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A note to all:  I hope that this will help for those that are researching the Toliver/Tolliver line.  Much of this is a bit mixed up, but until I can find out more, and get clarification/verification of any of this, I have to consider it 'iffy'!
If it turns out these are someone elses Tolliver/Toliver line, let me know, and glad if it helps someone!  :o)
John Tolliver


JOHN TOLLIVER was born 4/20/1760 in Ashe County, No. Carolina, and died 1863 in Louisville, Ill.(Toliver Cemetary).  He married SOLOMA MILLER 11/1/1801.

  1. CHRISTENA TOLLIVER, b. 11/2/1802; d. 2/27/1870, Mitchell, Indiana
  2. SALLY TOLLIVER, b. 10/12/1804; m. CROUSE.
  3. ANNA TOLIVER, b. 1/10/1807, Tenn.; d. 2/19/1882, Mitchell, Ind.
  4. MARTIN TOLIVER, b. 3/30/1809.
  5. WILLIAM TOLIVER, b. 3/22/1811; d. 8/17/1870, Mitchell, Ind..
  6. ELIZABETH TOLIVER, b. 3/9/1813, Alabama.
  7. LEWIS TOLIVER, b. 1/5/1816, Alabama.
  8. MALSEY TOLIVER, b. 2/23/1818.