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Terrill/Terrill/Tyrrell Lines

William TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1733 in Orange Co., VA. He died on 29 Jun 1830 in Virginia. William married Nancy Ann DANIEL on 23 Nov 1780 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Other marriages:

William's will is dated 5 Sep 1822 provides that the lands formerly given to his sons Edmund and John, now deceased, be given to three colored boys, Robert, George, and Booking and that they are to be set free after his death and take the land into their immediate possession. One suspects that William may have fathered these colored boys, as this was not uncommon. His will names his surviving children also.

I believe that he is the William Terrill who signs the Orange Co. petition "November 1, 1786, Orange, Against incorporation act" on page four at:

He also appears to have signed the Orange Co. petition "November 3, 1785, Orange, Against assessment bill" at same address, as did a John Terrill.

Nancy Ann DANIEL was born about 1760. She died about 1830. Nancy married William TERRILL on 23 Nov 1780 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i John TERRILL was born on 31 Mar 1782 in Orange Co., Virginia. He died on 14 Mar 1817 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Nothing known of him; probably died unmarried.
  M ii Reuben Richard TERRILL
  F iii Francis Ann TERRILL
  M iv Edmund TERRILL
  M v James A. TERRILL
  F vi Nancy Ann TERRILL

Rush HUDSON was born about 1735. He married Mary TERRILL.

Mary TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1736. She married Rush HUDSON.

They had the following children:

  M i Rush HUDSON was born about 1760.

There is a Rush Hudson named among the Revolutionary soldiers pensioned 1818.

Oliver TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1757. He died in 1821. Oliver married Susannah "Susan" MALLORY in 1788.

Susannah "Susan" MALLORY [Parents] was born in 1777. She died in 1840. Susannah married Oliver TERRILL in 1788.

Sister of Ann Mallory, who married Oliver's brother Robert, and of Uriel Mallory, who married Oliver's sister Elizabeth's daughter Malinda.

They had the following children:

  M i Edmund TERRILL
  M ii John TERRILL
  M iii Uriel TERRILL Dr.
  M iv Robert TERRILL was born in 1795. He died in 1834.

Possibly the same as Robert Terrill #10474, who m. Nancy Herring.
  F v Mary Ann TERRILL
  F vi Sarah "Sally" TERRILL was born in 1801. She died in 1829.
  M vii Oliver TERRILL was born in 1804.
  M viii James TERRILL was born in 1807.

There is a James C. Terrell mentioned in the "Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971" as being a representative from GA. He was born in Franklin Co., GA on 7 Nov, 1806, died 1 Dec., 1835. He was a lawyer.

There is a James A. Terrill who m. Rebecca Wright on 2 Feb 1837 in Randolph Co., MO.
  M ix Towles TERRILL was born in 1809.
  F x Susannah TERRILL
  M xi Phillip TERRILL was born in 1815. He died after 1870.

His brother said in 1870 that Phillip was living in Georgia.
  F xii Lucilla TERRILL

Robert TYRROLD was born about 1490 in Hagbourne, Berkshire Co., England. He died in 1545 in Berkshire, , England. Robert married Agnes.

From the "Terrell Trails:" "The legatees of Robert Tyrrold of Hagbourne in the county of Berkshire, whose will was proved on the 13th August 1545, included his four sons, William, David, Richard & Avery."

Agnes was born about 1498. She married Robert TYRROLD.

They had the following children:

  M i William TYRROLD was born about 1518 in Hagbourne, Berkshire Co., England.
  M ii David TURROLDE
  M iii Richard TYRROLD was born about 1525 in Hagbourne, Berkshire Co., England.
  M iv Avery TYRROLD

Timothy TERRELL [Parents] was born about 1594 in , , England. He died in 1656 in London, , England. Timothy married Dorothy.

Leatherseller of London. His will was proved 11 Aug 1656. He left 1,500 pounds to "the child that my wife now goes with if a son" or 1,000 pounds if a daughter. He also left 20/-to the poor of All Hallows, Bread Stree, "where I now live." The parish register of All Hallows record the baptisms of three sons to Timothy & Dorothy Tyrrell: Avery on 28 Aug 1647, William 25 Aug 1650, (buried 9 Oct 1651) and Timothy 5 Dec 1656. The father's will does not mention Avery, so presumably he died before 1656, although his death is not recorded in the registers. It is highly probable that the Timothy who married Elizabeth Foster in Virginia and had sons Robert in 1697 and Joseph in 1699 was the posthumous sons of Timothie of All Hallows. From the above, it can be seen that the three early settlers of Virginia were, most probably, descendants of Robert & Agnes of West Hagbourne in Berkshire, now part of Oxfordshire, and not as has been suggested, of the Tyrrells of Thornton.

The above was in the "Terrell Trails" newsletter, Summer 1996. I had previously put this Timothy Terrell as being my #3490, but removed him after this article indicated otherwise. I still am not certain which is correct; the Virginia Terrell/Terrill lines downward always had their noses a little up in the air and I thought this was due to their nobility line.

Dorothy was born about 1624. She married Timothy TERRELL.

They had the following children:

  M i Avery TYRRELL was born about 1647 in London, , , England and was christened on 28 Aug 1647 in All Hallows, , London, England.
  M ii William TYRRELL was born in 1650 in London, , , England and was christened on 25 Aug 1650 in All Hallows, , London, England. He died in 1651 in London, , , England and was buried on 9 Oct 1651.
  M iii Timothy TERRILL

Richmond TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1624 in Reading, Birkshire, England and was christened on 17 Oct 1624 in St. Giles Parish, Reading, England. He died in 1680 in New Kent Co., Virginia. Richmond married Elizabeth.

Settled in Blisland Parish, New Kent Co. Virginia in 1656 (Hanover Co. was created from New Kent Co.). Reference "Terrell Genealogy" by Emma Dicken, pub. by the Naylor Company, San Antonio, TX. "Book 4 p. 112, Land Patent Book at Richmond shows that on 28 Nov. 1656, Richmond Terrell was granted 640 acres of land for the the transportation of 13 persons, among them was his brother, Robert Terrell, transported several times. Richmond is again listed among persons transported by Charles Edmonds from England to Virginia in 1658, so for business reasons must have made a return trip." "It appears that some persons who desired land grants were allowed to advance money for the passage of new settlers, and were issued certificates which were assignable, which gave them immediate possession of the land, but were not given a permanent deed until the passengers had actually arrived and their names listed. This was evidently the case in the second grant to Richmond Terrell, recorded in Land Book 6, p. 369, dated 8 Feb. 1670." Among the 12 persons transported was William Tyrrell, probably his brother. According to Dicken, there is a strong possibility that Richmond may have had a fourth son, Robert, who, on 20 April 1682, was granted 170 acres of land in New Kent Co. At that time, Robert, brother of Richmond, was not alive. Nineteen years later there is another grant to a Robert Terrill in Middlesex Co., VA. This Robert married Mary and baptized a son, Robert on 13 May 1707 in Middlesex Co.

Elizabeth was born about 1625. She married Richmond TERRILL.

Her name is not certain.

They had the following children:

  M i Richmond TERRILL II
  M ii Timothy TERRILL
  M iii William TERRILL
  M iv Robert TERRILL

Joseph ANDREWS was born about 1680. He married Elizabeth "Eliza" TERRILL on 20 Apr 1705 in , Middlesex Co., Virginia.

Elizabeth "Eliza" TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1687. She married Joseph ANDREWS on 20 Apr 1705 in , Middlesex Co., Virginia.

There is an Elizabeth Terrell marrying Joseph Andrews 20 April 1705 with the marriage recorded on p. 79 of Christ's Church Register in Middlesex County, VA. Eliza's uncle (?) Robert lived in this county and this is either his daughter (and he is not known to have any) or this Elizabeth.

John MARSTON was born about 1685. He married Mary TERRILL on 31 Jul 1711 in , Middlesex Co., Virginia.

Mary TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1688 and was christened on 3 Jan 1688/1689. She married John MARSTON on 31 Jul 1711 in , Middlesex Co., Virginia.

Mary is listed in St. Peters Parish registry. She and Robert and Joseph are the only ones of the children so listed with definite proof of relationship to their parents. There is a Mary Terrill recorded as marrying John Marston 31 July 1711 in teh Middlesex County Christ's Church Register, p. 82. Mary's uncle (?) Robert lived in this county, and this was either Robert's daughter, or this Mary here. Robert is not known to have a daughter.

Joseph TERRILL [Parents] was born on 16 Nov 1699 in , , Virginia and was christened on 31 Dec 1699 in St. Peter's Pari, New Kent Co., Virginia.

Probably had other children as well.

He had the following children:

  M i Timothy TERRILL
  M ii William TERRILL
  M iii Obediah TERRILL was born about 1742.

Not known if he is in this family and I put him here based on the fast that his brother named a son Obediah, and the note about the Indian battles under his father.
  M iv Joseph TERRILL

William TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1694. He married Nancy Ann DANIEL.

Dicken says that he is listed in tithables in Orange Co. VA in Constable James Pickett's district in 1738/9. There is also a William Terrill who was granted 600 acres of land lying on the branches of the Rappidan in Spottsylvania Co. on 3 Oct 1734 (Land Book 15, p. 352). Dickens says that there are an Archibald Terrill and a Presley Terrill who are mentioned in the Spottsylvania records. It is supposition that these two are sons of William, primarily from family word of mouth. In the same Constable James Pickett's tax rolls of 1738 is listed Thomas Wayland, the original Germanna immigrant.

Nancy Ann DANIEL was born about 1695. She married William TERRILL.

Spouse was previously unkown and provided 10/98 by
Fred Lager /

They had the following children:

  M i Presley TERRILL was born about 1746 in , Orange Co., Virginia. He died about 1834 in , Woodford Co., Kentucky.

Was a Revolutionary soldier as applied for a pension at age 72.

AGE 72
  M ii Archibald B. TERRILL

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