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Creech, the family and the name, seems to have started in Fife, Scotland before feudal times. In Fife, Scotland, there is a region known as Creich. The Creech clan of this area owed allegiance to the MacDuffs and wore the Scottish tartan. Early records associated it with a locale that referred to a hilly section. From there they spread out over the British Isles and later to America.

The name has been recorded with several spellings, and some family groups still use some of these altered spellings.  The original spelling was, I think Creich.  Spelling variations in the Old Country were Cridge, Criech, Creych, Creeche, McCreech, etc.  Over here in America we find Creach, Critz, Critch, Crich, Scritch, Screech, Cruch, etc. the most prevalent is Creech.

There have been many notable persons of the Creech name such as Ronald de Creych who witnessed the confirmation of a charter in 1204; Simon de Creych who petitioned for a canonary of Moray in 1394; Richard de Creych who made a safe journey to England in l423; Andrew Creich who was in Dumforshire in 1500; John Creech who was a merchant in Leith in 1544; and Willie Creech, an editor and printer who published the poems of Robert Burns.


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Most American Creech families came from Henry, born 1637, son of Richard Creich (Creech is the english spelling) who came from the Scottish Highlands to America about 1635 and emigrated to Jamestown, Virginia, as a mercenary guard to the English tobacco farmers. This Richard was killed on the outer perimeter of Jamestown during an attack by Indians. His wife and daughter also died, but his two sons Henry and Nicholas away at school at the time survived. The two sons would later become ancestors of the Family Creich in the colonies.

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