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This index includes the ancestors from Sweden that are included on my web site for The Ancestors of John Everett Hale Johnson.

The names of those born in Sweden are included in the Surname Index, according to their patronymic surname.  However, I found the Given Name index for the Solumslekt database so helpful when working with Scandinavian names, that I have included a similar index here.

I've taken some liberties with the alphabet in order to group together different spellings of the same name (e.g. Gundar/Gunnar).

The ancestor numbers are ahnentafel numbers, i.e. the starting individual is #1, their father is number #2, their mother is #3.  For each succeeding generation the father's number is the person's number times 2, and the mother's number is the person's number times 2 and then plus 1.

Anders Andersson (-) JS2776
Anders Gustafsson (-) JS692
Anders Nilsson (1700-1741) JS686
Anders Svensson (1779-1851) JS40

Anna Jonsdotter (-) JS2777
Annica Andersdotter (1724-1791) JS343
Annika Jonsdotter (-) JS701

Bengt Svensson (1708-1764) JS340
Börge Bengtsson (1662-) JS690
Börge Danielsson (1687-1771) JS694
Börge Johansson (-) JS2778
Börte Månsdotter (1732-c.1808) JS167

Carl Nilsson (1692-1773) JS326
Catharina Månsdotter (1771-1848) JS85
Catharine Persdotter (1751-1822) JS81
Catharine Svensdotter (1774-1846) JS87
Christina Joensdotter (1741-1828) JS175
Christina Månsdotter (1804-1833) JS41

Daniel Andersson (1652-1745) JS1388
Daniel Pedersson (1776-1835) JS86
Elin Hultsjö Mellangård (c.1683-1723) JS649
Elizabeth Christina Danielsdotter (1805-) JS43
Eric Jonsson (1655-1741) JS1366

Gudmund Persson (-) JS5248
Gunnil Jonsdotter (1689-1769) JS333
Hemming Persson (c.1665-1743) JS696
Håkan Persson (-c.1697) JS656

Ingeborg [--?--] (c.1655-c.1735) JS657
Ingebor Persdotter (1683-) JS695
Ingierd [--?--] (-) JS1387
Ingierd Bengtsdotter (-1748) JS681
Ingrid Börgesdotter (1652-1748) JS1389
Ingrid Jonsdotter (-) JS703
Ingrid Jonsdotter (1660-1738) JS1367
Ingierd Månsdotter (1708-1775) JS161

Jon Jonsson (-) JS1386
Johan Magnus Magnuson (1802-1862) JS42
Johan Magnus Svenson (1855-1913) JS10
Joen Olofsson (1702-1781) JS350

Johan Olufsson d.y. (c.1700?-1736) JS332
Jon Persson (c.1616-1709) JS2732
Jon Simonsson (-) JS1364

Karin Carlsdotter (c.1678-1764) JS329
Karin or Sara Persdotter (-) JS1365
Karin Persdotter (-) JS335
Karin Svensdotter (1718-1769) JS341
Karin Svensdotter (1697-1778) JS349

Kirstin Börgesdotter (1694-1763) JS345
Kirsti Jonsdotter (1694-1764) JS331
Kirsten Jonsdotter (1669-1753) JS693
Kirstin Persdotter (c.1676-1740) JS699
Kirstin Svensdotter (1701-1783) JS351

Lisbeth Månsdotter (-) JS687
Lisbeth Svensdotter (1742-1819) JS173
Lisbet Svensdotter (1704-1765) JS325
Lisbeth Svensdotter (1703-1775) JS327
Lisken [--?--] (-) JS169

Malin Månsdotter (c.1665-1725) JS691
Maria [--?--] (-) JS2779
Maria Börgesdotter (1711-1801) JS347
Maria Carlsdotter (1725-) JS163

Maria Nilsdotter (1727-1755) JS165
Maria Nilsdotter (1699-1762) JS337
Maria Persdotter (1748-1829) JS171
Maria Svensdotter (1763-1836) JS83

Magnus Persson (1762-1819) JS84
Måns Bengtsson (1738-1799) JS170
Måns Håkansson Stedt (c.1686-1753) JS328
Måns Persson (1759-1817) JS82
Måns Persson (-) JS334
Måns Svensson (c.1630-1715) JS1382

Nils Hansson (1697-) JS160
Nils Månsson (1676-1750) JS330
Olof Svensson (-) JS700

Per Hultsjö Mellangård (-bef 1717) JS648
Per Hemmingsson (c.1691/1696-1755) JS348
Per Jonsson (1710-1799) JS342
Per Jönsson(-) JS10496
Per Michaelsson (1651-1740) JS1390

Per Månsson Stedt (1723-1801) JS164
Peder Persson (-1820) JS172
Per Persson Friberg (c.1691-1743) JS344
Per Simonsson (-) JS1312
Pehr Svensson (1726-) JS162
Per Svensson (1727-1791) JS168

Ragnil Persdotter (1633-1714) JS1383

Sara Ericsdotter (1690-) JS683
Sara Jacobsdotter (-c.1686) JS2733
Sara Nilsdotter (1665-1745) JS1391
Simon Gudmundsson (-) JS2624
Stina Katrina Johannisdotter (-) JS21

Sven Andersson (1701-1792) JS346
Sven Johan Anderson (1829-1901) JS20
Sven Eriksson (c.1650-1736) JS698
Sven Gunnarsson (c.1675-1755) JS680
Sven Johansson (1727-c.1807) JS166
Sven Jonsson (1678-1746) JS682

Sven Nilsson (1738-1817) JS80
Sven Nilsson (1683-1771) JS336
Sven Persson (1741-1827) JS174
Sven Persson (-1738) JS324
Sven Persson (-) JS702

Please let me know of any needed corrections to the index

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