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Children of William Weller and Ellen Mears

The children are named in several of the probate documents.

  1. Melissa Weller, born in 1845 in Wisconsin (1845 on gravestone, census age 26 in 1870, 34 in 1880).  She died in 1932, and is buried in Willow Valley Cemetery, Richland Co. WI.  She was married, on 27 Mar 1870 in Ithica, Richland Co. WI, to Ozro Vincent Davis.  They resided in Ithica in the 1870 and 1880 census records.

    Sources, Melissa Weller family:

    • Willow Valley Cemetery, Richland Co. WI Melissa (Davis, Melissa Weller 1845-1932, 2nd wife of Oyra V. Davis. Married March 27 1870); Oyra (Davis, Oyra V. b. 05-24-1843, d. 02-22-1908, married Hattie A. Marden on November 26, 1863. Married Melissa Weller on March 27 1870. (B-24)
    • Marriage of Melissa Weller and Ozro V. Davis
    • 1860 U.S. Census, Buena Vista, Richland Co. WI, p.52, L31, dw492, fam411:
      J.H. Rhodes, head, ... farmer; wife and small children; Milissa Weller, WF 15, b. WI
    • 1870 U.S. Census, Ithica, Richland Co. WI, p.647, L50, dw131, fam133: Vincent O. Davis 27 MW, farmer, b. Can, marr in Yr; Melissa Davis 26 FW, keeping house, b. WI, marr in Yr; Newell 6 MW, b. WI; Newton 4 MW b. WI; Emma Weller 11 FW, b. WI
    • 1880 U.S. Census, Ithica, Richland Co. WI, ED236, p.96A, L16, dw75, fam 77:
      O.V. Davis, head, MW 37, marr, b. CAN, parents b. VT, farmer;
      Melissa Davis, wife, FW 34, marr, b. WI, no info for parents, keeping house;
      Newton Davis, son, MW 15, single, b. WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, works on farm;
      Newell Davis, son, MW 13, single, b. WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, works on farm;
      Otis Davis, son, MW 7, single, b. WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI;
      Jay Davis, son, MW 4, single, b. WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI;
      Lydia Shookman, servant, FW 17, single, b. IN, no info for parents, housework
    • 1900 U.S. Census, Ithica Twp, Richland Co. WI, ED115, Sh3B, L91, dw59, fam61:
      Orro V. Davis, head, WM 57, b. May 1843 CAN, fa b. NH, mo b. ME, marr 30 yr, immig 1854, farmer;
      Melissa Davis, wife, WF 54, b. Dec 1845 WI, fa b. NJ, mo b. NY, marr 30 yr, 4 children-3 living;
      Otis D. Davis, son, WM 27, b. Jul 1872 WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, marr 8/12 yr, farm laborer;
      Nellie Davis, daughter-in-law, WF 24, b. Sep 1875 MI, fa b. NY, mo b. NY, marr 8/12 yr, no children;
      Jay C. Davis, son, WM 24, b. Nov 1875? WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, single, school teacher;
      Rosco V. Davis, son, WM 12, b. Oct 1887 WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, single, at school;
      Ryman H. Hellman, boarder, WM 23, b. May 1877 WI, fa b. PA, mo b. VT, single, farm laborer
    • 1930 U.S. Census, Ithica Twp, Richland Co. WI, ED52-9, Sh4A, L50, dw80, fam83:
      Roscoe V. Davis, head, MW 42, marr at 21, b. WI, fa b. CAN, mo b. WI, farmer-general farm;
      Ella L. Davis, wife, FW 42, marr at 21, b. WI, parents b. WI;
      Loren W. Davis, son, MW 14, single, b. WI, parents b. WI, laborer-general farm;
      Mellisa Davis, mother, FW 84, widowed, b. WI, fa b. NJ, mo b. NY

  2. Charlotte Weller, born on 17 Mar 1847 in Buena Vista or Willow Creek, Richland Co. WI.  She died on 5 Mar 1933 in Beloit WI.  She was married, first, on 17 Mar 1865 in Buena Vista WI, to Enoch Dye Prouty.  They were divorced.  They resided in Spring Green, Sauk Co. WI in 1870 and in Mazomanie, Dane Co. WI in 1880.

    They had four children:

    • Lodema Ellen Prouty b. 7 Jan 1866 Sandusky, Sauk Co. WI; d. 29 Sep 1945 Beloit; marr. 25 Jun 1891 NY to Frank Fritz Gorham
    • Minerva Elma Prouty b. 17 Dec 1867 Sandusky, Sauk Co. WI; d. 23 Oct 1934 Rockford IL; m. 20 Jul 1889 Beloit WI to Robert Kaye Welsh
    • Pearl Winnie3 Prouty b. 31 Jan 1875 or 1876 Boscobel WI; d. 27 Dec 1935 Wauwatosa Twp, Milwaukee Co. WI; bur Oak Hill Cem, Janesville WI; m(1) 27 Oct 1895 Sharon WI to Joseph B. Lambert (divorced 17 May 1909 Janesville WI; m(2) to Joe E. Cummings.
    • d.Harry Leland Prouty b. 5 Oct 1884 Beloit WI; d. 10 Dec 1960 Beloit WI; m. 30 Nov 1918 Beloit to Marie Sobish.

    Charlotte was married, second, on 30 Jul 1896 in Beloit WI to Paris L. Gillespie.

    Sources, Charlotte Weller family: See Notes

  3. George W. Weller, born in 1848 in Wisconsin (age 18 at deposition in 1866, age 31 in 1880 census); served in Civil War: 6th Wisconsin Light Battery, enlisted 29 Dec 1863 age 17, residence Sextonville WI; mustered out 3 Jul 1865.  On 5 Oct 1866, he filed a claim against his father's estate.  On 8 Feb 1867, he purchased the property from the estate.  In 1880, he is possibly the George & poss wife Annis Weller in household of John Peterson, Lake Eunice, Becker Co. MN.  He filed a pension application on 16 Jul 18XX in Minnesota.  The first record of the pension that has been found begins in 1909.  In 1924 his pension payment was "transferred to Mo. Payment Card".

    Sources, George Weller family:

    • Roll, WI Sixth Light Battery
    • WI Sixth Light Battery Regimental History
    • Pension file card
    • Pension payment records
    • 5 Oct 1866 claim by George Weller in his father's probate file which reads:
      George Weller swears:
      I am 18 years old.  I am the son of Wm. Weller decd.  I enlisted as a solder in the Mil Service in the month of Feb 1865.  I received $300.  Town Bounty from the Government $200.  Father told me at the time I enlisted if I would send him my wages he would pay me in lands or money when I should get home.  He has never paid me [--?--] to any, has never [--?--] to me any land or returned to me any money.

      Father said I could have my time while I was in the army.  I was in the army 18 months.  I got all the mony for which I have charged while I was in the army.  The town Bounty was paid to Father at Madison and [--?--] over to Geo. Kranskof.  I drew $200 with my monthly pay and sent that home by express.  I drew all my $200 bounty - the years 1863 and 1864.  I drew my town Bounty at the time I enlisted in Jan 1865.

      The note for which I have given the Estate credit for $50 is one Father gave Mr. Bills.  Father agreed for me to have my time while I was in the army and have the mony I should earn.

      [cross examined]
      I enlisted for the town of Buenavista.  I enlisted in Janry or Feb 1863.  All the money charged the estate was money I received while in the army.  I was to let Father have all my wages and he was to pay me when I returned.

    • 1880 U.S. Census, Lake Eunice, Becker Co. MN, ED183, p.122A, L16, dw139, fam147:
      John Peterson, head, marr WM 33, farmer, b. Sweden, parents b. Sweden;
      Miranda Peterson, wife, marr WF 25, keeping house, b. Norway, parents b. Norway;
      Martin Peterson, son, single WM 2, b. MN, fa b. Sweden, mo b. Norway;
      Tulse Peterson, brother, single WM 24, laborer, b. Sweden, parents b. Sweden;
      George Weller, no relationship given, marr WM 31, farmer, b. WI, fa b. NJ, mo b. NY;
      Annis Weller, wife, marr WF 30, keeping house, b. WI, parents b. Ireland

  4. Charles Weller, born between 1849-1858 in Wisconsin.  In William's probate record, his children are apparently named in descending order of age.  Charles is always named between George and Emma.  In 1880, he is possibly the Charles H. age 26 [born c.1864], single, living in unorganized territory in Nebraska (in an index search of the 1880 census, he is the only Charles Weller born in Wisconsin with a father born in New Jersey).

    In 1900, his sister Charlotte's daughter Pearl, her husband and their son are living with a Charles E. Wheeler, b. Mar 1856 WI, at 823 Church St. in Beloit WI, just down the street from Charlotte.  However, the parents of that Charles Wheeler are shown as both born in Massachusetts.  Unless the census taker made an error, particularly if Charles' wife was the informant, that Charles Wheeler is not Charlotte's brother.

    Sources, Charles Weller:

    • 1880 U.S. Census, Unorganized Territory NE, ED184 (All territory S. of State boundary N. of the 6th Standard Parallel between 4th and 5th Guide Meridians.), p.527A, L1, dw5, fam5:
      Charles S. Poore, head, ... cattle raiser
      cook and herders
      Charles H. Weller, comrad, WM 26, single, laborer, b. WI, parents b. NJ

  5. Emma Weller, born c.1859 in Wisconsin (age 11 in 1870 census).  She lived with her sister Melissa in 1870.