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Mailing List

This mailing list for anyone with an interest in preserving and maintaining the rich history of the men and women who received their commissions in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Southern California (USC). For more information:
[USC NROTC Midshipman Homepage] [USC NROTC Alumni Homepage].

A mailing list works just like the Public Address system on shipboar, except with email. When you talk on the address system, everyone hears your message. The same is true with the mailing list. When you send an email to the mailing list, everyone on the list gets it. This is a great way for alumni to announce meetings, upcoming events, and do decade roll calls. Or to find your long lost shipmate. For more information to subcribe/unsubscribe: [USC NROTC Mailing List Information]

If you have tried to subscribe and it is not working, just send an email: [HELP]. When the "mail-to" window pops up, state what the problem is or just that you would like to subscribe to the Mailing List in Individual or Digest mode.

Messagess can be posted to the USC NROTC Mailing List by sending an email to: . You can either click on the link to the left and wait for a message box to pop up or you can cut and paste the email address to your email address book.

If you just joined the Mailing List and would like to check previous messages, try either of these links:
SEARCH the USC NROTC Mailing List Archives
BROWSE the USC NROTC Mailing List Archives by Year

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