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Jack Ackerman - Wissinoming Poet

Jack Ackerman was a car salesman who lived at 6109 Torresdale Avenue for a large part of his life.  He liked to sing, to write poetry and music, and to have a good time at local taprooms and cafes, mostly in the Wissinoming and Tacony area.  He wrote poetry about his friends, the taprooms and bars he frequented, and just about anything else that interested him.  Many of these poems were published in local newspapers, clipped, and assembled into a scrapbook.  Mr. Ackerman died in the mid to late 1970s.  He was a man of his time and he used the language of his time.  The scrapbook was donated to the Wissinoming Historical Society by a friend of his family and transcribed for this website by Walt Stock.  

Jack's poetry will bring back a lot of memories for anyone who grew up or lived in Wissinoming or Tacony during the 1940s and 1950s, especially those associated with the Tacony Club.  

Jack's poetry can be roughly classified as:  Bars and Cafes, Other Businesses, Jack's Friends, WWII and Military Related, Holidays and Other Annual Events, and Miscellaneous.

Bars and Cafes 

Across The Way

Did you ever stop in that taproom across the way?
The place I mean is Heininger's Café.
Stop in and try those delicious sandwiches you will never regret,
When you eat one you always want another that is a sure bet.
Marie & Rose are two wonderful cooks.
Try one of those famous platters, you will put that down in your book.
Now you step into the bar and met three swell guys,
Everyone in town rate them very high,
Paul, Carl and Chris they are very hard to beat.
Stop in some night and those boys you will meet.
And that sociable bunch of fellows standing in front of the bar,
You can take any one of them just as they are.
So it will be worth your while if you ever pass that way,
Stop in and say hello to the boys in Heininger's Café.

A Good Place to Dine

Tonight, Dear, let us go out and eat for a change,
After cooking all week over this hot range.
It certainly will be a very big relief,
To go out and sit down to a good platter of beef.
And take it from me, dear, I know a very good spot,
It is very good cooking and they serve it nice and hot.
You have heard of Heininger's, that grand old name,
The food is nothing but the best and always the same.
With Rose in the kitchen most every night,
She cooks to your tasting and also your delight.
While eating we will take a glass of good old stock beer,
With a very nice creamy head, never cloudy, always clear.
Paul and Carl will make your visit a very happy one,
To make you feel at home and you can have a lot of fun.

My good old friend Chris, one of the best waiters in town,
It will do your heart good to see him step around.
So they went to Heininger's Café and enjoyed themselves that night,
Because Paul, Carl, Rose and Chris treated them right.

Meet the Mayor

Did you ever while at home walk the floors.
When something went wrong that day and you felt a little sore?
If you ever get that way again, I am going to tell you what to do,
And it will really take away your blues.
Jump in a car going north on Torresdale Ave. to the end of the line -
You walk over Cottman to Cottage, there you will see a tap room with a neon sign.
Walk in the front door and meet Con McGeehan and the boys,
He will really turn your blues into joy.
If you want to eat ask Con to serve you,
He is an old friend of mine and a real Irishman, too.
Stop in some night and forget about your cares,
And see that real good fellow, the Mayor of Mayfair.

Stop In and See "The Mayor of Mayfair"

It is pretty hard to keep a good Irishman down,
I am going to introduce to you one of the best in town.
His name is Con McGeegan and he is the Mayor of Mayfair,
He is a man through and through and will always treat you on the square.
Stop in and get acquainted, you will never regret,

A good glass of beer right from the key you will get.
Cottman and Cottage Street is that good old place,
There you will see Con with that smile on his face.
You can make your own fun and tell a joke,
Con will treat you right, even if you are broke.
So some night up there you I'll be seeing,
Be sure you get in the right place - Con McGeehan's.

Swell Spot

Let us go down to Frankford this week to Fitzmire's Café,
She will be glad to see you and you will be as welcome as the flowers in May.
Mrs. Fitzmire's is a very good business and you will always be entertained,
If you do not have a good time there you are to blame.
Right in the bar you take a seat,
Meet Hughey, the bartender who cannot be beat.
A very good mixer and he can take care of the crowd,
And you never hear him talk out loud.
Also meet Edward E. Baudis at the solovox, one of the best in town,
He really makes that thing talk, so do stop around.
For sport if you want to pass the time away,
Take your friends and a few shuffleboard games you play.
So stop in some night and make your life complete,
At Fitzmire's Barn Café, 1611-13 Foulkrod Street.

Eat, Drink and Play Some Shuffleboard

Tonight let us go down and play shuffleboard in Byrne's Café, they say,
They tell me it is a very good place to pass a good night,
And you never have to worry about getting into a fight.
Go down and meet Johnny Byrne, they say is a very nice lad,
And always ready to give you the best that could be had.
All right, Jack, let us go down to Byrne's Café,
And see if everything is what they say.
So we took the car to Torresdale Ave. and Bridge Street,
That swell bunch of fellows we wanted to meet.
Into the place we walked, and there we were,
When a gentleman came up to us and said, "What will you have, sir."
We stood at the bar, drank and there gazed all around,
I knew right then and there the right place we had found.
So if you want to pass a good night and shuffleboard you want to play,
Stop in and see that sociable bunch in Byrne's Café.

A Famous Spot

There is a little taproom just around the corner from your home,
Some night if you have nothing to do and you want to roam,
Stop in and say hello to Mickey and the boys, they will make you feel at home.
It is one of the oldest taprooms in this town,
So make it you business and stop around.
Those boys behind the bar you want to meet -
Cliff and Tommy, they will make your night complete.
Go in the back room and take a seat,
There Elsie, the waitress, you will meet.
You will find Mrs. Knettle always helping, too,
Very obliging and always ready to serve you.
So bring your family some night, what do you say?
And meet that swell bunch in Knettle's Café.

Where That Jolly Crowd Meets

Here's a good place to go some night and not so far away,
I know you will be as welcome as the flowers in May.
It is the oldest place in this town,
Stop in and see Mickey, he will be glad to see you around.
At the corner of Torresdale Ave and Comly St.,
If you have a date, right in the back room you take a seat.
I know your treatment will be nothing but the best,
And you will not have to worry about a "bar fly" or pest.
Ask Eva and Harvey, they are in there every Saturday night,
Elsie, the waitress, gives them plenty of good service and treats them right.
Step up to the bar and see Cliff an Tom draw your beer,
With a nice creamy head and very clear.
So stop in to see the boys, if it is morning, noon or night -
Knettle's Café, I mean, it will be too your delight.

Sound Advice

If you ever get around that way,
Stop in and say hello to the boys in the Vankirk Café.
There are Aleck, Al and a few to serve you with a smile,
They will make your visit well worthwhile.
If the waitresses you want to meet,
In the back room you take a seat.
There are Vie, Dot and Helen always ready to serve,
Lots of credit those girls deserve.
In the kitchen Mom and Emma, two swell cooks you meet -
Eat one of their sandwiches or platters and you will get a treat.
Stop in, convince yourself and you will say,
"What a swell bunch at the Vankirk Café."

A Swell Girl!

Boys, I am going to tell you a little secret, so keep it under your hat;
About a sweet little girl not so thin or not very fat.
She is a waitress in a taproom right in this town,
A very nice disposition, one of the best around.
She works in the Vankirk Café and her name is Dot,
Around the place, of her they think a lot.
With that winning smile always on her face,
She makes the people feel at home when they come in the place.
Over three years she has worked in that café,
Alex said she has been very faithful up to this day.
So keep your good work up, Dot, always have that smile,
You will find out in the end it will be worth your while.

Two Fine Girls

There are two swell girls I do not think they can be beat,
For waiting on tables they do not have to take a back seat.
When a customer walks in they are always ready to serve,
Lots of credit those two girls deserve.
They both work in the Vankirk Café;
I mean Vi and Helen, the two girls of today,
Boys let us give them a big hand what do you say,
Stop in some night, boys, it will be worth your while,
And see those two girls with that winning smile.
You can do what you want or say what you may,
But Vi and Helen will be looking for you in the Vankirk Café.

The Tacony Club

The Tacony Club had its 57th Banquet last Saturday.
It went over with a bang, everything turned out all right,
All of the members were served with nothing but the best.
Al Stumpo, our President, and Master of Ceremonies, served just like a king,
Everything he said was above par, he never omitted a thing.
He presented out 40-year-old members with a life membership card,
To belong to a better club you will go very far.
Sheriff Seeds, a 40-year-old member spoke of the club as nothing but the best,
Our club today is in very good standing and a big success.
Let all members cooperate and pull together like we never did before,
And next year in treasure we will have just a little bit more.

A Swell Place to Really Enjoy Yourself

Did you ever sit around the house feeling blue,
Trying to think of something to do?
Well, I have your problem solved right now,
And I am going to tell you how.
Jump in your car, up the highway you go,
Right into Parkland and into Stemme's you go.
Clarence and Cass, two swell sports, I know,
They are the ones who put on the show.
First you sit down, drink and meet the girls,
Those smiling waitresses, Marie, Chris, Helen and Virginia, They set your heart in a
In the kitchen you meet Betty the cook -

Try her delicious tasty sandwiches, seafood, steaks, chops, or chicken chow mein,
If you do not like her cooking you are to blame.
Now the show is on, meet Jean O'Neill, Andy Russel and Buck Calhoun,
They will really take away your gloom.
Those two swell hostesses, Cass and Mary, they aim to please,
They will make you feel at home and also at ease.
Before you go, meet Clarence, Fred and Bill, behind the bar -
To meet better fellows you will go very far.
Now you have had a good time and a thrill,
So tell your fiends to stop at Stemme's Parkland Grill.

A Good Night Spot

Some night if you feel like taking a nice ride,
I know after you come home you are going to be well satisfied.
There is a nightclub that sits right off the highway,
It is the talk of the town, that is what I say.
If you haven't been there then you want to go,
Because in that spot they always have the best of shows.
I am going to make you acquainted with Stemme's Parkland Grill,
A very good place to dine and they are not hard on the bill.
Meet Clarence and Cass, his dear sweet wife,
You never will regret going there if you like nightlife.
There is always something doing and they make you feel at home,
Make a date now by calling them on the phone.
If riding, go up the highway to Parkland and ask for Stemme's Grill,
If you get lost, it is on this side of Langhorne, right at the bottom of the hill.

A Good Night Spot

Last week I took a ride to Parkland to see my good friends Cass and Clarence Stemme, who own the Parkland Grille.  They told me they are packing them in every week.  It you have not met Cass and Clarence, stop up some time and get acquainted.  It will do your heart good to meet two good sports like them and you can always see a very good floor show, nothing but the best, and the eats are something to rave about.  So do not miss that night spot when you take your girl friend out for a ride.  Do not forget to stop in Stemme's Parkland Grill, you will love it.

By the way, Sgt. James J. Hartnett, brother of Cass Stemme, recently received the Bronze Star for heroism while serving in the Infantry in the Pacific.   The medal entitles Sgt. Hartnett to an additional five points, which brings his total up to 102 points.  Lots of luck to you, Sergeant, and we will be seeing you soon back at Stemme's Parkland Grille.

Stemme's Grill, That Swell Night Spot

Now that you service men are home and want to take a nice ride,
And enjoy yourself in a nightclub, I know you will be satisfied.
Stop up to Parkland, in Stemme's Grill you will have a very good night,
Get acquainted with Kass and Clarence, they sure will treat you right.
Banquets and parties, platters and sandwiches that really hit the spot,
Dance to Ray Allen's orchestra, his music is red hot.
With two shows nightly and acts that cannot be beat,
And Lenny Burke, M. C., he sweeps you right off your feet.
Our old friend, Buck Calhoun, who has what it takes,
Entertaining all night through and right at home you he will make.
It takes you about twenty minutes to get to that famous Stemme's Grill,
Right this side of Langhorne at the bottom of the hill.
So all of you servicemen stop up to Stemme's and get a real treat,
And meet Kass and Clarence, a swell couple that cannot be beat.

The Tacony A. A.

Did you ever meet our friend, Dan Carson, in the Tacony A. A.?
Stop in and see him, a swell fellow you will say.
If you are not a member, join now - stop in Saturday or Sunday night,
And see that big floor show, you will say it was all right.
By the way, Dan just remodeled the whole place,
So give it the once over, no time you should waste.
A very sociable crowd there you will always find,
You always feel at home, you never have to stand behind.
The waitresses and bartenders are always ready to serve you,
On their toes all the time, the best bunch you ever knew.
So stop around this weekend and get a good seat,
And give your girl friend a real good treat.

Had a Fine Time

Last week a soldier boy wrote a letter to his girl friend,
And told her he was coming home and with her spend a weekend.
So he arrived in town last Saturday night,
He thought he would take her out to see the sights.
They started out and landed at Tulip and Magee Streets,
And what a swell crowd over there they did meet.
Chris, the waiter, served them with a smile,
And tried to make their visit worthwhile.
The soldier walked into the bar and met Carl and Paul,
That convinced him he was glad he made that call.
He went back and asked his sweetheart if she wanted anything to eat,
So Rose made them both a sandwich they said could not be beat.
They left the place, twelve on the dot.
He said to her, "What a wonderful spot!"
They both seemed well satisfied when they kissed each other goodbye,
He said, "Dearie, when I come home on pass again what do you say,
We will stop in that good old spot, Heninger'sCafe!"

A Swell Spot

Hey, boys, I found a swell spot, hip, hip, horray!
Follow the crowd down to the Torresdale Café -
Right down Torresdale Ave. to Sanger Street,
They tell me that place cannot be beat.
Go in and relax, take a seat at the bar,
To meet better fellowship you will go very far.
Take each one of them, I will start from the top,
When it comes to giving service they are always on the hop.
Take J. Hogg, the owner of the place,
He will always meet you at the door with a smile on his face.
Next take Charlie, who is going to manage the café,
A very swell fellow and very sociable I will say -
And my good friend, Smiling Jack, a good fellow to meet,
Make yourself acquainted with him and your night will be complete.
Last but not forgotten, Emil, a very good mixer, he is hard to beat,
Stop in and see him some night and you will get a treat.
Now you have met the crowd, what do you say?
Go down and pass a good night at the Torresdale Café.

Something Doing All of the Time

It you are down in the dumps and want a good place to go,
Stop in the Park Café and see Cheer-Em-Up-Joe.
He will really take away your blues so stop in some night,
Joe is a very good mixer and he will treat you right.
He has made many friends since he has worked in this town,
With that good fellowship, that is why he is liked all around.
If you don not believe in what I say,
Ask Slim Hession, he works for him every night and day.
If you like music and a good dance, that is the place to go,
There is something doing there all of the time, it is never slow.
And if it is eats you want, then nothing goes to waste,
Your really enjoy every bit of it, not a thing goes to waste.
So stop in some night and see Slim, Joe and the boys, what do you say,
Torresdale Ave. and Cottman Street, make sure you get in the Park Café.


I am writing this poem from Jack Ackerman to Walter and Rudy:
There is a little space behind the bar,
Misses your footsteps, wondering where you are;
And those glasses when you used to draw the beer,
They miss the touch of your hand, wishing you were here.
That whiskey bottle you always took off the shelf,
It even knows it is handled by someone else.
The cash in the drawer is looking for your hand,
Wondering where you are, it cannot understand.
The gang comes around always asking for you -
For two better fellows we never knew.
So Walter and Rudy, take it, bear it through thick and thin,
And we back home we'll stick with you until we win.

Take This Hint

Let us take a ride up 7404 Torresdale Ave. to Gus' Grille some night,
They say he is a swell fellow and will treat you all right.
Try one of his tasty sandwiches and a cold glass of beer,
And relax and enjoy yourself, there is nothing to fear.
Ask John or Tim to serve you that drink,
They keep you well entertained, you have no time to think.
If you are a stranger they will make you feel at home,
You will never have to fear, you will never be alone.
The crowd that goes there is nothing but the best,
You never have to worry about a bar fly or a pest.
So forget about your troubles and take a few dollar bills,
Go up and spend them and have a good time in Gus' Grille.

Take a Trip With Jack Ackerman

This week we will take our advertisers that have a café right across the street,
When you are in that neighborhood stop in and the owners you will meet.
First we have Heininger's Café at Tulip and Magee Street,
Go in there some night and get a real treat.
Next is a place on Torresdale Ave. they call the Irishman's Café,
Stop in there some night, a nice place I will say.
Take the Vankirk Café on Torresdale and Vankirk Street,
A better bunch of fellows in there you will never meet.
At Torresdale and Sanger the Torresdale Café,
A very good place to pass the evening away.
Take Knettle's Café, a very fine place,
So stop in there some night, there is no time to waste.
Go in there some night and forget her not.
If you get around to Di Pinto's, stop in, there is plenty of room,
You can dine and dance and take away that gloom.
In Byrne's Café they always treat you right,
At Torresdale Ave and Bridge, stop in there some night.
From there you go to Princeton and Tulip, Spinelli is the name,
Just like the rest, you will be treated the same.
Go in Silber's and see Hurry Back Sam,
Everyone likes him, he is a very nice man.
For a pleasant evening and your girl you want to embrace,
Stop at the Purple Derby, that is the place.
When you get around to the Ta-Bridge, stop in and say hello,
I am sure there are a lot of boys in there you will know.
Go in the bar for you and see the show,
Torresdale and Princeton Ave., go in once and again you will go.
(The Ta-Bridge - short for Tacony Palmyra Bridge - was at the northeast corner of Vandike and Levick Sts.  It is now Ritchie Johnston's Pub.)

A Jolly Good Bunch of Fellows

If you want to really spend a nice day on Sunday,
And wake up with a clear head when you get up on Monday,
Stop over to the Chicken Coop, you have heard of that place before,
But do not look for Collie when you reach the front door.
Look for six men there who are taking his place,
I know you are all going to miss Collie's smiling face.
Why worry, Collie?  Smitty is still your very good friend,
If you ever need a "buck," see him, you he will lend.
By the way, Smitty and Gump are behind the bar,
Always ready and willing to serve you, so there you are!
As you walk in, you see all those smiling faces,
Do not believe me, ask Francis Spinelli, they all go in his place.
It will do your heart good some Sunday, go over and spend the day,
Never an idle moment in the Chicken Coop, so what do you say?

A Club With a Swell Bunch of Fellows

You can never judge a person by his dress,
He may have swell clothes and always look at his best.
What is inside of those clothes counts, if it is a woman or man,
If he or she can look you straight in the eyes and then shake your hand.
That applies to the name of a place that I am going to tell you about -
A club they call the Chicken Coop, stop in there some Sunday when you are out.
Forget about the name, just get in there and look around,
You will really meet good fellowship, some of the best boys in town.
Take Bump and John Snellbaker with that big smile behind the bar,
For better fellows to meet you will go very far.
Jim Martine and John Rivello, they are two fine chaps,
They take care of everything, that is why there are no scraps.
I cannot forget my friends, Collie and Smitty, those boys never get sore,
You will meet those two swell fellows when you enter the front door.
There are Gump and Tony and the rest of the boys, I cannot recall all of their names -
You will find the dispositions of those fellows are always the same.
So stop around to the Chicken Coop, you will always have something to remember,
And get acquainted with that swell bunch of boys, they are all members.


Do not forget to stop in and see Con McGeehan, the man with gray hair,
A swell fellow, he is the Mayor of Mayfair.
Meet Gus up in Gus' Grill,
Always something doing, you will get a thrill.
Some night when you are out and do not want to walk very far,
Stop in and see Billie at the Old Oak Bar.
The Green Arbor Café on Cottman Street,
A nice little place that cannot be beat.
Malley is the name at Torresdale and Bridge Street,
Go in there and make your night complete.
For a good time and a sociable evening the place is not very far,
Right on Kensington Ave., they call it the Silver Bar.
Otto Knabe, former Phillies ballplayer and a swell guy,
Make yourself acquainted with him when you are passing by.
If a floor show you want to see,
Stop up at Maggie's, there one you will see.
My old friends, Cass and Clarence at the Parkland Grill,
Take a trip up there some night and get a real thrill.
On Friday or Saturday night if you want to take a little ride,
Go up to the Bristol Hof Brau, see the floor show, you will be well satisfied.
Stop at the Red Shanty in Bristol, Pa.
Go in there some night and do not delay.
They are all good Americans and true to the red, white and blue,
They bought that extra War Bond, so what more could they do.

A Good Irishman

This week I will introduce to you John McShane,
A good Irishman and his disposition is always the same.
He has a taproom at Rowland Ave. and Brighton Street,
A place where that good fellowship cannot be beat.
Drop around with your wife or girl friend some night,
John is one fine fellow and I know he will treat you right.
If John is not there, you will find Andy in back of the bar,
To meet a better fellow you will go very far.
So do not sit home, if you have an ache or pain,
Meet that good Irishman by the name of McShane.

You Will Never Regret a Visit Here

Rudy Fields, we welcome you back home with open arms,
No more going to bed and getting up with that alarm.
You are free again to roam and go where you may,
Your passes now are long ones every night and day,
Now that you are back on the job again at Bill Burns' Café,
And you mind is at ease with no one on that ship to obey.
Stop down and see Rudy, he always has that smile,
You will have nothing to regret, you visit will be well worthwhile.
You will see that other swell fellow, Andy, working along side of Rudy,
There is never a dull time and you never see them moody.
The side room is not so big, but the spirit is right there,
Ask Marge to give you some of that good food and you she will take care.
Marge, her dear mother, Margaret, and Ann, they always aim to please -
Go in and see that trio work, they will put your heart at ease.
Last we have Bill Burns, the owner of the place,
Always very pleasant with that big smile on his face.
Bring your crowd down and on that shuffleboard you can play -
A very good pastime and you can pass that night away.
So do stop down and see that gang, things are never flat,
Be sure you get in the right place, Burns' Café at Ditman and Pratt.

A Job Well Done

Always give credit where credit is due,
Because it is nice to have someone speak well about you.
You have heard of the Irishman called Pat -
Well, to him I am taking off my hat.
Right now you will find him in the Irishman's Café,
And a swell job he is doing day after day.
He took over the place when Walter was called to arms,
Pat will always do you a good turn and never any harm.
That smile on his face you will always find,
To go out of his way for you he never minds.
And you have heard of "Pork Chops," who is working for Pat,
To you also, "Pork Chops," we take off our hat.
You did a very good job since Walter went away,
You stuck to your post day after day.
And our dear little waitress, Katherine, the best I can say,
Goes for you and I know you will be well paid.
So do stop down and see that trio work, what do you say?
Everyone in town knows the Irishman's Café.

Girl of the Hour

One afternoon last week a girl friend of mine and I took a ride over to the Circle Café,
4655 Frankford Ave., to enjoy a few glasses of beer.  We walked into the back room and who greeted us there but a beautiful waitress by the name of Marge.  She certainly is very entertaining and really makes you feel at home.  She is doing a very good job, so if you are in the neighborhood some night it will be worth your while to stop in and say hello.

Always Something Going On

Francis Spinelli's Café some night is really the place to go,
There you meet good fellowship that is better than a floorshow.
Francis himself has a fine disposition, he is always the same,
Up in his taproom he carries a very good name.
As the boys from the Chicken Coop, they are always in his place -
His coils are always clean, his beer always has a very good taste.
You really enjoy yourself there and always feel at home,
Someone always entertaining, you are never left alone.
That good old shuffleboard game you can play,
You spend a good time there before hitting the hay.
The direction: Up Torresdale Ave., to Princeton, over Princeton Ave. to Tulip Street,
There Francis and that swell bunch of boys you will meet.

This is a Lovely Place to Spend an Evening

Torresdale Ave. and Bridge St., if you ever get around that way,
Look for the neon sign that reads Byrne's Café.
 To make you feel at home, they are always trying,
And when it comes to treating, they are not slow on the buying.
Take John Byrnes, around there he is the "big cheese,"
A fine fellow and he always aims to please.
Ask for Charlie Carty, he is the fellow you want to meet,
Always ready to serve you with a smile, you he will greet.
And my good friend John Sommers, he will always treat you right,
To see him around you will have to go there Friday or Saturday night.
Next we have none other that Vince Brown,
A very good mixer, one of the best in town.
Last that swell waitress, Mary, a very nice blonde,
And a very sociable girl, of her you could become very fond.
So you have met the crowd and I am putting them all together,
And in all of their hats I am putting a little feather.

Untitled Article - Unsigned

Jack Ackerman's favorite saying is if you cannot speak good about a person, do not say anything bad about them.  Jack says, "Lou Matza who owns and operates his new cafe at 5921 Tacony Street, is a perfect gentleman, true at heart and a good businessman, a man who you would like to meet and get acquainted with."  Tibby, his brother-in-law, and George, those two gentlemen behind the bar, both aim to please, so stop in and see the boys, your visit will be well spent.

Make This Visit

Follow the crowd this week to the Old Oak Bar,
At Frankford Ave. and Hellerman Street, for you it is not so far.
Meet Billy Hand, he will be more than glad to welcome you,
If you are an old friend or if you are a new.
Ask Billy to serve you with your favorite brand,
He is a very good fellow and not hard to understand.
Always trying to please you while in his place,
You will find that his beer always has a very good taste.
Meet Betty, the waitress, she cannot be beat,
She will listen to your problems when in the back room you seat.
That girl never changes, always having that winning smile,
So do stop in and see Betty, she will make your visit well worth while.
Do not forget the address so put it down in your notebook,
And any time you want to go there in your notebook you take a look.

Jack's Sound Advice

I think closing taprooms at midnight is a very good thing for you,
With the exception of a war worker who is going to feel a little blue.
Instead of you going out at 10 o'clock, go out at 8.
Make up those two hours, so you will not get home late.
That will give the man behind the bar two more hours rest,
And that good customer in the morning feeling at his best.
My heart goes out for those war workers who work until midnight,
They are the boys who are keeping us in the fight.
A good glass of beer to them at the end of the day,
Cheers them up a little before they hit the hay.
So our boys who like nightlife and want a little play,
Step out just a little bit early so the owner will lose nothing in that café.

Other Businesses

A Boost For Some Swell Folks 

If you ever want to buy a good used car or have one financed,
Stop down at 918-20 N. Broad St., you are treated right, you do not take a chance.
A swell bunch to work with, they always aim to please,
Do stop down to meet them, your heart will be at ease.
I am going to introduce them, each and every one,
To give you the best of service to them is a lot of fun.
First you take Sam and Joe, no better fellows you want to meet,
When it comes to knowing their stuff they do not have to take a back seat.
For service in the shop you have Johnny, George, James, Kenneth and High Pocket -
Their work is nothing but the best and as fast as a sky rocket.
All of those boys have worked there for years,
When they fix your car you never have to fear.
Next you have Charlie, Berry and Franklin, three fine boys,
Their service is the best, they fill your heart with joy.
Our used car lot at 835 N. Broad St., with plenty of good used cars,
The salesmen, Mazor and Bates, to meet better fellows you will go very far.
Now you stop over in our office at 825 N. Broad St.,
If every one is busy you just take a seat.
Before you leave I want you to meet the crowd -
You never hear any one of them talk out loud.
Take Rose Griver, Libbie, Fannie and Rose Lamm,
They always mind their own business, no one do they ever slam.
Always on the job, their work is nothing but the best,
And when it comes to good looks, they can shape up with the rest.
Next we have that swell bunch of boys, Milton, Goss, Harry and Lew -
They take care of your problems, no better boys you ever knew.
Last we have Mr. Schreiber, he is the big boss of the gang,
Everything he does it goes over with a bang.
My story is ended and I made it complete,
So stop down and see us at 918-20 N. Broad St.


In this world you take a man as you find him yourself,
If someone else dislikes him, why put him on the shelf?
I know it is human nature to think more of one than the other,
With the exception of the one you love most, your dear old mother.
If you cannot talk good about a man say nothing at all,
Because some day in your life you may have a downfall.
This week I am boosting a man from Tacony who has a flower store,
Every time you meet him you could like him more and more.
With twenty-five years in business he really knows his stuff,
If it is flowers you need, stop in and see him, you will get more than enough.
He is a very active member in lodges and clubs in and around town,
The life of a party when he is around.
Good fellowship is his motto; Fred Lang is his name,
A very good disposition and he is always the same.
Stop in his store and meet that fine looking gent,
At 6732 Torresdale Ave., it will not cost you a cent.

Hats Off to the Stenger Clan

This week I am praising a well known man from Tacony,
And what I tell you about him isn't any "baloney."
His name is Bill Stenger, who has a hardware store,
If anything in that line you need, stop in, you get a little bit more.
Bill has been in that business a good many years,
And has made many friends both far and near.
If there is something you want and it is not in the store,
He will try to get it for you, he never gets sore.
By the way, Bill's mother and father own a taproom,
Stop in to see them some night, they will take away you gloom.
And their son, "Shad," behind the bar,
A swell fellow and a good mixer, so there you are.
So what else can I say?  There is no more -
When anything you need, stop at Stenger's Hardware Store.

Pat's Fruit Market

Did you ever hear of a businessman around town by the name of Pat?
He needs no introduction, what do you think of that?
He has a fruit store in Wissinoming and he always aims to please,
And he never gets excited, everything he does with ease.
He started from scratch, right at the bottom of the hill,
And he climbed to the top, just like Jack and Jill.
He never hangs back when it comes to spending a dollar,
And when he was really up against it you never heard him holler.
Now he has two hands helping him out in his trade,
I mean Eva, the best little girl God ever made.
She has been very loyal to Pat and works hard in the store,
You never see her angry, she never gets sore.
So if for your money you want to get a little bit more,
Stop in at 5905 Torresdale Ave., Pat's Fruit Store.

Are We Blushing

If you ever have an ad to put in the paper, no matter how small,
Just pick up the phone and give our friend, Ed Doyle, a call.
One of the most popular and best-liked newspapermen in town,
A very good mixer and he really gets around.
If you ask him for a favor, he never will say no -
To meet a fellow like that, very far you will go.
Now you take his brother, Martie, a chip off the old block;
They all give him a big boost, no one did I ever hear knock.
Take George A. Haefeker, one fine fellow in this town,
Make up and ad for the paper and he will stop around.
For quick results you can never lose,
So advertise in the Northeast News.

Jack's Friends

A Tribute to Bill Murphy

It was last Saturday night two weeks ago, sitting at a banquet table,
Our friend, Bill Murphy, and his wife enjoying themselves, to get there he was just
  about able.
He wanted to be with that gang of his an his spirits were very high,

But deep down in his heart there was sort of a little sigh.
I asked how he felt and he said, "Not so very good,"
Right there I told him to take care of himself and he promised me he would.
Last Sunday a week ago I called him on the phone,
I asked him if he was going out.  He said, he was sick and he was going to stay
  at home.

But as sick as he was up to the club he came,
Way down in his heart he did not feel the same.
About 9:30 in the evening I said, "Bill, let's go home."
I knew by the way he talked he did not care to roam.
I left him at the corner and I never felt so sad,
Because my friend, Bill, was feeling very bad.
Little did I think he would pass away so soon.
I was on last Wednesday morning, right around noon.
But God knew what was best, he wanted him up there,
And we all know he will get the best of care.
Bill, although you are gone, do not think we will forget you,
Because you have been our faithful pal and the best we ever knew.
Sadly missed by his friends at the Tacony Club.

A Valentine to My Pal

My pal, Bill, I am sending this valentine to you,
Because you are one of the best pals that I ever knew.
I cannot express in works how deeply we miss you,
There are Sommers, Chris, Harry Hart, and Tinto too.
And all of the boys from the club are asking for you,
You have been so faithful, dependable and true.
There is not a Sunday we do not look for you by our side,
And when we see you are not nigh we cannot help but sigh.
But, Bill, God knew what was best; he knew you needed a good rest.
Those card games we played you will play no more,
Because Our Lord won out with the highest score.
Bill, do not forget to tell those angels when you used to play pool,
You could beat the best of them and you were no one's fool.
Please, Our Lord, deliver this valentine to Bill Murphy; I thank Thee a lot,
Tell him we miss him so much and to forget us not.

To a Pal True at Heart

My old pal, Bill Murphy, I haven't written you for a long time,
I am ashamed of myself as I sit down now and take time.
Each Sunday at the Tacony Club as I sit and watch the boys play pool,
I think of you, Bill, in that game you were no one's fool.
The boys are always asking for you, how can they ever forget?
You were always true at heart and one of the best pals we ever have met.
Your disposition was the best, you were satisfied wherever we wanted to go,
When it came to treating, your hands in your pockets were never slow.
I know, Bill, your dear wife and that little dog of yours look for you day after day,
And your son coming out of the army, what else can they do but pray?
Your name comes up at Heininger's Café every now and then,
Chris and the boys they knew on you they could always depend.
We know the best of hands you are in right now, so we need not worry,
Playing pool with those angels, we know you are happy and merry.
Intending, Bill, I am wishing you nothing but the best on this Valentine's Day,
Because a pal like you on our minds is hard to pass away.

A Very Happy Family

Working in harmony is certainly a wonderful thing,
In home life it brings you closer together and to one another you cling.
Right now I am giving praise to a very good friend of mine,
He and his wife always work in harmony and he thinks she is divine.
His name is Chris Zeltner and he works in Heininger's Café,
He is very considerate of his wife and he has that winning way.
A very cozy home with his wife, Martha, his sister-in-law Ellie and his brother,
They all get along very good together, always helping one another.
That is what I call a very happy family together,
No rain falls or dark clouds, always sunny weather.
Chris has six brothers and three sisters, a nice family to meet,
They can all fight their own battles, they never take a back seat.
So, Chris Zeltner, here is wishing you all the luck in the world -
You know what you have at home, so stick to that sweet little girl.

Get Well Quick, Billy Moran

Billy Moran, while you are relaxing lying home sick in bed,
And all of those get-well quick cards you have read,
I guess you often think that you had your share of sickness in this life,
You have done no wrong to anyone, to Vince you have been a good wife.
You have lived in suffering and pain through these last years,
You have cried at times and shed a lot of tears.
But, Billy, in this life you take the bitter with the sweets,
That is life over again and you will find out it always repeats.
Billy, without your dear husband and family and all of your friends,
Who could you turn to and on whom could you depend?
Our Lord watches over you, He wants you out of bed,
He will see that you get plenty to eat and you are well fed.
So you see, Billy Moran, you have plenty in this world to live for,
What would your husband do without you, because you he adores.

Tribute to a Real Irishman

I hear our friend Walter was put in 1-A,
That good old scout who has the Irishman's Café.
There is a man who is worth his weight in gold,
The highest respects for him we all do hold.
If Uncle Sam puts him in that uniform of brown,
I know in fighting the Japs he will go to town.
Also Boyd, the barber across the street -
Those two boys you want to meet.
If they do get called away,
There is one thing more that I want to say:
Lots of good luck, we will all be pulling for you,
Hoping you come home safely when this war is through.

Not Forgotten

Gone but not forgotten, a sailor that I know,
They sent him far away from us and how we miss him so.
That winning smile he always had on his face,
I hope he still carries it no matter where he is or in what place.
Walter Garvin is the name, who has the Irishman's Café.
One swell fellow and the man of today.
I was talking to his sister, Katharine, last Friday night.
She said he left California and is ready for the fight.
Walter, no matter where you are or where you may be,
We are by your side, you will always have company.
Pat and the rest of the boys behind the bar
Are doing a swell job, so there you are.
Katherine, on the other side, she is always on the go.
Moving around all the time, her work is just so.
So, Walter, keep a stiff upper lip and get in there like a man,
We are all proud of you and so is your Uncle Sam.

A Letter to My Real Good Friend

My friend, Walter, do not think that I have forgotten you,
Not on your life, I have always found a real friend in you.
How are you doing, Walter, out on the high seas?
Are you knocking off many of those Japanese?
It is pretty near time we were seeing your smiling face,
Everyone misses you and are all asking for you around your place.
Remember, Walter, the last time you were home on leave,
And that lovely wristwatch from the boys you received?
You filled up and could not talk, you knew then you had friends,
Walter, you are well liked by everyone because on you they can always depend.
There is not much news, Walter, or anything new,
But the boys at the club are always asking for you.
We will be looking for you some Sunday soon in that shuffle board game,
Until you get back home things will not be the same.
I stop in your place of business and everyone is doing fine,
The same old crowd comes around, having a good time.
I am looking forward to your homecoming very soon -
That will make your wife and children happy again and take away that gloom.
So long, Walter Garvin, my real good friend,
And I pray to God it will soon come to an end.

Tribute to a Real Fellow!

Walter it has been months since we have seen you last,
But we still are thinking of you every day in the past.
With that winning smile and true as the red white and blue,
How could we ever forget a fellow like you?
There is not a week past that I am not in your place,
Looking for you with that smile on your face.
We will be looking for you and I hope it will not be very long,
So that gang of yours can get together and sing you a good old Irish song.
Pat and the boys are doing a good job behind the bar,
And your sister, Catherine, to meet one like her you will go very far.
I know your wife and kiddies miss you a whole lot,
Keep them well posted, Walter, and forget them not.
Friends here you have plenty and they all ask for you,
Because you always have been faithful with them and true.
I guess friends you have made many since you have gone away,
Share and stick to them, Walter, in the end it will pay.
When you are fighting at sea and in distress,
You need plenty of friends so you are treated the best.
So long, Walter, my pal, but there is one thing more I want to say,
I hope you will be back real soon in the Irishman's Café.

A Man With Courage & Heart

Here is a man most all of you know, who has courage and heart,
Walter Garvin is his name, in the Second World War he did his part.
He left his dear wife and children to join the Navy,
In his heart and soul he knew things would not be all gravy.

They put him on the good ship Hazelwood,
And he obeyed orders like a good sailor should.
He had some smooth sailing and some not so bright,
They searched for the enemy both day and night.
Then came the disaster, a bomb hit the deck,
The ship went in two and left it a wreck.
Things looked bad for Walt and life seemed grim,
He put on his life jacket; he could not swim.
He spent over six hours in the ocean, bobbing up and down,
Praying to the dear Lord he would keep him safe and sound.
Out of a crew of 600, 132 died from drowning and pain,
Back at home their loved ones will never see them again.
Walter, luck was with you, you reached home safe and sound,
May the Dear Lord bless you and keep you around.

A Man With Plenty Friends; Meet Him, Folks

This week I am writing a story about a man who came to Wissinoming seven years ago and started in business.  He not only made good, but has made a lot of friends.  When he came to this town he had but few friends.  He has a wonderful disposition and carries that with him wherever he goes.   His name is Walter Garvin, who conducts the Irishman's Café.

Every one in town speaks highly of him.  Why not?  He has what it takes to get along in this world, by the way.  Walter right now is in the Navy and has served fourteen months.  He was just home on a thirty-day pass and he enjoyed every bit of it with his wife, children and friends.  Walter has seen plenty of action in the Pacific and has been in nine major battles before his ship, the U.S.S. Hazelwood, was hit by a Jap suicide plane.  It was on the 29th of April, 1945.  Walter will never forget that day.  They lost a good many men.  Walter had to leave ship, and into the ocean he went.  Thank God for that life belt, because Walter cannot swim a stroke.  He was in the water for one hour and a half before he was picked up.   That certainly was a godsend for Walter, and no doubt, our dear Lord knew he had a wife and three fine children to take care of, so He spared his life. 

A man who lived a life like Walter's should have nothing to fear.   He left by plane in the 20th of July from the Northeast Airport to go back to duty again.  Walter, here is wishing you all of the luck in the world and I know your friends are all pulling for you for a safe return very soon.  May God be with you everywhere you go.  So long, pal!

Welcome Home Walter Garvin

Welcome home Walter comes right from my heart,
You did a job well done right from the start.
We are very proud of you and glad to have you home,
Back to good old Philly and never again to roam.
You played your part well when those bullets you fed the Japs,
Right from the Hazelwood you gave plenty to those poor saps.
It is pretty tough, Walter, for the boys you left behind,
Deep down in your heart I know you will always pine.
We are not going to welcome you home with a big brass band,
But we certainly are going to give you that big glad hand.
Your wife and children I can see that tear drop coming from their eye,
Filled with joy and happiness and more than satisfied.
I know thy prayed for you while far out at sea,
Wishing for your safe return, you can take that from me.
Walter, I'll be seeing you when you get home, what do you say,
Right at your place of business, the Irishman's Café.

A Patriotic Family

This week I am writing a poem about a real good American and good friend of mine,
He has three sons fighting for Uncle Sam in this war,
What else could you ask of him, you could not ask for any more.
There is John, Jr., William and James, three find lads,
Mr. and Mrs. John Garvin always gave them the best that could be had.
There is William, a Marine, who saw action on Guadalcanal -
A real good fellow and a real good pal.
Take James, who is in the Navy, he is in New Guinea right now,
When it comes to taking care of himself he knows how.
Now, John, Jr., is in Hunter's Field, Georgia, in the Army air Corps,
Another swell kid just the kind you could adore.
And do not forget John Sr., he did his part on the other side in World War No. 1,
So you see when it comes to fighting the Garvins will never run.
So let us pray that the boys will return safe some day,
Lots of luck Mr. and Mrs. John Garvin, keep the home fire burning,
I know your boys, for you their hearts are yearning.

Get Well Quick Theresa Garvin

Get well quick, Theresa Garvin, and it cannot come too soon,
Walter and the children miss you so much morning, night and noon.
Around the house things are not the same because you are not there,
The children are always asking for you because they need your care.
How can they keep a woman like you down?  You have lived such a clean life,
And to that very popular husband of yours, Walter, you have been a very good wife.
In this world we never know from day to day,
Sickness may strike you and our good Lord takes it away.
Just think, Theresa, while lying in bed, what you have at home -
Walter, that loving husband of yours, and on that sea never more to roam.
That is something to look forward to, you will always have him by your side,
A few years back things looked dark for him, you were worried and not satisfied.
That is why I bring these things up, Theresa, get well and well quickly,
And I hope your health stays with you never again to get sickly.

Bernard Garvin You Left Us Too Soon

Bernard Garvin you went out of this world too soon,
You left us just like morning, night and noon.
You are going into another world for a long tour,
I know you are going to be happy and that is for sure.
Your whole family, you they loved and always cared,
In your home they will always see that empty chair.
Bernard the angels are singing for you the Lord's Prayer,
You are going to sing with them, for you they will always care.
The door is wide open, they are waiting for you,
The dark clouds have passed, you will never again be blue.
Bernard, all of your loved ones are going to miss you for a long time,
Day in and day out their hearts will always pine.
The highest honor in heaven for you is going to be told,
And may the Dear Lord have mercy on your soul.

Rest in Peace, William Garvin, Sr.

William Garvin, Sr., you have passed out of this world and into the new,
No more headaches and feeling blue,
Your lovely wife, mother and whole family will miss you so,
Deep down in their hearts they did not want you to go.
It was God's will, He knew what was best,
He wanted you to have that long and needed rest.
Bill, the Dear Lord is waiting with that door open wide,
You will enter with a clean slate, you have nothing to hide.
Bill, let all of your family hearts grow not in pain,
Because you are going into sunshine and out of the rain.
Let us all kneel in prayer and say goodbye,
While you are resting high in the sky.

John Garvin Rest in Peace

John Garvin we have been friends for a good many years,
We had good times together & we never shed any tears.
Right now your eyes are closed & our friendship has ended,
I know we will meet again only God knows when.
John you are going on that long needed nap,
I can hear that bugle for you playing taps.
John your lovely wife & family - they all loved you so,
They wanted you around they did not want you to go.
John the angels are waiting & singing for you,
To be with them you will never be blue.
John in closing I want to say good buy,
May your soul fly high into the sky.

Sadly Missed by the Nation

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I am sending this message to you,
Because all of the people in this country knew what you went through.
You fought like a soldier in this World War,
You have made it possible for us to win it.  You we alladore.
You have played your part like an actor on the stage,
You did not give up until your part was played.
To your post you stuck until the very end,
Then our dear Lord wanted you and for you he did send.
Gone to the Great Beyond, you will still be in our hearts,
Some day we all just like you will part.
The nation new is down in sorrow because they have lost a great man,
You have won a great part playing for your dear old Uncle Sam.
Losing you, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, we deeply regret,
That seat in the White House in Heaven you surely will get.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Victor Marnieu

Victor Marnieu my deepest sorrow for a good friend like you,
With heart aches in your family and feeling blue.
Your wife at a time like this must part.
I can see the wings on your wife she is flying high,
Miles and miles way up in the sky.
The Dear Lord is waiting and that is for sure,
The angels are singing for your wife on that long tour.
The Dear Lord has taken over no more heartaches and pain,
There will be all sunshine and no more rain.
Victor I know it's going to be hard but try and heal that pain,
Because you and your family will meet your wife soon again.
In heaven Victor the highest honor in heaven your wife holds,
And may the Dear Lord have mercy on her soul.

Tribute to Jess Graziani: Gone But Not Forgotten

Jess Graziani your eyes are closed you will see no more,
You are on your way up above to enter that golden door.
The dear Lord needs you that is why he wants you up there.
We will miss you down here but your love we will have to spare.
The boys at the Tacony Club are going to miss you a lot,
A true friend like you, they will forget you not.
Your wife and family what are they going to do,
Grief and sorrow right now they are going through.
But let us look into life in another way,
You have passed away but you are going into a better day.
Jess you were put into this world to lead a clean life,
And that you did with everyone, also your family and wife.
Let your family grieve not in sorrow and not in pain,
You are going into sunshine and not into rain.
So long Jess all of your friends to you the highest they hold,
And may the Dear Lord have mercy on your soul.

A Regular Fellow

Did you ever meet the President of the Tacony Club?
He's just the kind of a fellow most anyone would like,
With that winning smile he makes life worthwhile.
When you are in his neighborhood stop in and say hello,
He has a barber shop most all of you know.
A very good man to have head of a club,
When it comes to running things he is no dub.
We all think he is a very swell guy,
The members of the club rank him very high.
For those who did not meet him and do not know,
Let me introduce my friend and yours.  Al Stumpo.

To Al Kurtz 

There is a tap-room in Wissinoming they call the Vankirk Café,
Which used to have one of the best bartenders in town, I will say -
A wonderful fellow and well liked by everyone,
Now hold your seats, my story had just begun.
He started to work there when Aleck first opened up the place.
You never say him grumpy, he always had a smile on his face.
He made many friends right from the start,
And he still had them when from the place he did depart.

It is a wonderful thing when you can speak of a fellow like that.
I always found him the same, so to you, Al, I take off my hat.
Aleck told me himself the other night,
As lone as he worked for him he was all right.
I could go on all day telling you more and more,
But today our friend Al has Billy's Dry Dock down at the Shore.
Drop down to see Al, he will treat you fine.
To, Al Kurtz.  Aleck, the boys and myself wish you nothing but the best,
And in everything you do we hope you have plenty of success.

Fighting Marines

Down in Guadalcanal there were the fighting Marines,
They mowed those Japs down until the island was clean.
One Marine in particular I want to mention, they boast him very high;
There is nothing in this world too good for him, they should boast him to the sky.
He took over the machine gun when his pals fell,
And he sent 200 Japs right to hell.
When all of a sudden a Jap came from behind,
And threw at him a hand grenade and made him blind.
There he fell but still eager to fight,
On the ground he laid all night.
Early the next morning they missed him and his pals,
They started looking around and there laid Al.
That was his last fight in this World War,
Al knew himself he would fight no more.
Back home they sent him to that good old Quaker City town,
They gave him a great welcome home with a big parade in town.
I think that was a wonderful thing to do -
To cheer him up, no better boy you ever knew.
I am not giving all the credit to my pal,
There are lots of others who are fighting just like Al.
If you knew Smitty like we all do in Tacony,
You would know we weren't handing you any baloney.

"Spider" Mason, Ye Old Fireball King

This week I am writing a poem you can believe it or not,
It is about a friend of mine who used to be one of the best pitchers on the sand lots.
They talk about the big league pitchers that go in the Hall of Fame,
Name one of them that had twenty-five strike-outs and two assists in one game.
That fellow is from Tacony, his name is Ed Mason,
And still his team in that game took a lacing.
The score at the end of the game was 8 to 5,
You can believe it or not, I am telling you no lie.
Ed had very poor support that day,
With eight errors behind him that threw the game away.
Into the dressing room after the game Ed went and sat,
And said it was a heart-breaker to lose a game like that.
But Ed never gave up faith, he pitched some wonderful games -
That is why everyone around Tacony gives him a very good name.
It is hard to believe, so you can believe it or not,
Ask Ed some night in Heininger's Café - that is his favorite spot.

A Prayer for Help

Almighty God, another one of my friends is missing in action.  I ask Thee, O Father to please give him courage and strength wherever he is.  The name is Charles (Buck) Bircher, well known in Tacony, a clean-cut fellow.  I ask Thee, O Lord, to please tell him that we are by his side.  We know, Dear Father, he will get the best of care while in Your arms.  I ask thee in Thy name to send us word and tell us that he is well and getting good treatment.  That will make us very happy.  Dear Father, tell him that vacant chair is still waiting for him.  I ask Thee to please spare him until this war is over and let him come home to enjoy things with the ones he loves so dearly.  Dear Father, that is not asking too much for one who lived a life like his, very clean, and a pal to every one. The ones he loved so dearly and left behind, fill their hearts with joy, Dear Father.  Please give us the good news I ask Thee in Thy name, O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Happy Birthday

A very popular man n town had a birthday party last Wednesday night,
And a big crowd turned out, everyone was more than treated right.
His name is Alex Golin, who has the Vankirk Café,
He needs no introduction, because he is a man of today.
The party was a big success, everyone had a lot of fun,
You can always have a good time where anything Aleck runs.
A happy birthday, Aleck, comes from the bottom of my heart,
You were always a good friend of mine, right from the start.
Although I do not stop around as often as I would like to,
But what difference does that make?  I still find a friend in you.
And I hope you progress in business as the years roll by,
Because the people all around you and I think you are a swell guy.

Happy Birthday, Dot!

They call her Dot and she works in the Vankirk Café,
Last Monday, May 13, she celebrated another birthday.
They gave a party at the café and all of her friends turned out,
It was a very big success, what more could you ask for a good scout?
Dot has been very dependable and she has made a lot of friends,
Alex, her boss, knows that on her he can always depend.
Her record has been clean and she is well liked all over this town,
There is never a dull moment when Dot is around.
What more can I say for a charming waitress like that?
Only one thing more, just take off my hat.
Well, Dot, here is hoping you live many more years in the same old way,
And you keep well and have many more real happy birthdays.

Two Pals

I have two swell fellows on my list this week,
They are John Sommers and Herman Tinto, they cannot be beat.
You know they have been pals for a long, long time,
Always helping one another, they get along just fine.
Herman has a scrap metal business at 7242 Edmund Street,
Buying and selling metal and helping to build our fleet.
John is selling insurance and is very well known,
He really knows his stuff, he never has to be shown.
For those two boys I can speak nothing but the best,
They get along with everyone and never in any kind of mess.
If in need they will give and share alike,
And change your darkness right into light.
What else can I say for my good pals?
And don’t forget their wives, they are two swell gals.

Pals for Years

Here are two boys who have been pals for a good many years,
If in trouble they would sacrifice anything to see the other out in the clear.
The names are John Sommers and Herman Tinto, you have head those names before -
They would give you the shirt off their back and just a little bit more.
Tinto is in business and is very successful today,
Because he is always helping the other fellow to be square, it always pays.
John Sommers sells insurance and is very popular in this town,
He is a very likable fellow and you will feel at home with him around.
They are both good friends of mine, that is why I give them this praise,
I have always found them on the up and up and just as true as the sun's rays.
By the way, John celebrated his fiftieth birthday and he felt just like a king,
When his wife and two daughters presented him with a beautiful diamond ring.
So what more can I say for two swell fellows like that?
Only one thing more, just take off my hat!

A Get Well Wish to John Sommers

This morning when I looked out the window and saw the sunshine above,
I said, "Good morning, dear Lord, bless everyone I love."
I thought of you, dear pal, and said a loving prayer,
That he would keep you in good spirits and give you the best of care.
I thought of you especially with all good things for you in store,
I wished it all for you pal because no one deserves it more.
I felt so good when I thought of you, my heart was all aglow,
I know the Dear Lord is all for you and that I really know.
In this life you have many friends and never let them down,
They talk about you day in and day out, they miss seeing you around.
So get out of that hospital, pal, and get out real quick,
To be just like yourself again and never again to be sick.

Lost a Real Pal

John Sommers, your sister has passed on and you have lost a real pal,
She thought the world of you and she has always been a true and faithful gal.
As years roll on, John, you will really find out,
That your sister to you has been a very good scout.
She is now sleeping peacefully, her worries are now all over,
Her lips speak to you no more, John, she is just tired and resting in clover.
That Great Man up above, He did not want her to suffer any more,
It was your dear sister, John, he has taken and has made room for.
So, John, worry no more, because that beautiful light,
Is shining over your dear and lovely sister tonight.
Her heart is now contented with no more tears to shed,
Just give her a little prayer tonight, John, before you go to bed.
I know to you it has been a terrible blow,
But thank the Dear Lord in wanting your sister so.
I know the family she left behind will miss her so much,
And everything around the house that her fingers used to touch.
But we have no choice in this life, we just live from day to day,
And when our Dear Lord wants us, we have nothing to say.

To My Pal John Sommers

John Sommers you and I have been pals for a good many years,
You always gave your fellow men the best and you never had any fear.
Dependable you were and you enjoyed every minute in life,
A wonderful family you raised and you had a very true wife.
John you are a gone but not forgotten pal of mine,
The clouds have passed and you are going where the sun will always shine.
Little did I think that you would pass away so soon,
You faded away just like morning, night and noon.
Friends you have many because you were always true at heart,
In everything you would undertake you would always do your part.
As sure as there is a God above, He will never turn you down,
You will enter that golden gate wearing one of his many crowns.
I will say so long pal, I hope some day we will meet again,
Only the Dear Lord up above will know when.

Happy Birthday Herman Tinto

Happy Birthday, Herman Tinto, and many more to come,
With not too much hard work and to have a lot of fun.
You are growing a little bit older in years but you are good and strong,
You are one swell fellow and I hope your life will be very long.
You have done very good things in this life and no one will ever know,
When it comes to spending a dollar you were never slow.
You have made many friends - everyone speaks well of you,
In business you have been fair and square; to your wife you have been faithful
  and true.

John Sommers will hold me up in everything I say,
You and he have been pals for years and still are today.
A real good friend is hard to find, they come and they go,
You are always on the up and up, you are a god friend to know.
That is why I am wishing you a very happy birthday because you are all that I say,
And take care of that dear wife of yours and keep happy for many more birthdays.

A Letter to a Real Pal

Dear Uncle Ike, as a few years have drifted away,
I thought it was pretty near time so I am writing you today.
There is a not a week passes by that I do not think of you,
How could I ever forget a pal so faithful and so true?
Remember the days when I took you and the boys out riding, if it was near or far,
You always wanted the front seat when riding in my car.
A cigar you always smoked and always enjoyed that ride,
I never saw you discontented, you were always satisfied.
How could I ever forget those days, Uncle Ike?
You were the king of the crowd and our delight.
We always wanted your company and we looked for you around,
You always had that smile and for dress you were the best in town.
In Heininger's Café you always enjoyed yourself, your pocket was never slow,
You would spend with the rest of them, wherever you would go.
Up to the Club on Sunday, you would always manage to get there,
The boys wanted your company because for you they always cared.
Your smiling face we see no more, since you have entered the golden gate,
They need men like you in heaven, and there you will always rate.
I am closing now, Uncle Ike Lamb, some day I'll be seeing you,
Because you are one of the best pals I ever knew.

The Fighting Quinns

Always give a man credit when credit is due,
The same as you would the red, white and blue.
This week I am giving credit to not only one but four brothers,
They are fighting for Uncle Sam and are separated from one another.
Born and raised in Tacony, the name is not Flynn -
It is a good old Irish name spelled Quinn.
Their first names are Leo, Paul, Jimmie and Bill,
They are doing a good job and going through the mill.
When there is a fight you never see and Irishman run -
That is why Mother Quinn is proud of her four fighting sons.
Stick to your post, boys, and keep right after those Huns,
And do not give up fighting until they all lay down their guns.

A Boy Who Needs No Introduction

His name is Bubbles Quinn and he lives in the heart of Tacony,
A swell fellow and square shooter and he never hands out any bologna.
During this last war he was in there and did his little bit,
Bubbles never backs water, he is a fellow with plenty of grit.
His wife and children stood by him while he was away at war,
With love in their heart they waited until he entered his front door.
He is now back home meeting all of his good friends,
We know a fellow like Bubbles, on him you could always depend.
Stop around to see him some night, I will tell you his favorite spot,
Heininger's Café, Tulip and Magee, the boys in there of him think a lot.
Take Buck Burcher, Leo, Bill, Paul, Andy and the Garvins, Bill and Jack,
They are all safe and sound and we all give them a big welcome home back.
So you see, Bubbles, how you stand around this town,
You are the life of any party when you are around.

Missed By the Gang

There is a time comes up in everyone's life that knocks you reeling,
It may be someone you love and you have that tender feeling.
That happened to a little Tacony girl who has a wounded sweetheart over there,
She would never feel that way if for him she did not care.
He is my friend as well and he has always been tops to me,
Well liked by everyone and very good company.
His name is Andrew Doerr, you have heard that name before,
I know his mother and father are waiting with open arms at the front door.
Do not think we have forgotten you, Andy, because no letters you receive,
We are always thinking of you and that you can believe.
We hope you are not hurt seriously, while lying in your bed over there,
Andy, God is right by your side, giving you the best of care.
I will say so long, Andy, and we hope you will soon be homeward bound,
Because a fellow like you we enjoy having around.

One Happy Family

In this world friendship is a wonderful thing,
Without that who could you turn to and to whom could you cling?
Right now I am speaking of a very good friend of mine,
Who is lying sick in a hospital and I hope he is coming along fine.
His name is John H. Wickman, he can make friends with most anyone -
And that goes for his loving wife and his three sons.
His address is 4814 Comly Street,
There is a family that cannot be beat.
Charles J. Jr., John W. Jr., fought in this last World War,
And Henry G. Jr., those three brothers, their mother and father they adore.
Charles and John for a long time were overseas,
Their part was well done, you can take that from me.
Henry tells me soon he will have his wife and a little one to enjoy -
Best of luck, Henry, and I hope it is a little bouncing baby boy.
So John H. Wickman, Sr., I am sending you this poem to get well quick,
You may be down now but a man like you they will never lick.

Sadly Missed by Husband and Son

Mrs. David Paravinica you went out of this world too soon,
You left us like morning, night and noon.
But the dear Lord knew what was best,
He wanted you to have that long needed rest.
You had a happy life down here with husband and son,
You enjoyed going out and always on the run.
I know your husband and son are going to miss you a lot,
And you will miss going to your favorite spot.
Evelyn, life is so uncertain you can live for years or a day,
You just carry on and live as you may.
Those wonderful flowers and mass cards your neighbors sent you were out
  of this world,

It couldn't happen to a nicer girl.
Your neighbors and good … (the rest of this poem is missing).

Get Well Quick Bill Branchide

Bill Branchide I wish you all of the good things in life can be had,
Most of all get well quick and never again in this life to be sad.
You are a wonderful fellow and you deserve the best in life,
I can say the best for your family and you have a lovely wife.
Bill, things have not turned out right, for you had your aches and pains,
You did not have much sunshine, it turned out mostly rain.
Let us hope things will change for you and never again to be blue,
And let the nice things in this life come to you.
Right now Bill, the dear Lord is by your side guiding you through,
He will mend your aching pains and again make you new.
Bill the members of the Oxley Post are all pulling for you,
And all of your friends from Tacony that you knew.
May the Dear Lord get you out of the hospital real quick,
Get home with your wife and family and never again to be sick.

Dan Carson, My Friend and Your Friend

Dan Carson you are the man of the hour,
In our house you have always been our right bower.
Friends you have made many and that is for sure,
You would go to bat for all, the rich and the poor.
You can hold you own with anyone just stay the way your are,
I know you are going places and you are going very far.
As our ward leader you are pretty hard to beat,
We all hope you will always be in that driver's seat.
Dan just keep climbing until you reach the top,
If you do not succeed the first time, try again, do not stop.
Dan, faint heart never won fair lady because he was a little shy,
He may of won her heart with a little more push or a little more try.
So you see Dan when you go in that ring go in with a grin,
We will all be pulling for you, we want you to win.

"Good Luck"

Dan Carson, as our new Ward Leader, we wish you lots of success,
And in everything you undertake, you get nothing but the best.
In years gone by you have made many friends,
You have never turned anyone down, on you we could always depend.
In trouble you would never say no, you would always pull them through,
And I know all of your Committeemen will work very hard for you.
I hope you are our leader for a good many years,
And to be happy with your work and to never shed a tear.
Dan, this is only the beginning, you are on the road for better things,
Keep your same size hat, Dan, and good luck to you we will bring.
What else can we say for a fellow like you,
We give you our hearts and the skies of blue.
Dan, in closing I know everyone in your ward will never leave you down,
Because a fellow like you is good to have around.

Bess Bradley

Bess Bradley you are going to meet your Mother & Father.
Bess you have left us to go on that long tour,
To meet your mother & father & that is for sure.
Bess the family that you are leaving behind love you a lot,
Deep down in their hearts they will forget you not.
Your husband Bud, how is he going to stop those tears from falling?
Day in & day out you will be always calling.
No more worries Bess, the dear Lord will always be by your side,
Down here you have lived a wonderful life, you had nothing to hide.
In this great beyond the wings of an angel are waiting for you,
Because in this live you always have been true blue.
Bess Bradley in heaven your name will always hold,
And may the Dear Lord have mercy on your soul.

Rest in Peace Bill

Bill Alley, that girl you left behind you is full of aches and pains,
That heart once filled with sunshine has turned right into rain.
Little did we think that dark cloud would come so soon,
Bill you passed away so fast just like morning, night and noon.
The Dear Lord knew what he was doing, he needed you right up there,
So do not feel bad Peg, I know he will get the best of care.
You deserved a much better break and that I really know,
It happened much too soon for you, it was a terrible blow.
Life is so uncertain we live from day to day,
We plan for the future and then you fade away.
Peg, I know the boys from the Tacony Club will go down in prayer for you,
But you still have that darling baby so do not feel blue.
In closing Peg, it was just one of those things, it was God's will,
And I know the Dear Lord will take good care of Bill.

A Good Fellow to Meet

Did you ever meet Charles Schroeder formerly of Tacony,
And what I am going to tell you is about an old crony.
I have known Charlie for the past 30 years,
Friends he has made many from far and near.
His pocket was never slow when friends he would meet,
Always a smile on his face when you he would greet.
Charlie came up the hard way and when he saved a few bucks,
He wanted to go in business and try his luck.
In business he went with very good success,
Because he gave his customers nothing but the best.
Charlie now has the La Vista Café at 6916 Bustleton Pike,
I know those wonderful steaks and Pizza pies you are going to like.
So stop in and have your favorite drink with your old Tacony friend,
I know lots of greetings to you he will extend.

Lost a Real Good Friend

Lew Hirsche, your eyes have closed, you will see no more,
I know the Dear Lord for you will open wide that door.
You have always been faithful and true to all of your friends,
And I know nothing but the best to you they send.
The boys at the Tacony Club and the Legion will miss you a lot,
Because I know they were two of your favorite spots.
Your lovely wife and child they will have to carry on,
Right where you left off from morning until dawn.
Only a few weeks back we lost another good friend,
Those heartaches they left behind are pretty hard to mend.
You have hell right here on earth and that is for sure,
Every one suffers alike the rich and the poor.
So Marie and your dear child just dry those tears,
Because Lew is going to heaven, you have nothing to fear.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Jimmy Nelson, you have closed your eyes for that long-needed rest -
That Great Man up above, He knew what was best.
Your song has ended and well you did your part,
Friends you have made many and we are going to miss you deep down in our heart.
Only a short time ago you spoke these words to me:
You would stick to your job as sick as you were until Walter came back from overseas.
That you did, Johnny, you could hardly stand on your feet,
You fought like a soldier until this last war was complete.
Little did we think you would pass out of our life so soon,
The gang in Walter Garvin's is going to miss that smile which has turned into gloom.
But, Jimmy, you are going to see something that you have never seen before,
When they lift you up to heaven and you enter that great big door.
Open arms will greet you in that place they have made for you -
Never again to worry and never again to feel blue.
So long, Jimmy, old pal, we will be seeing you some day soon,
Tell our dear Lord for all of us to make room.

Rest in Peace, Isabella Larson

William Larson, since your wife has passed away your joys have turned to sorrow,
It is going to be kind of tough for you but always figure there is a tomorrow.
When that day comes around you will have no more regrets,
For that dear wife of yours, you she will never forget.
On that chair around the breakfast table, she will sit there no more,
And those footsteps you used to hear when she entered the front door.
For years you two have lived together but it was not all peaches and cream -
Sometimes you had plenty of heartaches but your wife was very clean.
That little place you have in Moore's Beach, you now live all alone,
The dear Lord has separated you two and now your wife is in another home.
Bill, for your wife the rain has stopped falling and there is sunshine all day,
Her hard working days are through, that broom from her they have taken away.
Do not forget, Bill, some day you will be right by her side -
No more suffering in the next world, you will always be satisfied.

Sadly Missed

Mrs. Mary T. Cantz, you have worked hard in the past eighty-three years,
And no doubt you have shed many a tear.
The time has come and now you deserve a good long rest,
And in this next world I know you will get nothing but the best.
Our Lord knew what He was doing when He sent for you,
He knew he could have faith and could depend on you.
I know you will be sadly missed by your two daughters and son,
But they will be happy to know that your life has just begun.
Your eyes have closed and you have gone to that Great Beyond,
You have been a sweet and kind mother, the angels of you will be very fond.
I have known your son, Len, for a good many years,
He loved you with all his heart and some day you and he again will be near.
So, Mother Cantz, we will say good-bye for a while, you are now on the honor roll,
We will always love you and we know Our Lord will take good care of your soul.

Sadly Missed by the Gang

I   I sit tonight by the fireside,
Thinking of my two good friends who are not nigh.
Resting in peace in the great beyond,
Of those two friends I was very fond.
Gone but not forgotten, how could I forget,
Two of the best fellows that I have ever met.
Uncle Ike Lamb and Bill Murphy are the names,
Their dispositions were always the same.
Since our dear Lord has taken you away,
We miss you more and more each and every day.
We look for you in Heininger's and you are not there,
Bill and Uncle Ike, to me you were a swell pair.
But your time was up and now left us all alone,
Someday we will get together again up above in that beautiful home.
Until then I am saying so long, we miss you and how!
Without you two it is not the same old crowd.

Sadly Missed

Ed Doyle, you have lost a real sweetheart in losing your wife,
That sunshine has now faded right out of your life.
God knew what he was doing, He wanted that wonderful mother,
You can look this world over, but one like her you will never find another.
When you were sick, who worried over you each day, Ed?
And who was it that worried over your children from morning until time for bed?
Your wife, that wonderful pal, you will find out as time rolls on,
Her lips will no more sing that lovely song.
Some day, Ed, you can look for that voice to return to you -
Look for that happy meeting again and never more feel blue.
Ed, just bear it and grin and keep up your chin,
Because that golden gate has opened and your wife has walked in.

Get Well Wishes (this poem and the one below were next to each other in Jack's album)

Lou, keep fighting and get well soon.
Lou, our Father who art in Heaven is by your side.
He tells me real soon He is going to turn your tide.
You are sick now but it will not be very long,
Before you are home again, right where you belong.
The boys at the Tacony Club are asking for you,
They will never let you down, they are true blue for you,
Your lovely wife and children are praying night and day for you,
Their prayers will be answered , you will again feel like new.
Little did we think a few months ago today,
That you would be sick and in bed you would lay.
You just keep fighting until you are safe and sound,
That get well wish for you will always be around.

Lou Matza You Left Us Too Soon

Lou Matza you are gone, but you left us too soon,
You faded away just like morning, night and noon.
But none will miss you more than your children and lovely wife.
Your brothers and sisters are going to miss you so,
To them I know it is going to be a terrible blow.
The Almighty Man way up above,
He has taken over and is going to give you plenty of love.
In this life we can never plan on tomorrow,
We may wake up with headaches and sorrow.
Lou in this life you have made plenty of friends,
I know all their love to you they send.
Lou in closing I know you are going to fill that empty chair,
And I know always you will have the best of care.

Out of This World And Into a New

Frank Sierga your suffering days are over thank the Dear Lord for that,
From now on everything you do will stand pat.
Frank, heaven is wide open for you and I know you stand in line,
The care you will get will be just divine.
You were faithful to the Leonard brothers, they treated you so,
I know for them it is going to be a terrible blow.
Your good old buddy John Smith is going to miss you a lot,
For he was always Johnny on the spot.
Your wife for many years you will be leaving behind,
I know you will meet again in that great beyond.
The dark clouds have moved over, you will be seeing the light,
The sun for you will be shining for you day and night.
Frank, you are going up above for that long needed rest,
Everything you get will be nothing but the best.
The boys at the Horse Shoe will miss you more and more,
 Not seeing you come in that front door.

Our Sister Mrs. Frank Fredericks Rest in Peace

Dear sister your aches and pains are over,
You have finally found that four-leaf clover.
I know the whole family will be well satisfied,
That your soul is flying high up in the sky.
The Dear Lord is putting that crown on your head forever,
No one can take it off never.
Dear sister in this world you have always made the grade,
That will always stand high, it will never fade.
The last few years your health has not been very sound,
Your husband and daughter did everything in their power to keep you around.
The Dear Lord is waiting, in his arms you he will hold,
And I know he will have mercy on your soul.

Rest in Peace Mrs. William Sims

William Sims you and your wife after a long and happy life together must part,
Bill and I know the man up above will take care of her and give her a new start.
Bill, some day without a question you and your wife will meet again,
It may be a day, week or year only the Dear Lord knows when.
You have raised a wonderful family and that is for sure,
You gave them plenty and none of them are poor.
Bill, try and heal those aches and pain,
She is in good arms and out of the rain.
Bill, it is going to be hard each day looking at that empty chair,
Where your wife sat but she will not be there.
Bill, in closing, many stories have been told,
But I know the highest honor in heaven your wife will hold.

That Mail Man With a Heart

There is a certain mailman on the street,
I think this man is hard to beat,
His name is Frank Norbeck and serves his route with a smile,
He makes his daily job really worthwhile.
Tootsie rolls and taffy, he carries on his Daily Beat,
For the children and dogs, Frank gives them a treat.
Frank's family, they all love each other,
He thinks there is no one like his father or mother.
Charlie, his brother is always by his side,
Both are above board, with nothing to hide.
Those children and dogs you feed every day,
You'll be rewarded, I know, some day it will pay.

Rest in Peace Bill Niedenthal

Slumber on Bill Niedenthal and get a long-needed rest,
You have passed on to a better world, your days of worries are past.
You have suffered the last few years; that man up above, He knew,
That is why He is taking you away and never any more to feel blue.
Mom and Ruth you have left behind, they stood by you through thick and thin,
They tried to bring you back to health and they nursed you with a grin.
You were just like two fighters in a ring, you lost but you still won,
You have gone to that great beyond, your real life has just begun.
That place you have down at the shore, which you used to enjoy so much,
Will miss you this summer and everything your fingers used to touch.
Bill, where you left off, Mom and Ruth will take over,
While you are relaxing and resting in four-leaf clovers.
One thing sure, Bill, our Dear Lord will always be right by your side,
And in his company I know you will always be satisfied.

Mr. Philip Schmeer Rest in Peace

Philip Schmeer there is someone at your front door,
That great man upstairs, I know him you will adore.
You are one of his great children, everything will be all right,
His arms will hold you on that great flight.
Your wife and lovely children you they always adored,
For you Philip there will be no more heartaches and sores.
Your good neighbors on Torresdale Avenue want to say goodbye,
Before you fly way up into the sky.
It is going to be hard for your family to heal those heartaches and pain,
And the Dear Lord I know will want you all to meet again.

Gone But Not Forgotten

E  Edward W. Jelnicki your eyes are closed you will see no more,
Not until the Dear Lord opens that golden door.
There you will see all sunshine and no rain,
You will never have heartaches and pains.
Your lovely wife and family are going to miss you so,
To all of them it is a terrible blow.
Ed, the Dear Lord wants you to fill that empty chair,
In good hands you will be with the best of care.
I know it will bring sorrows to your family not seeing you around,
Ed, you will be in good hands safe and sound.
You will never face the winter and the cold,
Ed, may the Dear Lord have mercy on your soul.

Get Well Quick Brother

This morning when I gazed out the window and saw the sun shine above,
I said Good morning Dear Lord bless everyone I love.
I thought of you dear brother and said a loving prayer,
That he would keep you in good spirits and give you the best of care.
I thought of you especially with all good things for you in store,
I wished it all for you brother because no one deserves it more.
In you church and outside your friends you would never let down,
They miss you day in and day out not seeing you around.
So get out of bed brother and get well real quick,
To be like yourself again and never again to be sick.

Rest In Peace Brother

Brother, your eyes are closed, you will see no more,
Not until we meet above, at that golden door;
You went out of this life, much too soon,
Passing away too fast, like morning, night and noon.
The dear Lord wanted you, for a place up above,
You can depend on Him, giving you all of His love.
You were ready to retire, plenty plans you had made,
It is really pitiful the way these plans had to fade.
Brother, now your new life will begin, and I am quite sure,
The Dear Lord will take care of you, your soul will be pure,
You went out of this life Brother, like a bird you flew.
I know happiness you are going to have, in this life into the new.

Sadly Missed

Gone buy not forgotten, how we missed him in the past!
It has just been three years ago since we have seen him last.
With sorrow resting deep down in our heart,
Since the day from us he did part
As he rests in peace in heaven up above,
Leaving behind the ones he dearly loved.
O God, take care of his body and soul,
And tell him that a war spot in our hearts for him we hold,
Hoping some day we can be by his side,
So we can be real contented and be well satisfied.
Sadly missed by his wife Sophia and daughter, Mabel.

WWII and Military Related

Invasion Prayer

O Lord, I ask Thee at this hour to give our fighting men strength and courage to help them to end this bitter struggle and guide them to victory.  I ask you in thy name, O Lord, bring back their mother's happiness again with peace in their homes and bring back their loved ones safe.  We pray that thy will may be done, give us the faith which is the victory that overcometh the world.  Cleanse our hearths of hate even towards our foes, I ask Thee, O Lord, for Jesus sake.

A Prayer to End This Global Strife

A Christmas grows near with the boys fighting over there,
Let us all kneel down and say a little prayer.
Think of those who sacrificed their life for you and I,
And the boys that are still fighting, their spirits are very high.
Give them another War Bond, and everything you can,
Just think where we would have been if he had ran.
Let this be the last Christmas of this terrible war,
And pray to God there will never be any more.
I know how you mothers and fathers feel about your fighting sons,
How your hearts will be relieved when this war is won.
But many sad hearts there still will be,
For those that have been lost on land and sea,
So I am offering this little prayer for you and for me.
O Lord, I ask Thee to please end this terrible war,
Make them all lay down their arms and never to fight any more.
I ask Thee in Thy name to bring the boys back home safely to their loved ones,
Bring peace and happiness and never to fire another gun.
Heal those dear mother's hearts who have sons fighting over there,
Dear Father, take care of the wounded, they need Your care.
Let us not pass another Christmas with all of this bloodshed,
With all of those poor wounded boys lying in bed.
That is a big favor and I ask it in Thy name,
Bring out that sunshine and turn off the rain.
Please, our Lord, I ask Thee again and again,
To bring this terrible war to an end.  - Amen.

When the Lights Go on Again

When the lights go on again all over the world,
And the boys are back again with their best little girl,
That will be the day when you can throw your ration books away,
Get what you want, no points, all you do is pay.
And bring back those sports what a man likes in life,
He can go out and enjoy himself with his sweetheart or wife.
No more heartaches and no more pain,
You can go through this life with pleasure once again.
Bring back those boys that used to pal around together,
Take him out of the foxhole and give him a little sunshine weather.
Those dear mother's hearts that have waited so long,
That will change their gloom right into a song.
So my advice is stick to your job and do it your best,
And your dear old Uncle Sam will do the rest.

A Man's Best Friend

There is a soldier fighting somewhere, just another mother's son,
He is one of the many others that are fighting since this war begun.

As she goes through her daily work each day,
Thinking of her boy who is far away,
As the time rolls on and flying fast,
It has been more than a year since she had seen him last.
His chair is still waiting at the dinner table each night,
Hoping for his return and he comes out of fight all right.
You will always be a baby in your mother's eyes, no matter how old,
If you do something wrong, you she will always scold -
But all of you mothers can take it from me,
It will not be long now, your boys you will see.

Soldier's Mothers

There is a soldier fighting somewhere, just another mother's son,
And he will keep right on fighting until this war is won.
I know every day she worries while from him she is far apart,
But, mothers, this war will soon be won, so stop that aching heart.
Just think how proud you are going to be,
Whey your boy comes home from far across the sea.
Dear mother, every night just a little prayer will help your son,
And when he comes back you know he did a job well done.
So try and do your daily work with a great big smile,
I know later on it is going to be worth your while.
Just think, no more worries after this war is won, 
The rest of your life you can have your dear son.
All of you mothers, I want you to dry all of those tears,
It will not be long now, then your son you will have near.

Two Letters

Dear Mother, tonight as I sit in a foxhole thinking of you,
And wondering what this world is coming to,
As I hear the bombs and shells flying all around me,
More and more I wish I was right back home on your knee.
It won't be long now, Mother, we soon will be in Rome,
And shortly after that we will all be back home.
Won't that be a happy day when this war is over?
We can all rest in peace and sit in clover -
No more heartaches and no more bloodshed,
At nights we can rest in peace when we go to bed.
The way it looks over here,
The war will be over by the end of the year.
I am closing now, good night, mother dear, and God bless your soul,
I am going to try and get some rest in my little foxhole.

His letter is answered below:

Dear Son, your letter received and I am very proud of you,
What else can we mothers say or what can we do?
I sit back home just waiting and praying,
While in that foxhole you are laying.
Be brave, my boy, and lick those Japs -
Let them know we Americans are no saps.
I know we mothers are all wishing the same,
When this war is over our boys we can claim.
I hear, son, the Red Cross is taking a big part in this war,
That is why back home we are giving more and more.
I am closing now dear son, with all my love,
And praying for your safe return to God up above.

A Service Man's Letter

Some day I will be back with you again, my dear,
Right now I do not know when, it may be a year;
But always keep this in mind: My thoughts are all of you,
And I hope you ill always keep your promise that you will always be true.
You do not know how I feel when the mailman tells me "no letter today,"
What can I do?  It makes me feel blue and what can I say?
If you folks back home knew how we felt over here,
When a letter we receive, it brings us so near.
How is the gang in Heininger's Café - that good old spot -
Give them all my regards and tell them to forget me not.
I dream of the nights we sat in the back room,
Those nights for me again cannot come back too soon.
All the boys at the Tacony Club, I miss them, too -
The best bunch of fellows I ever knew.
I will close now, dear, with lots of hugs and a great big kiss,
And you do not know how much you I do miss.

A Poem Dedicated to Friends in Service

It was just a few years ago today,
This war was started and they took our boys away.
I remember Smitty, Buck, Paul, Leo and lots of other friends too -
You and I and most all of us knew.
A jolly good bunch of fellows standing at this bar,
Some are here tonight and some are very far.
Little by little they are taking them away,
And I hope and pray they will all come back safe some day.
Tonight we are having a party for our pal, Andy -
I know with that gun he will be very handy.
We all here tonight wish him a lot of success,
And hope he comes home safe with all the rest.
There is one thing more that I want to say -
Thanks to Paul and Carl of Heininger's Café!

A Wonderful Bunch

Did you ever go out at night to your favorite place,
And look all around to see a certain face?
As time rolls on and that face faces away,
It just seems like a dream or another day.
But, true as it may be, those faces are going fast -
I've seen Buck, Leo, Paul, Walter, Andy and lots of others -
All of those boys were just like your brother.
Some have drifted far over the sea -
As swell bunch of boys, you can take that from me.
Gee, it will be a great day when you can say, "There they are,
Standing all together in that same old bar!"

Just a Buck Private

I am just a buck private fighting this war,
If I never get a higher ranking that will not make me sore;
Because I am fighting just like a general what more could you ask for?
I am a buck private and I think I am as good as the rest,
Because I am giving Uncle Sam nothing but the best.
When I pass an officer I salute him with a snap,
And when it comes to that good old American Flag I take off my hat.
I am just a buck private but my girl thinks I am great,
When in her company the highest I rate.
So if you are a private or general, or no matter what you are,
In this good old U. S. A. we all are on a par.

An Anxious Marine

There is a picture tonight that shines very bright,
To that fighting Marine, who is just full of fight.
That picture he keeps right close to his heart,
Although from him he is far apart.
That little sunny boy that he had never seen,
His sweet little face shines to him like a sunbeam.
As his wife back home each Sunday goes to mass,
Praying to God each shot he fires will be the last.
While that poor little tot keeps calling for his Dad,
And his dear Mother starts crying and feeling very sad.
That fighting Marine, he fights all the more,
Just to get back home to see the ones he adores.
I hope and pray each day the war will be over real soon,
And bring back that Marine sunshine and take away his gloom.

Soon Forgotten

Gee, this is a funny world, you are a hero today and forgotten tomorrow,
When on the fighting front your friends bend down and pray in sorrow,
When he comes home after the war they shout, "There goes that good old vet!"
After a few months have passed they all soon forget.
I'll never forget in World War Number One, the day I marched away,
All of my friends were shouting with a hip, hip, hooray!
They all promised to write me and never to forget,
When I was out of sight and out of their mind, I knew then I won my bet,
Because I have the first letter to receive from one of them yet.
As history goes on and repeats itself, you will find out,
When you haven't got that good old dollar from your pocket to pull out.
Let us all make up our minds now when the boys come back from over there,
Give them more than medals and ribbons on their chest, let them know we care,
With a good job and a nice home that nothing can compare.

A Great Day

Gee it will be a great day when the boys come marching home,
And never again to leave their loved ones alone.
To be back again in the land of the free,
Go where you want, do what you please and always at ease.
No more sleeping in muddy battlefields and no more bloodshed -
The boys can rest each night in a nice warm bed.
Give the boys what they want and more so, a good job.
Make them very happy when they go home and open that doorknob.
Cheer them up all the time and never make them feel blue,
Right now I am just dreaming, but that dream will come true,
But we must sacrifice a little - I mean you and you -
When you cannot get steak and sugar, with something else you do,
Because those boys are suffering just a little more than you.
So let us all stick together and do not moan,
And bring those boys a little faster right back home!

A Letter to My Pal

My friend, John, it has been a long time since I have written you,
But in memories I am always thinking about you.
I stop around to see your brother Joe, he gives me all the news,
He keeps me well posted and tells me all about you.
Everything back home is O. K., John, and your mother is feeling fine,
Every night and day it is you that's always on her mind.
We are all looking forward, John, to see you back home -
Right back in your old harness and again around town you can roam.
The sewing machine in the shed where you sewed so many tops,
Even that misses you, and that chair where you used to flop.
Around the house things do not seem the same,
Your mother is looking for that sunshine and all that she finds is rain.
Little Joe and Billie are proud of you, Uncle John,
They are always talking about you because of you they are very fond.
Your mother, Ad and Joe are waiting to give you a nice big spread,
And once again you can tuck yourself in a nice warm bed.
So long, John, the highest honor for you we all still hold,
And may God have mercy on your soul.

A Letter Home

A soldier over there writing to his sweetheart over here.
Dear Mabel, as the shots and shells are flying, I wish you were near,
Just to hold my hand, because my nerves are a wreck, my dear.
I hope and pray each day it will be the end,
To be back with you again, dear, will be a Godsend.
Each clear night while not fighting, I gaze into the moon,
With all my thoughts of you, my love, morning, night and noon.
And wishing that the war was over and it cannot come too soon,
It has been just two years ago that I have felt your lips to mine.

Sad Hearts

Millions of tears have been shed in this war,
And many hearts have been just a little bit sore.
As time rolls on and this war is won,
Then things will brighten up with a little bit of sun.
But that sun will fade in a good many homes,
Where lots of loved ones will be left all alone.
Not even a grave to go to and kneel down and pray,
Because his grave will be just a little too far away -
Just a small hole with a little clay on top,
God is the only one who could find that spot.
But in this war you have to take the bitter with the sweet,
Even though you are knocked right off your feet.
I know it is tough to lose your only boy -
To take him away from you, your pride and joy.
But always keep this in mind, your fighting son,
Will go down in history when this war is won.

I Am An American

I am an American, I did my bit in World War Number One,
I did not sit down when Uncle Sam asked me to shoulder a gun.
Millions of others like me fought and did their part,
Some sacrificed their lives, but they did it with a true American heart.
They told us to get in there and fight and when Germany did fall,
There would be jobs back in good old U.S.A. waiting for us all.
That all sounded fine while the boys were fighting over there,
But when they came back few jobs were waiting, no one did care.
The boys only wanted what was right, a job and a place to live -
I think they were entitled to that, they sacrificed and gave.
Some of our boys went to Washington to see what they could do,
They were there only a short time when they were told to "skidoo"!
The war was over, everyone had to look after himself,

Some of the boys were lucky to get jobs and some were kept on the shelf.
Now it looks like the same thing in World War Number Two,
The way it looks now, the same things these boys will have to go through.
I remember radio speeches telling all of you mother's sons,
There would be jobs for everyone when this war was won.
What are they coming back to?  A country that is all upset,
Strikes all over the nation and that job they are looking for yet!
Some boys without homes - because they have children they cannot rent -
In a lot somewhere they put up and live in a tent.
If you call that treating our boys who fought for you and me all right,
I am ending my poem right now and saying good night.
(Jack Ackerman was a WWI veteran)

Beginning to See a Little Light

That light again I can see in the window tonight,
Those dark clouds have faded and again things are a little brighter.
But deep down in our hearts they are just a little bit dim,
For those boys who are fighting through thick and thin.
As I was riding through the streets on V-E Day,
The people were not rejoicing they had not much to say.
They knew only half of this battle had been won -
Why should they celebrate and have a lot of fun?
With Victory Day over Japan - I do not think it will be long -
We will put those Japs right where they belong.
Ease up those mother's hearts for that son of whom they are very fond,
And dig down deep and buy that extra War Bond.
So we can make all of those Japs lay down their guns,
And bring all of our boys back home to their loved ones.

Wake Up, Veterans

When our American boys went away and fought in this last war,
They promised them plenty when they returned and those jobs were in store.
It seems to me like the same old story that happened in the First World War -
Some boys were lucky, others had no home, right now every veteran should be sore.
The eating and drinking problem is getting worse since the first of the year -
Right now they are taking away from that veteran a good cold glass of beer.
We should have plenty of everything, charity should first start right here;
There are plenty in this country without much food and shedding plenty of tears.
Sure I believe in giving and helping the other fellow along,
But to take the butter out of our mouth, I think it is wrong.
So wake up, America, and all of you veterans take it from me -
You fought for your country, so stick to your rights, you sacrificed when overseas.

That Unknown Soldier

That unknown soldier who lies far across the seas,
Give him a little prayer every night when you get down on your knees.
Just think yow he sacrificed his life for you and me -
Many a night he had suffered and maybe for you he paid a fee.
He may have been your sweetheart or may have been your brother,
But somewhere sure I know he has that dear loving mother.
As he lies in peace with that little cross on his grave,
He fought until the end of his life, for you and me he gave.
Let us not forget him now that the war is over,
Because you and I will pass on some day, we will not always be in clover.
It will just take you a few minutes to say a prayer for him,
In those battles he thought of you and fought for you through thick and thin. 
So for that unknown soldier I ask God to give you strength and peace forever,
And I know your loved ones back home will forget you never.

Pray for Little Andy

As they shoot and play taps over the graves this Memorial Day,
It brings back my memories of one fellow who really paid.
When the war started he was no coward, he fell right into line,
They called him to the Draft Board and everything was fine.
He was only a little fellow, his height was against him and they turned him down,
A few months had passed and again the Draft Board called him around.
This time they passed him and away he went to war,
He did not mind that, he was a jolly good fellow, he never got sore.
His name was Little Andy and now my story begins,
Because in that Army he should have never been.
He was just a little fellow, five feet one -
Just about as big as one of our guns.
That is what I call a tough break for that swell little fellow,
He fought until the end because he was never yellow.
Now he lies underground somewhere over there,
Resting peacefully and only God knows where.
Little Andy lived in Tacony and had many friends,
And on you a dollar anytime he would spend.
He was a very good mixer and very witty too,
The shirt he would take off his back and give it to you.
That is why I speak so highly of him, what more can I say,
Just give little Andy a prayer on this Memorial Day.

(Title and First Two Lines Missing)

I fought for my country and I did my part,
All that I ask now is just give me a start.
Make my dear mother happy, who waited for me so long,
To always have her by my side, right where I belong.
Our home she managed to keep up while I was at war,
First waiting for me to return to enter the front door.
Do you now think I am asking too much in wanting a job,
Just to keep mother and me, my name is Bob.
They have always told us soldiers we would be first in line,
To get back to work again - all that talk was fine.
But up until now nothing can I find,
Each and every day I am going right behind.
I did not hold back when a war was to be won,
My mother sacrificed me, I was her only son.

A Prayer

Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, Our Master, as Easter is right around the corner I come to Thee to thank Thee for all the beautiful things you have given us in this life.  We bend down on our knees and pray and thank Thee from the bottom of our hearts.  You have made it possible for us to carry on the way we have in this country since this war began.  Dear Lord, I am going to Thee again.  Another one of my friends is missing in action - Bud Nash, who lives on Princeton Ave.  Dear Lord, one night he was sent out on a very important mission in the Pacific.  They started out around dawn.  The trip was successful.  Coming back at night it war real dark and they all landed on the aircraft carrier safely, but Bud.  His Hellcat hit the side of the carrier and into the ocean he went.  Dear Lord, they looked for him for about an hour, but it was all in vain.  I ask Thee for Thy help to locate him.  He has a beautiful wife by the name of Mildred, who just gave birth to a handsome baby boy born Jan. 20th.  How proud he would be if he could only see it.  Bring them together again, Dear Father, and let them enjoy life and bring all of the rest of the boys and girls back home safely.  Let them have forever lasting peace.  I know you can do it, Dear Father.  All of the world is asking you by praying night and day.  I thank Thee, Our Lord Jesus Christ, again and again, Amen.

Loyal to Their Country

Frankford Arsenal, my hat goes off to you this week,
You defense workers can always have a front seat.
They are loyal to our country and the fighting men over there,
Suppose they give up their jobs and did not care,
And they did not give a rap when this war was declared,
Where would this country be if there were no bullets and shells?
That is a question to you I do not have to tell.
That is why those Arsenal workers I give praise,
And if it is more money they want, give them that raise.
Money is no object when this country is in a fight,
They are doing a very important part working day and night.
And they are not letting down until this war is won,
With those shells and bullets they are keeping the enemy on the run.
So keep up your good work, Frankford Arsenal, and do your very best,
And your dear old Uncle Sam will do the rest.

Holidays and Other Annual Events

To My Dad On Father's Day

Happy Father's Day dear dad I am wishing you,
To me you were good, kind hearted and true.

A father's day you will have in God's loving arms,
Everything for you will be just full of charms.

To me every day is father's day how can I ever forget,
You were always my inspiration and always a sure bet.

From childhood on you always taught me right from wrong,
I made mistakes but you always put me right where I belong.

To me you were a father and a real pal,
My mother to you was the one and only true gal.

Years have gone by since you have passed away,
Bu my memories for you will linger on day by day.

In closing dad I know in God's castle you lay,
He will give you the best of everything on this father's day.

Father's Day

Dear Dad, as over here in the hospital I lay,
Thinking of you on this Father's Day. 
How are mother, brother, and Sister Sue?
Tell them I am coming along all right and not to feel blue.
Dad, do you remember the day I left for camp,
You told me you wanted me to come back a real champ.
I have proven that dad when I tell my story,
But after all I do not want glory.
As we were sitting and resting on top of a hill,
My two buddies, one named Jack and the other Bill,
We noticed a short distance away a lot of trees,
We thought we would take a walk over and if anything we could see,
When we grew near a Jap came from behind a tree,
And opened up fire, down went Jack and Bill and that left only me.
I fired back and shit him in the leg,
He threw up his hands and not to kill him he begged.
All of a sudden and as quick as a flash,
He pulled out his knife and my face he slashed.
I then gave him the works - the poor old sap -
And that was the end of that dirty Jap.
Dad, I have proven what you wanted me to be;
There is one thing left it is you I want to see.
Well, Dad, give my love to Mother, Brother and Sis,
Tell them they will never know how much them I do miss.

Mother's Day

This Sunday another Mother's Day is here,
You are the one I think of most and the one I love so dear.
I know it will be tough for you while I am fighting over here,
But not only Sunday, Mother, your day to me is every day in the year.
I think of the day when you used to get me ready for school,
Of times I did not feel like going but you did not let me disobey the golden rule.
You made me wash my face, comb my hair, you always wanted me to look clean,
And gave me a few pennies to get candy and share with the other boys and not to be

Mother, dear, that is all coming back to me now in this World War -
To help the other fellow and give him more and more.
This Sunday that flower will you wear it for me?
Because where I am no flowers I can see.
So let us hope we have peace when another Mother's Day comes around,
And I can come back to you, dear Mother, safe and sound.

To My Mother on Mother's Day

Dear Mother, another year has passed and again this Sunday is Mother's Day,
And I think of you more and more as each year passes away.
That picture I carry in my wallet of you, Mother dear,
You look so lovely and each day I wish you were here.
It has been fifteen years ago since our dear Lord made room for you,
Up in that beautiful castle in the heavens of blue.
And I pray to God, dear Mother, when that day comes for me,
We can meet face to face because it is you that I love to see.
I have not forgotten the little things I did to make you feel sad,
At times when I think of them it makes me feel bad.
But, Mother dear, I always loved you just the same,
What I did in this life, you were not to blame.
You taught me from childhood right from wrong,
When each night you put me to sleep by singing a song.
So you see, Mother dear, how I miss you so much down here,
And I hope and pray to God some day you and I can be near.

Mother's Day

That wonderful name, Mother, which we celebrate once a year,
Is here again this Sunday, she is so precious, so lovely and so dear.
To me every day is Mother's Day, how can I ever forget?
She is the best little girl in all this world, no better have I ever met.
That everlasting love of her's for you and for me,
Will linger on forever, as long as she has life and she can see.
Probably sometime you say things that really hurt her so,
But a mother will always forgive, she will never say no.
If you mother has passed away, do not forget this Mother's Day,
Go to your church and tell her how much you miss her when you pray.
If you still have her around the house, give her a great big kiss,
Because you may not have her another year and I know her you will miss.
So all of you children, what do you say?
Make this Sunday, the greatest of all Mother Days.


Dearest mother, it is Sunday morning and again I hear those church bells chime,
It brings memories back of you, mother, dear, my sweetheart divine,
Each Sunday morning when you and I strolled to church together,
Sunshine or rain, it made no difference, we went in all kinds of weather.
It has been fifteen years ago since I have heard you sing last,
The song, "Jesus Lover Of My Soul."  I will never forget that past.
Your voice was so sweet, I could hear you above all the rest,
You know how I felt, mother, dear; I always thought you were the best.
Each night I dream I can always see you by my side,
Telling me right from wrong, you were always my guide.
Never will I forget when I used to stay out late at night,
Sleep you got little, until I came home and you found I was all right.
In closing, mother dear, again I am looking forward to that time,
When you and I can go to church together when those church bells chime.

A Mother's Love

Did you ever sit down and think what your mother meant to you,
From childhood to grown-up what she really went through?
When you were a baby and you used to creep around the floor,
How she used to look after you because it was you that she adored.
In your school days who was it that dressed you and combed your hair?
Always wanted you to look clean, it was your mother who always cared.
Who made it possible for you to go to college so something you could learn?
It was your dear old mother because down in her heart for you she yearned.
After leaving college and going in business of your own,
She wanted you to be successful, you were never left alone.
Even after you were married and that first child came,
She held it close to her breast and loved it just the same.
So, friends, you can have plenty, even a sister and a brother,
But there is no love in the world like your dear old mother.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas to you all comes right from my heart,
And a Happy New Year and hoping you get a very good start.
I know there will be lots of sad hearts around the Christmas table,
Looking for that soldier boy, to get there he was unable.
Because he was either killed in action or laying in a hospital over there,
You can still give him that present by kneeling down with a prayer,
I know God will deliver it for you and your boy he will give a good care.
Those boys that came home safely what a happy Christmas it will be,
To get back to good old civil life and once again be free.
So let me tell you one and all to give those boys the best,
They never let you down when they were tired and needed that rest.
You mothers, wives, sweethearts, now that you have nothing to fear,
Give those boys a big Merry Christmas and a bright and Happy New Year.

A New Year's Prayer

As this year 1945 comes to an end,
A prayer to those war heroes I want to send.
O Lord Jesus Christ I come to Thee once again,
Because on You I can always depend.
I ask thee to take care of the boys that sacrificed their lives,
The boys that left behind their loved ones, mothers, sweethearts and wives.
Our good friend little Andy, who should have never been in this war,
Give him our best regards, Dear Lord, him we will always adore.
Those boys wounded in hospitals here and over there,
Give them strength and let them enjoy life like we do.
I know, Dear Lord, it is in Thy power to pull them through.
The boys that lost their eyesight, give them back that seeing eye,
Bring back that sunshine and take away that sigh.
I ask Thee please O Lord Jesus Christ give the boys nothing more to fear,
And that is my prayer deep down in my heart for this coming year. - Amen.

A Day of Prayer

Good Friday is a day to which we should all kneel down in prayer,
And let our dear Lord know that for Him we all care.
So close your place of business, if it is from only twelve to three,
Because He sacrificed everything in this world for you and for me.
Bring our hearts closer together and let us all have no fear,
Pray for the ones who parted from us in the past -
The ones who fought for you and sacrificed until the last.
Ask the Dear Lord to forgive you for all of your sins,
To make way for you on that great day so that you can walk right in.
There is a little bit of bad and a little bit of good in every one of us,
We are not perfect, if we were we would never have any fuss.
That is why I ask you for all to kneel down in prayer on this Good Friday,
Tell the Dear Lord your problems because He is your only one God Almighty. 


A Sigh for the Nags

As those racing horses stand idle in a stable,
Thinking that for no more racing they are able,
Wondering why they are not put on the track,
With those good old jockeys riding on their back,
It is certainly a shame to keep a horse like that down,
When on that track he always likes to run around.
That crowd he heard shouting, they shout no more,
He is now kicking in his stable and a little bit sore.
The owner of that horse if feeling very blue,
When he sees there is no more racing in view.
Why take racing away with this war near an end?
Look at all of the taxes we lose with the money the people spend.
The wounded being discharged from the Army, give them a thrill,
They would enjoy a little pleasure now, as they have been through the mill.
If they do open up racing let the boys in uniform in free,
Give them plenty of pleasure and really something to see.
So open up Garden State Park and give us a lot of joy,
Let those horses run again, my bet is on Cash O. Boy.

Too Young to Know

Two lovers going out together are just about fifteen,
Madly in love with each other but their minds are very clean.
They stroll along the street together, with arms around one another's waist,
Time means nothing to them, never do they haste.
They kiss and love and say sweet things to each other,
With nothing to worry about, they are just like sister and brother.
They cannot wait and the first thing marriage comes to their minds,
All that they both can see is nothing but sunshine.
They take that great step and everything is peaches and cream,
Life is like a bed of roses and very happy they seem.
They are now eighteen, they have had three years of married life,
Things are now changing for them different from a man and wife.
He gets a taste of outdoor life, things he had never seen before,
That love is fading fast away every day more and more.
That arm has gone from around her waist, he once thought she was divine,
He is just a little bit older now and he is out to have a good time.
Little did he think when fifteen that girl he loved so true,
Would fade right out of his life and he would look for someone new.
He really meant all right, but he was too young to know,
His wife is now all broken up because she always had loved him so.
Too young to know that is why he grew tired,
Of that beautiful girl he once admired.

Life Without Friends is Like a Garden Without Flowers

Life without friends is like a garden without flowers,
Or in other works it would be just like City Hall without its tower.
Without friends, to whom could you turn or to whom could you cling?
It is just like a doorbell in a home that will not ring.
Of course you have friends, you think they are swell,
But behind your back they will try to send you to hell.
Friends like that, you are better off far away,
They will borrow money from you and always forget to pay.
A friend that I mean will stick by you and is always true at heart,
Will stick by you in all kinds of trouble and from you will never part.
Real friendship is just like a flower in your garden, it never fails to bloom,
You look for it each year and it cannot come out too soon.
That good friend you look for when you go in your favorite place,
You will always find out he will greet you with that big smile on his face.
So you see what I mean when I put friendship and flowers together -
They will never fail you and will stick to you in all kinds of weather.

Because God Gave Me Thee

Because God gave me thee, sweetheart,
That is why you and I shall never part.

Because God gave me thee, you are so sweet and divine,
And those beautiful eyes that sparkle like the sunshine.
Because God gave me all of you, what more can I ask?
Until death do we part you are mine until the last.
Because God forgave us from all our past sins and we start in new,
That is why darling I'll keep right on loving you.
Because he had faith and trusted you and I together,
He took care and watched over us in all kinds of weather.
God gave me thee, that is why I need you so mush,
You are so lovely and those sweet lips I love to touch.
God gave me thee because your body and soul are as pure as gold,
And forever and forever in my arms you I will always hold.

How to Keep Your Man

When a fellow meets a girl and tells you it is love at first sight,
That is wonderful if he keeps that love for her each day and night.
But how many have broken that vow with the one he loved so much,
Those tender lips he no more wanted to touch?
That happens day after day and in this world all over,
That love darkens and it begins to rain and no more you live in clover.
What changes that love right now I am going to tell you,
If you pull one way and he the other, you will always have the blues.
If he likes that night out with the boys leave him room,
And do not fight with him when he reaches home.
You will find out that his love for you will never grow cold,
And you in his arms he will always love to hold.
There is nothing better than love when it is true at heart,
So try this, girl, and you will find out you and your man will never part.

The Two Love Birds

Those two love birds who are attached to one another,
Are just like Kass and Harry, one never goes out without the other.
They are very much devoted to one another after years of married life,
Harry tells me no one in the world could take the place of his dear wife.
Pleasure they make their own when going out for a night's fun,
Harry is so romantic always calling his wife "Hon."
Stop down and see that loving couple, but before on the door you tap,
Just peep in the window and you will see Kass on Harry's lap.
They talk about those great lovers on the screen,
But Kass and Harry you have never seen.
So all of you folks take a tip from Kass and Harry,
Get along just like they do when you marry.

It's Later Than You Think!

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think,
Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink.
Find something to do and never feel blue,
Forget the dark days, keep the sun shining through.
Get up in the morning and say, "What a fine day,"
Make up your mind to chase all gloom away.
Be Happy and Merry, it pays in the end,
Meet your friends with a smile and greetings you send.
Thank the dear Lord for the country you're in,
And abide by Him, through thick or through thin.
If it is dancing, drinking, fishing, or skating,
Enjoy it immensely, just put off that waiting.
Remember life can end, just as quick as a wink,
So, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

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