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Water Scott

Walter Scott was born in Ireland some time before 1740. By 1768, he was leasing land in Stillwater, Saratoga County on Philip Schuyler’s Manor. Schuyler would later go on to become a general with the American forces during the Revolution. In 1775, Walter was "warmly invited to join the Rebelling Americans". He refused, and he and his eldest son John were arrested as Tories. He was sent to jail in Albany for three months, and then transferred and shipped around various jails in Connecticut. During this time, he was forced to pay two dollars a month for his own keeping. After several months, he and John was released to their farms in Stillwater under parole, where they were constantly harassed by the rebels.

In early 1777, they joined the forces of General Burgoyne, who had just begun his campaign in the area. Walter and John served with Burgoyne’s army until their ignoble defeat at Saratoga in October of 1777. Walter, his wife Mary, and their six children (the youngest of whom was about 9) made their way to Ticonderoga and then to Laprairie in Quebec. In 1778 they were living in Montreal, and by 1790 Walter was listed among the inhabitants of Christie’s Manor (Noyan). The following petition is taken from "Proceedings of Loyalist Commissioners, Quebec, 1787, Vol. 17, MSS. Folio 50", before Commissioner Pemberton, and describes a fairly typical Loyalist experience:

786. Case of WALTER SCOT, late of New York.

Claimt. says: He resided at Montreal in 1783 & has been here ever since. Sent a claim in the Fall by Lawyer Powel, delivered it to him when he was going to England, but he afterwards returned it.
He is a native of Ireland. Came to America 2 years after the French War. Settled at Still Water, lived there when the Rebellion broke out. At first took the Part of his King. Was Imprisoned for a Tory. His Sons joined the Brit. Troops. He was kept in different Gaols in the year 1776 from June to Christmas, then released to his own farm & there was on Parole til Genl. Burgoyne came.
Claimant & 2 Sons joined Genl. Burgoyne & continued with him til he was taken, then came to Canada. Now lives at Isle Aux Noix.
Produces Certificates to his Loyalty & Pass from Philip Skene. In Certificates Philip Skene remembers Claimts. Imprisonment.
He had 200 acres under a Lease from Genl. Skyler.
Produces Lease from Phil. Skyler to Claimt. forever of 198 acres, paying £4.19.3 annually after the year 1772 & paying Taxes, &c., dated 1768.
Says he had a house & 2 Barns, 2 Stables & other outbuildings & cleared 130 acres, had 2 orchards. Genl. Skyler has got the Land again & has let it.
After he had joined Genl. Burgoyne's Army his stock was all taken.
7 Horses, 15 Cows, 4 Steers, 150 Bushels of old Wheat in the house, Hogs, 20 Sheep, furniture, Cloaths. Taken by the Rebels, heard they were sold.

Walter and his children were granted land in Hemmingford Township, but they found it unfit for cultivation, so they applied for and received lands in Clifton in 1795. Walter Scott died in 1815.

Walter's son John married Dorcas Freeman (daughter of John Freeman), and their daughter Jane Scott married Abraham Truax Jr. I recently received my certificate from the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada as a descendant of Walter Scott, Loyalist.

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