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Murphy Family History & Information  

Welcome to my Murphy Family History and Information page. Here you will find a collection of my Murphy and related families history and information. Hopefully, you will find it interesting and worthwhile. This research has been accomplished by numerous Murphy cousins. If any of you have found additional records or other Murphy documentation and would be willing to share them with the rest of your cousins, please feel free to e-mail us at:


John Murphy Sr., was an Innkeeper in Dublin, Ireland. He is supposed to have died around 1744, just before his son John Murphy came to america.


John Murphy  was born ca. 1730, in Dublin, Ireland, son of a John Murphy Sr., an innkeeper in Dublin, Ireland. He died 13 June 1834 in Morgan County, Kentucky, at the age of 104 years. He married Nancy Ransome  who was born in Virginia and died between 1832 and 1840 in Morgan County, Kentucky. Both are buried in Murphy Fork of Stillwater Creek, Morgan County, Kentucky. As the oral legend states, their graves are at the Northwest corner where Bee Rose's barn stands. This is some of the first land in Kentucky that John Murphy owned. Graves may be marked by a field stone.

As the oral legend states: At the age of 14,  John Murphy would stowaway on a ship bound for america. The ship landed at Norfolk, Virginia and he was indentured for a unknown period of time. It has been told that he was placed on another ship and he became a Sailor in the English Navy to payoff his passage to america. In later years, John Murphy was also known as "Captain Jack".

He later lived in Alexandria, Virginia. Around 1800, John, his wife Nancy Ransome Murphy, their son William and their two daughters Elizabeth and Unknown daughter would move to Greenbrier County, Virginia (present day West Virginia). By 1810, they would move to Murphy Fork of Stillwater Creek, then Floyd County, Kentucky. In 1823, this area became a part of Morgan County, Kentucky. In 1860 a portion of their land became part of Wolfe County, Kentucky.

John Murphy participated in the American Revolutionary War. He served three year as a soldier in the Illinois Regiment of the Virginia line.  He served in the Northwest Campaign under General Roger Clark. He is included in the book "Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky" by Anderson C. Quisenberry. This is found on page 13. He fought from 1777 through 1779. He received a land bounty of 100 acres in Morgan County, Kentucky for this service.

He also was identified as a civilian who gave services to the cause of the American Revolution. This was found in the book of DAR Patriots, which is a listing of Civilians who gave services to the cause of the American Revolution. Service would have included housing of soldiers and giving goods and supplies to the American Revolution Army.

He owned numerous acres of land in Greenbrier County, Virginia and Floyd, Morgan and Wolfe Counties, Kentucky. 


Nancy Ransome was born in Virginia and died between 1832 and 1840 in Morgan County, Kentucky. As oral legend goes, states that she had claimed to be a cousin of George Washington and that her father owned and sold land that became part of Washington D.C.. This has been unable to be verified. So, fellow cousins, if any of you have proven one way or another, please let us know. I'm still trying to locate records on this but still drawing blanks.

Murphy Family History & Information


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