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Generations 4 through 8

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4. John Burrows was born 14 November 1701 in Groton, CT. He was the son of John and Lydia (Hubbard) Burrows. He was married 1 July 1731 at Groton to Desire Packer . Desire was the daughter of James and Abigail (Avery) Packer. She was born 11 Sep 1712 in Groton, CT and died 1808 in Mystic, CT.

John served as an Ensign in the 3rd. Company, Groton Militia in 1745 during the French and Indian War. He was both a ship carpenter and a farmer and belonged to the First Congregational Church at Groton. He inherited his father=s homestead at Mystic, CT which had been the home of his great-grandfather, Robert Burrows, the immigrant ancestor.

John Burrows died in 1770 at about age 68. His will was recorded in Groton Probate Records on 4 September 1770. He named his wife and oldest son, John as executors.

Children of John and Desire (Packer) Burrows:

  1. Mary Burrows , b. 17 Jun 1732. Marr. Samuel Aborn, Jr. . Died 10 Feb 1797 in Pawtucket, RI.[?]

  2. John Burrows , b. 9 Oct 1734. Marr. 13 Sep 1762, Hannah Wilbur . Died 1784 in Groton, CT.

  3. Joseph Burrows , b. 28 Aug 1736. Died as an infant.

  4. Desire Burrows , b. 11 Mar 1737/38. Marr. abt. 1758, Joseph Elliot . Died bef. 1810 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY.
  5. James Burrows , b. 11 Apr 1740. Died as an infant.

  6. Abigail Burrows , b. 7 Mar 1741/42. Marr. Uriah Wilbur . Died 10 Jan 1814 in Leyden, Franklin Co. MA.

  7. Lydia Burrows , b. 20 Jan 1742/43. Marr. [John] Anthony Aborn . Died 7 Jun 1817 in Pawtucket, RI [?].

  8. Nathan Burrows , b. 17 May 1746. Marr. 2 Jun 1765, #1, Amy Williams ; #2, 1788, Sarah Williams . Died 18 Aug 1808 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY.

  9. Lucretia Burrows , b. 20 Mar 1747/48. Marr. 19 Nov 1767, William Burrows .

  10. Phebe Burrows , b. 29 Mar 1750. Marr. 27 May 1770, William Holdredge .

  11. Waitstill Burrows , b. 12 Sep 1752. Marr. Jabez Smith . Died 17 Sep 1823 in Paquanock Bridge, Groton, CT.

  12. Daniel Burrows , b. 1755. Marr. Keziah Rhodes . Died 13 oct 1833 in Groton, CT.

  13. Thomas Burrows , b. abt. 1756. Died as an infant.

5. Nathan Burrows was born 17 May 1746 at Groton, CT. He was the son of John and Desire (Packer) Burrows. He was christened in the First Congregational Church of Groton on 25 September 1746. He was married 2 June 1765 to Amy Williams. She was born about 1750 and died 5 September 1787. Nathan and Amy had eleven children.

In 1788, Nathan married Sarah Williams, daughter of David and Amy (Packer) Williams. Nathan had seven children with Sarah making him the father of seventeen children. All of the children were born in Groton, CT except the last son, Edward who was born in Stonington, CT. Nathan served as a private in the CT Militia during the Revolutionary War. He and Sarah moved to Greene, Chenango County, New York in 1805. Nathan died 18 August 1808 at age 62 and is buried in Wylie Cemetery at Coventry, Chenango County.

Children of Nathan and Amy (Williams) Burrows:

  1. Joseph Burrows , b. 18 Jul 1766. Marr. #1, 30 mar 1788, Sarah Rice ; #2, 25 Sep 1803, Henrietta Rice ; #3, 10 Jan 1808, Frances Packer . Died 28 Nov 1850 in Warwick, Kent Co. RI.

  2. Waitstill Burrows , b. 18 Aug 1769. Marr. abt. 1791, Latham Fitch . Died 22 May 1863.

  3. George Burrows , b. abt. 1771. Marr. Sarah Fitch .

  4. Elizabeth "Betsy" Burrows , b. abt. 1772, Benjamin Ashby .

  5. Amy Burrows , b. abt. 1774. Marr. Mason Packer . Died 1 Nov 1857 in Groton, CT.

  6. Abigail Burrows , b. 1776. Marr. as his second wife, Samuel Rathbun. Died 13 Sep 1853 in Noank, CT.[?]

  7. James Burrows , b. abt. 1780. Marr. Polly Brown . Deid Dec 1811.

  8. Nancy Burrows , b. abt. 1781. Marr. Beriah Grant .

  9. Lydia Burrows , b. 1784. Died 23 Nov 1863, unmarried.

  10. Experience Burrows , b. abt. 1786. Marr. John Woodward.

  11. Desire Burrows , b. 1787. Died 19 Feb 1808 in Chenango County, NY, unmarried.

    Children of Nathan and Sarah (Williams) Burrows

  12. Benjamin Burrows , b. 20 Oct 1789. Marr. #1, 17 Mar 1808, Rebecca Thompson ; #2, 10 Nov 1844, Lucy Perkins ; #3, 28 Mar 1859, Theoda Williams ; #4, 22 Nov 1864, Mrs. Sarah Holdredge . Died 27 Mar 1876 at Groton, CT.

  13. Jesse Burrows b. 1791. Marr. #1, Nancy Williams ; #2, Marietta Hunt . Died 1864 in Chenango Co. NY.

  14. Nathan Burrows, Jr. , b. 1793. Marr. Sarah "Sally" Barnum . Lived in Chenango Co. NY.

  15. Simeon Burrows , b. 1798. Marr. Nancy Elliot . Died 2 May 1873 at Coventry, Chenango Co. NY.

  16. Elizabeth Burrows , b. abt. 1800. Marr. 7 Dec 1818, Joseph Farnsworth . Died 23 May 1867.

  17. Edward Burrows , b. Jun 1806. Marr. Eliza Elliot . Lived in Chenango Co. NY.

6. Nathan Burrows was born 1793 in Groton, Connecticut. He was the son of Nathan and Sarah (Williams) Burrows. Very little is known of his life. He married Sarah Barnum . She was born about 1802 in Connecticut. Her parents have not been found. Nathan and Sarah lived in Green, Chenango County, New York. They were the parents of five children. They disappeared from Chenango County after 1860 and their death dates are not known.

Children of Nathan and Sarah (Barnum) Burrows:

  1. 2 Unknown females - determined from 1840 census.

  2. Eli S. Burrows , b. 7 Sep 1823. Marr. abt. 1843, Sarah L. Elliot . Died 10 Dec 1897.

  3. George E. Burrows , b. 1832. Died 26 Feb 1861.

  4. Julia Burrows , b. 1842.

7. Eli S. Burrows was born 7 September 1823 in Chenango County, NY. He was the son of Nathan and Sarah (Barnum) Burrows. He married Sarah L. Elliot about 1843. On the membership register of Christ Episcopal Church, Belvidere Village, Allegany County, NY, Eli and Sarah were listed as Family #28.

Eli purchased 38 acres from his father on 17 April 1849 and on the same day gave a mortgage on the property to Frederick Juliand in the amount of $368.00. He sold the property for $450.00 on 1 April 1850. In the summer of 1850, Eli and Sarah were living in Elmira, NY where his occupation was listed as laborer. He was probably working as a lumberman. About 1853, Eli and Sarah moved to Scio, Allegany Co. NY and in 1855, he is listed as a "sawyer". By 1875, he was a farmer and raised corn and potatoes, had 30 apple trees and six cows.

Eli died 10 December 1897 at age 74 in Belvidere. He left $150.00 to Grandson, Franklin J. Bullock of Bradford, $150.00 to grandson, D. M. Bullock of 532 Fox St., Dunkirk, NY and $5.00 to his granddaughter, Maude Bullock of Gardeau, PA, with the remainder to be divided between his daughter, Sarah E. Bullock of Gardeau, PA and Alice [?] Proctor, the widow of Ephraim Proctor, deceased, who resided in Wellsville, NY. (No relationship has been found between Eli Burrows and Mrs. Proctor). Eli is buried in the cemetery beside Old Christ Church in Belvidere with his wife, Sarah and son, Joseph.

Children of Eli and Sarah (Elliot) Burrows:

  1. Sarah Eliza Burrows , 20 Feb 1844. Marr. 14 Oct 1863, George H. Bullock . Died 12 Oct 1931.

  2. Joseph E. Burrows , b. 14 Feb 1851. Died 29 Jan 1859.

7. Sarah Eliza Burrows was born on 20 February 1844 in Chenango Forks, Broome, NY to Eli S. and Sarah L (Elliot) Burrows. She was christened as an adult on 27 September 1863 in Belvidere, Allegany, NY, Christ Episcopal Church. She died on 12 October 1931 in Bradford, McKean, PA. She was buried in McKean, PA, Degolier Cemetery. Sarah was named for her two grandmothers, Sarah (Barnum) and Eliza (Haxton). She attended college for at least one year. Her best girlfriend came from a wealthy family whose father paid for Sarah's college so the girls could be together.

George and Sarah Eliza were the parents of four children. From about age forty, she was badly crippled with arthritis after a fall and spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Madge Fox remembers her grandmother coming to visit from Bradford, PA to Newark, NY on the train. Her wheelchair was placed in a boxcar and she rode with the boxcar door open to see the scenery. When Sara’s husband, George, was postmaster in Waukena, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains, she kept a small store and arranged to have postcards made of the area which she sold. She died at South Bradford, PA on 13 October 1931 at age 87 after being bedridden for five years. She managed to save $200 from her small pension to pay for her funeral and for the gravedigger. For children of Sarah Eliza Burrows and George H. Bullock see the Bullock web page , generation 8.