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This is the line from Jan DeGraff/LeComte that I descend from. [ Do be aware that this name has been found as "DeGraaf", DeGroff, etc.) I have a little information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW

1. Jean "Jan" LeComte was born in Picardy, France. He was the son of Michel LeComte. He lived at Mannheim in the Palatinate and then in England and also in Netherlands. He was married in the French Church at Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands on 12 December 1660 to Mary Laurens. Nothing is known about her birth or parents.

Jean LeComte arrived in New York with his wife and one son about 1674. On 13 December 1674, they joined the Harlem Dutch Reformed Church. Soon after, Jean became ill and died on 24 May 1675, having been in New York only seven months. His inventory amounted to 606 Guilders. His widow set aside 300 Guilders for their only child, Moses. [Descendants of Jean "Jan" LeComte used the name "DeGraff" which was Dutch for LeComte]

Child of Jean and Mary Laurens LeComte:

  1. Moses LeComte/DeGraff, christened 13 Mar 1660/61 in Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands. Marr. #1, Maria LeBlanck ; #2 abt. 1683, Hester DeLamater . Died aft. 1720.

2. Moses LeComte/DeGraff was probably born in Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands. He was the son of Jean and Mary (Laurens) LeComte. His parents escaped to England when their home in Picardy France was invaded by the army of Louis XIV. Some time later, they were in Netherlands, since Moses was christened 13 March 1661 in the French Church at Middleburg, Zeeland, Netherlands.

Moses was known both by his French name, LeComte and by the Dutch translation of DeGraff (sometimes DeGraaf). He was married to a first wife, Maria LeBlanck. She died before 1683. They had one son who was born in New York City (New Amsterdam) in 1680. He married his second wife, Hester DeLameter about 1683. She was born in 1662 in Harlem, New York. She was the daughter of Claude and Hester (Dubois) Delamater/LeMaistre. Her death date is not known.

Moses arrived in America with his parents in 1674 where they settled in Harlem, New York City and lived there with his first wife, but after her death and his marriage to Hester, he moved to Ulster County, New York. He and his son, Abraham were privates in the Foot Company of Militia of Marbletown@. His death date is not known.

Child of Moses and Maria LeBlanck LeComte:

  1. Samuel LeComte This son used the surname "LeComte".

Children of Moses and Hester (Delamater) LeComte/DeGraff: ( all except son Bondewyn used the surname "DeGraff")

  1. Maria DeGraff was bap. in Kingston, Ulster Co. NY, 19 Jul 1685. Marr. 2 Jan 1701/02, Christian Deyo
  2. Jan (John) DeGraff , bap. 6 Mar 1686/87. Marr. Marijtje (Maria) Peacock. Died abt. 1735.
  3. Hester DeGraff , b. 13 Dec 1688. bap. 23 Dec 1688 in Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY.
  4. Susanna DeGraff , bap. 7 Jan 1690/91 in New York, NY. Marr. Gideon VerVeelen
  5. Abraham DeGraff , bap. 9 Jun 1695. Marr. Elizabeth Parmentier
  6. Margaret DeGraff , bap. 3 Oct 1697. Marr. 30 Aug 1718, Theunnis Terpenning
  7. Bondewyn LeCount (This son used the French name)bap. 17 Dec 1699. Marr. 19 Apr 1722, Rebekka Consalis-Duk. Died abt. 1771.
  8. Jannetje DeGraff , bap. 26 Aug 1701. Marr. Abraham Freer
  9. Rachel DeGraff , b. 1704. Marr. Dirck Terpenning

3. John (Jan) DeGRAFF was christened 6 March 1687 at the Dutch Reformed Church at Kingston, Ulster County, New York. He was the son of Moses LeCOMTE/DeGraff and Hester DELAMATER. He was married about 1708 to Marijtje (Maria) PEACOCK She was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (DENNIS) Peacock. Her birth or death date is not known. After Jan's death, she was remarried 17 January 1736/37 to Lawrence GERBRANTZ of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Jan was taxed in Ulster County, NY in 1709 and In 1712, he bought land in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. He served in the Dutchess County Militia in 1715. He died about 1735. His will was dated 14 November 1733 and probated 5 May 1736. The will listed wife Maria and all children except Sara. His brother, Abraham was an executor. Children of Jan and Hester (Delamater) DeGraff:

  1. Elizabeth DeGraff , bap. 31 Oct 1709. Marr. Baltus VanKleek
  2. Hester DeGraff , bap. 12 Nov 1710. Marr. Nicholas VanWagenen . Died 15 Feb 1796
  3. Moses DeGraff , bap. 8 Feb 1712/13. Marr. #1, 15 Jan 1736/37, Annetjen (Anna) Kip . ; #2?, 27 Jan 1766, Jannetje Freer (see below) Died abt. 1799.
  4. Sarah DeGraff , bap. 6 May 1716. Marr. Gerrit VanWagenen .
  5. Abraham DeGraff , bap. 18 May 1718. Marr. 17 Apr 1741, Marretjen VanWagenen . Died abt. 1775.
  6. Johannes (Jan) DeGraff, bap. 14 Aug 1720.
  7. Petrus DeGraff , bap. 21 Nov 1723. Father's will gave him special considerations since he was deaf and dumb. He probably was unmarried.
  8. Christian DeGraff , bap. 1 Jun 1725.
  9. Jannecke (Jerusha) DeGraff. Marr. Lawrence VanKleek .

3a. Moses DeGraff was christened 8 February 1713 in the Dutch Reformed Church at Kingston, Ulster County, New York). He was the son of John "Jan" and Marijtje (Peacock) DeGraff. (Baptismal Record gives parents as: Jan de-Graaf & Maria Peekok .) His sponsors at his christening were Moses and Hester DeGraff, his paternal grandparents.

Moses was married 15 January 1737 at Fishkill, New York in the Dutch Reformed Church to Antjen (Anna) Kip ., daughter of Jan and Elizabeth (VanKleek) Kip. He was supposedly married again 27 January 1766 to Jannetje Freer . However, his will dated 25 September and probated 7 November 1800 named a wife, Anna. sons Michael, Moses, Barnet, Abraham, Simeon. Dau. Hester (Aaron cole), Dicantea (Cornelius Delamater), Elizabeth (Baltus VanKleek, Maria (Lawrence Baker), Anna (William Hicks), Sarah (Jonathan Jacocks. Executors were his wife and his five sons. Witnesses: John Tarpenning , Moses VanKleek, John M. Cooke .

Children of Moses and Anna (Kip) DeGraff: :

  1. Jan DeGraff bap. 15 May 1737. Probably died young.
  2. Michael DeGraff , b. abt. 1738. Marr. his cousin, Jannetje (Jane) Degraff on 20 Dec 1774. Deid in Poland, Herkimer Co. NY 24 Jan 1807
  3. Elizabeth DeGraff , bap. 8 May 1740. Marr. Baltus Van Kleek .
  4. Moses DeGraff , b. abt. 1742 in Poughkeepsie. Marr. #1, 26 Jun 1766, Antonette Van Kleeck .
  5. Barnet DeGraff, b. abt. 1744.
  6. Abraham DeGraff b. abt. 1748. Marr. 20 Nov 1768, Marijte (Maria) Grier/Griggs
  7. Simeon DeGraff , b. abt. 1748. Marr. #1,. Elizabeth Churchill ' #2, Mrs. Sarah Reed
  8. Hester DeGraff , b. abt. 1750. Marr. Aaron Cole
  9. Dicantha DeGraff , b. abt. 1752. Marr. Colnelius Delameter
  10. Maria DeGraff , b. ab. 1754. Marr. Lawrence Baker
  11. Anna DeGraff , b. abt. 1756. Marr. William Hicks
  12. Sarah DeGraff , b. abt. 2758. Marr.

3b. Abraham DeGraff was baptized 18 May 1718. He was the son of John (Jan and Maitjen (Peacock) and the brother of Moses DeGraff (see above). Abraham was married 17 April 1741 in Poughkeepsie, NY to Marretjen (Maria)VanWagenen . The marriage record read "April 17, 1741, Ghetrout Abraham deGraef met Marritie van wagene" Maria was baptized 24 November 1723 in the Dutch Reformed Church at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County,, NY and was the daughter of Evert and Hillegond (Van Heynigen) Van Wagenen.

Abraham's occupation was cordwainer. In 1739, he was listed as a Deacon of the Dutch Reformed Church in Poughkeepsie, however, he was a subscriber in 1773 to the building of Christ Church in that town, and so the family probably changed denominations about that time. Abraham died about 1775 at about age 57. Children of Abraham and Maria (Van Wagenen) DeGraff:

  1. John (Jan) DeGraff , bap. 8 Jun 1742 . Marr. Joanna (Henne) Yelverton
  2. Sarah DeGraff , b. abt. 1744. Marr. Michael Waldron
  3. Moses DeGraff, b. abt. 1748. Marr. #1, Mary Churchill ; #2,, Elizabeth Tabler
  4. Marya DeGraff , b. abt 1750. Marr. Heskia Hoogteeling
  5. Jannetje (Jane( DeGraff , b. abt. 1753. Marr. 20 Dec 1774, her cousin Michael DeGraff (see above). Died 6 Mar 1843 in Newport, Herkimer Co. NY.
  6. Nicholas DeGraff , b. abt. 1754.
  7. Abraham DeGraff , b. 15 Mar 1761. Marr. 27 Jun 1782, Hannah Tompkins . Died 26 Nov 1826 in Saratoga Co. NY.
  8. Evert DeGraff , bap. 21 Mar 1764. Marr. Hester Bush .Died 4 May 1826.
  9. Petrus DeGraff , bap. 6 Apr 1766.

4. Michael DeGraff was born about 1738, probably in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY. He was the son of Moses and Antjen "Anna" (Kip) DeGraff. He was married 20 December 1774 in Poughkeepsie to his first cousin, Jannetje "Jane" DeGraff. She was born about 1754 at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY and was the daughter of Abraham and Marretjen (Van Wagenen) DeGraff. She married her cousin, Michael DeGraff in 1774.

Shortly after their marriage, Michael and Jannetje moved to Half Moon, Saratoga County, NY. When the Revolutionary War began, Michael enlisted and served as an Ensign and later as a Lieutenant in the New York Militia in Col. Jacobus Van Schoonheven's Regiment. The regiment fought against Burgoyne at Lake George, at the burning of Cherry Valley and was at Ft. Edward two times. Jane was left alone with a small child. She was afraid of the Indians and Tories and was frequently forced to pass the night in the woods to avoid being taken prisoner while her husband was away. Jane died 6 March 1843, about age 88 at Newport, Herkimer County, NY.

After the war, Michael and Jane DeGraff moved back to Poughkeepsie and then to Fishkill, NY. They moved to Norway, Herkimer County, NY sometime shortly after 1800. His occupation was millwright. Michael DeGraff died 24 January 1807, age 68 at Poland, Herkimer County, NY.

Neither Michael nor his wife, Jane, received a Revolutionary War pension, but after Jane's death the surviving children filed a claim (#2844) in 1844. They were listed as: Sarah Allen of Deerfield, NY; Anna Cooper, a widow in Schuyler, NY, Betsy (Elizabeth), wife of Cranston Harvey of Cattaraugus County, NY; and Lydia, widow of Solomon Harvey of Pennsylvania. Children of Michael and Jane (DeGraff) DeGraff::

  1. Maria DeGraffb. 13 Nov 1775 at Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co. NY. Marr. (?) Henry Rains . Died bef. 1854.
  2. Antenetta (Anna) DeGraff, , b. 11 Aug 1778 at Poughkeepsie, NY. Marr. Peter Cooper .
  3. Hester DeGraff , b. 29 Jun 1782 at Poughkeepsie, NY. Probably died young.
  4. Abraham DeGraff , b. 6 Aug 1786 at New Hackensack, NY. bap. 3 Sep 1786. Died bef. 1854.
  5. Elizabeth DeGraff , b. 30 Sep 1788 at New Hackensack, NY. bap. 2 Nov 1788. Marr.abt. 1805, Cranson Harvey . Died 5 Apr 1880 at Charleston, Tioga Co. PA at home of daughter, Matilda Reese .
  6. Lydia DeGraff , b. 30 Mar 1792 at New Hackensack, NY. Marr. Solomon Harvey .
  7. Margaret DeGraff , b. 5 Nov 1794 at New Hackensack, NY. Probably died young.
  8. Sarah DeGraff , b. 28 Mar 1796 in New Hackensack, NY. Marr. #1, Mr. Allen ; #2, bef. 1850, Silas Harrison . Lived in Deerfield, Oneida Co. NY.

5. Elizabeth DeGraff was born 30 September 1788 in New Hackensack, Dutchess County, NY. She was the daughter of Michael and Jannetje "Jane" (DeGraff) DeGraff. Her parents were first cousins. Elizabeth and her husband, Cranson Harvey moved from Herkimer County, NY to Cattaraugus County, NY and lived with a daughter and son-in-law after deeding their property to them with the understanding that they would be cared for. The son-in-law “threw them out” shortly before Cranson died in 1856. After Cranson’s death, Elizabeth lived with several of her children for short times. In 1860 she was living with her son, George, in Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin. In 1865, she was back in Cattaraugus County living with daughter, Lydia Ann and her husband. Later, she was living in Charlestown, Tioga County, PA with another daughter, Matilda and her husband, Josiah Reese. Elizabeth DeGraff Harvey died in Tioga County on 5 April 1880 and is buried in the Reese Hill Cemetery in Charleston Township.

For children of Elizabeth DeGraff and Cranson Harvey - see Descendants of Cranson Harvey


(Please remember that this family can be subject to errors due to the various spelling of the surname. I welcome any questions or corrections.)