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Descendants of JAMES WALSH
James WALSH      b. 1829 in Ireland   d. Walworth Co., Wisconsin
 sp. Susan L JOHNSON
Five Children of James and Susan:

(1) Eliza WALSH             b:1855 Wisconsin  
(2) James Mazinie WALSH  b:14 Nov 1856 Wisconsin  d:13 Oct 1903 Oroville, CA
 sp: Teany WELSH        m: 2 Mar 1892
Seven Children of James Mazinie and Teany:
-(2a)Nita Belle WALSH      
 sp: William Pearce Williams, m: 16 Aug 1917
----(2a1)Dorothy Eloise WILLIAMS   b: 15 Jul 1918
-(2b)Zelma Lee WALSH   b: 8 Oct 1894-Oroville CA d:19 Sep 1984-Sacramento, CA
 sp: Charles Edward Porter,   m: 06 Mar 1920
----(2b1)Nodeene Lee PORTER        b: 02 Jun 1921  born in Oroville CA
----(2b2)Charles Edward PORTER JR. b: 03 Nov 1923  born in Oroville CA
----(2b3)Daryl Walsh PORTER        b: 19 Jul 1925  born in Oroville CA
----(2b4)James Albert PORTER       b: 02 Jun 1928  born in Oroville CA 
-(2c)Plummer Rhinaldo WALSH  b: 8 Oct 1898      d:   Aug 1967-Oroville, CA 
 Sp: Norah Eileen Williams
----(2c1)Harold Elwood WALSH       b: 13 May 13 1920   Married margaret
-(2d)Hazzel WALSH          
-(2e)Helen WALSH         
-(2f)Albert Johnson WALSH    b:  1865
 sp: Mary G. McGee
-(2g)James Mazinie WALSH, Jr b: 
(3) Adelbert Johnson WALSH   b:1865 Wiconsin
 sp: unknown
Two Children of Adelbert:

-(3a)Adelbert Johnson WALSH JR.

-(3b)Kathleen WALSH   Married last name Booher
(4) Edgar WALSH              b:1868 Wiconsin 
(5) Ernest Edward WALSH      b:1860 Wisconsin         d:Oroville, CA
 Sp#1: Georgia F JOSEPHSON        Sp#2: Mary SIMON
Three Children of Ernest:

-(5a)Ernest Edward WALSH     b: Oroville, CA

-(5b)Louise WALSH            b: Oroville, CA    

-(5c)Kenneth Joseph WALSH    b: Oroville, CA  23 Oct 1893
 Sp: Vera Glady's CADENHEAD
----(5c1)Kenneth Jean WALSH      b: Oroville, CA  29 Dec 1921
----(5c2)Vivian WALSH            b: Oroville, CA
Submitted by Mechele Walsh (Dec 21, 1998)
Address: 19025 Seneca - Apple Valley Ca. 92307.

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