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Walsh Crest
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Walsh Family Trees (1)

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If you have a Walsh ancestor born before 1870, Post your Walsh Family Tree to this set of pages. By listing your family, you may have a greater chance to connect with other researchers. Due to space limitations, limit your Tree to the three oldest generations.
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Descendants of THOMAS WALSH
1A..Thomas Walsh b: 1700ish..Ireland m: Margaret Madison McGinnis
    my g-g-g-g grandfather

    2A..Thomas g-g-g-grandfather
        b: about 1750, Bottetourt Co., Va.
        d:6-22-1813, Wilkes Co., N.C.
        m: Elizabeth Benton 6-8-1774  
        b:1756, Albermarle Co., Va.
        Thomas served as a private, under Captain Thomas Posey's 
        7th Vir. Reg., under the command of Col. Alexander McClenachan)
        (Elizabeth was the da of Joseph & Mary Elizabeth Benton.)

        2B..Jonathon Walsh b: 1785 m: Winaford Kirby

        2B..Elizabeth Walsh m: ? Gentry

        2B..William Walsh m: ? Parker m: Lucinda DeBord

        2B..John Walsh (g-g-grandfather) b:12-29-1779, Va. 
            d:5-16-1861, McNairy Co., Tenn. m: Elizabeth Allen
            1-29-1805, Raleigh, N.C., b:6-10-1781, N.C.
            d:4-10-1864, McNairy Co., Tenn. (Elizabeth was daughter
            of Colonel Richard Allen of Wilkesboro, N.C.)
            2C..William Walsh b:about 1814, Wilkes Co., N.C.
                m:Talitha  ?.
            2C..Jefferson Walsh
            2C..Nancy Walsh b: about 1821, N.C.(age 29 in 1850 
                census, McNairy Co., Tenn. Buried in West Hill 
                Cemetery, Sherman, Tex. 
                m: Arch Burton.
                2D..Ada Burton m: Willie Oxford
                    2E..Gussie Oxford
                        Evelyn Oxford
                        Hubert Oxford
                        Allen Oxford
                        Philmer Oxford
            2C..Jesse Franklin Walsh (minister) 
                b:1-24-1822 N.C., d:7-3-1904 buried, 
                West Hill Cemetery, Sherman, Tex., 
                m: Virginia Ingram b:7-11-1826, d:3-24-1910    
                2D..Jesse Freeman Walsh, b:1-22-1854. d:1936
                    2E..John Walsh
                        Ed Hampton
                2D..Annie Virginia Walsh b:8-20-1837, 
                    d:7-7-1938, m: ? Currie
                2D..Betty Walsh b:12-25-1866 Pinebluff, Ark., 
                    d:11-30-1927 Eros, La., m: John James Gill 1890
                    2E..Raney Glanton Gill
                    2E..James Walsh Gill
            2C..Madison Walsh b:1-20-1816, Wilkes Co.,N.C. 
                d:2-22-1872, near Sherman,Tex. buried in Friendship 
                Cemetery on land he donated.
                m: Martha Johnson 9-8-1840 Prdy, McNairy Co., Tenn.
                2D..Jesse Walsh, died in infancy
                2D..John Garland Walsh,b:7-21-1843 Madison Co., Tenn.
                    d: Sherman, Tex. m: Molly Wood (Mary Elizabeth)
                    1-7-1869, m: Annie Jean Petty
                2D..William Jefferson Walsh, b:3-22-1846 
                    Madison Co., Tenn. d:12-13-1932, 
                    m: Mary Emmaline Dillingham Key, 6-9-1885
                    2E..Martha Jane Walsh, b:4-3-1888 Sherman, Tex.
                        m: Hilmar H. Flemming 12-7-1920
                2D..Mary Elizabeth Walsh, b:9-10-1850 McNairy Co.,Tenn.
                    d:5-27-1929. m: Thomas Jefferson Owen3-23-1876
                    2E..Jesse Kinard Owen
                    2E..Kittie Owen
                    2E..Jewel Owen
                2D..Ann Catherine Walsh m: William Franklin
                2D..Joseph Franklin Walsh b: about 1854
                2D..Margaret (Maggie) Walsh b: about 1857
                2D..Nancy Walsh b:Tenn. d:infancy
                2D..Jimmy Walsh

            2C..Thomas Walsh (g-grandfather)b:about 1808, N.C.
                d:after census of 11-6-1850
                2D..Elizabeth Walsh..b: about 1834..m:  ?  Curby
                2D..George Walsh..b: 3-27-1842, Tenn. d: 33-8-1918, 
                    Clark Co., Ark. (bur. Ebenezer Cemetery, Ololona, Ark.) 
                    m: Ann Pentecoste, (dau of Joseph Pentecoste) 
                    2E..Percy Walsh
                    2E..Albert Walsh
                    2E..Mark Walsh..m: Nora Francis
                    2E..Allie Walsh..m: Tom Cole
                    2E..Lorena  Walsh..m: Giles Clark
                    2E..Almedia Walsh..b: 1872
                    2E..Anna Walsh..b:1878
                2D..Almedia Walsh..b: about 1844, Tenn., 
                    m:Peter Bridges,1-29-1868
                2D..Nancy Irene Walsh..(my grandmother), 
                    b: 33-17-1846 Cottonridge,Tenn.
                    d: 3-18-1940, Bentonville, Arkansas, 
                    m: Richardson Mortimer Traylor, 5-18-1871, 
                    Hollywood, Ark.
                    2E..Robert Traylor
                    2E..Henry S. Traylor
                        2F..Little Bob Traylor
                        2F..Charlotte Traylor
                    2E..Florence Traylor
                    2E..Flavis Traylor
                    2E..Kate Myrtle Traylor, b: 5-30-1881 Locksburg, Ark.,
                        m: Robert Fowler
                        2F..Norma Irene Fowler, 
                            b: 10-25-19-8 Bentonville, Ark., 
                            m: Lewellyn Justin Wolff., d:7-20-1977
                           2G..Catherine Louise Wolff, 
                               b:2-19-1945, Nevada City, Cal.
                           2G..Elizabeth  Jean  Wolff, 
                               b:12-11-1947 Kingfisher, Ok.
                               m: Justin Wade Morrow, b:11-9-1076
                    2E..John Mortimer Traylor (my father), b: 1-31-1879, 
                        Mineral Springs, Ark.
                        d:9-25-1971, Hominy, Ok., m: Minnie Powell Clark,
                        2-10-1904, Bentonville, Ark. b:9-27-1882, 
                        Siliom Springs, Ark., d:4-3-1959, Tulsa, Ok.
                        2F..Edythe Katheryne Traylor, b:9-3-1905, 
                        Center Point, Ark. d:  9-1-1949, Oklahoma City, Ok.
                        2F..Irene Fowler Traylor..b:2-14-1908, Fouche, Ark. 
                        m: Jesse Alonzo Briggs, 11-26-1933,  Sapulpa, Ok. 
                        b:6-28-1908, Mt Gilead, Ohio
                        d:10-18-1953, Enid, Okla.
                            2G..Richard Gayle Briggs, b:2-17-1935, 
                                Sapulpa. Ok., d:12-22-1085, Canton, Ohio, 
                                m: Marilyn Jean Saunders, 1-24-1967, 
                                Akron, Ohio    
                                2H..Jay Richard Briggs,b:4-4-1968
                                2H..Leslie Gene Briggs, b:4-6-1972
                        2F..Minnie Lee Traylor, b:11-24-1908, Sapulpa, Ok. 
                            m: Jack Leonard Hesskew, 9-1-1932, 
                            San Antonio, TX., b:3-14-1908 Uvalde, Tex.,  
                            d:12-22-1982, Kerrville, Tex.
                            2G..Jackie Lee Hesskew b:7-26-1933, d: at birth
                        2F..Clark Mortimer Traylor, b:5-9-1911, Sapulpa, Ok., 
                            m: Lena Dell Austin 2-10-1935
                        2F..William Roy Traylor..b:10-14-1914, Sapulpa, Ok., 
                            m: Mildred Atha Wall, 4-8-1939, Sapulpa, Ok. 
                            2G..Nancy Jean Traylor, b:2-1-1940, Vinita, Ok.
                        2F..Beryl Elizabeth Traylor (me), 
                            b:1-2-1925, Sapulpa, Ok.
                            m. Richard Alfred Orr, 2-13-1944, Tallmadge, Oh., 
                            b:12-3-1924, San Francisco, Calif., 
                            d:11-11-1968, Redwood City, Calif. 
                            2G..Sharon Ann Orr,b:7-26-1948, 
                                Palo Alto,Calif.
                            2G..Katheryne Mary Orr, b:9-27-1950, 
                                Palo Alto,CA,
                                m: Eric Peter Madison 3-29-1986, 
                                Salt Lake City. Ut.
                                b:9-6-1957, Homestead, Fla.
                               2H..Rachael McKenzie Madison,  
                                   b:6-15-1988, S.L.C., Ut
                               2H..Maegan Christina Madison, 
                                   b:11-30-1989, d:same
                               2H..Collin Peter Madison, 
                                   b:2-21-1991, Tulsa, Ok 
Submitted by Beryl (May 1, 1997)

Descendants of JAMES WALSH
died in GILLESPIES BEACH N.Z. the 26 April 1899, married ELLEN McCARTHY, 
the 2 May 1873 in GILLESPIES BEACH. 
He had 13 children...
married MARY JOSEPHINE DOOLING, the 3 December 1920 in HOKITIKA N.Z. 
(died the 16 January 1971 in CHRISTCHURCH SOUTH ISLAND N.). He had 1 child.
died in TAUMARANUI NORTH ISLAND N.Z. the 25 August 1955, 
She had 3 children :
B.3 : MICHAEL WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N. Z. the 2 November 1877, 
died in HOKITIKA N.Z. the 1 November 1923. 
married MARY ELLEN MULVANEY  in MAHITAHI.  He had 7 chrildren.
died in CHRISTCHURCH SOUTH ISLAND N. the 25 December 1949, 
married ESTHER DOOLING, the 3 December 1920 in HOKITIKA N. Z. 
He had 5 children.
B.5 : PATRICK JOHN WALSH, born in GILLESOIES BEACH N. Z. the 5 August 1880, 
died in CHRISTCHURCH N. Z. the 9 December 1929, 
married ANN MARY DORNAN, the 23 December 1916 in BLACKBALL SOUTH ISLAND N.Z. 
He had 5 children.
B.6 : MARY WALSH, born in GILESPIES BEACH N.Z. the 7 August 1884, 
died in GREYMOUTH SOUTH ISLAND N. Z. the 23 October 1954, 
married MICHAEL CARROLL, the 11 September 1907 in HOKITIKA N. Z. 
She had 7 children.
B.7 : MARGARET WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N.Z. the 12 September 1885, 
died in TIMARU SOUYH ISLAND N.Z. the 17 April 1962, 
married JOSEPH HEVELDT, the 11 November 1905 in GILLESPIES BEACH. 
She had 1 child.
died in GISBORNE NORTH ISLAND N.Z. the 28 July 1949, 
She had 6 children.
B.9 : THOMAS WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N. Z. in 1887, 
died in HOKITIKA N. Z. the 13 April 1954. 
B.10 : EDMUND WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N. Z. in 1892, 
died in FOX GLACIER SOUTH ISLAND N.Z the 18 March 1951. 
B.11 : CATHERINE WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N.Z. the 29 March 1893, 
died in WHATAROA SOUTH ISLAND N.Z. the 27 April 1941, 
married THOMAS NOLAN, the 24 February 1914 in GILLESPIES BEACH N.Z. 
She had 12 children.
B.12 : NORAH ANN WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N. Z. the 1 January 1897, 
died in METHVEN SOUTH ISLAND N.Z. the 13 November 1950, 
She had 2 children.
B.13 : BRIDGET EILEEN WALSH, born in GILLESPIES BEACH N.Z. 1 October 1897, 
died in TIMARU SOUTH ISLAND N.Z. the 1 October 1953, 
married JAMES MANERA, in May 1921 in HOKITIKA N.Z. 
She had 4 children.
Submitted by Barbara (March 14, 1999)

Descendants of PATRICK WALSH
1. David and Sarah Walsh, Ireland
2. Patrick David Walsh, b. abt 1868, Ireland, d. 23 Feb 1930 Cleveland, OH 
   m. 4 Nov 1891 Minooka, PA  to Margaret Jane Gibbons, 
   b. abt 1860, Galway, Ireland, d. 23 Jun 1944 Cleveland, OH
    2A.  George Julyan Walsh, b. 9 Nov 1897 Scranton, PA  
         d. 16 May 1958 Cleveland, OH
         m. 16 May 1933, to Ann Elizabeth ("Alice") Belz
         3A.  1. George John Walsh, b. 20 Jun 1934 Cleveland m. 28 Nov 1953
                 Helen Elizabeth Whelan, b. 11 Jun 1934 Cleveland 
              2. Alice Marie Walsh, b. 23 Apr 1947 Cleveland  m. 12 Jul 1969
                 Brian George Worsdall, b. 1 Sep 1946 Canada   
    2B.  Sarah Walsh, b. 24 Sep 1892 Scranton, d. 17 Dec 1950 Cleveland
    2C.  Margaret Walsh, b 20 May 1894 Scranton, d. 3 Nov 1953 Cleveland
    2D.  Mary #1, b. abt 1896 Scranton, d. 27 Sep 1901 Scranton
    2E.  John Walsh, b. 5 Oct 1900 Scranton, d. 23 Apr 1902 Scranton
    2F.  Mary Ellen Walsh, b. 7 Jun 1902 Scranton, d. 25 Nov 1970 Cleveland
    2G.  Frank Walsh (adopted), b. abt 1902 Scranton, d. 1922 Cleveland

Submitted by Helen W Walsh (July 24, 1997)

Descendants of WILLIAM WALSH
   1  William Walsh  b? Waterford ?
        Catherine ?  b?
          1A Robert Walsh  d. ?         Harbou r Grace, Newfoundland, Canada 
          1B Margaret Walsh d apr. 14, 1836  HBG. Nfld. Can.
          1C William Walsh d Apr. 25, 1840   HBG. Nfld. Can. 
          1D Margaret Walsh d Feb 9 1861     HBG. Nfld. Can.
          1E Richard Walsh d. May 18, 1870   HBG. Nfld. Can.  
          1F Walter Walsh b 1852 d. Sept. 29, 1912 
             m. Nov. 25, 1877 St. John's, Nfld, CAN. 
       1F Walter Walsh -Harbour Grace Newfoundland, Canada
            Anne Murphy (Par.John & Mary Murphy)
               1FA Ronald Walsh b.1882 Harbour Grace, Nfld. d. 1945
               1FB Gertrude Walsh b. 1887 m. 1907
               1FC Bernard Walsh b.1906 d. 1968 (School Superintendant)
               1FD Walter Francis Walsh b. Aug. 23, 1891 d. Dec. 22, 1953 
                   m. Jun 23, 1915  

         1FD Walter Francis Walsh b. Aug 23, 1891 d. Dec 22, 1951 
             m. Jun 23, 1915
               Catherine Callahan  b. Mar. 7, 1896 Spaniard's Bay, Nfld.Can.
               d. Dec 23, 1976 N.Y. U.S.A. 
                  1FDA Louis Aloysius Walsh b. Jun 21, 1917, St. John's, Nfld. Can. 
                       d. Jun 5, 1983
                  1FDB Genevieve Walsh b. 1919 d. May 15, 1978
                  1FDC Madeline Walsh (Ribando) b. 1924 d. Jun 1, 1997 
                       m. Jun 5, 1947
                  1FDD John (Jack) Walsh b. Feb 9, 1927 m. Jul 21, 1954
                  1FDE Agnes Theresa Walsh b. Apr 26, 1928                         
Submitted by Colin Walsh (July 20, 1997)
Dedicated to Madeline Walsh who passed away in June, 1997.

Descendants of THOMAS WALSH
Thomas WALSH    b. 1 Jan. 1808 in Ireland       M. Miss PERRY
Ireland>New York>Rhode Island>Pike Co.,IL.
Daughter in Nebraska (Mrs. Lucina Stebbins)

Thomas WALSH    b. 1 Jan 1808 in Ireland        M. Letitia JONES
Ireland>New York>Rhode Island>Pike Co., IL>Davis Co.,IA>Butler Co. IA

1.  Arthur WALSH        b. 22 July 1844         M. Laura
    Butler Co.,IA and vicinity      
        Child:  Mariara WALSH   b. 1868

2. William WALSH        b. 4 May 1875           M. Ida Maria SHADBOLT
   Pike Co., IL>Butler Co., IA
        1.  Robert M. WALSH     b. 1877         M. Myrtle
            Butler Co., IA and vicinity
        2.  Jerome WALSH        b. ??           M. Martha BOERSHEL
            Butler CO., IA and vicinity
                1.  Clark WALSLH        b. 9 Oct. 1910  M.??
                    Butler Co., IA>Floyd Co., IA
                2.  Dale WALSH          b.  ???         M.??
                    Butler Co., IA>Nashua IA
        3.  Beancy M. WALSH     b. 21 Jan 1887          M. Bert COON
            Butler Co.,IA>IL>MN>Butler Co., IA
        4.  Delila WALSH        b.  23 Apr. 1897        M. Arnold AMICK
            Butler Co., IA>Chicago, IL>Butler Co., IA
        5.  Delight WALSH       b.  ???                 M. BJ GOUGH
            Butler Co., IA>Clarksfield, MN>Rockford>IL>?????

3.  James WALSH         b.  ???                         M. ???
Bristow, IA
        1.  George WALSH    b. 23 Dec 1888   M. Stella Mae SUFUS
            Bristow, IA
        2.  Ethel WALSH     b. 3 June 1885   M. William McNEILUS
            Bristow, IA
        3.  Susan WALSH     b. ???           M. ?? FLANNIGAN
            Bristow, IA
        4.  ??? WALSH       b. ???           M. Ted GABREIL
            Bristow, IA>Santa Barbara, CA
        5.  William WALSH   b. ???      
        6.  Henry WALSH     b. ???
        7.  Frank WALSH     b. ??? 
        8.  Delos WALSH     b. ???
        9.  Mae WALSH       b. ???           M. ?? UFFORD
       10.  Emma WALSH      b. ???           M. S.A. OVERTURF
       11.  Laura WALSH     b. ???           M. Harry (SEARLES,SEARLE,SEARLS)
            Bristow, IA

4.  Richard WALSH

5.  Thomas WALSH
Butler Co., IA> Iowa City, IA

6.  Robert WALSH        
Butler Co., IA> Trent S. Dakota

7.  ??? WALSH                                   M. William OGDEN
Submitted by Colin Walsh (July 20, 1997)
Dedicated to Madeline Walsh who passed away in June, 1997.

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