and then plus 1.  If you are interested, you can determine the entire line just from the index using these rules.

Hint: Given the ahnentafel numbering, females should all have an odd number and males an even number.  The exceptions mean that the person is a non-ancestral spouse of an ancestor.

On descendant charts the numerical code indicates the generation and year of birth if known.  For parents of spouses, the code refers to the spouse.

Where there is more than one entry in the index with the same given name, they are separated by commas if they are different persons, and by the & sign if they are the same person.  In the ancestor charts, if a person occurs more than once in the same branch, only one of the entries has the full reference.  The other entries are cross-referenced to the full entry and are marked with an asterisk in the index.  In addition, some people are both an ancestor and a non-ancestral spouse.  The entry as a non-ancestral spouse is marked with an asterisk in the index.

The two or three letter part of the code indicates the chart on which the name appears.  The letter codes are as follows:

AM=The Ancestors of Ruben Alexander Anderson (Norway) and Helene Louise May (Germany)

AS=The Descendants of Abraham Avery and Rebecca Stevens (New England, Michigan, etc.)

BL=The Ancestors of Carl Henry Brehm (Germans from Russia) and Alice Elizabeth Lambert (probably New England) (both MidWest)

BU=The Ancestors of Robert Monroe Bucher (Lancaster Co. PA Mennonites) and Elizabeth Ann Matlack (Philadelphia PA and NJ Quakers)

CW=The Descendants of William Cochran and Margaret Watson (Scotland)

DA=The Ancestors of Mary Dickens (England)

FF=William George Fredendall and Evaline Franklin (Scotland, New York, Midwestern US)

HC=The Ancestors of Lindon Robert Hilton and Beryl Edna Campbell (New England and their English ancestors)

HD=The Descendants of Timothy Hall and Ann Palmer (England)

JS=The Ancestors of John Everett Hale Johnson (Scandinavia, Wisconsin) and Phyllis Marie Smith (New England and their English ancestors, MidAtlantic, Midwestern US)

KD=The Ancestors of Clarence King and Virginia Dieball (Germany, France, Wisconsin)

LT=The Ancestors of Charles Elmer Loucks (New England, New York, Canada) and Caroline Adelaide Tull (MidAtlantic) (both MidWest)

MA=The Ancestors of John McKaig and Margaret Allan (Scotland, Canada)

MD=The Ancestors of Raymond Leslie Merrill Jr. (England, Ireland, and Early America) and Laura Davis (England, Wales)

MJ=The Ancestors of Alvah Millard (prob NY, New England) and Elsie Viola Joitel (Norway) (both MidWest)

RB=The Descendants of John Rand and Betsy Babcock (Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, etc.)

RM=The Descendants of John Rodger and Janet McFarlane (Scotland, Ontario, Michigan)

RR=The Ancestors of Charles Augustus Richardson and Emma Curtis Rand (New England and their English and Scottish ancestors)

SC=The Ancestors of Howard Emery Shahan and Sharon Coward (France, Ireland, Québec, MidAtlantic, Midwest, Western US)

WA=The Ancestors of John Williams (Loyalist/Palatine-New York/Ontario) and Selina Brewster (New York, New England and their English ancestors)

WD=The Descendants of John Williams and Selina Brewster (Canada-primarily Ontario, United States-midwest and west)

YA=The Ancestors of Thomas York (England)

YD=The Descendants of Thomas York and Mary Dickens (England, Canada, United States)


(al-am  an-aq  ar-as  at-az; Å)
Aa... (Norwegian), see Å

Aaron - Abraham FF26, FF104; Abraham E. FF52; Catherine E. FF13; Eliza Jane FF12; wives: Chloe (Pearson) FF52; Ellender (Perdue) FF53; Judith (Dill) FF105; Senea Sabina (Ragan) FF27

Abell - William RR2265; wives: Anne (Fletcher alias Hawthorne) RR2265; Joanna ([--?--]) RR640

Abercrombie - Edward Marshall WD4-1898; William WD4-1898; wives: Elizabeth Ann (Bucklebank) WD4-1898; Norma Evelyn (Laycock) WD4-1897

Abbot(t) - Hannah HC455

Abrell - Mary FF101

Ackerman - Ada M YD4-1870

Ackey - Amelia RY107

Acklam - George W. MD28; Jane MD225; Jane Esther MD7; Thomas MD56; Thomas Henry MD14; Winter MD112; wives: Alice (Welburn) MD57; Elizabeth (Short) MD113; Harriett Elizabeth (Bean) MD29; Martha Elizabeth (Roskilly) MD15

Ackley - Abigail MJ320; Adeline E. AS5-1864; Clara W. AS5-1851; Emma Belinda AS5-1854; John M. AS4-1828; Lydia MJ1283; Nicholas MJ2566; wives: Hannah (Ford) MJ2567; Lucy Ann (Clark) AS4-1829

Ackrenden - Margaret MJ5169

Ackworth - Catherine HC6699 & RR1377; GeorgeHC13396 & RR1377

Adams - Abigail RR72; Ann WA471; Benjamin SC646, SC1292; Caroline Augusta RB2-1820; Edward LT696; Florence WD4-1897 & YD5-1897; Frances SC323; Henry LT348, LT1392, LT5568; Huldah LT87; John LT2784, LT11136, BL1876; Joseph LT174; Julia AS4-1850; Louis Adolphe WD4-1897 & YD5-1897; Mary Elizabeth RR6 & RB2-1821; Nathaniel HC143; Rebecca LT330; Richard BL938; Susannah BL469; Thomas SC2584;

wives: Abigail (Craft) LT696; Agnes (Ezell) SC1293; Agnes (?Stone) LT2785; Alice ([--?--]) LT11137; Edith (Squire) LT1393; Frances (Atkinson) SC647; Gertien (Op Den Graeff) BL939; Hannah ([--?--]) LT348; Louise Belair (Remillard) WD4-1897 & YD5-1897; Lydia (Penniman) LT697; Magdelon (Hilton) HC143; Miriam (Cleveland) LT175; Patience (Ellis) LT348; Rose ([--?--]) LT5569; Ruth (Ellis) LT349; Sarah (Taylor) LT696

Adgate - Thomas RR655; wife: Mary (Marvin) RR655

Adhémar - Antoine SC3658; Jeanne SC1829; Michel SC7316; wives: Cécile (Gache) SC7317; Geneviève (Sageot) SC3659; Marie (Sédilot) SC3658; Michelle (Cusson) SC3658

Agar/Aggar - Adah Maria Jane WD4-1883; Clayton Brewster WD4-1889; John WD3-1843; John Reynolds WD5-1915; John W. WD4-1881; Norma Margaret WD5-1924; Richard WD3-1843; Richard John Bryan WD4-1879; Robert Clayton WD5-1916; Russell Keith WD5-1919; wives: Adah Catherine (Laycock) WD3-1854; Elizabeth (Ash) WD3-1843; Hilda Sarah (Daniels) WD5-1919; Margaret Viola (Reynolds) WD4-1883; Stella Esther (Tinnell) WD4-1889

Agrimson - Håkon JS592, JS2368; wife: Marita (Olsdatter) JS593

Aime - Ann HC7575 & JS15295

Aires - Anne or Margaret HC1221 & WA1757

Aitchison - James RM6-1910; wife: Margaret Rodger (Mitchell) RM6-1910

Albertsdatter - Siri JS729

Alboeuf - see Boutet

Alden - Elizabeth LT715 & WA207; John LT1430 & WA414; wife: Priscilla (Mullins) LT1431 & WA415

Alderman - Charles William Gurnett YD5-1900; wife: Evelyn Mabel (Hanwell) YD5-1898

Aldington - Mary Sarah Jane YB4-1863

Aldrich - Addie Rose WD3-1860; David Batchelor WD2-1833; Elizabeth Angeline WD3-1862; Jane WD3-1863; John Adolphus WD3-1855; Margaret Astor Chanler RB5-1910; Martha Emily WD3-1863; Selina J. WD3-1858; Solomon WD2-1833; Susan Matura WD3-1857; wives: Adah Antoinette (Williams) WD2-1833; Maturah (Bull) WD2-1833

Alexander - Elizabeth RY153; John RM5; Alexander John RM6-1898; Rhoda Beatrice SC11; wives: Agnes Rodgers (Martin) RM5-1880; Jane ([--?--]) SC23; Janet McCulloch (Rodger) RM6-1899;

Alford - Benedict LT1366; Elizabeth LT683; Thomas LT2732; wives: Jane (Newton) LT1367; Joan (Hawkins) LT2733

Alger/Algore - Francis LT5582 & HC15194; Lettice LT2791 & HC7597; Robert LT11164 & HC30388; wives: Joane ([--?--]) LT11165 & HC30389; Lettice (Peacock) LT5583 & HC15195

Algermisson - Henry J AS6-1913; wife: Harriet E (Brown) AS6-1917

Allan - Agnes RM4-1838, RM5-1877; Annie RM4-1854; Annie May RM5-1882; Beatrice RM5-1895; Catharine RM5-1875; Edith Louisa RM5-1894; Elizabeth RM4-1851; Florence Elizabeth RM5-1870; George Robert RM4-1860, RM5-1903; James MA6 & RM3-1814, RM4-1843, RM5-1880, MA62, MA122; James Harvie RM6-1919; James Noble RM5-1894; Janet Ferguson RM4-1849; Jean MA123; John RM4-1856, MA124; John Rodger RM5-1890; Lilian Jean RM6-1922; Lotty May RM5-1881; Lydia Agnes RM5-1872; Margaret MA31 & RM2-1791, MA61, MA3 & RM4-1839 & WD3-1865 & YD4-1865; Mary RM4-1847; Mary Martha RM5-1885; William Rodger RM4-1845;

wives: Abigail (MacKay) RM5-1885; Agnes (Rodger) MA7 & RM3-1817; Annie M. (Kelly) RM4-1845; Catherine (Euler) RM4; Elizabeth M. (Euler) RM4-1871; Isabel (Gavin) MA125; Lilian Jane (Harvie) RM5-1893; Lilis (Doran) RM5; Mahala Joanna (Hancock) RM4-1865; Margaret (Kirkwood) MA63; Margaret (White) RM5; Martha (Swayzie) RM4-1841; Minerva Janet (Swayzie) RM4-1858; Phyllis Rhona (Price) RM6-1918

Allard dit Lavergne - Julien SC3615; wife: Marie (Deligny) SC3615

Allen - Andrew HC3354; Ann E.AS5-1859; Bertha Louise RB4-1875; Daisy O. AS5-1875; Eleanor HD4-1857; Elizabeth LT719; Eunice AS2-1776; George HC1022, HC6708, HD3-1824, HD5-1886; Hepzibah RY401; John LT1438, HD4-1855, HD5-1898; John F. AS5-1861; Joshua RY802; Mamie AS5-1892; Mary HC1677; Mary Ann HD4-1852; Ralph LT2876; Sarah Elizabeth HD5-1891; Sarepta? L. AS5-1863; Thankful HC511; William AS4-1832; William R. AS5-1858; wives: Adelia Ann (Balcom) AS4-1839 Elizabeth (Bull or Bacon) LT1439; Elizabeth (Tarrant-Spicer) HD4-1859; Elizabeth Rose Lilley (Browne) HD5-1907; Esther (Swift) LT2876; Faith (Ingalls) HC3355; Hannah ([--?--]) RR308; Hester (English) LT2877; Margaret (Hutchinson) RY803; Mary Ann (Thomas) HD4-1853; Sarah Elizabeth (Hall) HD3-1832

Allgar/Alger - Bridget LT2739 & RR2707 & WA1815; Robert LT10956 & RR10828 & WA7260, LT21912 & RR21656 & WA14520; William LT5478 & RR5414 & WA3630, LT43824 & RR43312 & WA29040;

wives: Ann (Sheldon) RR520; Margaret ([--?--]) LT21913 & RR21657 & WA14521; Margaret (White or Parye) LT5479 & RR5415 & WA3631; Mary (Smith) LT10957 & RR10829 & WA7261

Allinot - Marguerite Mary YD5-1907

Allis - Hannah MJ293;

Allison - James Hendry RM5-1879; Janet Bradshaw RM6-1907; Mary Goldie RM6-1910; wife: Janet (Gemmell) RM5-1877

Allistree - Edith LT2757; George LT5514

Almond - Ernest Kerwood YD6-1908; William Ernest Earl YD6-1908; wives: Elma May (Holmes) YD6-1908; Mina (Ferguson) YD6-1908

Almy - Sarah LT353

Alsop - Joseph FF1358; Mary FF679 wife: Elizabeth (Preston) FF1359

Alton - Alice RR5245; John RR10490

Alvsson - Gudmund JS2208; Nils MJ106; wives: Anne (Torbjørnsdotter) JS2209; Ingrid (Hansdatter) MJ107

Alwyn - Joan LT5247

Ames - Frank YD5-1916; May Delorsie YD5-1916; wife: Maggie (Bowen) YD5-1916

Amos - Esther LT163; Hugh LT652; John LT326; wives: Hannah ([--?--]) LT653; Sarah (Morgan) LT327

Amundsen/Amundsdatter/Aamundsdatter - Anders JS46512; Anne MJ55; Gjertrud (MJ221; Guroe JS1043; Karen MJ243; Mats JS93396; Ole/Olav MJ104, MJ822; Rolv JS4422; Orm JS11602; Såve JS1107 Tone MJ103, MJ413; wives: Anna (Fartegnsdatter) JS93397; Dorothe (Lauritsdatter) JS4423; Gudrid (Fartegnsdatter) JS92209; Marith (Bjørnsdatter) MJ105; Torbjørg (Knutsdatter) MJ823

Anceaume - Françoise SC14397

Anderson/Andersson/Andersen/Andersdatter/Andersdotter - [--?--] JS1417; [--?--] MJ981; Agnes Flora RM5-1872; Alexander RM4-1841; Alexander William RM5-1877; Anders JS2358, JS2776; Andrew/Andreas MJ28; Andrew J. AM8; Anna Christina RB4-1882; Anne MJ121; Annica JS343; Annie Elizabeth RM5-1884; Arve AM158; Bjorn MJ210; Brita JS1179; Catherine M. SC35; Daniel JS1388; Elizabeth Minerva RM6-1914; Engebret MJ422; Emma MJ7; Even MJ56; George William RM5-1888; Gertrude HD6-1911; Gloria Jean RM6-1923; Gullick JS358; Gunhild AM129; Gunnild MJ61; Haege JS265; Ingebor MJ113;

James Garrow RM5-1874; Jens JS23256; John MJ14, AM16; John Magnus JS10; John Robert RM5-1881; Karen AM319, JS36; Kirstie/Cristine/Christina AM17; Lars MJ484; Mabel Louise RM5-1879; Mari MJ225; Marisa Rogins YD5-1886; Marta JS1467; Ole JS152, MJ118; Pernille AM73 Ruben Alexander AM4; Sena Christine JS5; Sven JS346; Sven Johan JS20; Tora MJ1947; Tyge AM558; Willard Norton AS6-1916; William Preston SC70; Østen MJ980;

wives: [–?–] (Andersdatter) MJ981; Agnethe (Eriksdatter) MJ29; Anna (Jonsdotter) JS2777; Anne Maria (Johannesdatter) MJ57; Clara Helene Louise (May) AM5; Elizabeth (Allan) RM4-1851; Elizabeth (Miller) SC71; Emma Caroline (Erickson) AM9; Gladys Ward (Ludlam) AS6-1917; Gunda Marie (Jensen) or Maren (Grondal) MJ15; Gunnvor (Olsdatter) JS2359; Ingrid (Börgesdotter) JS1389; Karen (Haraldsdatter) AM159; Kari (Hansdatter) MJ119; Kari (Thronsdatter) JS153; Kirstie/Cristine/Christina (Andersdatter) AM17;

Ingri (Olsdatter) MJ485; Maria (Börgesdotter) JS347; Marit (Engebretsdatter) MJ211; Marit (Olsdatter) MJ423; Marta Maria (Kristensen) JS11; Minerva (Haase) RM5-1889; Ragnhild ([--?--]) AM559; Sigrid (Gunnulvsdatter) AM2559; Stine Katrine (Johnson) JS21; Turid (Tollevsdatter) JS359

André - Pierre SC7403; wife: Louise (Talonneau) SC7403

Andresen/Andriesen/Andresdotter - Barbara LT1255; Margit JS139; Oluf MJ788; wife: Sigrid (Såmundsdatter) MJ789

Andrews - David WA52; Daniel WA26; Jeremiah HC124, HC248; John HC496, WA104, HC1984 & WA208, HC3968 & WA416; Mary JS3831, RR1117; Filia or Phila HC31; Temperance WA13; William HC62, HC992; wives: Betsy (Estes) HC63; Elizabeth (Sawtelle) HC125; Elizabeth (Story) HC497; Hannah (Haskell) WA53; Jane (Jordan) HC1984 & WA209; Judith (Belcher) WA105; Lucy (Rust) HC249; Margaret (Palmer) HC833; Margaret (Woodward) HC993; Sarah (Conant) HC3969 & WA417; Temperance (Holmes) WA27

Anito - Lillian WD4-1909

Annable - Anthony RR690; Desire RR345; wives: Ann (Clark, Alcock or Elcock) RR691; Jane (Moumford) RR690

Annis - Eunice HC39

Ansteinsdatter/Ansteinson - Gunnar JS8380; Hæge JS2095 wife: Hæge (Eivindsdatter) JS8381

Antaya - see Peltier

Anthony - Francis FF5412, FF10824; John FF2706; Mary FF1353; wives: Jane (Howe) FF5413; Judith (Roby) FF10825; Mary (Wiggs) FF2707

Antle - Eliza Jane FF25; Henry FF50, FF100; Peter FF200; wives: Ann (Henry) FF201; Letitia (Moore) FF51; Mary (Abrell) FF101

Antoniusdatter - Gjertrud JS611

Antrobus - Joan RR1119; Walter RR2238; wife: Jane (Arnold) RR2239

Anundsdatter/Anundsen - Eilev AM524; Inger AM619; Kittil AM8476; Liv AM2119; wives: Astrid (Haraldsdatter) AM525; Liv ([--?--]) AM8477

Appes - Mary RR1907

Appleyard - Albert Arthur AS8-1911; wife: Myrtle Elrean (Harvey) AS8-1927

Arbour - see Harbour

Archambault - Antoine SC14356; Jacques SC7178; Marie SC3589; wives: Françoise (Tourault) SC7179; Marie (Denot) SC7178; Renée (Ouvrard) SC14357

Archer - Alice HC1099; Christopher HC2198; Sarah MJ20 wife: Alice ([--?--]) HC2199

Arlington - Harold WD5-1901; La Donna WD6-1930; wife: Hazel Leora (Bentley) WD5-1909

Armand - Laurent SC1843; Marie SC3605; wife: Marie (Constantineau) SC1843

Armbruster - Katharin BL163; Rosa YD4-1872

Armstrong - Dorcas MD299; Leon Grover YD7-1936; Mary SC1381; Sinclair Wallace AS5-1897; Thomas Grover YD6-1913; William MD598; wives: Jane (Wilson) MD599; Mary (Hallock) AS5-1898; Viola Grace (Bumstead) YD6-1918

Arnbjørnsdatter/Arnbjørnsen - Eivind JS23260; Gunnbjørg JS11627

Arnesdatter/Arnesen/Arnason - Anders JS304, MJ1962; Bjørn MJ1950; Gunhild AM4201; Haldor MJ240; Jon AM16804; Margrete AM1271; Ola JS1236; Ole MJ1948; wives: Dorte (Erlandsdatter) MJ1963; Kari (Jørgensdatter) MJ1949; Karie (Olsdatter) JS305; Marta (Kolbeinsdatter) JS1237; Martha (Gulbrandsdatter) MJ241

Arnold - Evelyn HD5-1891; Henry LT2710; Jane RR2239; Mary LT1355; Nora Pearl AS6-1894

Arnott - Duncan YD5-1892; Ruby Ellen YD5-1892; wife: Mary? (Jefferson) YD5-1892

Arnvidsdatter - Magnhild JS1494299

Arters - Elizabeth Jane MD75

Arvesdatter/Arvesen - Anne JS4429; Helvig AM149; Ingebor AM317; Jon AM1268; Karen AM79

Asay - Ralph Charles AS7-1921; wife: Kathryn Avis (King) AS7-1924

Asbeck - Emile YD5-1889; wife: Charlotte Magdeline (York) YD5-1886

Asbjørnsdatter/Asbjørnson - Anne JS261; Olav JS1044, JS4176; wives: Gro (Halvorsdatter) JS1045; Hæge (Sveinsdatter) JS4177

Ash - Elizabeth WD3-1843

Ashcroft - Robina RM5-1872

Asher - Nancy LT29; John LT232; William LT58, LT116; wives: Anna (Bartlett) LT117; Nellie ([--?--]) LT233; Rachel (Spillman) LT59

Ashton - Elizabeth RR2717; John RR5434

Aslaksen/Aslagssenn/Aslaksdatter - Aamund JS2214; Aasne JS521; Birgit JS8371; Eivind JS4172; Halvor Knudsen MJ12; Knud/Knut MJ24, JS1106; Lauritz (Lars) JS3024; Ole JS130; Oluf JS12096; Sandov JS8336; Tore MJ407; Vetle JS4424; wives: Anna Gustine (Martinsdatter) MJ13; Aase (Tarjeisdatter) JS131; Siri (Jonsdatter) JS3025; Såve (Aamundsdotter) JS1107; Tone (Halvorsdatter) MJ25

Aslesdatter - Anne MJ867

Asplin - Glen Reeder RB5-1893; wife: Jennie Marie (Rand) RB5-1897

Asmundson/Aasmundsen/Åsmundsdatter - Gunhild JS1093; Jon JS132; Marita JS2919; Olav JS726; Sigrid JS2091; Torjus JS4380; Tov JS4372; wives: Ambjorg (Johannesdatter) JS133; Elen (Knutsdatter) JS727; Gro (Jonsdatter) JS4381

Åsulvsen - Halvor AM631; wife: Marie (Tolfsdatter) AM631

Atherton - Edmund HC8156; Humphrey HC4078, HC16312; Thankful HC2039; wives: Alice ([--?--]) HC16313; Mary (Rudd) HC8157; Mary (Wales) HC4079

Atkins - Alice RR929

Atkinson - Enoch J. (Gene) YD5-1888; Frances SC647; Francis Farrand RM7-1919; John RM7-1916; Leo Farrand RM6-1882; Leslie Eldon WD5-1913; Rebecca RR262; William Joseph RM7-1926; wives: Denzle Marie (Krake) WD5-1913; Dorothy Virginia (Hills) RM7-1921; Emily Blanche (Miller) RM7-1917; Mable Elizabeth (Bumstead) YD5-1894; Margaret Mary (McKaig) RM6-1889; Otta Rose ([--?--]) RM7-1932

Atlesen - Helge JS2888

Atwood - Alice LT1357; John JS7685; Rachel HC452; Simon LT2714; wife: Sarah (Bryan) JS7685

Auger/Augé/dit Baron - Jean SC3630, SC7260; Marie Charlotte SC1815; wives: Louise (Grisard) SC7261; Marie Charlotte (Glory) SC3631

Augustinussen - Svend AM2484; wife: Marthe (Olsdatter) AM2485

Aunois - Jeanne SC14583

Austin - Anthony WA114; Esther WA57; Ezra LT46; Helen L. AS4-1865; Jeremiah LT368; Jonathan LT92; Lydia LT23; Martha Jane YD5-1892 Pasco LT184; Richard WA228, WA456; Robert LT736; wives: Anne ([--?--]) WA457; Bathsheba (Potter) LT93; Betsy ([--?--]) LT47; Elizabeth ([--?--]) LT369, WA229; Esther (Huggins) WA115; Margaret (Sunderland) LT185; Mehitable (Baker) LT92

Austye - Anna RR2465, Walter RR4930

Averill - Mildred J. AS6-1890

Averman - Sarah LT31

Avery - Abraham RR14 & AS2-1782, RR28 & AS1-1744, RR56, AS3-1805, AS3-1807, AS3-1824, AS4-1834; Addison AS3-1810, AS4-1837; Addison Edward AS5-1884; Ann Elizabeth AS4-1838; Anna AS2-1829; Anna Laura AS5-1874; Annie AS4-1856; Ashbel Stevens AS2-1775; Benjamin AS3-1813; Benjamin F. AS4-1853; Benjamin Furner AS6-1913; Carrie Camilla AS5-1873; Charles Benjamin AS5-1876; Christopher JS15404 & RR448 & WA892, JS30808 & RR896 & WA1784; Dolly AS2-1788; Edwin AS3-1810, AS5-1868; Eli Abraham AS5-1872; Eli Moffit AS4-1836; Elizabeth AS3-1819;

Elmer Kline AS5-1874; Fanny AS3-1809; George Powell AS5-1881; Goldie AS6-1899; Hannah JS3851 & WA223; Harriet AS5-1864; Harry W. AS5-1872; Hattie Eunice AS4-1861; Helen Thalia AS6-1899; Huldah Ruth AS6-1903; Ida May AS5-1875; James JS7702 & RR224 & WA446; James L. AS6-1913; Jeannette Maria AS4-1865; Jennie Maria AS5-1879; Jessie L. AS6-1894; John AS4-1841, AS5-1889; John Evans AS4-1841; Julia AS3-1822 & RB2-1822 & RR7; Kate Camp AS4-1861; Larmia Euphrasia AS3-1811; Laura Ann AS5-1870; Laura Elizabeth AS4-1850;

Laurette Miller AS3-1805; Libbie AS4; Marie AS5-1886; Mary Elizabeth AS5-1860; Mary Sophia AS3-1815; Mary Vinnie AS5-1870; Nathan AS2-1777 AS3-1816; Nathan Stickles AS4-1837, AS5-1887; Oriza AS3-1803; Rayburn Melville YD6-1919; Rebecca AS2-1784; Rupert Earl AS6-1905; Samuel AS2-1786; Sarah Maria AS3-1809; Sarah Stevens AS3-1813; Simeon AS3-1817; Susan Miller AS3-1804; Theron Don AS6-1908; Thomas AS2-1790, RR112; Willard Nathan AS5-1870; William Henry AS3-1813, AS4-1846 ; William Horton (also see Foster) AS5-1863; William Miller AS3-1818; William Smithson AS4-1858; William Snyder AS6-1908; William Stevens AS2-1773; Willie AS4;

wives: Abigail (Ingraham) JS7702 & RR224 & WA217; Ada Mary (Reed) AS5-1906; Annie (Peabody) AS4-1859; Athalia (Clapper) AS4-1846; Belinda Cordelia (Brewer) AS2-1805 & RR14; Bessie Marjorie (Bumstead) YD6-1921; Caroline (Petry) AS5-1873; Catherine Barbara (Petry) AS5-1880; Cornelia (Van Dyck) AS4-1843; Eliza Ann (McNeil) AS4-1835; Elizabeth (Bliss) AS2-1788 & RR15; Ellen (Colegrove) AS4-1857; Emma (Weaver) AS5-1868; Eunice (Allen) AS2-1776; Evalyn Roberta (Thomas) AS6-1917; Flora Clementine (Gurnsey) AS4-1846; Frances Amelia (Kline) AS4-1841;

Genevieve (Dorr) AS6-1906; Hannah (Miner) RR113; Hannah (Raymond) RR112; Harriet (Reed) AS3-1830; Harriet Sweet (Wright) AS5-1875; Jane (Hill) RR57; Joanna (Greenslade) JS7703 & RR225 & WA447; Joanne ([--?--]) JS30809 & RR897 & WA1785; Judith Ellen (Horton) AS4-1840; Laura Ann (Stickles) AS3-1811; Margery (Stephens) JS15405 & RR449 & WA893; Mabel Leone (Johnson) AS5-1880; Mabel Louise (Hicks) AS5-1884; Margaret C. ([--?--]) AS5-1893; Margaret Cook (Camp) AS3-1828;

Martha Elizabeth (Brigham) AS4-1839; Mary (Leonard) AS5-1880; Mary (Moffit) AS3-1802; Mary Pease (Wilson) AS4-1837; May Frances (Power) AS5-1877; Rebecca (Stevens) RR29 & AS1-1746; Sally (Miller) AS2-1775; Sarah (Copp) RR56; Sylvia Ann (Moseley) AS3-1812

Aylworth - Mildred AS7-1913

Ayer/Eyer/Ayres/Ayers - Hannah FF1441; Helen Beach RB4-1880; John FF2882; Mary LT1289; Thomas LT2578; wives: Elizabeth (Rogers) LT2579; Hannah ([--?--]) FF2883

Aadnesdotter/Aadnesen - Anun AM1238; Liv JS1057

Åkesdatter - Kari JS2907

Aamundsdotter - Såve JS1107

Ånundson - Knut JS534; wife: Ambjorg (Tjostolvsdattter) JS535

Aasmundsen - see (Asmundson)

Aasulvson/Åsolvson - Aslak JS16742; Tjostolv JS1058; wives: Inger (Jørundsdatter) JS16743; Ingerid (Olavsdatter) JS1059

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