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Descendants of JOHN WALSH, b. abt 1808 in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England. His mother's name was Ellen, b. abt 1780

John married Alice SNAPE prior to 1836

1st. child: Mary b. abt 1836 in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
2nd. child: Martha b. abt. 1838 in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
3rd. child:William Henry b. abt. 1840 in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England

4th. child: Stephen b. 13 Dec 1842, in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England Married Frances BARSTEL ( Botzek ) 1 Dec 1883 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA died 29 Aug 1890 in Sidney, Nebraska. USA

5th. child: Adam: b. abt 1644 in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
6th. child: Sarah b. abt 1846 in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
7th. ??????? a possible
8th. child:Ellen b. in Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England

Stephen and Frances WALSH children:

John b. 18 Sep 1884 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA died 24 May 1963 in Paramount, California

Henry b. 26 Oct 1885 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA died 26 Mar 1963 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA

William Stephen b. 17 May 1888 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA died 7 Aug 1956, California

Children of John WALSH b. 1884
Frances b. 16 Feb 1913 in Sidney. Nebraska, USA
Dorothy b. 2 Mar 1917 in Sidney, Nabraska, USA
Donald Stephen b. 16 Oct 1918 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA
Earl La Vaughn b. 3 Oct 1919 in Sidney, Nebraska, USA
Submitted by (Sep 15,1997)

Descendants of JOHN WALSH
John Walsh (1) b c1822 Mayo Ireland  
               d 25th Sep 1894 Sandy Bay Hobart Australia

John Walsh (1) 1st marriage           m         <1849
Charlotte ??
William Walsh (2)                     b         <1849 Liverpool
Mary Margaret Walsh (3)               b         <1849 Liverpool

John Walsh (1) 2nd marriage           m 25th July 1849 Newtown Hobart
Rebecca Fisher (4)                    b  2nd May 1830 Hobart  
                                      d 14th Feb 1855 Hobart
John William Henry Walsh (5)          b  3rd Jun 1850 Hobart
Rebecca Sophia Walsh (6)              b 18th Dec 1851 Hobart
Charles Walsh (7)                     b 23rd Jul 1853 Hobart 
                                      d 27th Feb 1854 Hobart

John Walsh (1) 3rd marriage           m 11th Aug 1855 Newtown Hobart
Eliza Hildyard (nee Marrington) (8) bpt 16th Jul 1820 Hobart 
                                      d 28th Oct 1892 Hobart
Sydney Marrington Walsh (9)           b 19th May 1856 Sorell 
                                      d      Feb 1947 Melbourne
Eliza Caroline Walsh (10)             b  8th Jul 1857 Sorell 
                                      d  3rd Jun 1927 
Coppington F (11)                     b 10th Oct 1859 Sorell 
                                      d 10th Oct 1859 Sorell
Amelia Adelaide Walsh  (12)           b 10th Nov 1862 Sorell
Jessica Hope Walsh (13)               b  1st Jan 1865 Sorell 
                                      d  7th Apr 1953 Sydney

Sydney Marrington Walsh (9) married   m  9th Oct 1882 Coppington 
Frances Elizabeth Copping (14)        b  7th Mar 1862 Coppington 
                                      d 11th Dec 1932 Queenstown 
Frederick Sydney Walsh (15)           b 28th Jul 1883 Coppington    
                                      d         >1960 Melbourne
Cecelia Evelyn Walsh (16)             b 14th Feb 1886 Coppington     
                                      d 13th Feb 1959 Queenstown
John Owen Walsh (17)                  b  6th Jun 1887 Coppington    
                                      d  7th Jul 1973 Queenstown
Amos Walsh (18)                       b 17th Aug 1893 Hobart          
                                      d 29th Oct 1956 Hobart
Frank Walsh (19)                      b 16th Jul 1900 Queenstown  
                                      d         >1973 Launceston
Percival David (20)                   b 11th Apr 1906 Queenstown
                                      d 30th Aug 1989 Melbourne


(1)  John Walsh
A convict record for  John Walsh (Butcher) arriving in Hobart in 1841. 
All the information on the convict record ties in o.k. with his profession,
pardon etc before his marriage to Rebecca Fisher in 1849.
The records also gives information  as follows:-
Embarked                Portsmouth England 2nd Dec 1840
Education               Can read and write
Period of Probation     Fifteen months
Probation Station       Browns River
Ticket of Leave         24th March 1846
Conditional Pardon      22nd August 1848
Free Certificate        23rd April 1852
Convict Number          2806
Name                    John Walsh
Height                  5' 41/2''
Age                     21
Trade                   Butcher
Where Convicted         Lancaster Liverpool (Second Session)
When Convicted          20th  July 1840
Sentence                10 Years
Native Place            County Mayo Ireland
Married Status          Married
Religion                Roman Catholic
Personal Details        Married Charlotte at Woolwich 
                        1st Born William
                        2nd Born Mary Margaret
Conduct                 Good
Offence                 Robbing my master, Lyon Joseph Barnard? 
                        a Jew, Bolt St Liverpool. I took some knives etc.
John arrived at Hobart in 1841 at the time of the probation period which
was fortunate because he was put to hard labour in a gang for approx. 15
months, then was transferred to the probation station at Browns River just
south of Hobart.  He would have spent the rest of his time there employed
in the local community with his trade as a butcher.  He then Married
Rebecca Fisher in 1849.  At the time a convict was allowed to remarry after
a duration of 7 Years, but this would not have been recognised by the
Catholic Church therefore the marriage took place at the Church of England
and Ireland Newtown.  Rebecca unfortunately died in 1855 from consumption. 
About six months later John married again to Eliza Hildyard (Would have
been known through the Rebecca's brother George).  John and Eliza moved to
Sorell and raised their family.  Eliza had a large number of properties
left to her by the ex husband David Hildyard. Some of note were Benfres
(Farm Bream Cr), Royal Hotel Sorell, Post Office Sorell, and many others in
Sorell and Bream Cr.  .All the land was transferred to John's name in the
early 1860's. Then about 1870 there must have been a split because all the
land was transferred out of John's name into David Hildyard (Eliza's son)
Agent, then back to Eliza.  As far as I can tell John died at Sandy Bay
Hobart on th 25th Sep 1894 (Buried 27th Sep at St Georges Church Sorell Age
77, Rec. Mercury plus Sorell Burial Reg) and Eliza died in Hobart 1892
(Burial 31st Oct 1892 at St Georges Church Sorell Age 78, Rec Sorell Burial
Reg). All the Land went to Eliza's Children (David and George) from her
marriage with David Hildyard.
(2)  William Walsh b Liverpool England, First son of John.  
     Source from convict record
(3)  Mary Margaret Walsh b Liverpool England First Daughter of John. 
     Source from convict record.
(4)  Rebecca Fisher daughter of William Fisher (Cabinet Maker) and 
Rebecca North of Argyle St Hobart. Brothers George, Samuel, Charles, Henry, 
and Sister Maria. All baptised on the same day, 31st March 1851 Rebecca 
married John Walsh (1) at St Johns C of  E Church Newtown on the 25th July
1849. Witnessed her Brother Samuel and Charlotte Pettard.  On the 3rd Feb
1852 Samuel married Elizabeth Henwood at the same church and was witnessed
by John and Rebecca Walsh. .Her brother George Married Selina Hildyard on
14th Aug 1852 Rebecca was witness to this and this is most likely how John
Walsh got to know the Hildyard family.  Elizabeth died soon after (14th Jul
1855) of consumption.
(5)  John William Henry b 3rd Jun 1850 (they got John's name and his son's
mixed up on the birth record). Baptised 21st July St Davids E of E Hobart.
Note Birth stated as 4th May.  The only other information I have found on
him was a possible marriage record for the 3rd Dec 1872, 92 Campbell St
Hobart, to a Louisa Amelia Singer ( Daughter of clerk in sheriffs dep.). 
He was listed as a Shoe Maker.  Witnessed by Amos Wilkons and Kate Eva
(6)  Rebecca Sophia  b 18th Dec 1851
(7)  Charles b 23rd Jul 1853 d 27th Feb 1854 (Convulsions). 
(8)  Eliza Hildyard (nee Marrington)
A Baptism record for her was found for 16th July 1920 stating her father as
Marrington and Mother as Maria Corrigan. Sponsors were Thomas Mc Ardell and
Anna Newport.  Record written in Latin (Rec. 910 of 1820 ).  A Baptism
record of a Maria, Father Patrick Marrigan and Mother Margaret Scanlan was
recorded at the same church (Rec. 1105). This could be her Mother.  Eliza
Married David Hildyard on the 14th July 1848 at St Georges C of E Church
Sorell, age 27.  She was Previously Married Because her name was Wheeler.
The Children Were: (Father David Hildyard)
John Hildyard Wheeler           b 9th May 1839 Sorell
Rebecca                         b 25th May 1841 Sorell d 24th Jan 1843
Percy                           b 25th May 1841 Sorell d 23rd Jan 1843/48?
David                           b 13th Feb 1843 Sorell d 5th Nov 1929
Lavinia                         b 30th Aug 1844 Sorell d 22nd Jun 1853
Charles                         b 21st Jun 1846 Sorell d 25th May 1853
Maryann                         b 27th Mar 1848 Sorell d ?
George Hildyard                 b 20th Oct 1849 Sorell d 24th Feb 1907
William Hildyard                b 31st Oct 1851 Sorell d 8th Nov 1899 NZ
On the 11th Aug 1855 Eliza Married John Walsh (1)  A record of her
husband's death or divorce is yet to be found.
Children to John Walsh as above.
About the Eliza split with John, she was listed as witness to her daughter
Maryann's wedding in 1870. The wedding took place at Eliza's home 118?
Macquarie St (Gowers)  Eliza died at her home 52 Burnett St Hobart 28 Oct
1892, Burial Unknown.  Eliza left a will to which I have to source.
(9)  Sydney Marrington Walsh
Sydney was Born in Sorell 1856 soon after John and Eliza moved there.  He
married Frances Elizabeth Copping (daughter to Patrick Copping and Martha
Eaton) on the 8th Oct 1882 at her father's house in Copping.  Witness were
the minister, and Both Fathers  They stayed at Copping on a farm of Eliza's
Family till about the mid 1890's (probably when Syd's parents died) then
they moved to Hobart for a short time then they took their family by ship
to Strahn then overland to Queenstown. The Valuation roll for Strahn shows
a Sid Walsh living in a cottage at the 15 Mile Camp Strahn on the 5th Dec
1899. (Shipping record to be sourced).  Their last two sons Frank and
Percival were then born.  Sydney was deputy Warden in 1930, he was also on
the Hospital Board.  Syd was eventually supervisor for all railway bridges
for My Lyell (His son John worked under him).  His wife was ill at this
time so his daughter Cecilia attended some civic functions.  After Frances
died in 1932 Sydney lived with his daughter's family. Just before his death
in 1947 he was living in Melbourne with his son Frank.  In 1947 he died of
pneumonia and was cremated in Parkdale Melbourne (Sons John, Perc, Fred and
Grandson Neville attended).  His ashes were spread over Sorell.
(10) Eliza Coroline Walsh I have not found a birth or christening record
for Eliza as yet but information from her marriage to Charles William
Featherstone and her inscription on her grave puts her born 8th July 1857. 
They were married on the 31st Oct 1874 at Sorell in the presence of  her
sister Amelia Walsh and three others   She was age 17 and he was 22.  They
had 4 children; Ashley Charles Owen b 20th Jun 1882, Eliza Hope b 1st July
1884, Alice b 6th Aug 1886, and Norman b 24th Jun 1888.  After 53 Years of
marriage they both died within Six Months of each other and were both
buried at the Copping Cemetery  in 1927. 
(11) Female Child  At first I thought  this was Eliza Coroline but there
was a birth and death record of  a new born infant to a John Walsh Farmer
at Bream Creek. For the 10th Oct 1859 which fits in between Eliza Caroline
and Amelia.
(12) Amelia Adelaide Walsh Born 10th Nov 1862.  She was married to Robert
Coldstream in the Wesleyan Church Hobart on the 10th May 1882.  They had
three children,  William b 23rd Jan 1883, Addieb 10th Sep 1884, and Robert
b 11th Mar 1886.  They possibly moved away because I have not been able to
find any more information.
(13) Jessica Hope Walsh - Jessica was born at Sorell on the 17th Jan 1865, 
daughter of John Walsh (Farmer) of Sorell, and Eliza Hildyard.  She married
George Alfred Anning  (Baker) on the 1st Feb 1882 at the Holy Trinity
Church of England Hobart. John Walsh and his son Sydney witnessed the
event.  George and Jessica had a family of eleven children, the first six
in Hobart before they moved to Sydney (via New Zealand) about 1893.  He
died at his home 43 Gowrie St Punchbowl on the 20th Aug 1951 from a heart
condition.  He was cremated at Rookwood cenetry on the 22nd August  Jessica
died less than two yeard later at their home on the 7th April 1953, age 88
from a cerebral haemorrhage and was cremated at Rookwood as well.
Their Children were: 
Elizabeth Marrington    b 26th Jul 1882 Hobart
George Owen             b 23rd Apr 1884 Hobart
Jessie                  b  5th Mar 1886 Hobart
Irene Floris            b 25th Apr 1888 Hobart
Leslie                  b 20th Aug 1890 Hobart
Daisy                   b  8th Dec 1892 Hobart
Archie Rix              b 1895 Dunedin New Zealand  d1898 Dunedin
May V                   b 1898 NSW
Alfred A                b 1900 Newtown NSW
Charles W               b 1903 Annendale NSW
Henry R                 b 1911 Glebe NSW
(14) Frances Elizabeth Copping Frances was born on the 7th March 1862 to
Patrick Copping and Martha Eaton.  Just to note that Patrick was the last
son of five to Edward Copping, convict transported 1817 and Sarah Webb,
convict transported 1820. Two of the brothers, Edward and Richard were
Captains of whaling vessels for many years around Tasmania, and the Copping
families eventually became very important in the district of Sorell, most
notably the town of Coppington which had to be named after them.  Frances
married Sydney Marrington Walsh on the 9th Oct 1882 and eventually died an
Queenstown 11th Dec 1932.  Here grave still stands to this day at the
Queenstown cemetery.
(15) Frederick Sydney Walsh - Was Policeman at Queenstown
(16) Cecelia Evelyn Walsh - At one time lived at Teepokana
(17) John Owen Walsh
(18) Amos Walsh Occupation Coal Miner at Mathina Tas.  Joined New Zealand 
Army and was in WW1 a Buglar.  Also in Australian Army and at some time 
at Angelse Barracks Hobart. He attained the rank of Sargeant after the war
Played football at Queenstown when back from NZ. ( Source N.S. Walsh). 
Married Ethel Louise Johnson (Divorced) Newtown Hobart.  Lived at Newtown
Hobart in an Army house till about the mid 1940's then moved when the house
had to be demolished.  Children:  Jeff (In Navy), Ron, Max and Merl
(Twins). Burial record found for Cornelian Bay Hobart 29th Oct 1956 age
63. Rec. 1b54084. Address given as 16 Strancell St Glenorchy.  Ethel died
on the 30th Oct 1979 age 87, buried at same place Rec. b26826
(19) Frank Walsh - Crane driver in My Lyell Refinery

(20) Percival Walsh
Apprentice fitter & turner Mt Lyell. Dismissed for stealing petrol for own
motorbike.  Approx 1945 moved to Melbourne and worked for Dunlop.
Submitted by (Oct 2004)

Descendants of JOHN WALSH
1 John Walsh was born in 1860 in Peel Township, Wellington County,
Ontario, Canada.  He died in 1939 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

He was married to Bridget KELLY.  Bridget KELLY was born in 1861.  She died
in 1930 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  John WALSH and Bridget
KELLY had the following children:

        2       i.      Edward WALSH  Never married..  He was buried in St. 
John's Cemetery, Arthur, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
        +3      ii.     Margaret WALSH.
        +4      iii.    Francis Michael WALSH.
        +5      iv.     Marie WALSH.
        6       v.      Tom WALSH  Never married..  He was buried in St. 
John's Cemetery, Arthur, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
        +7      vi.     Agnes WALSH.


3.  Margaret WALSH.  

She was married to John COFFEY (son of Michael COFFEY and Catherine
CALLAGHAN).  Margaret WALSH and John COFFEY had the following children:

        8       i.      Victor COFFEY.  
        9       ii.     Elmer COFFEY.  
        10      iii.    Daniel COFFEY.  
        11      iv.     Wilfred COFFEY.  
        12      v.      Mary COFFEY.  

4.  Francis Michael WALSH was born in 1894 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario,
Canada.  He died in 1933.  He was buried in 1933 in St. John's Cemetery,
Arthur, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.

He was married to Kathleen COFFEY (daughter of Michael COFFEY and Catherine
CALLAGHAN) in Apr 1923.  Kathleen COFFEY was born on 3 Mar 1892 in Arthur,
Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  She was buried in 1972 in St. John's
Cemetery, Arthur, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.  She died on 7 Mar
1972 in Fergus, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  Francis Michael WALSH and
Kathleen COFFEY had the following children:

        +13     i.      Mary WALSH.
        +14     ii.     John Francis WALSH.
        +15     iii.    Michael WALSH.
        +16     iv.     Joseph Patrick WALSH.
        +17     v.      Frances WALSH.

5.  Marie WALSH.  

She was married to Peter KAIN.

7.  Agnes WALSH.  

She was married to Vincent LANG.  Agnes WALSH and Vincent LANG had the
following children:

        +18     i.      Marie LANG.
        +19     ii.     Dorothy LANG.
        +20     iii.    Marjorie LANG.
        21      iv.     Frank LANG was born in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario
        22      v.      Evelyn LANG was born in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario


13.  Mary WALSH was born on 19 Apr 1923 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario,
Canada.  She died on 27 Feb 1981 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

She was married to Ambrose WOLSLEY in Jun 1947 in Arthur, Wellington,
Ontario, Canada.  Ambrose WOLSLEY was born in Feb 1924 in Conn, Wellington,
Ontario, Canada.  Mary WALSH and Ambrose WOLSLEY had the following

        +23     i.      Steven WOLSLEY.
        +24     ii.     Peter WOLSLEY.
        +25     iii.    Catherine WOLSLEY.

14.  John Francis WALSH was born on 31 May 1926 in Arthur, Wellington,
Ontario, Canada.  He was a Pharmacist.

He was married to Mary Teresa EPOCH (daughter of George Alphonsus EPOCH and
Teresa Jane TANGNEY) on 5 Jul 1952.  Mary Teresa EPOCH was born on 23 Sep
1928 in Kenilworth, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  She was a Homemaker.  She
was also known as Tess.  John Francis WALSH and Mary Teresa EPOCH had the
following children:

        +26     i.      Jerome Martin WALSH.
        +27     ii.     Marian Kathleen WALSH.
        +28     iii.    Teresa Jane WALSH.
        +29     iv.     Valerie Anne WALSH.
        +30     v.      Francis Gerrard WALSH.
        +31     vi.     John Anthony WALSH.
        +32     vii.    Joseph Thaddeus WALSH.
        33      viii.   Christopher George WALSH was born on 12 Mar 1973. 
                        He was a Video Designer.

15.  Michael WALSH was born on 13 Nov 1927 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario,

He was married to Margaret.  Michael WALSH and Margaret had the following

        34      i.      David WALSH.  
        35      ii.     Linda WALSH.  
        36      iii.    Michael WALSH was born in 1959 in Arthur, Wellington, 
                        Ontario, Canada.

16.  Joseph Patrick WALSH was born on 10 Mar 1929.  He was ordained in
     Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

He was married to Elaine FINCH.

17.  Frances WALSH was born on 16 Dec 1930 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario,

She was married to Ralph DEVOY on 9 Oct 1954 in Arthur, Wellington,
Ontario, Canada.  Ralph DEVOY was born on 17 Jun 1933 in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada.  He died on 10 Jan 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Frances WALSH
and Ralph DEVOY had the following children:

        +37     i.      Michael DEVOY.
        +38     ii.     Christine DEVOY.
        +39     iii.    Paul DEVOY.
        +40     iv.     David DEVOY.
        41      v.      Ann DEVOY was born on 1 Mar 1965 in Windsor, Ontario
        +42     vi.     Patricia DEVOY.

18.  Marie LANG was born in 1927 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

She was married to Mac HOPPER.  Mac HOPPER was born in Brantford, Ontario,

19.  Dorothy LANG was born in 1929 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

Walter SOBIE was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

20.  Marjorie LANG was born in 1931 in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

Russell O'NEILL was born in Arthur, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.
Submitted by Jerry Walsh (Sep 15,1997)

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