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First Name Study of the Walsh Surname
Geographic Analysis of Griffith's Valuation in County Kilkenny
Sorted by First Name

Source: Griffith's Valuation of County Kilkenny, Ireland - completed in 1849-1850
Sorted by Civil Parish

* Same Table, Sorted by Parish *

Civil Parish
located in
Adam Aharney  
Alice Owning  
Alice Rathpatrick  
Alice Thomastown  
Alice Tubbrid  
Alicia St.Johns  
Anastasia Dunkitt (4)
Anastasia Fiddown  
Anastasia Jerpointchurch  
Anastasia Kilcoan (2)
Anastasia Kilmanagh (2)
Anastasia Shankill  
Anastasia St.Patricks  
Anastatia Derrynahinch  
Anastatia St.Johns  
Andrew Callan (4)
Andrew Castelcomer  
Andrew Coolcraheen  
Andrew Dysartmoon (2)
Andrew Rossinan  
Andrew Rower  
Andrew Shanbogh  
Andrew Thomastown  
Rev.Andrew Tullahought  
Anne Ballygurrim  
Anne Dunkitt  
Anne Fertagh  
Anne Graiguenamanagh  
Anne Jerpointabbey  
Anne St.Patricks  
Anne Tullaherin  
Arthur Kilmacow  
Arthur Clonmore  
Arthur Rathcoole  
Bartholmew Coolaghmore  
Bridget Aghaviller (2)
Bridget Aharney  
Bridget Coolaghmore  
Bridget Danesfort (2)
Bridget Donaghmore  
Bridget Dunkitt  
Bridget Freshford  
Bridget Grange  
Bridget Kells  
Bridget Kilbeacon  
Bridget Kilcolumb (2)
Bridget Lismateige  
Bridget Pleberstown  
Bridget Rathpatrick  
Bridget Rossinan  
Bridget St.Canices  
Bridget St.Mauls  
Bridget Tullaroan  
Catherine Dunkitt (3)
Catherine Dysart  
Catherine Dysartmoon  
Catherine Fiddown (2)
Catherine Freshford  
Catherine Grangesilvia  
Catherine Kilcoan  
Catherine Killahy (2)
Catherine Kilmacow  
Catherine Kilmadum  
Catherine Lismateige  
Catherine Muckalee  
Catherine St.Johns  
Catherine Thomastown  
Catherine Urlingford  
Catherine Whitechurch  
Cecilia Borrismore  
Cornelius Fiddown  
Cornelius Tullaroan  
Daniel Coolaghmore (3)
Daniel Gowran  
Daniel Kilmanagh  
Daniel Mallardstown  
David Derrynahinch  
David Dungarvan  
David Fiddown  
David Kilkeasy (4)
David Kilmakevoge (2)
David Lismateige  
David Pollrone (2)
David Rossinan  
David St.Canices  
David St.Marys  
Edmond Aghaviller  
Edmond Aharney (2)
Edmond Derrynahinch (7)
Edmond Fertagh (3)
Edmond Freshford  
Edmond Kilbeacon  
Edmond Kilkeasy  
Edmond Kilree (2)
Edmond Knocktopher (2)
Edmond Tullaroan  
Edmund Attanagh  
Edmund Callan  
Edmund Castelinch  
Edmund Clonmore (2)
Edmund Donaghmore  
Edmund Dunkitt (2)
Edmund Dysartmoon  
Edmund Ennisnag  
Edmund Graiguenamanagh  
Edmund Inistioge (2)
Edmund Jerpointchurch  
Edmund Jerpointwest (2)
Edmund Kilcoan  
Edmund Kilcolumb (2)
Edmund Kilderry  
Edmund Kilmacahill  
Edmund Muckalee (2)
Edmund Pollrone (7)
Edmund,Rev. Pollrone  
Edmund Portnascully (3)
Edmund Rathkieran (4)
Edmund St.Johns (2)
Edmund Thomastown  
Edward Burnchurch  
Edward Castlecomer (2)
Edward Clara  
Edward Columkille (3)
Edward Donaghmore  
Edward Dunmore  
Edward Fiddown (4)
Edward Grangemaccomb  
Edward Kilfane  
Edward Kilmacow (4)
Edward Kilmanagh  
Edward Owning  
Edward Rower (2)
Edward St.Canices  
Edward Thomastown  
Edward Tullaherin  
Eleanor Derrynahinch  
Eleanor St.Canices  
Ellen Ballytobin  
Ellen Dunkitt (2)
Ellen Graiguenamanagh  
Ellen Inistioge  
Ellen Kilbeacon  
Ellen Kilkeasy  
Ellen Killahy  
Ellen Kilmacar  
Ellen Kilmacow  
Ellen Kilmanagh  
Ellen Listerlin  
Ellen Portnascully  
Ellen Rower  
Ellen St.Johns  
Ellen St.Patricks  
Eliza Knocktopher  
Eliza St.Marys  
Eliza Thomastown  
Elizabeth Attanagh  
Elizabeth Rathkieran  
Elizabeth Rathpatrick (2)
Elizabeth Rower  
Elizabeth Thomastown (2)
Felix Owning  
Francis Inistioge  
Francis St.Canices  
George Fiddown  
Hannah Kells  
Honora Erke  
Honoria St.Patricks  
James Aghaviler  
James Aglish  
James Aharney  
James Attanagh  
James Ballycallan (2)
James Balygurrim (3)
James Ballytarsney  
James Blanchvilleskill (2)
James Callan (2)
James Castlecomer (4)
James Clonamery  
James Clonmore  
James Columbkille  
James Coolcashin (2)
James Derrynahinch (6)
James Donaghmore (3)
James Dungarvan (2)
James Dunkitt (3)
James Dunnamaggan  
James Dysartmoon (2)
James Ennisnag (2)
James Fertagh (2)
Jas.,Rev. Fertagh  
James Fiddown (7)
James Freshford (2)
James Gowran  
James Graiguenamanagh (3)
James Grange  
James Grangesilvia  
James Inistioge (9)
James Jerpointchurch  
James Jerpointwest (3)
James Kilbeacon (9)
James Kilbride (2)
James Kilcolumb (3)
James Kilfane (2)
James Kilkeasy (2)
James Killahy (2)
James Kilmacahill  
James Kilmacar (2)
James Kilmacow (4)
James Kilmademoge  
James Kilmaganny (2)
James Kilmakevoge  
James Kilmanagh  
James Knocktopher (5)
James Mothell  
James Muckalee  
James Odagh  
James Owning  
James Pollrone (5)
James Portnascully (4)
James Rathkieran (6)
James Rosbercon (3)
James Rower (13)
James,Rev. Rower (2)
James Shankill  
James Sheffin  
James St.Canices (4)
James St.Johns  
James St.Marys (4)
James Thomastown (2)
James Tiscoffin  
James Tubbrid  
James Tullaroan  
Jas. Kilbeacon  
Jas. Kilcolumb  
Jeremiah Freshford  
Jeremiah Inistioge  
Jeremiah Kilmaganny  
Jeremiah Kilree  
Johanna Fiddown (2)
Johanna Listerlin  
Johanna St.Johns  
Johanna Tibberaghny  
Johanna Tullahought  
Johanna Tullaroan  
John Aghaviller (3)
John Aglish (3)
John Arderra (2)
John Balleen (2)
John Ballycallan  
John Ballygurrim  
John Ballytarsney  
John Ballytobin  
John Burnchurch  
John Callan (9)
John Castlcomer (2)
John Castleinch  
John Clashacrow  
John Clonmore  
John Columbkille  
John Coolcashin (3)
John Coolcraheen  
John Danesfort (2)
John Derrynahinch (6)
John Donaghmore  
John Dunkitt (6)
John Dunmore  
John Dunnamaggan  
John Dysartmoon  
John Ennisnag (2)
John Erke (2)
John Fertagh (6)
John Fiddown (9)
John Freshford (2)
John Gowran (3)
John Graiguenamanagh (2)
John Grange  
John Inistioge (4)
John Jerpointabbey  
John Jerpointchurch (5)
John Kells (6)
John Kilbeacon (4)
John Kilbride  
John Kilcolumb (3)
John Kilkeasy  
John Killahy (2)
John Killaloe  
John Killamery (2)
John Kilmacahill (4)
John Kilmacar (2)
John Kilmacow (8)
John Kilmaganny  
John Kilmakevoge (2)
John Kilmanagh (3)
John Knocktopher  
John Mallardstown (3)
John Mothyell (3)
John Muckalee (6)
John Odagh  
John Outrath (4)
John Owning (3)
John Pleberstown  
John Pollrone (4)
John Portnascully (5)
John Powerstown  
John Rathbeagh (2)
John Rathcoole  
John Rathkieran (5)
John Rathpatrick (2)
John Rosbercon (2)
John Rossinan (4)
John Rower (6)
John Shankill (4)
John St.Canices (8)
John St.Johns (5)
John St.Marys (2)
John St.Patricks (3)
John Stonecarthy (2)
John Thomastown (2)
John Treadingstown  
John Tubbrid  
John Tullaherin  
John Tullahought (2)
John Tullaroan  
John Ullid  
John Urlingford  
John Whitechurch  
John,Esq. Fiddown (2)
John,Esq. Owning  
John,Esq. St.Canices (2)
John,Esq. St.Patricks  
John,Esq. Wells  
Joseph Aharney  
Joseph Derrynahinch (4)
Joseph Donaghmore  
Joseph Dunbell  
Joseph Grangemaccomb  
Joseph Knocktopher (2)
Joseph Thomastown  
Js. Derrynahinch  
Judith Castlecomer  
Judith Columbkille  
Judith Coolaghmore  
Judith Derrynahinch  
Judith Donaghmore (2)
Judith Inistioge  
Judith Kilbeacon  
Judith St.Canices (2)
K. St.Patricks  
Keiran St.Canices  
Kenny St.Canices  
Keiran Balleen  
Keiran Kilree  
Keiran Rossinan  
Laurence Danesfort  
Laurence Outrath  
Lawrence Derrynahinch  
Lawrence Fiddown (2)
Lawrence Freshford (4)
Lawrence Kells (3)
Lawrence Kilcolumb (3)
Lawrence Kilmacow  
Lawrence Kilmanagh  
Lawrence Listerlin  
Lawrence Mallardstown  
Lawrence Portnascully  
Lawrence Rossinan  
Lawrence Rower  
Leonard Kilree  
Luke Rower  
Marcus Shankill  
Marcus St.Canices (2)
Margaret Ballygurrim  
Margaret Callan (2)
Margaret Castlecomer (2)
Margaret Clonmantagh  
Margaret Columbkille  
Margaret Derrynahinch  
Margaret Donaghmore  
Margaret Dunkitt  
Margaret Dysartmoon (3)
Margaret Fiddown (4)
Margaret Glashare  
Margaret Graiguenamanagh  
Margaret Jerpointchurch  
Margaret Killahy (2)
Margaret Muckalee  
Margaret Outrath  
Margaret Pollrone  
Margaret Portnascully  
Margaret Rathcoole  
Margaret Rathkieran  
Margaret Rathpatrick  
Margaret Rosbercon  
Margaret St.Canices  
Margaret St.Patricks  
Margaret St.Johns  
Margaret Tullahought  
Margaret Whitechurch  
Mark Ballycallan  
Mark Callan  
Mark Kells  
Mark Killaloe (2)
Martin Balleen (2)
Martin Columbkille  
Martin Derrynahinch (2)
Martin Donaghmore (2)
Martin Dunkitt  
Martin Fertagh  
Martin Fiddown (4)
Martin Freshford (2)
Martin Jerpointchurch  
Martin Killahy  
Martin Kilmacow (4)
Martin Kilmaganny (2)
Martin Mothell  
Martin Odagh  
Martin Rathbeagh  
Martin Rathpatrick  
Martin Rossinan (2)
Martin Rower (3)
Martin Tibberaghny  
Martin Tullaghanbrogue  
Martin Tullaherin  
Martin Tullaroan  
Martin Ullid  
Martin Urlingford  
Mary Aghaviller  
Mary Aglish (2)
Mary Aharney  
Mary Ballygurrim  
Mary Callan  
Mary Castleinch  
Mary Coolaghmore (2)
Mary Derrynahinch (6)
Mary Dungarvan  
Mary Dunkitt  
Mary Dunnamaggan (2)
Mary Dysartmoon (3)
Mary Fiddown (5)
Mary Graiguenamanagh  
Mary Inistioge (2)
Mary Jerpointchurch  
Mary Kells  
Mary Kilbeacon  
Mary Kilcolumb (2)
Mary Kilderry  
Mary Kilkeasy  
Mary Killahy (2)
Mary Kilmademoge  
Mary Kilmakevoge  
Mary Knocktopher (3)
Mary Listerlin  
Mary Pollrone  
Mary Rathkieiran (2)
Mary Rossinan  
Mary Rower (3)
Mary St.Canices  
Mary St.Johns (2)
Mary St.Marys (2)
Mary St.Patricks  
Mary Thomastown (2)
Mary Tullaroan (2)
Mary Urlingford  
MaryJ. Rathkieran  
MaryW. Rathkieran  
Matthew Aharney  
Matthew Dysartmoon  
Matthew Graiguenamanagh (3)
Matthew Listerlin  
Matthew Odagh  
Matthew Shankill  
Matthew St.Canices  
Michael Aghaviller (4)
Michael Aglish  
Michael Aharney (2)
Michael Arderra (2)
Michael Balleen  
Michael Ballygurrim  
Michael Ballytobin (2)
Michael Burnchurch  
Michael Callan (7)
Michael Castlecomer  
Michael Clonmore (2)
Michael Coolaghmore  
Michael Danesfort  
Michael Derrynahinch (3)
Michael Donaghmore  
Michael Dunkitt (3)
Michael Dunmore  
Michael Dunnamaggan  
Michael Dysartmoon (4)
Michael Ennisnag  
Michael Erke  
Michael Fertagh (2)
Michael Fiddown (2)
Michael Gowran (4)
Michael Graiguenamamagh (6)
Michael Grange  
Michael Grangemaccomb  
Michael Grangesilvia  
Michael Inistioge  
Michael Jerpointabbey  
Michael Jerpointchurch (2)
Michael Jerpointwest (2)
Michael Kells (3)
Michael Kilbeacon (4)
Michael Kilcoan (2)
Michael Kilcolumb (4)
Michael Kilderry  
Michael Kilfane (3)
Michael Kilkeasy (3)
Michael Killahy (3)
Michael Killaloe (2)
Michael Kilmacahill (2)
Michael Kilmacar (3)
Michael Kilmacow (2)
Michael Kilmaganny  
Michael Kilmakevoge (2)
Michael Kilmanagh  
Michael Kilree (2)
Michael Knocktopher (4)
Michael Listerlin  
Michael Mallardstown  
Michael Mothell  
Michael Odagh  
Michael Outrath  
Michael Pollrone  
Michael Portnascully (4)
Michael Powerstown  
Michael Rathkieran  
Michael Rosbercon (4)
Michael Rossinan  
Michael Rower  
Michael Shankill  
Michael Sheffin  
Michael St.Canices (5)
Michael St.Johns (3)
Michael St.Marys  
Michael St.Mauls  
Michael St.Patricks  
Michael Stonecarthy  
Michael Thomastown  
Michael Tibberaghny  
Michael Tiscoffin  
Michael Tullaghanbrogue  
Michael Tullaherin  
Michael Tullaroan  
Michael Urlingford  
Michael Whitechurch  
Michl. Dunnamaggan  
Ml. Kilcolumb  
Nicholas Aglish  
Nicholas Ballycallan (2)
Nicholas Dunkitt  
Nicholas Dysartmoon  
Nicholas Gowran (2)
Nicholas Grangesilvia (3)
Nicholas Kells  
Nicholas Kilmanagh  
Nicholas Rathkieran  
Nicholas Rathpatrick  
Nicholas Thomastown  
Nicholas Tullahought  
Oliver Aharney  
Oliver Fertagh  
Oliver Knocktopher (2)
Oliver Rower (2)
Patrick Abbeyleix  
Patrick Aghaviller (4)
Patrick Aharney (2)
Patrick Arderra (2)
Patrick Attanagh  
Patrick Balleen  
Patrick Ballinamare (2)
Patrick Ballycallan  
Patrick Callan (11)
Patrick Castlcomer (2)
Patrick Castleinch (2)
Patrick Clonmore  
Patrick Columbkille  
Patrick Danesfort (2)
Patrick Derrynahinch (5)
Patrick Donaghmore (2)
Patrick Dungarvan (2)
Patrick Dunkitt (7)
Patrick Dunnamaggan (3)
Patrick Dysartmoon (3)
Patrick Ennisnag  
Patrick Fertagh  
Patrick Fiddown (7)
Patrick Freshford (2)
Patrick Gowran  
Patrick Graiguenamanagh (5)
Patrick Grangekilree  
Patrick Grangesilvia (3)
Patrick Inistioge (4)
Patrick Jerpointchurch (2)
Patrick Jerpointwest  
Patrick Kells  
Patrick Kilbeacon (3)
Patrick Kilbride  
Patrick Kilcoan (2)
Patrick Kilcolumb (2)
Patrick Kilfane  
Patrick Kilferagh  
Patrick Kilkeasy (2)
Patrick Killahy (2)
Patrick Killaloe (2)
Patrick Killamery  
Patrick Kilmacow (4)
Patrick Kilmaganny (2)
Patrick Kilmakevoge (2)
Patrick Kilmanagh  
Patrick Kilree  
Patrick Knocktopher (3)
Patrick Listerlin (2)
Patrick Mallardstown (2)
Patrick Mothell (2)
Patrick Muckalee  
Patrick Outrath (2)
Patrick Owning  
Patrick Pollrone  
Patrick Portnascully (2)
Patrick Powerstown (2)
Patrick Rathbeagh  
Patrick Rathkieran  
Patrick Rosconnell  
Patrick Rossinan (7)
Patrick Rower (6)
Patrick Shankill  
Patrick Sheffin (3)
Patrick St.Canices (5)
Patrick St.Johns  
Patrick St.Marys  
Patrick St.Mauls  
Patrick St.Patricks  
Patrick Stonecarthy (2)
Patrick Thomastown (5)
Patrick Tibberaghny  
Patrick Tiscoffin  
Patrick Treadingstown  
Patrick Tullaghanbrogue  
Patrick Tullaroan (2)
Patrick Urlingford (2)
PatrickR.,Esq. Earlstown  
Paul Mothell  
Peter Fiddown (3)
Peter Inistioge  
Peter Odagh (2)
Peter Portnascully  
Peter Tullaherin (2)
Philip Aghaviller  
Philip Fiddown  
Philip Freshford (2)
Philip Kells  
Philip Killaloe  
Philip Owning  
Philip Rathkieran  
Philip Rosbercon  
Philip Rossinan  
Philip Rower  
Philip Shanbogh  
Philip Tullaroan  
Pierce Columbkille (2)
Pierce Listerlin  
Rd. Aglish  
Richard Aglish  
Richard Aharney  
Richard Balleen  
Richard Ballygurrim  
Richard Ballylinch (2)
Richard Callan (2)
Richard Dunkitt  
Richard Dysartmoon (3)
Richard Fiddown (6)
Richard Gaulskill  
Richard Grangesilvia  
Richard Inistioge  
Richard Jerpointwest  
Richard Kells  
Richard Kilbeacon (3)
Richard Kilbride  
Richard Kilcoan  
Richard Kilcolumb  
Richard Kilfane (2)
Richard Kilkeasy  
Richard Killahy (3)
Richard Killamery (2)
Richard Kilmacar  
Richard Kilmaganny (2)
Richard Kilree  
Richard Knocktopher  
Richard Listerlin  
Richard Owning  
Richard Pollrone (3)
Richard Porntascully (5)
Richard Rathkieran (3)
Richard Rower  
Richard St.Canices (2)
Richard St.Mauls  
Richard Stonecarthy  
Richard Thomastown (2)
Richard Tubbrid  
Richard Tullaroan  
Robert Arderra  
Robert Ballytobin  
Robert Coolaghmore  
Robert Derrynahinch  
Robert Fertagh  
Robert Fiddown  
Robert Kilfane  
Robert Kilmanagh (2)
Robert Muckalee  
Robert Outrath  
Robert Rathkieran  
Robert Thomastown  
Robert Tullaherin  
Robin Kilcolumb  
Sarah Tullaroan  
Simon Rathpatrick  
Stephen Kilmaganny (2)
Stephen Listerlin  
Sylvester Tullaroan  
Thomas Aghaviller (2)
Thomas Aglish (3)
Thomas Aharney  
Thomas Attanagh  
Thomas Balleen (2)
Thomas Ballinamare  
Thomas Ballygurrim (2)
Thomas Ballytobin  
Thomas Callan (2)
Thomas Castlecomer (2)
Thomas Clashacrow  
Thomas Clonmore  
Thomas Columbkille (2)
Thomas Danesfort  
Thomas Derrynahinch  
Thomas Dunkitt (3)
Thomas Dysart  
Thomas Dysartmoon (2)
Thomas Earlstown  
Thomas Fiddown (5)
Thomas Freshford  
Thomas Gaulskill  
Thomas Grangesilvia  
Thomas Inistioge  
Thomas Jerpointabbey  
Thomas Jerpointchurch (3)
Thomas Jerpointwest (3)
Thomas Kilcolumb (3)
Thomas Killahy  
Thomas Kilmacow (2)
Thomas Kilmanagh  
Thomas Knocktopher (3)
Thomas Mayne  
Thomas Mothell (2)
Thomas Muckalee  
Thomas Odagh  
Thomas Pollrone (4)
Thomas Portnascully (2)
Thomas Rathkieran (4)
Thomas Rathpatrick  
Thomas Rosbercon (2)
Thomas Rower (5)
Thomas Shanbogh  
Thomas Shankill (2)
Thomas St.Canices (3)
Thomas St.Johns (3)
Thomas St.Marys (3)
Thomas Thomastown (3)
Thomas Tibberaghny  
Thomas Tiscoffin  
Thomas Tullaghanbrogue  
Thomas Tullaherin (3)
Thomas Tullahought  
Thomas Tullaroan (3)
Thomas Ullid  
Walter Aghaviller (5)
Walter Aglish (2)
Walter Ballygurrim  
Walter Callan (2)
Walter Clonmore  
Walter Derrynahinch  
Walter Dunkitt  
Walter Ennisnag  
Walter Grangesilvia  
Walter Jerpointchurch  
Walter Jerpointwest  
Walter Kilcolumb  
Walter Killahy  
Walter Kilmacow  
Walter Listerlin  
Walter Portnascully (3)
Walter Rathkieran (3)
Walter St.Marys  
Walter Tullaroan  
William Aharney  
William Arderra  
William Balleen (2)
William Ballinamare  
William Ballygurrim (2)
William Ballytarsney  
William Ballytobin  
William Callan  
William Castlecomer  
William Clonamery (2)
William Clonmore (2)
William Columbkille  
William Coolaghmore  
William Coolcashin  
William Coolcraheen  
William Dunkitt (3)
William Fertagh (3)
William Fiddown  
William Glashare (2)
William Graiguenamanagh  
William Inistioge (4)
William Jerpointchurch  
William Jerpointwest (3)
William Kells  
William Kilbeacon  
William Kilcolumb (2)
Willliam Kilkeasy (2)
William Kilfane  
William Killahy  
William Kilmacar  
William Kilmadum  
William Kilmanagh (2)
William Knocktopher  
William Muckalee  
William Odagh  
William Pleberstown  
William Pollrone (4)
William Portnascully (2)
William Rathcoole (2)
William Rathkieran (3)
William Rathlogan  
William Rathpatrick (6)
William Rosbercon  
William Rossinan (2)
William Rower (2)
William Shanbogh  
William Sheffin  
William St.Canices  
William St.Johns  
William St.Patricks  
William Tiscoffin  
William Treadingstown  
William Tullaherin (2)
William Tullahought (2)
William Urlingford (4)
Wm. Castlecomer  
Wm. Kilbeacon  

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