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This is the line from Henry Elliot that I descend from. I have a little information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW

Henry Elliot was born 20 November 1650 at New London, CT. He is said to have been the son of Joseph and Deborah Elliot. The intention of his marriage to Deborah (Bell) York, widow of James York was published 12 March 1679 in Stonington, New London County, CT. Deborah was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Bell of Boston, MA. She was born 29 November 1650 at Boston. She was married in Boston on 17 Jan 1668/69 to James York who died in Stonington, CT on 26 Oct 1678. There were four children born to this marriage.

Henry was a soldier in King Philip’s War in 1676. He spent his life in Stonington where he was a merchant and a trader with the Indians. He died in 1701 at Stonington.

Children of Henry and Deborah (Bell) Elliot: All born in Stonington, CT

  1. Deborah Elliot twin, b. 28 Nov 1681. Marr. 4 Nov 1696, William Holdredge .
  2. Anna Elliot twin, b. 28 Nov 1681.
  3. Hopestill Elliot , b. 18 Aug 1684. Marr. 7 Nov 1723, Joseph Coats .
  4. Mary Elliot , b. 22 May 1687. Marr. William Burch . Died 1760.
  5. Dorothy Elliot , b. 15 Apr 1688.
  6. Elizabeth Elliot , b. 3 Aug 1690.
  7. Henry Elliot , b. 16 Apr 1693. Wife was Mary. Died 12 may 1767.
  8. Joseph Elliot , b. 21 Oct 1694. Marr. 10 Apr 1720, Joanna Brooks .

II. Joseph Elliot was born 21 October 1694 at Stonington, New London County, CT. He was the son of Henry and Deborah (Bell-York) Elliot. He was married 10 April 1720 at Stonington to Joanna Brooks. She was the daughter of Thomas Brooks of Scituate and nothing more is known of her family. Joseph and Joanna were members of the First Congregational Church in Stonington It is said that Joseph married a second wife, Elizabeth Pendleton 26 June 1739 and had three children by her.

Children of Joseph and Joanna (Brooks) Elliot: All born in Stonington, CT.

  1. Annah Elliot , b. 30 Jan 1720/21.
  2. John Elliot , b. 3 May 1722 (twin). Marr. Hannah Wilbur . Died 27 May 1765.
  3. Hannah Elliot , b. 3 May 1722 (twin).
  4. Dorothy Elliot , b. 10 Apr 1725.
  5. Asa Elliot , b. 13 Apr 1727. Marr. #1, 21 June 1753, Mary Beebe , #2, Susannah Babcock.
  6. Zebulon Elliot , b. 3 Jan 1730/31. Marr. Abigail Dennison
  7. Joseph Elliot , b. 28 July 1732. Marr. Desire Burrows . Died abt. 1799 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY.

III. Joseph Elliot was born 28 July 1732 in Stonington, CT. He was the son of Joseph and Joanna (Brooks). He was christened 6 August 1732 at the First Congregational Church (Old Road Church) in Stonington, CT. Joseph was married about 1758 to Desire Burrows. She was the daughter of John and Desire (Packer) Burrows. (See my Burrows web page ).

Joseph and Desire lived in Mystic, CT until 1777 when they moved to New Hampshire where their youngest son, Ittai, was born. They then moved to Leyden, Franklin County, MA and Joseph's name was added to the Leyden Roster in 1779. In the 1790 census, he was listed as Joseph Elliot, Esquire. This title was given to those with a considerable estate. About 1796, Joseph and Desire moved to Greene, Chenango County, NY. He died there about 1799. His will, found in Chenango County, NY Will Book A, page 8 was probated on 24 Feb 1800. His grave has not been found.

Children of Joseph and Desire (Burrows) Elliot: (1st 8 born in Mystic, CT).

  1. Desire Elliot , b. abt. 1760. Marr. 18 Mar 1781, John Wells .
  2. Hopestill Elliot , b. abt. 1761. Marr. Daniel Lamphfer .
  3. Adin Elliot , b. 28 Jan 1763. Marr. Frances "Fanny" Rhodes . Died 4 Oct 1837 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY.
  4. Thomas Elliot , b. 11 Sep 1766. Marr. Kaussiah/Desire Dury . Died 11 Jan 1851 in Allegany Co. NY.
  5. Lemuel Elliot , b. 1768. Marr. 14 Sep 1789, Mrs. Annis Dunn in Leyden, Franklin Co. MA. Died 26 May 1845 in Leyden.
  6. Lydia Elliot , b. abt. 1771. Marr. 19 Jan 1791 in Leyden, Franklin Co. MA, Nathan Bennett.
  7. Joab Elliot , b. 17 Aug 1773. Marr. 8 Sep 1797 in Deerfield, Franklin Co. MA, , Nancy Kendricks . Died 6 Apr 1855 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY.
  8. Betsy Elliot , b. abt. 1774. Marr. Roswell Fitch
  9. Abisha Elliot , b. 1776 in MA or VT. Marr. Sarah Cornish Died 22 Apr 1839 in Coventry, Chenango Co. NY.
  10. Ittai Elliot , b. 1779 in NH. Marr. Esther Lusina Page . Died 1865 in West Almond, Allegany Co. NY.

IV. Adin Elliot was born 28 January 1763 at Mystic, CT. He was the son of Joseph and Desire (Burrows) Elliot. He was married about 1788 to Frances “Fanny” Rhodes. She was born 4 March 1764 in Pawtucket, RI. She was the daughter of Charles and Deborah (Greene) Rhodes. She died 6 July 1839 and is buried in Lower Page Brook Cemetery in Chenango County, NY with her husband.

About 1792, Adin and Fanny settled in Greene, Chenango County, NY when there were only two other families there. On 5 October, 1793, Adin Was appointed Ensign in the Tioga County, Town of Chenango, Militia. In 1795 he opened the second tavern in town. Although he was farmer like most men of his time, he also held many public offices. In 1798, he was elected Poormaster. He was Inspector of Election for Coventry, NY in 1807, 1809 and 1811. He was Overseer of Highways for three years and was Assessor for the Town of Coventry for five years.

Adin Elliot died 4 October 1837 at age 74. He is buried in Lower Page Brook Cemetery in Chenango County, NY. The inscription on his Tombstone reads:

“Beneath this stone an honored parent lies
Death will not stay for pleading children’s cries.
No fond companion can afford one breath,
Where fastened in they arms, O Death”
Children of Adin and Frances (Rhodes) Elliot:
  1. Charles Rhodes Elliot , b. 16 May 1789. Marr. 1811, Susannah Cornish . Died 9 Aug 1855.
  2. Desire Elliot , b. 20 Oct 1790. Marr. Jabez Cornish . Died 4 July 1823.
  3. Adin Elliot, Jr. , b. 23 Dec 1792. Died 5 Sep 1795.
  4. Polly Elliot , b. 18 Mar 1794. Marr. Benjamin J. Brownell .
  5. Joseph Elliot , b. 12 Oct 1795. Marr. #1, 1821, Eliza Haxton ; #2, Abigail Kendrick . Died 3 June 1879.
  6. Betsy Elliot , b. 18 Apr 1797. Marr. Mr. Wilson.
  7. Frances Elliot , b. 6 Mar 1801. Marr. William Brownell .
  8. James Harron Elliot , b. 19 Dec 1804. Marr. 1829, Malitta Springsteen . Died 26 Dec 1881.
  9. Denise Elliot , b. 1806.

V. Joseph N. B. Elliot was born 12 October 1795 in Greene, Chenango County, New York. He was the son of Adin and Frances (Rhodes) Elliot. His name was given in the Index to Claims, War of 1812, as Joseph N. B. Elliot. He named one of his sons, Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte Elliot and this probably was his name also. Joseph N. B. was married in 1821 to Eliza Haxton. She was born 25 January 1798. She is probably the daughter of Timothy and Abigail (Osborn) Haxton . There is a possibility that they were her grandparents instead of her parents, but proof cannot yet be found. She married Joseph Elliot in 1821. Eliza died 18 November 1833 at age 35. She is buried in Lower Page Brook Cemetery in Chenango County, NY. After her death, Joseph was married again at Heath, Mass. to Abigail Kendrick, who was born in 1790 and died 12 August 1870.

Joseph served in the War of 1812 in Captain James Sellick's company of the 133rd. regiment commanded by Col. Bellinger. He was drafted in August 1814 and served as a Private. He received a discharge at Sackett's Harbor NY in November 1814. He applied for a pension in 1850. He said in his application that he came home from the service sick and had discharge papers pinned in his vest pocket, but when he got home, his mother washed the vest and the papers were destroyed. He was granted a pension of $8.00 per month (Pension #3342). In 1819, Joseph was appointed Ensign of the Chenango Co. 132nd Regiment of Infantry. He was promoted to Captain in 1821.

Joseph Elliot died at age 84 on 3 June 1879 at North Fenton, Broome County, NY. He is buried inside an enclosure at Lower Page Brook Cemetery. There is a single monument inscribed with his name, along with " Eliza, 1st wife, and Abigail, 2nd wife". His will which was dated 13 August 1873 leaves to his son, Joseph N. B. Elliot " $100 cash, my rifle, watch and wearing apparel... to daughter-in-law Mary E. Elliot, "one cow and all my household furniture (except my silver spoons)" each granddaughter, Florence E. Elliot and Hattie A. Elliot, one sheep...1/4 each of the rest of real and personal property to my daughter, Sally L. daughter, Adah Ann daughter-in-law...and the remaining 1/4 to two granddaughters, Florence and Hattie.

Children of Joseph and Eliza (Haxton) Elliot: All born in Chenango Co. NY.

  1. Sarah L. Elliot, b. 10 Sep 1822. Marr. abt. 1843, Eli Burrows . Died 17 Apr 1895 in Allegany Co. NY.
  2. Twin boys Elliot , b. abt. 1823. Died as infants.
  3. Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte Elliot , b. 1825. Marr. #1, 9 Nov 1849, Ellen McComber . She died 2 days after the marriage on 11 Nov 1849. Second wife was named Mary. Died 1891.
  4. Adah Ann Elliot , b. 1826. Marr. 4 Nov 1841, Rufus B. Marsh .
  5. Andrew Jackson Elliot , b. 1829. Marr. 4 Apr 1859, Mary E. Horton . Died 1872 in North Fenton, Broome Co. NY.
  6. Eldridge A. Elliot , b. 1830.

VI. Sarah L. Elliot was born 10 September 1822 in Chenango County, NY. She was the daughter of Joseph and Eliza (Haxton) Elliot. She was married to Eli S. Burrows about 1843. Eli was born 7 September 1823 in Chenango County, NY. He was the son of Nathan and Sarah (Barnum) Burrows.

Eli purchased 38 acres in Chenango County, NY from his father on 17 April 1849 and on the same day gave a mortgage on the property to Frederick Juliand in the amount of $368.00. He sold the property for $450.00 on 1 April 1850. In the summer of 1850, Eli and Sarah were living in Elmira, NY where his occupation was listed as laborer. He was probably working as a lumberman. About 1853, Eli and Sarah moved to Scio, Allegany Co. NY and in 1855, he is listed as a "sawyer". By 1875, he was a farmer and raised corn and potatoes, had 30 apple trees and six cows. On the membership register of Christ Episcopal Church, Belvidere Village, Allegany County, NY, Eli and Sarah were listed as Family #28.

Eli died 10 December 1897 at age 74 in Belvidere. Sarah died 17 April 1895 at age 73 in Belvidere, NY and is buried in the cemetery by Old Christ Episcopal Church there along with Eli and their son, Joseph.

Children of Sarah Elliot and Eli Burrows:

  1. Sarah Eliza Burrows , b. 20 Feb 1844. Marr. 14 Oct 1863 in Belvidere, Allegany Co. NY, George Bullock . Died 12 Oct 1931 in Bradford, PA.
  2. Joseph Burrows , b. 14 Feb 1851. Died 29 Jan 1859.


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