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E.D. (Edis DeWitt – JNA) Matlock; From The Centennial History of Oregon Vol, IV, (S.J. Clarke Pub. Co. Chicago 1912)

E.D. (Edis DeWitt – JNA) Matlock. Business activity and enterprise in Eugene find a worthy representative in E.D. Matlock, proprietor on one of the department stores of the city. He was born at Pleasant Hill. February 8, 1870, and supplemented his public school education by a course in the University of Oregon. He entered business life in connection with his father, Joseph DeWitt Matlock, under the firm name of J.D. Matlock & Sons, in the conduct of a general mercantile establishment. At length he disposed of his interest in that business and with his father went to Dawson City, Alaska, accompanied- by his wife and son. The latter was the first white child to cross the mountains. Mr. Matlock and his father started in the mercantile business there and at length they also became connected with commercial pursuits at Bennett, British Columbia, as owners of a general store. They were successful in their operations but after two years returned to Eugene, where E.D. Matlock established his present business. He has an attractive store, carrying a large and well selected line of goods, and his long training in mercantile lines well qualifies him to carry on this business in a most progressive manner. His sales are steadily growing for the integrity of his business methods is widely recognized, as is his conformity to a high standard of commercial ethics.

Mr. Matlock was married to Miss Nellie T. Marquis, a daughter of Rufus Marquis of Dayton, Washington and they have one son, Earl Edis. In Eugene their circle of friends is an extensive one and the hospitality of the best homes of the city is freely accorded them. Mr. Matlock belongs to Spencer Butte Lodge, No. 9 I.0.0.F. to Wimawhala Encampment and to Hovey Canton, having taken the various degrees of the order. All who know him respect him for his many sterling traits of character.


The descent of EDGAR L. MATLOCK researched and written by himself

Editors note: The following 13 pages cover the descent of Edgar L. Matlock who submitted the information.


17-- 1790

David Matlock and his wife, Margaret, were living in what is now Henry County; Virginia in 1762. (Note- Henry County, Virginia was formed out of Pittsylvania County in 1776. The latter was cut out from Halifax County in 1767, while Lunenberg County gave origin to Halifax County in 1752), 1 have never found a record indicating what Margaret Matlock's maiden name was, and I think that David Matlock may have been an emigrant. In his will, which he wrote in 1790, he refers to himself as "being advanced in years", I am of the opinion that he was probably born in the 1720's. The records of Henry County, Virginia reveal that in December, 1777, David Matlock, John Matlock and James Matlock took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Virginia before George Waller. This oath was required of all male persons over the age of eighteen years, and it indicates that they were supporting the State of Virginia and the Continental Congress in the Revolution. About 1778 David Matlock and his family rnoved across the mountains into Washington County, North Carolina This area became a part of Tennessee when Tennessee was admitted to the Union as a State in 1796. David Matlock was a planter. The land records in the office of the Secretary of State at Raleigh, North Carolina reveal that David Matlock received a warrant for a 540-acre tract of land in Washington County, North Carolina, "On the west side of Doe River to include the big spring and the bottom on both sides of Doe River", this warrant is dated September 12, 1732, the warrant also states that the land was "entered by William Miller and transferred to said Matlock by said Miller". This would indicate that David Matlock bought the land. The tract was surveyed April 5, 1784 by John Shields, Surveyor, with James Matlock and Leonard Bowers acting as chain carriers. The State of North Carolina issued David Matlock a land grant to the tract on November 10, 1784. These papers are in File No. 695 in the Office of the Secretary of State Of Raleigh, North Carolina. Carter County, Tennessee was formed out of Washington County in 1796, and this tract of land is now in Carter County, Tennessee. David Matlock died in 1790. His widow, Margaret, survived him for many years and died in Overton County, Tennessee on November 17, 1825 at the age of ninety-three, this would indicate that she was born in 1732. Family Bible Records show ten children, as follows:

1. Agnes Matlock, born March 27, 1753
2. John Matlock, born November 3, 1755
3. James Matlock, born March 6, 1758
4. Sarah Matlock, born August 11, 1760
5. William Matlock, born December 3, 1762
6. Elizabeth Matlock, born October 7, 1765
7. David Matlock, born March 5, 1768
8.Gideon Matlock -  twins born September 30, 1770
9.Catherine Matlock -  twins born September 30, 1770
10.George Matlock, born April 13, 1774.



William Matlock, son of David and Margaret Matlock, was born in Henry County, Virginia, on Plurn Creek, December 3, 1762. He was reared in Henry County, and about 1778, the family followed the trend of migration to the west and they moved across the mountains into East Tennessee. William Matlock was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, his service was in North Carolina during the latter part of the war and he received a grant of land for his service. (The Daughters of the American Revolution granted Membership No. 293710 to Mrs. Katherine Shaw Baines of Dallas, Texas on the Revolutionary service of William Matlock.) About 1784 William Matlock married Catherine Sevier, daughter of Valentine and Joanna (Goad) Sevier, a sister of the famous Tennessee soldier and statesman General John Sevier, she was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, and had emigrated to the Watauga Settlement in 1773 with her parents, the date of her birth is unknown. After his marriage William Matlock settled in Carter County, Tennessee. In the fall of 1788, Colonel John Sevier was arrested on a charge of treason, which charge grew out of his connection with the "State of Franklin", and he was spirited away to Morganton, North Carolina for trial. When the citizens of East Tennessee learned of this they became greatly indignant, and began making plans to go to Morganton to rescue the Colonel. According to the story as set forth in "The Lost State of Franklin", by Samuel Cole Williams, page 232, William Matlock was one of the six men, who under the leadership of Colonel Sevier's close friend Dr. James Cosby, went to Morgantown, North Carolina and obtained the release of Colonel John Sevier, and he was never arrested again on the charge. Apparently William Matlock was a man of great courage. He served as a soldier in the East Tennessee Militia from time to time between 1730 and 1794, and was a veteran of a number of Colonel John Sevier's campaigns against the Indians. He served under Sevier in September and October, 1793 in the Etowah Campaign, when Sevier defeated the Cherokees at the present site of Rome, Georgia. William Matlock also served as a soldier under Major James Ore in September 1794 in the campaign against the Indian towns of Nick-A-Jack and Running Water. On this campaign William Pillow in his autobiography which is among the Draper Papers states: "We marched in that position until we discovered the smoke from the Indian Camp; he halted and gave directions how we should act, he sent four or five men ahead as spies, the names of all of whom I do not recollect, I know William Matlock was one, and I think Robert Evans was another, etc." In the battle that followed the Indian Town of Nick-A -Jack was broken up. The records of Carter County, Tennessee reveal that the April term of Court in Carter County in 1797 was held at the home of William Matlock, and in the same year William Matlock applied for license to keep a tavern. In the fall of 1797, William Matlock and his family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where they lived for a time, and in the spring of 1800 they emigrated to Overton County, Tennessee, the trip was made on pack horses, and was accomplished after many hardships had been encountered. Governor Sevier owned something over 57,000 acres, of land in Overton County, now Overton and Clay Counties, and on this vast domain many members of his family had settled, this no doubt accounts for William Matlock and his family moving to that locality. According to John Sevier's diary, William Matlock and Sevier, together with others spent four days in November 1800, surveying lands belonging to Sevier. William Matlock and his wife spent the remainder of their lives in that section of the state. The records in Overton County reveal that William Matlock served on juries from time to time, during his latter days. Catherine (Sevier) Matlock died September 6, 1824, and William Matlock died September 19, 1829. Their entire lives had been spent on the frontier, enduring the hardships of pioneer life. William and Catherine (Sevier) Matlock were the parents of thirteen children, according to Family Bible Records, as follows:


1. JOHN MATLOCK, born March 14, 1785. Little is known of his family. He moved to Van Buren, Arkansas shortly before the Civil War, he had a daughter, Susan Robinson, living in Van Buren at that time. He moved to Pineville, Missouri in 1867 and died there in 1877.

2. VALENTINE MATLOCK, born February 27, 1786. Served as Sergeant in Kennedy's Company of the lst Tennessee Infantry under General Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812. Married Mary Bassett on July 20, 1817. She was born January 3, 1790. Valentine Matlock served as Sheriff of Overton County, Tennessee for eighteen years. He migrated to Crawford County, Arkansas in 1839 and settled in the Cedarville community. Here he was a farmer, served as Constable and operated a stage coach stop. His wife died in 1862, and he died March 13, 1863. Valentine and Mary (Bassett) Matlock were the parents of five children, as follows:

1. Margaret Catherine Matlock, born July 23, 1818. Married Emileus G. Corder.
2. Keturah Bassett Matlock, born June 23, 1820. She married David Drennen, and they had one son, David Valentine Drennan. She died January 18, 1861.
3. Elizabeth Steel Matlock, born January 1, 1827. Apparently never married.
4. Nathaniel William Matlock, born September 25, 1828. Served as a soldier in the "Frontier Guards" of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Married Harriet L. Hanson on February 15, 1866. She was born January 11, 1831. She died January 19, 1873. They had four children: Rebecca Lee Matlock, born April 11, 1868, died single September 27, 1895; Harriet Lacy Matlock, born September 5, 1869, married Richard Oliver. They had one daughter. Harriet Lacy died September 27, 1895; William Henry Matlock, born January 6, 1870, died single and without issue when he was about 45 years of age; John Matlock, born November 18, 1871, died in infancy on February 28, 1872. Nathaniel William Matlock married second Rachel E. Mooney daughter of William and Mary (Crawford) Mooney on November 6, 1873. They had four children: Rufus M. Matlock, born Auaust 13, 1874, married Zillie Coleman on August 6, 1903; Charles M. Matlock, born October 13, 1875, moved to Sherman, Texas, where he was a locomotive engineer for the Frisco RR; George Franklin Matlock, born March 28, 1878, never married, killed in a train accident at Ardmore, Oklahoma on April 23; 1910; Mary E. Matlock, born July 29, 1881 married John T. Maxey on August 29,1916, they had one daughter, Willie Maxey.
5. John Sevier Matlock, born February 20, 1832. Served as a Quartermaster in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Married first Virginia Toney, she was born in 1841. They had five children, as follows: Margaret L. Matlock, who married _Lester; Valentine Matlock; Sarah Victoria Matlock who married George W. Cottrell on January 28, 1884; John Harrison Matlock and Lee Steward Matlock, twins. Virginia (Toney) Matlock died April 4, 1868. John Sevier Matlock married second, Cynthia Lester, and they had one daughter, Virginia Matlock. John Sevier Matlock died near Van Buren, Arkansas on July 5, 1889. He was a successful farmer.

3. LUCENDA MATLOCK, born December 18, 1787. May have died in infancy on January 4, 1788.

4. MARY MATLOCK, born January 3, 1790.

5. MARGARET MATLOCK born February 17, 1792. Married William Sevier. He served in Kennedy’s Company of the lst Tennessee Infantry during the War of 1812. John Sevier's diary under date of August 4, 1814 states: "Went to Val Sevier's to Peggy Matlock's and William Sevier's wedding". Willam Sevier died March 10, 1830 in Overton County, Tennessee. Margaret (Matlock) Sevier came to Crawford County, Arkansas sometime between 1850 and 1860. She died September 25, 1871. Issue: Juliett Sevier; Catherine Sevier; Patience Sevier who married William Bragg and, they had one known son, Lafayette Bragg; and William C. Sevier.

6. DAVID C. MATLOCK, born April 4, 1794. (See complete sketch).

7. GEORGE W. MATLOCK, born August 4, 1796. Married Margaret Bassett on March 18, 1824. He settled first in Grainger County. Tennessee, then in 1847 migrated to Crawford County, Arkansas and settled in the Dripping Springs Community. He was a farmer and merchant. George W. and Margaret (Bassett) Matlock were the parents of six children, only three of whom lived to be grown. Married second Nancy Prescott and married third Mary Brown. No children by either the second or third wives. George W. Matlock died, May 18, 1875. His three children who lived to be grown were as follows:

    1. Martha J. Matlock, born February 24, 1825. She married George Matlock.
    2. Margaret E. Matlock, who married Sanford E. Winfrey.
    3. Joseph Warren Matlock born February 24, 1829. Married  Martha J. Lester, daughter of Williarn and Margaret Lester on October 10, 1850. He was a farmer, and served as County Judge Of Crawford County, Arkansas from 1882 to 1884. His wife was born November 22, 1834 and died in Crawford County on October 30. 1906. Joseph Warren Matlock died June 24, 1905. They were the parents of Nine children, as follows: Margaret J. Matlock; Sterling P. Matlock, Henry P. Matlock; Harriet S. Matlock; Sarah A. Matlock; William G. Matlock; Joseph H. Matlock; Andrew Johnson Matlock, and Virginia P. Matlock.

8. CATHERINE MATLOCK, born October 13, 1798. Married John Borden, son of John and Mary (Echols) Borden on April 10, 1816. They lived at Borden Springs, Alabama. She died September 22, 1851. Issue: Rebecca Borden; George H. Borden; Anne Borden; Joel Borden and Andrew Campbell Bordin.

Editors note: Some of these children were in Texas by 1860 George H. in Angelina County was a Minister. Some descendants are working on this line.

9. JOANNA MATLOCK, born, April 20, 1801. She married Hugh Bassett on August 18, 1825.

10. MINERVA MATLOCK, born August 19, 1803. According to family tradition she married Robert Nall (or Noll) and they lived at or near Knoxville, Tennessee.

11. JAMES MATLOCK, born February 14, 1805.

12. ELIZABETH MATLOCK, born December 12, 1807.

13. WILLIAM C. MATLOCK, born December 13, 1810.

Editor's Note: This couple married 1836 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

DAVID C. MATLOCK 1794 - 1873

David C. Matlock, son of William and Catherine (Sevier) Matlock was born in Carter County, Tennessee, on April 4, 1794. When he was six years of age his parents moved to Overton County, Tennessee and here he grew to manhood. In his younger years he was a strong vigorous, man, was 6’ 2", tall and weighed nearly 200 pounds, he was noted in the community where he lived for his physical prowess and he excelled in the pioneer sports of boxing, wrestling and footracing. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and served under General Andrew Jackson. He enlisted Novernber 21, 1812 and was made Sergeant of Captain John Kennedy's company of infantry, lst Regiment (Hall's) Tennessee Volunteers, and he went on the first expedition to the defense of New Orleans. When Jackson and his men reached Natchez, Mississippi they were ordered to return home, due to the fact that the threat of an attack on New Orleans at that time had not developed, and they marched back to Nashville where they were discharged April 20, 1813. On October 4. 1813 he was again called out for service, and this time he was made Engisn (2nd Lt.) of Captain John Kennedy's Company of Riflemen, 1st Regiment, (Bradley's) Tennessee Volunteers. He served with General Andrew Jackson's Army on the expedition against the Creek Indians in Alabama and participated in the Battle of Talladega-which was fought on November 8. 1813. This was a difficult campaign and the men suffered many hardships including scarcity of supplies including food. In December 1813 his regiment was relieved and sent home due to the fact that the period of enlistment of most of the men in the regiment expired on December 10, 1813. On August 10, 1815 David Matlock married Martha D. Armstrong, daughter of John and Letitia Armstrong. She was born in Virginia on October 6, 1798, and when she was eight years of age, her parents had emigrated to Cumberland County, Kentucky by wagon. Her father, John Armstrong served as a Captain in the 2nd. North Carolina Regiment from September 1, 1775 until October 6, 1777. Was promoted to Major and transferred to the 4th North Carolina Regiment on October 7, 1777. He participated in the Battle of Saratoga as a field officer under General Gates. He was discharged from the Continental Army on January 1, 1783 after 88 months of service. My best information is that John Armstrong married Letitia Cain. After his marriage, David Matlock settled in the northern part of Overton County, (now Clay County) Tennessee. His home was one mile from the Tennessee -Kentucky state line. Here he lived until shortly before 1820, then moved up the Cumberland River to Burkesville, Kentucky where he settled, and where five of his eight children were born. While living at Burkesville he worked at the shoemaker's trade in connection with farming. A shoernaker in those days, made shoes from the raw materials, as there were few if any factories for the manufacture of shoes. While he was living at Burkesville he became interested in the teachings of Alexander Campbell and he became an ordained minister of the religious denomination known as the Disciples of Christ. In the spring of 1846, he loaded his goods and family on a flatboat, and they drifted down the Cumberland River to the Ohio River, thence down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they arrived in May 1846. Here misfortune overtook them, for almost as soon as they arrived in New Orleans an epidemic of cholera broke out in the city and several members of his family became ill, his daughter Catherine and his daughter -in-law, Elizabeth Matlock, wife of William A.Matlock died of the disease. As soon as all were able to travel David Matlock and his family secured passage on a river steamer which took them back up the Mississippi to the Arkansas River, thence up the Arkansas to Van Buren, Arkansas where the family settled in the summer of 1846. His brother, Valentine had moved to Crawford County, Arkansas in 1839 which was probably the reason for David Matlock's action in moving to that locality. Here David Matlock and his wife spent the remainder of their lives, Their home was one mile north of Van Buren in the community known as "Log Town" Here David Matlock worked at the shoemaker's trade and continued his preaching as a pioneer minister of the Disciples of Christ. He took a lead part in the establishment of the first Church of his denomination, in the community about 1848. Martha Armstrong Matlock died October 4, 1865 and David C. Matlock died May 2, 1873 at the age of seventy-nine. Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery at Van Buren, Arkansas. David Matlock and his wife, Martha, were the parents of eight children:


1. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG MATLOCK, born June 24, 1816 (See complete sketch following page.

2. CATHERINE MATLOCK, born March 18, 1818. Married Thomas Murphy. She died of cholera in New Orleans, Louisiana in May 1846 while the family was in route to Arkansas. Issue: William Murphy, Catherine Murphy and Joseph Murphy.

3. GEORGE MONROE MATLOCK, born December 24, 1820. Served as a Lieutenant in Company I, Third Arkansas Cavalry of the Confederate States Army during the War Between the States. Married first Martha Matlock. Issue: Cooper Matlock, Peter Matlock, Wallace Matlock and John Matlock. Married second Nancy McCormack on September 6, 1874. Issue Nathaniel Matlock and Emma Matlock. George M. Matlock moved to Texas at the close of the War Between the States and settled in Coryell County where he lived until his death on April 13, 1877.

4. JUDITH D. MATLOCK, born February 13, 1823. Married Hugh McDougall. He was a pilot on the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers. They settled at Little Rock, Arkansas where she died in 1885. Issue: Penn McDougall, Henry McDougall and Josephine McDougall.

5. MARTHA MATLOCK, born January 19, 1826. Married Ammon Smith. He served in the Confederate Forces during the War between the States and died soon after the war. They lived at Van Buren, Arkansas where she died in 1889. Issue: John Smith and James William Smith.

6. HARRIET MATLOCK, born January 11, 1831. Married James Riley Hanson. He was born September 10, 1820 and was killed by a tree falling on him on January 2, 1854. Issue: Addie Hanson and James R. Hanson, Jr. Harriet married second Nathaniel W. Matlock on February 15, 1866. Issue: William H. Matlock, Harriet L. Matlock and Rebecca L. Matlock. Harriet Matlock died January 19, 1873. They lived at Van Buren, Arkansas.

7. JOHN SEVIER MATLOCK, born April 4, 1836. Served as a soldier in the Confederate Army during the War between the States, and upon completion of his first enlistment then joined Company I, lst Arkansas Infantry of the Federal Forces. Settled near Clarksville, Arkansas at the close of the war and lived there the remainder of his life. He died in 1922. He married Penniza Shannon. Issue: Frederick Matlock, Rufus A. Matlock, Julia Matlock, Annie Matlock, Mollie Matlock, Nettie Matlock., Hannah Matlock and Mattie Matlock.

8. DAVID C. MATLOCK, JR. born 1838. Served in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States. Was discharged from the Confederate forces in Texas and was never heard from again. The census of 1860 for Van Buren,, Arkansas lists David Matlock as having a wife, Sarupta R. Matlock.


William Armstrong Matlock., son of David and Martha (Armstrong) Matlock was born June 24, 1816 in what was then Overton County, (now Clay County) Tennessee, one mile from the Tennessee-Kentucky state line. When he was six years of age his parents moved to Burkesville, in Cumberland County, Kentucky and here he grew to manhood. He was a large, powerfuIly strong man, was 6’ 4" tall and weighed almost 300 pounds when in his younger years and many stories are told of his almost superhuman strength. He learned the carpenters trade at Burkesville, and worked at it in connection with farming. In 1839 he was married to Elizabeth Walthall, a native of Kentucky, who bore him one son, William Jasper Matlock. In the spring of 1846, William Matlock and family, accompanied by his father's family loaded their goods and families on a houseboat and drifted down the Cumberland River to the Ohio, thence down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they arrived in May 1846, Here misfortune overtook them for soon after their arrival in New Orleans an epidemic of cholera broke out, and several of the family became ill, and William Matlock's wife, Elizabeth, died of the disease on May 13, 1846. After the death of his wife William Matlock tried to enlist in the Army at New Orleans for service, in the Mexican War, but he was turned down on account of an injury to his leg. As soon as the members of the family were able to travel, they secured passage on a river steamer, and came back up the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers to Van Buren, Arkansas where the family settled in the summer of 1846. Upon arriving in Van Buren, William Matlock left his small son in the care of his father's family and went to Fort Smith, Arkansas where he went, to work as a carpenter for the War Department of the United States, Government, and he, worked at his trade in the construction of government buildings at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and at Forts Towson, Gibson and Arbuckle in the Indian Territory. He worked about four years as a carpenter for the government and in 1850 returned to his home in Van Buren. On February 1, 1854 he married Harriet Stewart, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Stackhouse) Stewart, who was born in Butler Co. Ohio, April 14, 1836. Her father, Jesse Stewart was born in Pennsylvania, and from there went to Ohio. His wife, Elizabeth Stackhouse, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio. In 1837 Jesse Stewart and his family emigrated from Ohio to Crawford County, Arkansas, the trip being made by houseboat down the Miama, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to the Arkansas, thence up the Arkansas River to Van Buren, Arkansas. After his marriage William Matlock settled on a farm near Dripping Springs, in Jasper Township, Crawford County, Arkansas and there passed the remainder of his life engaged in farming, and occasionally working at the carpenter's trade in the neighborhood, and in and around Van Buren. William Matlock died May 20, 1889. His wife, Harriet, survived him many years and died at Fort Smith, Arkansas on May 25, 1930. Both are buried in Forest Park Cemetery at Fort Smith Arkansas. William and Harriet Matlock were the parents of ten children:


1. WILLIAM JASPER MATLOCK, born May 3, 1843. Was a soldier in the Confederate Artillery during the War between the States. Was discharged from the Confederate Forces in Texas at the close of the war, and made his home in Lamar County, Texas for the remainder of his life. He married Mary L. Winsett in 1864. He was a farmer. He died September 24, 1889. Issue: William Marmaduke Matlock, Anna Matlock, Elizabeth Matlock and Margaret Matlock.


1. ELIZABETH FRANCES MATLOCK, born March 5, 1855. Died at the age of twelve on July 28, 1867.

2. STEPHEN TALKINGTON MATLOCK, born July 3, 1858. Married first Nancy A. Thompson on December 30, 1879. Issue: Cora Matlock and Nettie Matlock. She died August 1, 1884. Married second, Julia Ann Snow on October 21, 1885. Issue: Harriett Matlock, Grace Matlock, William Frederick Matlock and Virginia Matlock. Stephen T. Matlock was a prominent farmer of Crawford County, Arkansas. He died at Van Buren, Arkansas on July 2, 1935. She died November 29, 1961.

3. KITURAH ANN MATLOCK, born July 3, 1861. Married William P. Bassham on November 10, 1880, he was born December 20, 1854. He was a farmer and they resided near Cedarville in Crawford County, Arkansas. Kiturah Bassham died May 1, 1936 and her husband died on December 8, 1932. Issue: Toy E. Bassham, Calvin M. Bassham, Annie G. Bassham, Cornelia M. Bassham, Jettie L. Bassham, Roxa R. Bassham, Stephen P. Bassham, Henry J. Bassham. and Lyda J. Bassham.

4. MARTHA ELLEN MATLOCK, born August 28, 1863. Married Martin Snow on December 7, 1884. He was born September 6, 1860. He was a farmer and they resided near Uniontown, in Crawford County, Arkansas. She died on January 5, 1941 and her husband died January 2, 1941. Issue: Henry V. Snow, Minnie G. Snow, Maude Snow, Elliott May Snow, William E. Snow, Nora L. Snow, Nettie A. Snow, Hazel A. Snow and Ruby L. Snow.

5. EDGAR LEE MATLOCK, born March 19, 1867. Married Bettie May Dean, daughter of James M. and Naomi (Mayfield) Dean on April 24, 1895. She was born near Van Buren, Arkansas on July 6, 1870. He was admitted to the bar in 1890 and was a prominent attorney of Van Buren, Arkansas for forty-nine years. Was City Attorney of Van Buren for fourteen years. Served as County Judge of Crawford County, Arkansas in 1911-1912. Was President of the First NationaJ Bank of Van Buren, Arkansas in 1928, and held many other positions of trust. He was a member of' the Bar of the Federal Courts and was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1924. His wife died February 6, 1938 and he died on January 21, 1939. Issue: James William Matlock, born September 16, 1900; Edgar Lee Matlock, Jr. , born August 4, 1904; Ruth Eleanor Matlock born May 2,1909 and Margaret Dean Matlock born March 1, 1912.

6. LETITIA CANE MATLOCK, born May 11, 1869. Married Whit W. Riddle on Decernber 25, 1894. He was a farmer and they lived near Van Buren, Arkansas. She died of typhoid fever on October 22, 1911. No issue.

7. JESSE DAVID MATLOCK, born September 15, 1872. Married Jettie Ellen Rosser, daughter of Louis William and Paralee Rosser on December 24, 1895. She was born at Evansville, Arkansas on January 31, 1874. In his younger days he was a teacher in the public schools. In 1910 he became associated with the Arkansas Coffin Company of Fort Smith, Arkansas of which company he became President and then principal stockholder. He was a prominent and successful businessman. His wife, Jettie Matlock died in May 1938. Issue: Velma Matlock, who died in infancy; Lucy May Matlock; Emily Matlock and Jesse David Matlock, Jr. Jesse David Matlock married second Thelma Renfro, nee Carlisle in 1938. No issue by second marriage. He died March 18, 1958.

8. WILLIAM HECTOR MATLOCK, born May 17, 1874. Married Mayme West on August 13, 1904, He lived at Van Buren, Arkansas and was a trainman in the employ of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company for many years. He died May 6, 1944. Issue: Augusta Bernice Matlock and Lucille Matlock.

9. LILLIE MAY MATLOCK, born January 3, 1877. She married Guy Gilbert on June 28, 1913. Divorced him January 3, 1930. She was a seamstress and later was supervisor of the sewing department of the Arkansas Coffin Company of Fort Smith, Arkansas. No issue. She died January 28, 1966.

10. ALBERT SIDNEY MATLOCK, born April 12, 1880. Married Mina Wood December 27, 1903. He was a rural mail carrier and postal clerk at Van Buren, Arkansas and served as Postmaster at Van Buren from 1919 to 1921. In later years was factory worker at Fort Smith, Arkansas. Issue: Joseph William Matlock; CrystalMatlock; Goldie Mae Matlock; Jeanette Matlock; Albert Sidney Matlock, Jr.; Armstrong Matlock; John Pershing Matlock and Peggy Matlock. Mina (Wood) Matlock died September 23, 1964. He died October 7, 1969.

This concludes the line of descent of Mr. Edgar L. Matlock. I hope that other subscribers will submit similar records of their families to be published in future issues.


Edward Matlock, From "The San Francisco Examiner" - March 12, 1919:

(Sent by Virginia Zeboski).

Edward Matlock, 50, clerk in the Arcade Hotel, 66 Clay Street, committed suicide Monday night by inhaling gas in his room. He had scribbled three lines on the backs of two envelopes: "I am going. Goodby to all, and send this to Mattie and to Mother. I am through, SO goodbye, Sister Mattie.

A portion of a letter signed "Sister Mattie" was found in one of the envelopes. Matlock had been ill.

EDWARD M., witnessed a deed 1839 in Humphreys Co., Tenn. and shown as a Taxpayer there 1839. The deed he witnessed for purchase of land by Luke Matlock, Jr. Believe he is a brother. Texas census records show E. M. 1850 in Navarro Co., 1860 in Jack Co. and 1870 Smith or Van Zandt Co. Records indicate he was a merchant and that he never married. E. V., married January 9, 1873 in Falls County, Texas : Martha Slay.

EDWARD, born ca 1841 Humphreys Co., Tenn. son of Luke , Jr. and Eleanor (Choate?) Matlock married Dec. 8, 1863 Martha Turner.

EDWARD LANE, born April 18, 1817 in Tennessee. (Information I have received on this man never gives parents. I, personally, think he has to be the son of Caswell and Polly Merrick Matlock). He married June 23, 1836 in Benton Co. , Tennessee Mary S. Frye. Their children are listed as: Caswell J. , James W., Edward Lane, William T. (or F), Thomas J., Benjamin F. and Sarah Ann. One source says Edward Lane married Susan C. Frye. One child omitted above - Joseph DeWitt. Edward and wife moved to Dade Co. Mo. and lived there until 1853. They arrived in Lane Co., Oregon October 27, 1853. The family settled on a donation Land Claim. near Goshen, Oregon and secured the claim Dec. 9, 1853 and lived on the claim until 1871 when they disposed of the property and the mother and sons and daughter moved to that portion of Umatilla County that by the act of the Legislature Feb. 14, 1885 became Morrow County. Edward Lane died 1863 in Lane Co. , Oregon. His wife died 1896 in Heppner, Oregon.

EDWARD LANE, JR., born August 25, 1844 in Dade Co., Mo. son of above Edward Lane. He married Eliza lane Bennett. Their children were Florinda (Flora), Martha, Mae (Mary), Leslie, Minnie, Bertha and unnamed infant. Leslie, above, was called the Hero of the Heppner flood of June 14, 1903. Edward Lane, Jr. died June 21, 1899 at Heppner, Oregon and buried Heppner Masonic Cemetery. His wife died October 10, 1892 also at Heppner.

ELIAS, born 1807 in Washington Co., Ky. was the son of Robert and Mary (Carpenter) Matlock from Ky. to Crawford Co., Mo. about 1818. Robert was the son of Isom (Isham) . Elias married (1) Mary Reeves, (2) Allie Francis and (3) Ciciley Halbert. According to the census records of Crawford Co., Mo. 1860 show children: George W., Benjamin F., Mary, Hugh J., Elmina J. Melvina, Pauline, and Sterling. Wife No. 1 died in 1852 so some of these children obviously belonged to her.

ELIAS ALLEN MEDLOCK, born Sept. 24, 1863 in Cole Co., Mo., son of Allen and Serelda Steely Medlock. He married March 19, 1887 In Moniteau Mo. Minnie Belle Kenney, born August 31, 1870 in Moniteau Co. , Mo., daughter of Andrew Kenney and Margaret Hill. They had the following children : Ethel Lee, Lucy Neil, Robert, Zanie Earnest, Harley, Lillie May, Velma Ruth and John Leslie. Elias Allen died November 2, 1944 in California, Moniteau Co. and was buried in Old Lebanon Cemetery, McGirk, Mo. His wife died Feb. 12, 1943 and buried in same cemetery.

ELIJAH, shown 1860 Crawford Co., Mo. census Indicate he was born ca 1837 in Mo. Wife Milly and William, born 1858 in Arkansas. In his household are Sincey 17 and Isom. 10 both born Mo. Possible, of course, he is son of Elias shown also in Crawford Co. this year.

ELIJAH, born ca 1826 in Missouri. Shown on 1850 Carroll Co., Arkansas with wife Elizabeth, born ca 1825 in Tennessee. The children listed are : Sarah, Nancy, Anna, Catharine, Sarah J. and Debba. Record indicates they moved from Missouri 1841 to Arkansas. Others listed in this county, s,-),me year are John, John ( young enough to be son of John) and William.

ELISHA HOSEA, born 1754 in Virginia. Reportedly fought in American Revolution.

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