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My paternal grandmother, Gladys Truax Holding, always maintained that her family was descended from French Huguenots who settled in New Amsterdam (New York), and later came to Canada as United Empire Loyalists after the American Revolution. A lot of us considered this to be one of those family myths, but as it turns out she was mostly correct.

I have traced my family's connection back 10 generations to Philippe du Trieux of Robaix, France and later New Amsterdam. The du Trieuxs became Truaxs and intermarried with many of the early Dutch families of New York State. I am descended through the Schenectady branch, some of whom moved to the Eastern Townships of Quebec in the 1790s. A few generations later, some of those settled around Leamington and Brantford, Ontario. And here I am, in Milton, Ontario.

Association of Philippe du Trieux Descendants Website

Yes, it's true - not only did I let myself get suckered into taking over the Association's newsletter, but now I've volunteered to be webmistress as well. The new and improved Association website can now be found at . Lots and lots of good stuff including the first 5 generations of descendants, membership info, and much more!

Truax Mailing List

I'm happy to announce the formation of a new Truax/Truex/Trueax/Du Trieux (etc.) Family Mailing List, hosted by RootsWeb and sponsored by yours truly. Hopefully, by using this forum, people from related family lines will be able to get in touch with each other and maybe solve some of their 'dead ends'.

To subscribe to the list in MAIL MODE (you receive postings as individual messages), send a message with the word


and nothing else (no sigs, etc.) to

To subscribe to the list in DIGEST MODE (you receive groups of postings in a single indexed message), send the same message to


Truax / Jaques / Holding Family Album

One version of the Du Trieux coat of arms, plus photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents on my father's side.



This is where I will be keeping any odd bits of documentation, sources, etc. Right now I have a letter from Thura Truax Hires herself, which somehow came into my family's possession, plus various documents and notes concerning "My Great-Grandfather The Heretic" and how he was booted out of the Methodist Church in 1894.

Calling All Truaxs!

I am currently compiling data on every branch of the Truax family I can find (I know, I'm out of my mind). I am particularly interested in those branches that settled in Canada, but I'll take anything anyone has to offer. With the help of several contributers and fellow transcribers (thanks, Anita!), at last count I had over 18,000 individuals in the database, mostly compiled from the "House of Truax" and Thura Hires genealogies.

If you are a Truax descendant and are looking for your lineage, you can use my new and improved Truax Ancestor Query Form to submit information that might help me hook you up to The Big Tree. Even if you have your Truax genealogy all worked out, please email me anyway - I'd love to hear from you!

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Jennifer Smith
Created: Wednesday, February 25, 1998
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