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This is the line from James Haxton that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW

James Haxton was born in Scotland. His parents are not known. From a quote in Wyman’s Genealogies & Estates of Charlestown, MA there is a reference in the old town files, “James Haxtone, Scotch boy in Ketch Mary and Elizabeth from Scotland 1679". He stayed in the Charlestown/Boston area as late as 1689. In 1712, he purchased a homestead in Kingstown, RI. He was a tailor.

His wife was named Mary and was probably Mary Westcott. James died about 1717. A guardian was appointed for his minor children on 8 April 1717. His inventory included such items as: 3 guns, one old “soard” [sword], money scales, chests with locks and “keas”, pewter plates, platters & porridgers, 8 silver spoons, and a “Satting” [satin] handkerchief. He had 65 gallons of rum and a large amount of tobacco. He also had 29 yearling cattle, 21 two year old cattle, 17 sheep and 8 lambs. He was quite prosperous for this time period.

  1. James Haxton no information

  2. Martha Haxton Marr. 25 Jun 1744, Joseph Jess

  3. Mary Haxton Marr. James Baker . Died aft. 1732.

  4. Tamson Haxton Marr. (Unk.) Havens

  5. William Haxton Marr. Elizabeth (Unk.)

  6. Elizabeth Haxton b. abt. 1695. Marr. 6 Mar 1714/15, Comfort Baker in N. Kingstown, RI.

  7. Benjamin Haxton b. 15 Jun 1705 in Canterbury, Windham Co. CT. Marr. abt. 1732, Anne Smith. Died abt. 1732 in Greene Co. NY.

  8. Margaret Haxton b. abt. 1710. Marr. 18 Oct 1730, Stephen Sherman. Died 17 Nov 1748 in N. Kingstown, RI.

  9. Hannah Haxton b. abt. 1714. Marr. 11 Apr 1734, Edward Carr in N. Kingstown, RI.

2. Benjamin Haxton was born 15 June 1705 at Canturbury, Windham County, CT. He was the son of James and Mary (Westcott) Haxton. He was married about 1732 to Anne Smith. She was born about 1707, probably in North Kingstown, RI to William and Patience (Harris) Smith.

Benjamin was a minor when his father died and he chose as a guardian, Samuel Kingsley, who was also the guardian for his young sisters. In June 1737, he sued his brother, James for non-payment of a debt and at that time stated that he was a mariner. By August 1745, he was living at Newport, RI and described himself in a petition as a “boatman”. In 1746, he was still in Newport, serving as the ship’s carpenter on the Sloop “Charming Betty”.

The “Charming Betty” was a well known privateer ship. It sailed under the British flag and mainly engaged French ships around Bermuda. Today, we would call it a pirate ship because of their activities. In 1747, the “Clinton” of NY and the “Charming Betty” of RI fought two French frigates for three hours. There were many deaths and several prisoners taken.

Perhaps because of the hard life on a ship, or because he was growing older, Benjamin Haxton decided to quit the sea and moved his family to Greene County, NY. Shortly after the move, Benjamin was killed by Indians while he was repairing the roof of his mill.

Children of Benjamin and Anne (Smith) Haxton:

  1. Eleanor Haxton b. abt. 1730. Marr. 9 July 1749, Samuel Brown in Westerly, RI.

  2. Andrew Haxton, b. abt. 1733 in North Kingstown, RI. Marr. abt. 1757, Abigail Wooden. Died 3 Nov 1801 in Berkshire Co.MA.

  3. Benjamin Haxton, b. 15 June 1741. Marr. Mary (Unk.). Died aft. May 1817 in Vernon, Oneida Co. NY.

  4. Jeremiah Haxton b. 18 Jan 1744/45 in Warwick, Kent Co. RI. Twin. Marr. #1, Amy Sweet , #2, Rhoda Adkin

  5. James Levi Haxton b. 18 Jan 1744/45 in Warwick, Kent Co. RI. Twin. Marr. Molby Bennett . Died 1754.

  6. Nathaniel Haxton died 1782. No other information.

3. Andrew Haxton was born about 1733, probably in North Kingstown, RI. He was the son of Benjamin and Anne (Smith) Haxton. He was married about 1757 to Abigail Woodin. Her birth and parents have not been found. She and Andrew were the parents of ten children. Abigail died before 1789, since Andrew was married a second time on 23 April 1789 to Elizabeth (Watrous) Sherman, a widow of John Lee Sherman. He had one son by Elizabeth.

In 1774, Andrew became one of the land owners in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts that became the town of Mt. Washington. He also bought land in Sheffield, the township bordering Mount Washington on the east. In January 1775, he and Peter Wooden served on a coroner’s jury and at that time, Andrew is called “of Sheffield”. In 1782, he was the tax collector in Berkshire County, MA.

Two of Andrew’s daughters, Martha and Anna joined the Shaker Community. A third daughter, Mary, and her husband David Osborne are also thought to have joined the Shakers. Andrew died in 1801. On 1 September 1801, Abe “Haxstun”, his only son by Elizabeth was appointed administrator of his estate.

Children of Andrew and Abigail (Woodin) Haxton:

  1. Timothy Haxton, b. abt. 1760 in CT. Marr. Abigail Osborn . Died bef. 1857 in Chenango Co. NY.

  2. Benjamin Haxton b. abt. 1763 in Western MA. Marr. #1, Sarah "Sally" Benjamin ; #2, Sarah Morton and #3, Martha Weeks . Died 1 Dec 1836 in Catskill, Greene Co. NY.

  3. Jeremiah Haxton b. 30 Mar 1764. Marr. Elizabeth King . Died 12 July 1812 in Tauconnuck Mt., Berkshire Co. MA.

  4. Martha Haxton b. abt. 1765. Unmarried/Shaker Died 2 Apr 1793 in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co. MA.

  5. Edith Haxton b. 8 Feb 1869. Marr. 2 Feb 1789, George King . Died 1 Dec 1824 in Norwich, Chenango Co. CT.

  6. Patience Haxton b. abt. 1771. Marr. James (or William) Galloway. Prob. died in Cambridge, Washington Co. NY.

  7. Andrew Haxton b. abt. 1775. Marr. Abbie Palmer .

  8. Abigail Haxton b. abt. 1776. Marr. David Osborne . Lived in Columbia Co. NY.>

  9. Anna Haxton b. abt. 1777. Unmarried/Shaker. Died 19 Oct 1827.


Timothy Haxton was probably born about 1760 in CT. He was the son of Andrew and Abigail (Woodin) Haxton. He married Abigail Osborn . Her parents are unknown. In 1800 there was and Ezekiel Osborn who was enumerated in the census of Livingston, Columbia County, NY and the three names following his were Ezekiel Osborn, Jr., Jonathan Osborn and Timothy Haxton. Therefore, we feel quite certain that Ezekiel Sr. was the father of Abigail.

Very little is known about Timothy and Abigail. They lived in Livingston and Gallatin, Columbia County, NY and then in Greene, Chenango County, NY. He was still living in February 1810 when he and his wife, Abigail gave a mortgage to William Morris of Saratoga County, NY. He died sometime before 1857 in Chenango Co. NY.

Children of Timothy and Abigail (Osborn) Haxton: (There were certainly more children. The following are the only children who we think belonged to them)

  1. Timothy Haxton, Jr.

  2. Jeremiah Haxton

  3. Eliza Haxton b. 25 Jan 1798 in Greene, Chenango Co. NY. Marr. 1821, Joseph Elliot, Sr. Died 18 Nov 1833 in Chenango Co. NY. ( Eliza could be the daughter of Timothy Haxton Jr.)


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