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Joshua Willis TERRILL Rev. [Parents] was born on 21 Aug 1821 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. He died on 18 May 1882 in , , Missouri. Joshua married Matilda Ann WALTON on 8 Aug 1840.

Physician & minister. Children are listed from the 1860 Howard Co. MO census; probably were more. There is an unnamed infant born in 1860 listed in census. I really wonder if there were two Joshua W. Terrill families in Howard Co. MO., as the children listed in the 1850 census do not agree with those listed in the same county under Joshua W. Terrill in 1860. The children listed under his name here are from the 1860 census. The 1850 census lists: Malinda age 25 b. Kty., Susan age 8 b. MO, Mary E. age 6 b. MO, Rebeca age 2 b. MO, and a boarder, Thomas Allen, age 22, b. MO, a physican. Joshua's occupation is given as physician also, so this young man must have been in training with him. In those days that was often the way they learned skills, rather than medical school. The 1850 census is at:

The following from "The Huntsville Herald" may be his child, but it is not likely, as he is not age 2 on the 1860 census:

Terrill, Hugh -- died 8 Sep 1873, aged about 15y, at Roanoke supposedly from heart disease, son of Joshua Terrill; THH 10 Sep 1873 (birth 1858).

There is another "Rev. J.W. Terrill" is Jessie, #2737. The most confusion however, is between this man and Joshua W. Terrill #2916.

Received this email 2/00:

I finally had a chance to go to the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City. As I went through their limited library I found "Missouri Baptist Biography" and in Volume VI there is a biography of Rev. Joshua Willis Terrill, M.D. 1821 - 1882. He was born in Boone Co., KY Aug 21, 1821 to John and Rebecca Terrill. There was a page or two of his travels etc.
"Bob Deskin"

Matilda Ann WALTON [Parents] was born in 1823 in , , Kentucky. She died in 1888. Matilda married Joshua Willis TERRILL Rev. on 8 Aug 1840.

Sister of the Walton girls who married Joshua's brothers Robert and John. Another sister married Jessie Terrill. Census of 1850 Howard Co., MO shows her name as Malinda, other records show "Matilda".

They had the following children:

  M i Simeon O. TERRILL was born in 1842 in , , Missouri.

Received below 12/98 from Terrill Jones:

Joshua also had a son, Simeon O. Terrill, who was in the Civil War and was killed somewhere in Tenn. Up until recently he was sort of a mystery, but I have found that he served in the 3rd TX Cav from Kaufman Co TX where Joshua Terrill and his family moved at the start of the war.
  F ii Mary E. TERRILL
  M iii Reuben W. TERRILL
  F iv Stella Amelia TERRILL
  M v Joshua Thompson TERRILL
  F vi Laura R. TERRILL
  M vii Willis J. TERRILL was born on 3 Nov 1867. He died on 18 Nov 1949 and was buried in Oakland Cem., Moberly, Missouri.

Relationship assumed due to placement in cemetary.

Patrick WOODS was born in 1820. He died in 1904. Patrick married Eliza TERRILL on 7 Oct 1841 in , Howard Co., Missouri.

Eliza TERRILL [Parents] was born on 26 Feb 1824. She died in 1859. Eliza married Patrick WOODS on 7 Oct 1841 in , Howard Co., Missouri.

Eliza had 8 children, Cornelia, Edwin, John, Laura, Susan, Victor, Elizabeth & William. She was given a dod of 1859 by Stephen Willson.

They had the following children:

  F i Susan Ann WOODS

CATON was born about 1825. He married Georgia Ann TERRILL.

This spouse provided by Stephen Willson.

Georgia Ann TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1827. She died in 1900. Georgia married CATON.

Shown with parents and brother John in 1860 Grundy Co. MO records, if Ellsberry's records are correct...her age is off as she is shown as33, and it is unlikely that she would have added 10 years to her age as an eligible spinster. This may be Ellsberry's mistake in recording. Her brother John's age is off considerably also as she shows him as age 26 on census. The census may be correct, as her parents are old enough for her to be age 33.

William C. TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1829. He married Mary Susan.

He is found in the 1880 Randolph Co. Census at:

There is a W.C. Terrill in the 1870 Randolph Co. MO census about this age. But, I have entered him as #3128, however. This William (2888) had 5 children: Alice, Blanche, John Breckinridge, Cynthia & Pope.

In 10/98 i got this note from Stephen Willson

Descendants of James A. TERRILL

1 James A. TERRILL 1797 - 1885
.. +Susan Mosby CAVE 1802 - 1880
......... 2 Margaret TERRILL 1821 - 1822
......... 2 Miranda TERRILL 1823 - 1823
......... 2 Eliza TERRILL 1824 - 1859
............. +Patrick WOODS
......... 2 Rebecca TERRILL 1825 -
............. +Mr. TOMLINSON
......... 2 Georgiana TERRILL 1827 -
............. +Mr. CATON
......... 2 William C. TERRILL Abt. 1829 -
............. +Susan
.................... 3 Alice TERRILL Abt. 1858 -
.................... 3 Blanche TERRILL Abt. 1859 -
.................... 3 J. B. TERRILL Abt. 1861 -
.................... 3 C.C. TERRILL Abt. 1863 -
.................... 3 Jessie TERRILL Abt. 1866 -
.................... 3 M.C. TERRILL Abt. 1868 -
......... 2 Elizabeth TERRILL 1830 - 1889
............. +John BAGBY
.................... 3 David BAGBY 1858 - 1924
........................ +Narcissa DENNY 1859 - 1890 ............................... 4 John Humphrey BAGBY
.................... *2nd Wife of David BAGBY:
........................ +Cora UNDERWOOD
............................... 4 daughter BAGBY ............................... 4 David Clifton BAGBY ............................... 4 Narlee BAGBY
......... 2 John M. TERRILL 1832 - 1891
............. +Pauline GRIFFEY Abt. 1842 -
.................... 3 Florence TERRILL Abt. 1863 -
.................... 3 Logie TERRILL Abt. 1867 -
........................ +J. J. NICHOLAS
.................... 3 James TERRILL Abt. 1871 -
.................... 3 Martha TERRILL Abt. 1869 -
.................... 3 Alphonso TERRILL Abt. 1878 -
.................... 3 John TERRILL
.................... 3 Maude TERRILL
.................... 3 George TERRILL
......... 2 Penelope TERRILL 1837 - 1893
............. +Joseph FICKLIN 1837 - 1887
.................... 3 Octavia FICKLIN
........................ +William Percy CAVE
.................... 3 Walter H. FICKLIN
........................ +Mable KENMUIR
............................... 4 Joseph Kenmuir FICKLIN
......... 2 Martha TERRILL Abt. 1838 -
............. +Charles S. HOMAN
......... 2 James P. TERRILL Abt. 1844 -

Robert Hester TERRILL was the oldest child and only son of Jesse and Abigail (WALTON) TERRILL
1)Robert Hester TERRILL October 10, 1827 - Aug 1852 married Eliza _________

Robert Hester TERRILL died in August 1852. His only child Mary Alice
TERRILL (my wife's great - grand mother) was born January 25, 1852 a few
months before his death. In 1854 his widow, Mrs. Eliza (________) TERRILL married Joseph Franklin WALKER. The same year Mary Alice TERRILL chose
Jesse TERRILL as her guardian.I am sorry I made this unnecessarily confusing.

Mary Susan was born in 1833. She married William C. TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  F i Alice TERRILL was born about 1858.
  F ii Blanche TERRILL was born about 1859.
  M iii John Breckinridge TERRILL was born in 1861 in Missouri.

He is the only child listed with these parents in the 1880 census at:
  F iv Cynthia C. TERRILL
  M v Jessie Pope TERRILL was born about 1866.

I have put his middle name as Pope rather than add a separate child with this name and this may or may not be correct. See note under father.
  M vi M. C. TERRILL was born about 1868.

John M. TERRILL [Parents] was born on 24 Dec 1832. He died on 24 Jan 1891 and was buried in Higbee, , Missouri. John married Pauline GRIFFEY.

Buried in the Burton Cemetary and the dates are taken from the stone. His wife is next to him and her dates are also from stone. George is buried next to them. John had 9 children: Florence, Logan, James, Martha, Ira, Alphonso, John, Maud & George.

Pauline GRIFFEY was born on 18 Jan 1844. She died on 1 Jun 1931 and was buried in Higbee, , Missouri. Pauline married John M. TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  F i Florence TERRILL was born about 1863.
  ii Logan "Logie" TERRILL was born about 1867.

Had spouse of J.J. Nicholas, but am not sure of sex of this person.
  F iii Martha TERRILL was born about 1869.
  M iv James TERRILL was born about 1871.
  M v Ira TERRILL was born about 1875.
  M vi Alphonso TERRILL was born about 1878.
  M vii John TERRILL was born about 1881.
  F viii Maude TERRILL was born about 1883.

No known to be the same one, but:

... Married: 11 OCT 1905 at: Salina, Saline, KS 1 Died: 22 FEB 1958 at: KS 1 Father:Amos Johnson BETSON Mother:Louise RUBOTTOM Other Spouses: Wife: Maud TERRILL Born: 24 JUL 1883 at: 1 Died: 16 OCT 1939 at: 1 Father: Mother: Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Chester Lee BETSON Born: Private at: 1 Married: 1931 ...
  M ix George L. TERRILL was born on 27 Aug 1886. He died on 28 Jul 1917 and was buried in Higbee, , Missouri.

Joseph FICKLIN JR was born on 9 Sep 1833 in Winchester, Clark, Kentucky. He died on 6 Sep 1887 in Columbia, Boone, Missouri and was buried in Columbia, Boone, Missouri. Joseph married Penelope TERRILL on 3 Mar 1856 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri.

Records of W. H. Ficklin
Ficklin Family in America, publ. 1912
George Ficklin of Tremonton, Utah supplied ordinance information

Penelope TERRILL [Parents] was born on 10 Oct 1837 in , Howard Co., Missouri. She died on 19 Oct 1893 in Columbia, Boone Co., Missouri and was buried in Columbia. Penelope married Joseph FICKLIN JR on 3 Mar 1856 in Trenton, Grundy, Missouri.

In 7/98 I received the following response from the lady who sent all of the information on the Ficklin line to me:

I really don't know much about my Terrill
ancestors, but I have a picture of my great grandmother Penelope Terrill.
She is an intelligent looking woman. I also have a letter written from her sister to my grandfather about genealogy. Penelope's sister married a man whose surname was Homan. When Penelope and Joseph Ficklin had a son they named him Walter Homan Ficklin. I have assumed that the Terrill family was close and they held Mr. Homan in high esteem. I will share what I can, I
know my Terrills came from Kentucky into MO and since most of the Terrills arrived in this country in VA mine probably did too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lucy N. Dill
ICQ 5859506

Webmaster for the World's Biggest Pickle

They had the following children:

  F i Octavia FICKLIN
  F ii Eleanor "Nellie" FICKLIN
  M iii John Bowman FICKLIN
  M iv Thomas Allen FICKLIN
  M v Walter Homan FICKLIN
  F vi Mary FICKLIN

Charles S. HOMAN was born about 1835. He married Martha TERRILL.

Martha TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1839. She married Charles S. HOMAN.

Had 5 children: Mary, James, Walter, Grace & Mark.

John Warren BAGBY Jr. was born on 13 Sep 1827. He died on 24 Feb 1885 and was buried in Roanoke Cem.. John married Elizabeth TERRILL on 11 Jul 1849 in Randolph Co., MO.

From Larry Sumpter:

Bagby, John Warren -- Captain, Co. H 3rd MO Infantry. Enlisted at Springfield 1 Jan 1862 at the age of 35, and was elected to the rank of Lt. He was at the battle of Elkhorn, AR (Pea Ridge) and crossed the river with Price. Lt. Bagby was wounded in the thigh at Farmington, MS. Promoted to Captain 8 May 1862, and after the battles of Iuka and Corinth was out of
action because of illness for most 1863. John was reassigned to Court Marshall duty for the rest of the war at Taladego, AL. John was born 13 Sep 1827 and died 24 Feb 1885 is buried at Roanoke, MO. Ref: CSR; [son of John Warren & Mildred (Ward)], 13 Sep 1827-24 Feb 1885, mar. Elizabeth (Terrill), children: David (1858-1924) mar. 1st Narcissa (Denny), mar. 2nd Cora (Underwood); burial Roanoke Cem.

The book, "Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri" says that John in 1846 enlisted "in Capt. John R. Smith's Co. destined for the Mexican War. They went to Mexico City. He was honorably discharged at Louisville, KY in Aug, 1848. From then until 1853 he worked and lived in Roanoke, MO. That year he and his family moved to Trenton, Grundy Co., MO, where he became the owner of a lucrative mercantile business. He was wounded 3 times in the Civil War. After the war, he returned to his practice of law, continued as a notary public, insurance and undertaking business.

The below is from History of Howard and Cooper Counties, 1883, found at:


Pg 568:

attorney at law and notary public. John BAGBY, the father of John W., was a native of Virginia, and was a soldier in the war of 1812. After the close of that struggle he settled in Scott county, Kentucky, where he married and lived until he came to this county with his family, in 1827. His wife was formerly a Miss Mildred WARD, and of this union John W. was born in the county where they resided in Kentucky, September 13, 1827. In early youth the son received such an education as could be had in the log school houses of those days, and when fifteen years of age went to work with his uncle, William BAGBY, in the carpentering and wagon and carriage making business, which he has followed, with considerable intervals of time devoted to other pursuits, from then until within the last few years. However, in 1846 he enlisted in Captain John R. SMITH's company, designed for the Mexican war, and followed the stars and stripes into the land of the cactus and pine to the city of Mexico. He was honorably discharged at Louisville, Kentucky, in August, 1848. From that time until 1853 he worked at his trade in Roanoke. That year he began merchandising in Trenton, Missouri, and continued in business there with excellent success until the outbreak of the war. The same spirit that animated his father in 1812, and himself in 1846, prompted him again to become a soldier of the line. He enlisted in the Confederate service, among the first that answered the bugle-call, and was of the last that left the tented field. He began as a private, and for meritorious conduct became a captain. Higher commissions were offered him, but he declined them. On two different occasions his body received the bullets that were kindly sent to restore a union of hearts as well as of sisterly, affectionate states. With the return of peace, having been broken up by the war, he returned to his trade in Roanoke. He continued to work at this until 1875, when, his health failing him, he began the practice of law, giving his attention also to conveyancing as a notary public, and to the insurance business. As a man of superior intelligence, and of an aspiring mind, he had been giving his attention to the law some years before he began to practice, and was not without substantial qualifications when he entered the profession. Captain BAGBY also conducts an undertaking business in Roanoke, in which he has been interested for some years. July 11, 1849, he was married to Miss Elizabeth TERRELL, formerly of Kentucky. They have five children: Lewis, James H., David, Robert and Bettie. The captain is a member of the Christian church, and is a Royal Arch Mason.

Pg 569:
R. J. BAGBY, M. D.,

physician and druggist. Doctor BAGBY, brother to Captain BAGBY, whose sketch precedes this, was born after his parents came to this county, September 11, 1832. His father was a substantial and highly respected farmer, and the early youth of the doctor was spent on the farm in the usual farm duties, a part of each year, however, being occupied with attending the neighborhood schools. When eighteen years of age, being then prepared to enter upon a higher course of studies, he became a student in the Fayette high school, where he continued until 1852. He then taught school one year, and immediately thereafter commenced the study of medicine under Dr. P. B. CHIDES, remaining with him one year. The following year he studied under Doctor Thomas J. BLAKE, and in 1854- 55 attended the St. Louis Medical college. After the conclusion of the college term of '55, he returned to Roanoke and engaged in the practice of his profession, since which he has followed it with only two interruptions, one of a year, during which he practised in Chariton county, and the other in the winter of 1862-63, when he attended the St. Louis Medical college, graduating in March of the succeeding spring. As a physician the doctor enjoys an excellent reputation as a skilful and successful practitioner. That his professional career has been successful in a substantial way as well as in reputation, is evidenced by his present comfortable situation in life. His drug store is a good one and commands a wide and lucrative trade. May 12, 1856, he was married to Miss Permelia TWYMAN, formerly of Virginia, but she died January 2, 1872, leaving three children: Hugh B., Walter and William H. His second wife was also a Miss TWYMAN,--Alice H. They have three children: Noble C., John W, and Robert J. W.

I received this email 8/99 from :

There were two John Bagbys with wives named Elizabeth in Randolph County...both also had the middle initial husband's family descends from the John W. Bagby who was married to Elizabeth Davidson.. this couple's son Andrew Broadus Bagby was my husband's great grandfather..

My late father in law never was able to find graves for this particular John W tho he found your John W. and thought it was his...are you confused yet? The family left Missouri and went to Nebraska shortly after 1900..Raleigh Andrew Bagby was born in Huntsville, Missouri in 1897...he was my husband's grandfather.

I did find the family in Chariton Township in the 1870 but I have not been able to find a township map that will show the towns in that area..


Elizabeth TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1831. She died on 19 Feb 1889 and was buried in , , Roanoke Cem.. Elizabeth married John Warren BAGBY Jr. on 11 Jul 1849 in Randolph Co., MO.

Had 5 children: Lewis, James, David, Robert & Betty. From Stephen Willson:

......... 2 Elizabeth TERRILL 1830 - 1889
............. +John BAGBY
.................... 3 David BAGBY 1858 - 1924
........................ +Narcissa DENNY 1859 - 1890
............................... 4 John Humphrey BAGBY
.................... *2nd Wife of David BAGBY:
........................ +Cora UNDERWOOD
............................... 4 daughter BAGBY
............................... 4 David Clifton BAGBY
............................... 4 Narlee BAGBY

They are found on the 1870 Howard Co., MO census at:

Here is what was in that census:

417 22 22 BAGBY, Jno. W. 42 M W Wagon Maker 800 125 KY
417 22 22 BAGBY, Elizabeth 39 F W Keeping House KY
417 22 22 BAGBY, Lewis 20 M W Silver Smith MO
417 22 22 BAGBY, James 14 M W Farm Hand MO
417 22 22 BAGBY, David 11 M W MO
417 22 22 BAGBY, Robert 9 M W MO
417 22 22 BAGBY, Joseph J. 2/12 M W MO born Nov.
417 22 22 BAGBY, Perlina 13 F B Dom. Servt. MO

The last one was a Black domestic servant, and possibly a former slave. The infant, Joseph J. Bagby, was not listed above by Stephen Willson and perhaps died young.

They had the following children:

  M i David BAGBY

Belfield BERKSHIRE was born on 1 Aug 1821. He died on 17 May 1855 in , Boone Co., Kentucky and was buried in Petersburg Cem., Petersburg, Kentucky. Belfield married Elizabeth Rebecca TERRILL on 4 Nov 1841.

Elizabeth Rebecca TERRILL [Parents] was born on 7 Jan 1826. She died on 26 Sep 1883 in Petersburg, , KY. Elizabeth married Belfield BERKSHIRE on 4 Nov 1841.

Other marriages:
JACKSON, Levi Frank

Had seven sons by first husband, three daughters by second husband.

They had the following children:

  M i John William BERKSHIRE
  M ii George R. BERKSHIRE
  M iii James H. BERKSHIRE was born on 16 Mar 1846. He died in 1862 and was buried in Confederate Cem., , Chattanoga, TN.

Was killed in Confederate Army.
  M iv Winfield Scott BERKSHIRE was born on 3 Mar 1848. He died on 18 Sep 1881 in , Boone Co., Kentucky and was buried in Petersburg Cem., Boone Co., Kentucky.

Married Sallie Hardesty and had: Pearl; Scott.
  M v Kirtley Youell BERKSHIRE
  M vi Park Walton BERKSHIRE

Levi Frank JACKSON was born on 7 Jan 1826 in , Chester Co., Penn.. He died on 27 Sep 1889. Levi married Elizabeth Rebecca TERRILL.

Appears with Elizabeth in 1880 Boone Co. Kty. census.

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed.,Boone Co. L. F. JACKSON, a native of Chester County, Penn., was born January 7,
1826, and is the third in a family of ten children born to Levi and Mary (Pearl) Jackson, the latter a daughter of William Pearl, of Chester
County, Penn., who lived to be one hundred and thirteen years old, and
was of German descent. When but fourteen years of age our subject went
with his parents to Cincinnati, Ohio, where his father died in 1842, and
the family then moved to Boone County, Ky. Levi Jackson was reared in
the southern part of Chester County, and was a member of an old Quaker
family. L. F. Jackson began life, as he says, with $32, but has been
very successful as a farmer, and in the steamboat and stock trading
business; he own 460 acres of Ohio River bottom land. In December, 1856,
he married Mrs. Elizabeth Berkshire, daughter of John Terrill, she was
born January 7, 1826, and died September 26, 1883. Six children were
born to their union, viz: Nannie (deceased), Nona, Eva, Franklin, Zenith
and an infant (deceased).

Elizabeth Rebecca TERRILL [Parents] was born on 7 Jan 1826. She died on 26 Sep 1883 in Petersburg, , KY. Elizabeth married Levi Frank JACKSON.

Other marriages:

Had seven sons by first husband, three daughters by second husband.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy E. "Nannie" JACKSON was born on 13 Jul 1857. She died on 17 Mar 1867.
  F ii Norra S. "Nona" JACKSON
  M iii Levi Franklin JACKSON was born on 4 Jul 1860. He died on 28 Jun 1868.

Drowned in Ohio River.
  F iv Eva JACKSON
  F v Mary G. JACKSON was born about 1863.

She is not listed as a child by Dan Moore. Biography on father indicates that she is apparently the deceased infant.
  F vi Zenith JACKSON

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