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Known Research on Joseph Williams

of Conway County, Arkansas

Compiled by Pat Zachary

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I started with GeorgeAnn Williams, my great grandmother. Finally found her as daughter of Alosia Elizabeth Prince and George W. Williams. Finally found George W. Williams as one of two heirs of Joseph Williams and Joseph Williams estate being administered by Thomas Hibbins. All this in Conway County, Arkansas.
Probate Book 1837-1847 page 233 Friday, May 6, 1842
Thomas Hibbins administrator of estate of Joseph Williams deceased filed his inventory of accounts $765.09.
TNoye found tax lists in Conway and Perry Counties, Ark. showing Joseph Williams through 1841 and then "Heirs of Joseph Williams" 1842.
1840 Conway County census shows Joseph Williams as head of household with one male 0-5; 1 male 5-10; 1 male 30-40 (Joseph); a female 1-5 and one female 10-15.
Joseph Williams is NOT on the 1820 Conway County Ark census with a household
Joseph Williams is NOT on the 1830 Conway County Ark census with a household
Joseph Williams is NOT on the 1850 Conway County Ark census with a household

1840 Conway County census page 52
line 14 John HENRY
line 15 Thomas TATE
line 16 Jane RAYBURN
line 17 Joseph WILLIAMS
line 18 Thomas HIBBIN

19 December 1836 Joseph Williams purchased 80 acres from James Henry and Catherine, his wife, at W1/2 of NE1/4 Sec. 6, Twp 5N, R15W, for $150.00. The transaction was witnessed by Jos I SIMMONS (court clerk) and Elizabeth HENRY Book A page 384
James Henry had purchased that location November 30, 1826
That location is next door to Thomas Hibbins on the 1840 Conway County census if we take the order of the census records as the order of the households. This Thomas Hibbins shows up as Admn of Joseph Wms estate.
In the estate papers:
James Harded filed a claim allowed by admr $29.47
Emzy Wilson filed claim 1 Nov okd $30
Timothy Gay filed claim for $30
John Hibbon filed claim for $84 for board & etc 2 Feb 1843 okd
Thomas Hibbons filed claim for $10 Jan 1843
A R Rayburn admn for Henry Rayburn filed claim for $32.59 May 1843
August 1843 Thomas Hibbins filed accts (has balance of $580.71)
Jan 1844 Thomas Hibbins filed a note taken for $18.12 1/2 taken for rent of real estate belonging to Jos Williams for year 1844
Jan 1844 Dr. A. H. Newman filed claim for medical services & medicine furnished minor heirs of Joseph Williams and court ordered Thomas Hibbins to pay
8 april 1844 thomas Hibbins filed acctg - has received $1.50 for estate
Thomas Hibbins by Simmons, his atty, to have credit back in his general inventory for a note executed by George Williams back to his intestate
May 5, 1846 Thomas Hibbins filed acctg

27 Febr 1856 George W Williams sold his 1/2 of the West 1/2 of NE1/4 of S6 T5N R15W - the very same land that Joseph Williams purchased from James Henry in 1856. In the same document George W. Williams also sold his 1/2 of the East 1/2 NE1/4 NW1/4 Section 6 T5N R15W - both tracts of land "containing in the whole one hundred acres with all and segular the improvements and appurtenances thereto belonging" to John A Westerfield and heirs - for $350.00. Said document was witnessed by R. Welborn and M. T. Rayburn
That same Febr 1856 thomas Hibbins sold for Nancy Jane Williams (the other heir of Jospeh Williams) 100 acres as described above by George W. Williams to John A. Westerfield for the same amount of money - $350.00
Joseph Williams had purchased 80 acres from James Henry. Joseph Williams was taxed on 300 acres of land on the 1841 tax list of Conway County, Arkansas.
On 23 February 1848 Joseph Williams took 40 acres at NENW Section 6, T5N, R15W - the same location as his first purchased land - shows as a Cash Entry Sale at the Little Rock Land Office. Well, Joseph Williams DIED between 1841 tax list and 1842 tax list AND before May 6, 1842 when probate started. The land papers (I have them) for that 1848 transaction shows a certificate #2513 stating that Joseph williams deposited a certificate showing that full payment had been made for that 40 acres "according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 24th of April 1820 entitled "An Act making further provision for the sale of the Public Lands" and of the Act of Congress of the 3 of August 1846 entitled "An Act providing for the adjustment of all suspended preemption land claims in the several States and Territories for the NW 1/4 of the NW1/4 S6 T5N R15W in the District of S? subject to sale at Little Rock Arkansas containing 40 acres. The certificate referred to above was signed made to Joseph Williams for $50 for the 40 acres on Nov 30, 1836 and Joseph Williams signed a statement that he intended the land for his "own use and benefit and not in trust for another person" on 3 November 1836. So he had purchased that first 40 acres before he purchased the 80 acres from James & Catherine Henry - the 40 acres Novem 1836 and the 80 acres Dec. 1836.
IN ADDITION, Joseph William's son, George W. Williams, cannot be found on the 1850 Arkansas census unless he is the George Williams as follows:
Arkansas, Pulaski County, Big Rock Twp, dwelling #309
William Brown Sr age 64 farmer born Rhode Island
Deborah Brown age 47 born New Jersey
Edward Brown age 22 born Ohio
Oliver Brown age 14 born Ohio
Ellen Brown age 30 born Arkansas
John Brown age 12 born Mississippi
Mary Jane Brown age 7 born Arkansas
John Canick age 21 b Tennessee
George Williams age 22 b Georgia

A request for "genealogical search" in the GLO records online shows up ONLY these owners of land in Section 6, Township 5N, Range 15W, Arkansas
James Henry bought for Cash on 30 November 1826 80 acres
W1/2 NE1/4 S6 T5N R15W Conway, Perry County
(This is the land Joseph Williams purchased December 1836 with cash)

John Howell bought with War 1812 scrip on 9 January 1828 160 acres
SE1/4 S6 T5N R15W Conway, Perry County (the land was patented to John Howell but the warrantee name was William Howell - sot he War 1812 soldier was William Howell)

Joseph Williams bought for cash on 23 Febr 1848 40 acres
NE1/4NW1/4 S6 T5N R15W Conway, Perry County
(reminder; this was actually purchased November 1836 & title cleared 23 Febr 1848)

Zachariah Gray bought for cash on 1 September 1856 80.76 acres
E1/2NE1/4 S6 T5N R15W Conway, Perry County

These land transactions do add to 360.76 acres - 360 a supposed to be 1 section

The reasons these land papers show both Conway & Perry County is because that Section 6 was right ON the Arkansas River and that river constantly changed its course before the Corps of Engineers got hold of it. North of River was supposed to be Conway Co - south of River supposed to be Perry County. the map today STILL shows the county line "indeterminate" in that area.

Remember that George W Williams and Thomas Hibbons for Nancy Jane Williams sold 200 acres - the purchases here made by Joseph Williams add up to 120 acres - Joseph was taxed on 300 acres in 1841 - the land descriptions jibe except for the acreage.

3 June 1829 Conway County, Ark
From Thomas Mathers & Mary his wife to John Appling
SE1/4 S2 T5N R15W
witnessed by JOSEPH WILLIAMS and WILLIAM LECKEY book 4 page 111

Check out this land description against the land Joseph Williams purchased above. John Appling bought about 4 miles from where Joseph williams later purchased.
William LACKEY married the Harris girl whose family was also located in same township & range 8 but sections 8 & 9 - the Harris family took their land in 1824
in Section 9 is where James W Williams took land 30 Novembre 1826 same date as James Henry purchased the land with War 1812 scrip that Joseph Williams later bought with cash. There is also a Ray Howel (took land 22 Feb 1825) living next to James W Williams. David Vann took 135.98 acres in section 10 (same township & range) next to James Williams - Vann took his land July 1838 (that year means a great deal to the Cherokee) Vann also purchased the James W Williams place and ran a ferry from his location on the Arkansas River.

18 October 1857 George W Williams (son of Joseph Williams) married Alosia Elizabeth Halbrook (she was Alosia Elizabeth Prince who married (1) Benjamin Halbrook) at Lewisburg, Conway county, Arkansas.

18 December 1859 Nancy Jane Williams (daughter of Joseph Williams) married Robert S. Farrish in Conway County, Arkansas.

1860 Conway County Arkansas census show Nancy Jane Williams & Robert Farrish living together & she born in Arkansas ca 1839. So she is the youngest child of Joseph Williams on the 1840 census.

1860 Conway county Arkansas census records show George W & Alsey Williams living together & he born ca 1827 in Illinois. Now we have 1850 census showing George W Williams birthplace as Georgia & 1860 census showing birthplace as Illinois.

Joseph Williams was born between 1800-1810
he was apparently an adult when he signed as witness for John Appling land purchase 3 June 1829 in Conway County, Arkansas
we don't know where Joseph Williams was born
we don't know who his parents were
we don't know who he married (George W Williams named his first daughter Margaret Ellin and his second daughter was named GeorgeAnn) (these were the only children of George W Williams)
Joseph Williams oldest son was named George W Williams (b ca 1827 from 1850 & 1860 census records)
Joseph Williams youngest daughter (Nancy Jane) was born ca 1839 in Arkansas
Joseph Williams wife died before the 1840 census
we don't know when, where or who he married (except that it was prior to 1825 - his oldest daughter on 1840 census born between 1825-30)
we don't know where his children were born
we don't know exactly when he died (sometime between 1840 tax list & May 1842 date of probate being filed)
We don't know where he, his wife, & the 2 children who died before the 1842 probate was filed, are buried (I'd bet Peconary Cemetary - James Henry and his wife are buried at Peconary. It is the old cemetary in that location & with the River bouncing around the way it did I doubt they buried the family on the farm - would never know when it would wash away) They are not listed at Peconary but many burials there are not marked - were never marked. Old timers say there were burials there as early as late 1700s.
Found Dr. A. H. Newman in Ouachita County, Ark on 1850 census. He moved to SW Ark.
What was the relationship of Joseph William's family with James W Williams? With the Hibbon family? With the Rayburn family? With John Appling? With William Lackey?

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