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Terrill/Terrill/Tyrrell Lines

Edmund TERRILL [Parents] was born on 22 Feb 1829 in , , Kentucky. He died on 17 Jul 1895 in , , Kansas. Edmund married Elizabeth WALLACE.

Another note gives same month and day but gives year of birth as 1830.

Elizabeth WALLACE [Parents] was born about 1831 in , Garrard Co., Kentucky. She married Edmund TERRILL.

Marries her second cousin.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry TERRILL
  F ii Fannie TERRILL
  M iii Edmund TERRILL
  M iv Wallace TERRILL
  M v Janon Oliver TERRILL
  F vi Bettie TERRILL
  F vii Laura TERRILL was born in 1867. She died in 1932.
  F viii Bertie TERRILL was born in 1871. She died in 1882.

Reuben Richard TERRILL Jr. [Parents] was born on 12 Aug 1806 in , Orange Co., Virginia. He died on 6 Jun 1856 in , Maries Co., Missouri. Reuben married Lucretia "Lucy" LACY on 11 Aug 1825 in , , Virginia.

First Justice of County Court, Maries Co., Missouri. Married his 2nd cousin. Had a great grandson, Julian J. Crider 3124 Fairview St., Fort Worth, Texas. Shown in 1840 Gasconade Co., MO census with 6 children; this area later became Maries Co.. He acquired choice bottom lands along Peavine Creek. Following his tour as county official, he became involved in a business venture by way of interest in a distillery and general store know then as "Wheery Mills", but later known as Paydown, MO. His partner was a cousin from VA, William H. Fackler. Prior to 1850, this partnership was dissolved and he soon after conveyed 380 acres of lands to other parties, indicating his declining health. He was buried in Grove Dale Cemetary that is located on his old farm. Lucretia is shown as head of household in the census of 1860 and 1870. Her brother, Walter Christian Lacy is shown as a member of her household in 1870.

Lucretia "Lucy" LACY [Parents] was born on 4 Sep 1806. She died on 1 Oct 1877. Lucretia married Reuben Richard TERRILL Jr. on 11 Aug 1825 in , , Virginia.

Marries her cousin

They had the following children:

  M i Hamilton TERRILL
  F ii Susannah TERRILL was born on 2 May 1828 in , Orange Co., Virginia. She died on 5 Sep 1830.

Died age two.
  M iii Reuben Richard TERRILL III
  F iv Nancy TERRILL
  F v Elizabeth TERRILL
  M vi John TERRILL
  M vii Jackson TERRILL
  F viii Keturah TERRILL
  F ix Lucretia "Lucy" TERRILL was born on 22 Nov 1847 in , Osage Co., Missouri.

Not much record of her. She is shown as "Lucy" in the family on the 1850 census, age 3. She may have died in childhood.

Elijah PARKER [Parents] was born on 21 Dec 1840 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. He died on 9 Sep 1931 in Saylor Park, , Ohio and was buried in Petersburg, , Kentucky. Elijah married Adelaide Victoria TERRILL on 21 Nov 1867 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

Reference Parker Bible Record in Kentucky Bible Records, Vol. IV, p. 77-78, pub. by Kty. Soc. D.A.R.

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed., 1887, Boone Co.
ELIJAH PARKER was born in Boone County, Ky., December 21, 1840, the sixth
child in a family of nine children born to Richard and Sarah (Hogan)
Parker. Richard Parker was a son of Richard Parker, Sr., who emigrated
from Culpeper County, Va., to Boone County, Ky., in 1796; Richard Jr.,
was born where our subject now lives, in what is known as the "split rock" neighborhood, one of the oldest settlements in the county. He was a
farmer, as was also his father, represented Boone County in the
Legislature in 1841-42, and was otherwise prominent in matters pertaining
to the public good of the county and State; he died March 21, 1879. The
mother of our subject was a consistent Christian during her lifetime, and
was respected by all who knew her; she died October 19, 1854. Elijah
Parker was reared on a farm, which occupation he has always followed,
and is now the owner of 190 acres bordering on the Ohio River; he was
deputy clerk of Boone County for nine years. He served three years and
eight months in the Second Kentucky Infantry, Confederate Army, was
wounded three times, viz: in battles at Chickamauga, Fort Donelson and
in Georgia, and was also taken prisoner at Clarkesville, Tenn. He has
in his possession a flint-lock shot-gun brought from England by one of
his ancestors 150 years ago, which he showed to this author. In 1867
he married Adelaide V. Terrill, a daughter of George W. Terrill, of
Boone County, who represented Boone County in the Legislature in
1869-70, and seven children have blessed their union: Blanche L.,
Amanda, Lizzie A., Charles Lee (deceased), Parris B., John R. and
Georgie. Mrs. Parker was born in Mason County, Ky., March 6, 1849,
she is a member of the Christian Church.

Adelaide Victoria TERRILL [Parents] was born on 6 Mar 1849 in , Mason Co., Kentucky. She died on 20 Jun 1918 in Petersburg, , KY. Adelaide married Elijah PARKER on 21 Nov 1867 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  F i Blanche L. PARKER
  F ii Amanda PARKER
  F iii Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" PARKER was born on 4 Sep 1875. She died on 2 Oct 1959.
  M iv Charles Lee PARKER was born on 13 Dec 1877. He died on 31 Mar 1885 and was buried in Petersburg Cem..

Died before his parents.
  M v John R. PARKER was born about 1878.
  M vi Paris Brown PARKER was born on 25 Oct 1879. He died on 5 Jul 1903.

Died on ship in Gulf of Mexico from yellow fever.
  M vii Georgia PARKER

Simeon Edward TERRILL [Parents] was born on 29 Mar 1850. He died on 29 May 1901. Simeon married Mary F. GRANT.

Had eight children. Shown in his parent's family in the 1870 Boone Co. Kty. cenus as age 4/12.

Mary F. GRANT was born in 1853. She died in 1938. Mary married Simeon Edward TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i George William TERRILL was born on 8 Aug 1873. He died on 12 Jul 1901.
  M ii Linsey TERRILL was born about 1875.
  M iii Buford TERRILL was born about 1880.
  M iv James TERRILL was born about 1890.
  F v Alice TERRILL was born on 24 Dec 1892. She died in Sep 1976 in Pro Aurora, , IN.
  M vi Thomas Edward TERRILL

John Larkin TERRILL [Parents] was born on 11 May 1852 in Petersburg, , KY. He died on 13 Aug 1891 and was buried in Petersburg Cem., Boone Co., Kentucky. John married Mary McClure MARSHALL.

Dates are from headstones

Mary McClure MARSHALL was born in Aug 1858. She died in 1937. Mary married John Larkin TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i George Marshall TERRILL
  M ii Alta TERRILL
  M iii Robert Walker TERRILL was born on 11 Sep 1883. He died in Oct 1969 in Petersburg, , KY.

  F iv Amanda Maude TERRILL
  F v Nannie R. TERRILL was born on 17 Jun 1889. She died in Mar 1976 in Burlington, , KY.

Never married.
  F vi Johnna May TERRILL was born on 29 Sep 1891. She died on 14 Sep 1988 in Covington, , KY.

Never married.

Homer H. GRANT was born on 1 May 1855 in Petersburg, , KY. He died on 29 Mar 1936. Homer married Lucy Adelia TERRILL.

Probably brother to Mary Grant who married Lucy's brother, Simeon.

Lucy Adelia TERRILL [Parents] was born on 21 Feb 1858 in Petersburg, , KY. She died on 11 May 1924. Lucy married Homer H. GRANT.

Had four children.

Joshua D. TERRILL [Parents] was born on 29 Aug 1861. He died on 15 Jul 1885. Joshua married Emma L. SCHLEICHER.

Supposedly had two more children after these whose names are unknown.

Emma L. SCHLEICHER was born about 1862. She married Joshua D. TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i Edward TERRILL was born about 1879.
  M ii James TERRILL was born about 1880.

There is a James A. Terrill who m. Rebecca Wright on 2 Feb 1837 in Randolph
Co., MO.
  F iii Peaches TERRILL was born about 1881.
  F iv Mary TERRILL was born about 1883.

This was posted 9/99 by Patti Burns :

"I have found a photo of Mary R. Terrill in a antique shop, and bought it. The photo was taken May 5, 1893 when she was 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old. If she is related to you and you want the photo please let me know."

No evidence that it could be this person.

George W. TERRILL [Parents] was born on 26 Apr 1860 in Petersburg, , Kentucky. He died on 5 Aug 1941 in Hebron, , Kentucky. George married Maude Elizabeth TRISLER.

Had three children.

Maude Elizabeth TRISLER was born on 25 Aug 1878. She died on 8 Apr 1962 in Hebron, , Kentucky. Maude married George W. TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i Bob Ellis TERRILL was born on 15 Jun 1906 in Petersburg, , KY. He died on 29 Aug 1982 in Hebron, , KY.
  M ii George W. TERRILL was born on 24 Feb 1908 in Petersburgy, , KY. He died on 16 Jul 1987 in Hebron, , KY.

Never married. In WW II.
  F iii Mary Amanda TERRILL

Henry Lee EARLY was born on 10 Jan 1857 in Hammersville, , Ohio. He died about 1936 in , , Ohio. Henry married Nannie Frank TERRILL.

Nannie Frank TERRILL [Parents] was born on 27 Mar 1863 in Petersburg, , KY. She died about 1925. Nannie married Henry Lee EARLY.

Had three children.

George Richard CHRISTIAN "Ritt" was born on 20 Jun 1828 in , Scott Co., Kentucky. He died on 17 Jan 1909 in Antelope, , Texas and was buried in Antelope, , Texas. Ritt married Louisa Ann TERRILL on 9 Aug 1866 in , Randolph Co., Texas.

Had ten children. The following was from Larry Sumpter's post to the Randolph Co. MO list:

Christian, George Richard (Rit) -- Sgt., Co. K 6th MO Cav. Joined CSA 4 Oct 1861 after serving in the MSG. He was wounded & captured at least once & was looked after by a Union doctor, they were both Masons. Rit used his skill at carpentry throughout the war. Released on parole from Alexandria, LA 7 Jun 1865. He attended the Moberly reunion, gave his unit as Co. K 3re MO Cav. & listed his home as Higbee, MO. He married Louisa Terrill here in 1866 and moved to TX in 1877. He was born 20 Jun 1828 in Scott Co., KY & was in MO by 1851. Rit was the Quartermaster of his U.C.V. camp, G.R. Christian Camp #703 Antelope, TX. He died there, 7 Jan 1909. His wife Louisa was born 23 Sep 1840 & she died in Antelope, TX 31 Mar 1904. Ref: CSR, MRR, Family records, RC60\KY\32\P

The following was posted 12/98 by Carole Brace :

[In the book "Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri", the children of George and Louisa (Terrill) Christian were listed (by submitter Marie Christian) as: Paul, James, Will, Ben, Bob, Ernest, Mary, Ela, and Walter all born in Missouri, and Tom, born in Texas. The Inez Christian Doshier you mentioned claims there were three additional children: John B. born April 24, 1802, died February 19, 1803; Robert Sutton, born November 30, 1806; Gusteavers Bower, born July 2, 1824.

According to the book the founder of the Christian family in America was Thomas Christian, born 1635. His grandson, John Christian, married Judith Pate and served in the Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary War. In 1787 the familly moved to Kentucky. John Christian lived there until his death in Lexington KY Jan 20, 1792. The book indicates that Robert S. Christian and his brother Paul Christian (presumably the sons of John Christian) came to Randolph County some time before 1820. Paul Christian was born in Virginia
Oct 16, 1772 and was married in Kentucky May 2, 1799 to Mary King (Polly) Sutton, daughter of Robert and Caroline Coleman Sutton of Virginia. They had a large family born in Kentucky that they brought with them to Randolph County. They settled near Higbee. One of their children was William Sutton born Feb 2, 1817 died in 1891 and he married Mary Elizabeth Terrill.

There is more on the Christian family in the book. It is about 4 pages and I wasnt sure if it was legal to post the whole thing here. The entry does talk quite a bit about George Richard "Rit" Christian. He went with a group of people from Randolph County in a wagon train to California during the Gold Rush. He served under Generals Price and Shelby in the Missouri Cavalry during the Civil War. The family migrated to Texas in 1880. They stayed in Denton County for a year then settled on the West Fork of Trinity River on a ranch in Jack County. Rit died Jan 17, 1909. Louisa died March 21, 1904 and both are buried in the cemetery at Antelope, Texas.]

Another post:

"Christian, George Richard (Rit) -- son of Paul & Mary King (Sutton) Christian & g-son of Robert & Caroline Coleman (Sutton), mar. Louisa M. Terrill (dau. of James & Elizabeth Ann (Chrisler) Terrill, g-dau of Robert & Mary (Lacy) Terrill & Jonas & Elizabeth (Price) Crisler, gg-gran dau. of Edmund & Margaret (Willis) Terrill); children: [1] Paul, [2] James Terrill (b. 23 Oct 1868 mar. 5 Apr 1900 Georgia E. Jones (b. 24 Aug 1877) [child: Inez Christian (Doshier)], [3] Will, [4] Ben, [5] Bob (killed by lightning on cattle drive on the JA ranch in TX), [6] Ernest, [7] Mary, [8] Ela, [9] Walter died young in TX (all born MO) & [10] Tom born TX)"

Received this email 9/99:

"my name is rit christian, i was looking at your site and am very impressed with it. i am the great great grandson of george richard who married louisa terrill. if you would like further information on the generations past james terrill christian my grandfather i would be happy to forward my data."
"Rit Christian"

Louisa Ann TERRILL [Parents] "Lou" was born on 28 Sep 1840 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died on 31 Mar 1904 in Antelope, Jack Co., Texas and was buried in Antelope, , Texas. Lou married George Richard CHRISTIAN on 9 Aug 1866 in , Randolph Co., Texas.

Name was given as Louisa M. elsewhere. From the Randolph Co. book:

"After they migrated to Texas, Louisa resumed teaching, even after her older sons had gone west to the Panhandle of TX as cowhands. She and Rit left hard times in MO only to find them again on the TX frontier, so "Lou" gathered together a group of youngsters and taught them in her home. Her great Baptist faith was known all over Jack Co., and she was known as "Aunt "Lou" far and wide. Their children were: Paul, James, Will, Ben, Bob, Ernest, Mary, Ela, and Walter, all born in MO, and Tom, born in TX. Walter died young after coming to TX. Bob was killed by lightning on a big roundup on the J A ranch in the TX panhandle."

They had the following children:

  M i James Terrill CHRISTIAN

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