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 John Murphy  

American Revolutionary War Information

Here you will find my ancestor  John Murphy American Revolutionary War Information. Hope you find this interesting and informative. This research has been accomplished by numerous Murphy cousins. If any of you have found additional records or other Murphy documentation and would be willing to share them with the rest of your cousins, please feel free to e-mail us at:

( 1 ) John Murphy is listed - John Murphy b. 1730; d. June 13, 1834, m. Nancy Ransome, Soldier, Virginia - in the book of "DAR Patriots", which is a listing of civilians who gave services to the cause of the American Revolution. Services would include housing of soldiers and giving food and supplies to the American Revolution Army.

( 2 ) John Murphy served three year as a soldier in the Illinois Regiment of the Virginia line. He served in the Northwest Campaign under General George Rogers Clark. He fought from 1777 through 1779. He is included in the book "Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky" by Anderson C. Quisenberry. This is found on page 13.

( 3 ) He received a land bounty of 100 acres in Morgan County, Kentucky for this service. A copy of the Land Office Military Certificate, number 68-1824, Box 134, can be found below ( click here ) and in the Virginia State Library. I have attempted to translate the records of John Murphy's on file at Morgan County, Kentucky, Record Book 3, page 358. The translated records can be reviewed below ( click here ).

Here is a brief summary of the recorded actions taken to acquirer the Land Office Military Certificate:

John Murphy appointed Joseph Straton of Logan County, Virginia as his attorney to obtain Land Bounty for his service in the Revolutionary War, acknowledged before John Rose, Justice of the Peace, Morgan County, Kentucky.

Joseph Straton appointed John G. Mosby, Substitute Attorney September 11, 1834. Acknowledged before Anthony Lawson, Justice of the Peace, Logan County.

Received of Register, Warrant 8028 for 100 Acres

Signed: John G. Mosby,  Attorney

Here is my attempt to translate the records of John "Jack" Murphy's on file at Morgan County, Kentucky, Record Book 3, page 358:

Land Office Military Certificate,      Box 134           No. 68-1824                  17 June 1834

Know all men by this presents that I John Murphy of the County of Morgan and State of Kentucky do hereby authorize and appoint Joseph Straton of the County of Logan in the State of Virginia as my agent and attorney to demand and receive from the Register of the land office of Virginia any and all Warrants for Military bounty Lands due to me for services rendered in the Revolutionary War with power to appoint one or more Substitutes for the purposes aforesaid and all the acts of my said attorney or of his Substitutes.

I will ratify and comfirm by these presents as evidence my hand and Seal this 17th day of June 1834.

attest                                                                                                           John Murphy   { Seal }

William Davis                                                                                                 ( his mark )

State of Kentucky

Morgan County Court

Be it known that on this 17th day of June 1834 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace for the County of Morgan in the State aforesaid John Murphy and acknowledge the above power of attorney to be his act and are given under my hand this day and year above written.

                                                                                                                      John Rose

State of Kentucky

Morgan County

John W. Fannin Deputy Clerk for the County of Morgan certify that John Rose is a duly appointed and acting Justice of the Peace in any for the County of Morgan and State of Kentucky and that the signature to the above certificate purporting to be his as genuine.

In testimony whereof I have _______ signed my name and affixed my Seal of office this 11th day of July 1834.

                                                                                                            Jas. G. Hazelrigg

                                                                                                            Clerk, Morgan County

Virginia Logan County Court

Know all men by these presents that Joseph Straton of the County and State aforesaid do hereby ______ and appoint John G. Mosby of the City of Richmond as my Substitute for the purposes set out in the foregoing power of attorney and all his acts in the ______I will verify and Comfirm by these presents In testimony whereof I have _____ _______ hand Seal this 11th day of September 1834

attest                                                                                          John Murphy  { Seal }

James Vesky (?)                                                                 by Joseph Straton his attorney

                                                                                                                In fact

Logan County Civil:

Personally appeared the above named Joseph Straton before me a Justice of the Peace and acknowledged the foregoing power of Substitute to be his _______ and ______ .  Given under my hand this 11th day of September 1834.

                                                                                               Anthony Lawson  J. P.

Rec'd of the Register (Mu: lot)  no. 8028 for 100 acres of land to John Murphy.


Here is the recorded entry No. 8028 in the Register:

Executive Department, Richmond, Virginia,  August 15, 1834

John Murphy is allowed Land Bounty for his services as a Soldier in the Illinois Regiment Line for three years. The Register will issue a warrant according, if not heretofore drawn.

Attest:                                                                            Honorable - W. Tazewell - Governor

Jn. B. Richardson

On the twenty seventh day of September, 1834, Warrant No. 8028 for 100 Acres issued to John Murphy.

John Murphy    " Land Office Military Certificate "

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