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There are four sections to this page listed below. They cover four of the main lines on my family that I have information on. They are: the Balls, the Maples, the Matlocks and the Rogers. I hope you enjoy this site and you gather some useful information as well. I still have a lot of work to do. I have more photo's to add as well. I am always looking for more information and old family photos on these family lines, contact me and I will put them up when I have time.


All of my family photographs have been moved here:



Ball Family


 Ball Family of Carter's Run - Good site that has even more than mine on this family.

  Ball GenForum

   Ball Resources at Rootsweb



Maples Family


 Maples GenForum

  Maples Resources at Rootsweb

Most of the information on the Maples family in my tree is based on the four volume set "MAPLES FAMILY" by Marveline Holloway Burns. Mrs. Burns (now Mrs. Blankenship as of 7 Nov 2000) can be emailed at (

Her mailing address is: 3702 Colorado Ct. SW       Decatur, Alabama 35603 Ph# 256 350 3784. I am not sure of this info anymore.

If you have any corrections or additions to this line please send an email to both  Mrs. Blankenship and my self.


Matlock Family


Matlock, England 

 Matlock Family Association - This is my Matlock website.

  Matlock GenForum

   Matlock Resources at Rootsweb

    Bob Nelson's West Jersey Database - Awesome site - Don't miss it if your family line runs to old West Jersey.


Along with the Matlock line I am also researching these lines: Birdwell, Corder, East, Fenton, Grubbs, Hancock, Hilton, Isbell, Morris, Owens, Ranson(m), Southern, Strother, Tribble and White 


Rogers Family


 Rogers GenForum 

  Rogers Resources at Rootsweb


Along with the Ball, Maples and Rogers lines I am also researching the lines: Long, Ratliff, Sharp, Stephens and Williams          


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