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Cleveland Cemetery
Located in Section 30, Township 6, Range 20

     The following is the burial list which appeared in a Yakima Valley Genealogical Society bulletin from April 1976, and I have tried to type it here exactly as it appeared in the bulletin.

Mrs. Ada Whitmore of Bickleton has invested many years of research for several Eastern Klickitat County cemeteries, and is available for assistance. Contact her at 1 Whitmore Road, Bickleton, WA., 99322. Remember to include a SASE!

CLEVELAND CEMETERY - 3 miles west of Bickleton, Klickitat County, Washington. Researched 
by Ada Ruth Whitmore of Bickleton, Wa., 99322, and some data from her files is shown below
in addition to that shown on tombstones. On entries marked (*) please send Mrs. Whitmore
any further information you have. She will correspond with anyone concerning burials here,
and requests correspondence with anyone having any information on any name herein listed,
descendants, etc. ANDERSON, Matilda, 1857 - 1927. From Sweden. AUGUST, Jennie May (Churchill), 10-4-1887 - 6-24-1907, b. Nebraska, m. 1-16-1906 to Albert D.
AUGUST at Portland, Ore.
AUSTIN, Martha Emmaline (Huffman) Lefever Hart, 9-23-1848 - 2-14-1902 dau. of George Huffman
and wife of William David Austin. BAILEY, Lyman Jackson, 1-8-1833(4) - 12-2-1899, b. New Hampshire.   Mary Helen (Graham), 1-31-1850(49) - 10-12-1908, w. of Lyman. BAKER, Lucy (Bedow) Norris, 10-18-1822 - 1-1-1921. BARRETT, Jacob Grant, d. ca April, 1911, no marker on grave. Lucy Matildy Ann, 10-28-1899 - 11-23-1901, dau. of Jacob G. Bessie Mae, 1-12-1895 - 4-13-1911, dau. of Jacob G. Lillie D., 8-3-1893 - 4-5-1911, dau. of Jacob G. BEAN, Charles Frederick "Fred", 1-3-1878 - 7-26-1962. Arthur Frederick, 9-12-1902 - 2-19-1924, b. Alberta, Canada, son of Charles Frederick Bean and Bertha Etta Smiley.         Donald Willis, 8-2-1920 - 3-12-1973, b. Roosevelt, Wash., son of Charles Frederick Bean. BECK, Paul, 9-10-1825 - 2-18-1905(15). Rosanah P. (Walters), 3-17-1829 - 12-5-1915, w. of Paul, b. Kentucky, m. Illinois.
        Charles Marion, 8-31-1852 - 10-24-1925, s. of Paul.         Etta Marget (Johnson), 1-31-1858 - 1-18-1934, w. of Charles Paul, 9-18-1881 - 5-3-1883, s. of Charles M. and Etta Marget.
John L., b. ca 1871, tombstone says murdered 2-16-1897, age 25 yr 11 mo 19 days,
son of Paul and Rosanah P. Hattie R., 6-3-1894 - 3-16-1899, age 4 yr 9 mo 13 days, dau. of John L. Beck and Frances Gertrude Bailey. BILLINGTON, Frederick Charles "Fred", 10-29-1869 - 4-13-1948, b. Wisc. Jennie (Sinclair), 11-22-1869 - 7-12-1926, w. of "Fred" above Charles Frances, 3-31-1889 -  2-16-1907, son of "Fred" above. *  BLOME, Harry, d. 10-12-1894, age 10, son of Herman Blome b. Germany and Emma A. Aebi b. Switzerland. BURFORD, Virginia E., 5-20-1841 - 9-22-1902. BUTLER, Benjamin D., 1819 - 1890. Laura Aileen, 1881 - 1882, buried beside Benjamin D. CARPENTER, Julia Ann (Tuley) Powers Nowlin Shannon, b. ca 1821 - d. 1899 at Dot, Wa. Lorenzo Carpenter was fourth husband. CARROLL, Mary Magdaline (Worley) Jordan, 6-3-1838 - 2-8-1916; b. Missouri, d. Bickleton, Wa. Edgar B. Carroll 2nd husband. CHURCHILL, John Quincy, 10-23-1858 - 4-15-1928, b. Missouri, b.Yakima, Wa., m. 8-24-1879 to Ida Laura Pocock. Ernest William, 8-11-1880 - 6-30-1904, b. Nebraska, son of John Quincy Churchill and Laura Ida Pocock. CLARK, George William 1-14-1886 - 6-11-1952, age 66 yr 4 mo 28 days, b. Klickitat County, Wa., d. The Dalles, Ore., son of Isaac and Emily Ann (Sanders) Clark.
COLLINS, Aretus R. "Squire", 5-29-1845 - 6-9-1920. Estella (Rogers), 12-31-1854 - 6-9-1900, w. of Aretus R. COPENHEFER, John, 10-23-1850 - 2-6-1907, b. Huntington Co., Indiana. Harriett J. (Snyder), 3-16-1855, - l929 b. Indiana, w. of John COSENS, Nettie E. (Miller), 9-28-1883 - 3-22-1903, wife of Walter P. Cosens and dau. of George and Susie Miller. COUNTS, Mortimer Wann, 6-8-1876 - 6-30-1941, b. Mt. Vernon, Mo. Georgia (Parker), 3-27-1878 -, 5-31-1925, wife of Mortimer W. * COURTNEY, Daniel C., 9-2-1837 - ___?___, b. Warren Co., Ill., son of John B. Courtney 1797-1847 and Agnes B. Ritchie 1795-1880. Could be buried in this cemetery. * ___?___ (Woodard) Daily, b. 1852 in Va., 2nd wife of Daniel, and dau. of William C. Woodard and Sela Shaw. Could be buried in this cemetery. * Isaac E., b. 6-18-1821 Clark Co., Ind., perhaps buried here. perhaps 1906, son of John L. Courtney 1797-1847 and Agnes Ritchie 1795-1880. * Martha Emma (Talbert), 4-28-1852 - 1-20-1898, b. Ill., d. Cleveland, 3rd wife of Isaac B., and dau. of William J. Talbert and Elizabeth ?. CRIDER, Robert Marquis, 9-13-1851 - 4-4-1922, b. Mt. Vernon, O. Mary Elizabeth (Smith) "Lizzie", 1857 - 1892, b. Iowa, wife of Robert Marquis Crider.         Charles Wesley, 1-9-1883 - 11-29-1930, son of Robert & Lizzie.         Lloyd Earl, 11-21-1884 - 12-25-1936         Carl Shied, 4-9-1888 - 3-17-1915        Walter Edward, 1881 - 12-14-1943 DAVIS, George Arthur 1902 - 1974, b. Euclid, Wa., son of James N. DEEN, Ellen (Carroll), 1-25-1893 - April 1913, b. Pierce Co., Wash.       No children, she died childbirth. No cemetery marker yet, and not sure where grave is.
DODGE, Ripley, 9-12-1818 - 2-17-1895, age 76, b. Ohio. Founder of Town of Cleveland, son of Caleb and Abigail, both b. in Maine. DOIEL, Kay, 11-18-1903 - 11-25-1904, age 1, b. & d. at settlement of Jersey south of Bickleton, Wa., dau. of James William Doiel and Edith May Dorland.
DUVALL, Beatrice W, 6-30-1881 - 10-21-1886, age 5, dau. of G.H. and S.J. Duvall. Karl, 6-16-1858 - 5-4-1928, 69 yr 10 mo 18 days, B. West Va. A baby boy may also be buried here. ELLIS, Enos, 7-20-1820 - 7-25-1901, b. Tenn., lived 6 mi. S. Bickleton. Sitnah A. Hiatt, 7-2-1834 - 3-20-1888, wife of Enos. ESTES, Washington, b. Missouri, d. 12-28-1891 at Cleveland, Wa., age 54. *  EXLINE, David, 4-19-1830 - 2-2-1908, married Lettie Albritton who died at age 91 as Mrs. Rev. Longbottom. FAULKNER, George Lewis, 8-17-1832 - l0-3-1911, b. Broome Co., N.Y., came to Klickitat County 1882, Union Veteran, Civil War. Adella Albertina Adeline (Gruhlke), 3-24-1839 - 11-1-1926, b. Germany, wife of George Lewis Faulkner. George Paul, 6-27-1900 - 9-20-1972, b. Cleveland, Wa., d. Sunnyside, Wa. Married 6-15-1936 to Gladys Martinsen. He was cremated and ashes buried on top of grandfather George Lewis Faulkner. FERGUSON, Lucy A. P. (Skaggs?), 12-25-1833 - 2-25-1907, wife of J.F. FOOTE, Clara Bell (Barrett), 6-24-1891 - April 1922, wife of Jeremiah H. Foote, dau. of Jacob Grant Barrett & Cassie Ferguson. Frederick Grant, d. 9-18-1909, age 2 weeks, son of Jeremiah and Clara Bell. FOSTER, Joseph, d. 4-4-1883; his wife Susan Elizabeth Shaw d. 5-12-1885 FROSTRUP, Eric, 1-1-1890 - 12-16-1968, b. Billum, Denmark. Alta Lomega (Johnson), 8-23-1893 - April 1974, wife of Eric. GADEBERG, Joseph, 10-7-1849 - 10-2-1914, b. Denmark. Mary E. (Phipps), l858 - 1-4-1894, wife of Joseph. GAINES, Anderson Talbert, 2-23-1851 - 11-6-1912, b. Plymouth, Ill. Alice Augusta (Weer), 3-20-1859 - 6-13-1905, b. Missouri, wife of Anderson Talbert Gaines, dau.of William Weer. Delia Vestia, 6-7-1898 - 8-2-1898, dau of A.T. & Alice A. Harry Olin, 12-1-1890 - 5-18-1911, son of A.T. & Alice A. GLASCO (GLASSCOCK), Robert Lee, 5-22-1895 - 8-18-1948, b. Rock Bluff, Neb., d. Portland, Ore. Douglas Seely, b. 3-8-1927, died at birth at The Dalles, Ore. Son of Robert Lee Glasco. GONSOLUS, Andes "Dan", about 1849 - 1924, long time resident of Dot community. GOODNIGHT, Lila Lucille (Woods), 12-20-1923 - 6-10-1953, b. Goldendale, Wa., d. Portland, Ore. Wife of Leonard R. Goodnight and dau. of Claude Calvin Woods and Margaret Jemima Seely. GRANTLY, George W., 4-20-1840 - 3-16-1921, b. Ohio, d. Yakima, Wa. Rebecca J. (___?___) McKann or McKeen, d. 7-5-1900, age 69. Her 2nd husband was George W. Grantly. Walter E., 1873 - 12-5-1895, b. Kansas, son of George W. and Rebecca J. GRIFFEN, Karl, son of H. A. and A. B. Griffen, age 2 yr 5 mo 2 days. (no dates known) GUSTAFSON, Lawrence A., 1-29-1907 - 10-21-1907, 4th child of Fred A. Gustafson and Maggie Cochran. HACKLEY, Effie Luella (Twitchell), 9-17 or 19-1862 or 1861 - 12-18-1903, b. Pine Island, Minn., wife of Henry C. Hackley. Bessie, b. 5-18-1892, d. at age 11, dau. of Henry C. Hackley and Effie Luella Twitchell. Harold Floyd, 7-12-1890 - 12-12-1901, son of Henry C. Hackley and Effie Luella Twitchell. Sophia W. C. Vangorkon, 1827 - 10-15-1889, age 60, b. Amsterdam, Holland, came to USA 1844, m. 1846 Dewitt Clinton Hackley. Isaac K., 1862 - 7-12-1887, age 25, shares a tombstone with Sophia W. Hackley. HANSON, Thomas, 5-15-1855 - 8-25-1926, b. Ilesvig, Denmark, came to Klickitat County 1885 and filed Pre-emption claim. Elizabeth Marie "Lizzie" (Lundorff), 4-14-1858 - 6-27-1903, b. Denmark, wife of Thomas Hanson. HAMILTON, Infant twin sons, probably b. between 1884 & 1891 to George Walker Hamilton and Margery Orpha Nogle. Margaret Harlan, 11-9-1920 - 11-27-1920, baby dau. of Fay Harlan Hamilton and Nellie Mae Kelley. HARRIS, Emma (Snyder) McClure, d. 10-5-1908 at home of sister Mrs. John Copenhefer. Her 2nd husband Seymore R. Harris. *  HEMPHILL - There is Hemphill marked on the cemetery map sketch made maybe in the the 40's and has last names only. Notify Ada Whitmore, Bickleton, Wa. 99322 if you have information. A John Hemphill married 7-30-1892 to Jessie M. Grantly, dau. of George W. and Rebecca Grantly. HENDRICK, George W.L, d. 6-1-1895, age 1 yr 9 mo, son of John M. Hendrick and Olive N. Hopkins.
*  HOLMAN, Mary E., age 62, from death records d. 6-l2-1895, b. Tenn., d. Cleveland gangrene, resided Cleveland, dau. of John M. Williamson and Catherine Emmett, both b. Tenn. Mary was a widow. PERHAPS buried here. HOOKER, Baby Charles, 1-1903 - 1-3-1903, son of Ed Hooker and Myrtle Powers. Janie Lou, 1862 - 9-13-1886, 24 yr 4 mo 11 days, dau. of James E. Hooker and gd. of William Frank Hooker of Cheney. HUTCHINSON, Clara, d. 4-10-1926, age 29 yr 4 mo 4 days, at Cleveland, with of W.C. Hutchinson. JENKINS, Joseph H. "Joe", 1877 - 1905, single, Woodman of the World. JOHNSON, Joel Fremont "Mont", l0-8-l862- 11-8-1931, b. Iowa, son of Cloice Johnson and Sarah Ann Swangle. Josephine (Beck), 8-6-1862 - 1-9-1921, b. Kansas, dau. of Paul Beck and Rosannah P. Walters. Elmer Franklin, 8-6-1895-- 12-18-1895, son of Joel Fremont Johnson and Josephine Beck. Infant Daughter of Joel Freemont Johnson and Josephine Beck. JORDAN, Rev. John Slater, 3-l-1818 - 11-6-1891, 73 yr 8 mo 5 days, b. Randolph County, Va., son of John Jordan and Agnes Cunningham. KNAPP, Beulah Margaret, 8-10-1908 - 10-10-1909, b. & d. at Dot, Wa., dau. of Cornelius Arthur Knapp and Clara Marg. Stewart. LASLEY, Joseph, grandson of Earl Lasley of Bickleton. No marker. LONG, Lewis John, 3-26-1892 - 3-31-1895, 2 yrs 5 days, b. Linn Co., Ore., son of Gabriel L. Long and Elizabeth Emma Jordan. LUND, John F., 1842 - 6-16-1918, b. Sweden. Anna L. (Anderson), 1851 - 3-27-1891, 40 yr 5 mo 10 days, wife of John F. Lund. Carl Henry, 4-18-1887 - 6-7-1914, b. Dot, Wa., son of John Lund and Anna L. Anderson. MACK, Enos George, 11-24-1837 - 9-15-1915, b. N.Y., son of Pierson Coman Mack and husb. of Mary Caroline Berrian Clark. Valera Irene, 3-27-1915 - 3-9-1917, b. Bickleton, Wa., dau. of Albert Mack and Hannah Christina Hansen. MACY, Arvilla Elizabeth (Van Nostern), 8-19-1879 - 5-28-1900, b. at Shedd, Ore., wife of Charlie Wilmot Macy, of David G. Van Nostern and Melissa J. Thompson. Velma E., 11-22-1899 - 12-15-1902, of diphtheria, dau. of Charles Wilmont and Arvilla Elizabeth VanNostern. Their only child. MARRS, Marila Jane, 10-26-1865 - 11-30-1882, age 17 yrs., dau. of Andrew B. Marrs and Charlotte A. Shaw. MARSHALL, Alan Monroe, 1-1-1870 - 8-5-1830, age 60 yr., 7 mo., 4 days, b. Wisconsin, son of George L. Marshall and Lizzie Noble. He was single. Related to Copenhefer through his mother. MASON, Amanda (Harroun), 8-8-1806 - 8-6-1889, b. Vermont, wife of Edgar Mason b. 4-15-1805, d. Minn. MASON, Armit Elisha, l-27-1889 - 6-10-1919, son of John Franklin Mason and Lapetti D. Ragsdale. Charles A., 8-1-1873 - 1941, b. Missouri, single, son of Elisha S. Elisaha and Tabitha A. Ezell. Delmar Lorin, 4-16-1903 - 2-20-1906, b. Cleveland, son of Emmett W. Mason and Grace O. Ellsworth. Elisha.S., 6-7-1834 - 8-14-1899, b. Tenn., son of William W. Mason and Polly Headlie, both natives of Tennessee. Enlisted Union Army 1861, came to Klickitat County 1884. Fred, 3-7-1887 - 1-19-1905, probably b. Cleveland, son of John Franklin Mason and Lapetti D. Ragsdale. John Franklin, 8-20-1861 - 7-30-1923, b. Franklin, Mo., lived in Dot area 25 yrs., son of Elisha S. Mason and Tabitha A. Ezell. Lapetti D. (Ragsdale), 9-19-1868 - 4-4-1915, b. Alabama, wife of John Franklin Mason and dau. of Mrs. Drucilla Ragsdale. Marvin, d. 6-16-1918 near Mabton, Wa., son of John Franklin Mason and Lapetti D. Ragsdale; 1st husband of Nora Lund b. 2-18-1891 at Dot, Wa.
Tabitha A. (Ezell), 3-31-1841- l-27-l920, wife of Elisha S. Mason and dau. of William Ezell of Kentucky. Baby son of Artimus D. Mason and Cora E. Duryee b. and d. 1-17-1912, brother of Jean, Helen and Florence. McCALLUM, Myrtle Mae (Billington), 9-28-1891 - 6-8-1957, b. S. of Cleveland, Wa., d. Portland, Ore., wife of John Albert McCallum "Bert", and dau. of Frederick Charles Billington and Jennie Sinclair. MELVILLE, Mike E., 4-15-1873 - 6-20-1906, b. probably Wisc., m. Jessie Lorena Connell 10-6-1904. Enlisted 71st Co. Coast Artillery 11-11-1898, discharged 11-10-1901. MILLER, Arminda (Euings), b. about 1869 Stuben Co. Ind., d.. March 1929 Cleveland, Wa. One of 15 children. Wife of Henry Miller of Ohio who died and is buried Stevenson, Wa. Freddie, d. 4-9-1886, age 3 yr. 5 mo 18 days, son of John Miller and Dora. John, b. about 1850 Germany, d. 12-15-1932, age 82. Married at least three times, maybe had a daughter. MORRIS, Edd, 6-14-1848 - 1915, b. Wyoming County, N.Y., sing1e, home-steaded 1 mi. N. of Cleveland June 1878, son of Pattock Morris and Lucy Bedow. MOSER, Bertha Caroline, d. 1-6-1899, age 3 mo., 15 days, b. and d. at Dot, Wa. dau. of Leo Burness Moser or Leobold Moser and Ada Woods, both buried Goldendale, Wa. Vernon Isles, b. Dot, Wa., d. 6-28-1907, son of Leo Burness Moser or Leobold Moser and Ada Woods. *  MULKEY, Eston W., 1875 - 12-9-1886, 11 yr 2 mo 22 days, son of Hamilton Mulkey and Jaramia or Sara A. McCLURE, William John, 1-12-1906 - 9-5-1906, d. at Bickleton, Wa. and Verna, d. 1908, age 8 mo. Both born at Dot, Wa., children of William McClure and Hannah L. Lund, grandchildren of  John F. Lund and Anna L. Anderson. McCREDY, Alexander E., 5-3-1868 - 3-30-1950, son of William Andrew McCredy and Elizabeth R. Beaman. Married Alice Barge 6-14-1900 at Webster City, Iowa. McCREDY, Alice (Barge), 11-26-1873 - l0-24-l955, wife of Alexander E. McCredy, dau. of Prof. B.F. Barge and Carrie W. Showers. Sarah A. (Hooker) Van Nostern, 11-1-1857 - 9-29-1904, b. Ga., dau. of Thomas H. Hooker and Delana Elizabeth Harris. First married David G. Van Nostern 1884, second married William Andrew McCredy. William Andrew, 2-15-1830 - 4-4-1922, b. Richland County, Ohio son of Alex McCredy and Effie Van Nostrand, raised by Uncle David Urie. First married Elizabeth R. Beaman, second married late in life Mrs. Sarah A. (Hooker) Van Nostern. Elizabeth R. (Beaman), 1-19-1834 - 8-6-1894, b. St. Charles County, Mo., dau of Enos Beaman and Pauline Butler, m. 1851 in Mo. to William Andrew McCredy. NOBLET, William B., June 1828 - 7-30-1896, age 68 yr 1 mo., 21 days, b. Tenn., son of Thomas Noblet and Elizabeth Cayse. OSTRANDER, Infant, d. 7-25-1890, 10 days, child of Wilbur Hull Ostrander and Laura C. Coley. PAINE, Grace (Woods), 5-18-1870 - 10-27-1887, age 17 yr., 9 mo., 15 days, b. White Creek, Dot, Wa., dau. of Joseph Wareham Woods and Martha Jane White. Wife of Wesley Wallace Paine. Leslie L., 7-7-1857 - 1-12-1387, from Vermont, d. at Dot, Wa. in a well when rock fell him. Twin brother of Wesley Wallace Paine who d. 2-8-1946 at Lebanon, Ore. PETERSEN, Hilda, 4-26-1888 - 9-3-1888, b. and d. in Dot, Wa. area, dau. of Pete L. Petersen and Christenia Swanson. This child buried in lot with John Lund, Annie Lund and it's mother. PETERSON (PETERSEN?), Christenia (Swanson) 10-19-1862 - 7-4-1889, dau. of Andrew Swanson, wife of Pete L. Petersen. POWERS, Albert Lorenzo "Renzie", 8-22-1875 - 7-13-1961, b. Reedsville, Ore, d. Sunnyside, Wa., son of Francis Marion "Frank" Powers and Louise Jane Woods. Hilda Cecilia (Lund), 2-19-1889 - 4-1-1970, b. Dot, Wa., d. Sunnyside, Wa., dau. of John Lund and Annie L. Anderson; wife of Albert Lorenzo Powers m. 6-23-1907. Christopher Columbus, 1840 - March 1909, single, b. Indiana, d. Dot, Wa. son of David Powers and Julia Ann Tuley. Emma Marie (Lund), 9-2-1884 - 8-24-1917, wife of Clarence Harion Powers and dau. of John Lund and Annie L.Anderson. Ernest W., d. 2-23-1892, age 1 yr., 11 mo., probably b. Dot, Wa., son of Francis M. Powers and Louise Woods.
Francis Marion, "Frank", 1-8-1844 - 5-23-1915, age 71 yr 4 mo., 23 days, b. Sullivan Co., Mo., son of David Powers and Julia Ann Tuley. Married Louise Jane Woods 6-9-1864 at Portland, Ore. Lillian Edna, d. 2-23-1892, age 1 yr., 3 mo., 19 days, dau. of William Philander Powers and Mary E.Woods. Louise Jane (Woods), 5-24-l850 - 10-23-1923, d. Portland, Ore. Wife of Francis Marion Powers. Simeon M., 2-2-1873 - 10-26-1889, age 16, typhoid at Dot, Wa. Son of Francis Marion Powers and Louise Jane Woods. (All POWERS in this cemetery are related.) PURVIANCE, James Jackson, 3-20-1825 - 9-8-1896. Married first Martha Hicks d. 1863, bur. Hopedale, Ill., second Lydia "Libbie". Lydia (___?___), 5-22-1822 - 5-17-1896, 2nd wife of James Jackson Purviance. She apparently was married before. RAFFETY, Ella M. (Paige) Gilman, 1-12-1839 - 12-12-1902, b. N.H., dau. of Osgood Paige and Nancy Boynton. She m. first Isaac H. Oilman, second Richard M. Raffety. Richard M., 6-9-1838 - 9-25-1921, b. Green County, Ill. Married first Nancy B. Hinch, second Mrs. Eliza M. Paige Gilman. Son of James Raffety and Arthanussa Sage. RAGSDALE, Drucilla (__?__), 4-15-1830 - 3-20-1897, buried in Mason lot. Mother of Lapetti D. Ragsdale Mason. RANSIER, Charles D., d. 7-30-1893 Bickleton, Wa., age 3 mo 9 days. Son of Thadius Alexander Ransier and Marietta E. Thane. David, 5-10-1835 - 3-29-1914, b. Tuscaranus Co., Ohio, m. 6-4-1855 Marrilda Ann Riley. Pvt. L2 Neb. Cav. March 1863 - 23 Dec. 1863, hearing affected, pensioned. Marrilda Ann (Riley), 8-14-1838 - 1-14-1930, wife of David Ransier. RASMUSSON, Olaf John Wilhelm, 1-4-1860 - 11-12-1928, b. Sweden, d. at home in Dot. Never knew his father. His step-father Jacob Rasmusson married John's mother 1867, her name unknown.
Emelia "Emily" (Nilsson), 5-12-1862 - 9-20-1948, b. Ortafta, Sweden, d. Goldendale, Wa., wife of Olaf John Wilhelm Rasmusson and dau. of Christian Nilsson. Andrew William, 3-25-1892 - 6-15-1902, b. at Dot, Wa., son of Olaf John Wilhelm Rasmusson and Emelia Nusson. RAYMOND, Hiram A., 6-10-1861 - 1-19-1901, b. Spring Lake, Mich., d. at home near Cleveland, Wa. Married Sarah Bailey 1893. RICKETTS, Elizabeth (Hoffman), 7-20-1828 - 4-18-1899, b. Clay Co., Mo. Widow of William Ricketts and dau. of  A.H. Hoffman and Elizabeth Dunkin, both b. Kentucky. William, d. 1-30-1902, 56 yr., 5 mo., 6 days, son of William Ricketts and Elizabeth Hoffman. ROBBINS, George Campbell, 8-25-1866 - 4-26-1950, b. Detroit, Mich., d. Sunnyside, Wa., son of Jessie Robbins and Sarah.   Luella May (Varner), 11-16-1889 - 6-7-1954, b. Bickleton, Wa., dau. of Henry C. Varner and Pauline E. McCredy. ROLFE, Juanita, 1899 - 9-23-1902, b. Arlington, Ore., d. of pneumonia in Dot area, dau. of Theodore Moore Rolfe and Clare Elizabeth Marshall. ROZENE, John Larson 3-16-1851 - 5-2-1914, b. Sweden, d. Dot, Wa. RUNYAN, John Edmond, 1918 - 5-4-1919, 1 yr 24 da, son of John Edmond Runyan and Kathryn Alberta "Kate" Fish. SEELY, Virgil Owen, 1-14-1919 - 7-30-1924, b. and d. Sixprong, Wa., (Bickleton), son of Coe Owen Seely and Coe Owen Seely M. Elliott. SHANNON, John Alexander, 10-18-1867 - 12-12-1929, b. Eng., son of William Henry Shannon and Caroline Webster, both b. Ire. Robert Eugene, 10-23-1945 - 7-13-1972, b. Marfa Air Force Base Texas, d. near Prosser, Wa., son of Chester Ellsworth Shannon and Marjorie Lee Gamel, and grandson of John Alexander Shannon. SINCLAIR, John, 12-15-1828 - 6-4-1906, b. Ire., served in Civil War. Married 2-20-1869 Maria or Mariar (_?_). SINCLAIR, Maria or Mariar, Gillam McKein Dudley (last names very mixed up, perhaps married before) 9-6-1837 - 5-21-1898, b. Mo., m. in Mo. 2-20-1869 to John Sinclair. Johnnie, 8-15-1875 - 8-l-1886, l1 yr., 11 mo., 15 days, son of John Sinclair and Maria or Mariar. James Franklin, 6-28-1874 - 11-24-1937, b. Linn Co., Kansas, son of John and Maria. Married Nora Zumwalt 1901 at Goldendale, Wa. Nora (Zumwalt), 5-1-1881 - 6-9-1907, b. Kansas, dau. of John Zumwalt and Jane Hinkle, and wife of James F. Sinclair. SLATER, Stuart Eric, 8-15-1950 - 8-17-1950, b. Yakima, Wa., son of Max Slater and Kathryn Frostrup, and grandson of Eric Frostrup and Alta. SMITH, Rev. Milton N., 1832 - 6-10-1902, m. 1854 Cirrilda A. Ralston. Cirrilda A., (Ralston) 1-24-1837 - 8-1-1895, b. Ill., wife of Rev. Milton M. Smith. Leoan Ellsworth, d. 1-21-1903, age 5 yr., 7 mo., 11 days, dau. of Ellsworth Dwight Smith and Anna Sarah Long. SPAIN, five children of John Henry Spain and Rosa Adeline Barrett: Hattie Bell, d. 12-3-1907, age 12 yrs. Mary, 1897 - 1898 Willie, 1901 - 1901, d. as tiny baby Lillie, 1903 - 1904, d. of whooping cough Laura, b. Roosevelt, Wa. or near 1910 d. as baby STEWART, Clay Monroe, 1851 - 1-25-1920, b. Davis Co., Iowa, d. Portland, Ore., m. 1st Emma Farrar, 2nd 3-22-1888 Grace B. Collins. Two children first wife, five by second wife. Grace B. (Collins), 1859 - 1932, b. Iowa, second wife of Clay Monroe Stewart. Jay Byron, 7-11-1896 - 10-17-1928, son of Clay Monroe Stewart and Grace B. Collins. William Isaac, 2-3-1885 - 12-16-1915, son of Clay Monroe Stewart and Emma Farrar. STRICKLAND, Julia A. (Hooker), 9-7-1861 - 12-8-1923, b. Glynn Co., Ga., d. California, dau. of Thomas H. Hooker and Delana Elizabeth Harris. SWIFT, Hattie or Harriett (Johnson), 9-23-1878 - 11-12-1910, b. Blue Mound, Lynn Co., Kansas, d. Baker Ore., dau of Charles H. Johnson and Harriett Sinclair and wife of Justin Denton Swift. TALBERT, Louise, 1888, about 3 weeks, b. Cleveland, dau. of Thomas Newton Talbert and Nellie May Billington. Geda E., 6-6-1884 - 10-9-1909, b. Goldendale, Wa., sister Of Louise, above. TALBERT, Irene, 3-26-1890 - 11-13-1906, b. Mo., dau. of Charles Lewis Talbert and Mary Ellen Green, and granddaughter of William J. Talbert and Elizabeth Hull. Cousin of above. *  TERRY, Dr. Delos C. 2-12-1841 - 1-19-1901. THANE, Delma Alice, 4-1-1911-4-15-1917, b. Bickleton, Wa., dau. of Henry Thane and Jelia May Gaines. Henry, 8-19-1869 - 12-28-1952, b. Clay Co., Mo., son of Frederick Thane and Isabell Matthews. Isabell (Mathews) Estes, 7-27-1833 - 11-6-l909, b. Clay Co., Mo. Married 1st Mr. Estes, second May 1868 Frederick Thane. Mother of Henry Thane above. THANE, Jelia May (Gaines), 2-18-1878 - 10-4-1931, b. Lacygne, Kan., dau. of Anderson Talbert Gaines and Alice Augusta Weer. Married 11-5-1895 to Henry Thane. TRUMBO, Millie Augusta, 12-4-1904- 4-5-1905, b. Dot, Wa., dau. of Ira C. Trumbo and Maude Woods. TWITCHELL, Hiram G., 1821 - 7-15-1895 age 70 yr., 8 mo., 13 days, b. New Bedford, Ma., m. 1843 to Maria Dodge. Maria (Dodge), 1820 or 1822 - 6-2-1898 or 1897, dau. of Caleb Dodge and Abigail Grace ( ? ), and wife of Hiram G. Twitchell. VAN NOSTERN, David G., 6-13-1843 - 1-13-1891, 47 yr., 5 mo., m. 1st 1866 Milissa J. Thompson, 2nd 1884 Sarah A. Hooker. Dean A., 8-28-1898 - 1-10-1919, b. Cleveland, Wa., d. Mabton, Wa., son of William O. VanNostern and Almeda B. Collins. George Edwin, 2-7-1872 - 10-11-1948, son of David G. Van Nostern and Milissa J. Thompson. Married 12-12-1897 at Cleveland to Lulu Jane Beck. George Everald, 3-1-1904 - 12-29-1964, son of George Edwin VanNostern and Lulu Jane Beck. Isaac Roedell, 7-8-1901 - 3-1-1902, son of William O. VanNostern and Almeda B. Collins. James D., 4-20-1875 - 12-15-1905, son of David G. VanNostern and Milissa J. Thompson. Married 1901 Laura Morehead. Joseph Isaac, 3-12-1869 - 8-27-1946, b. Shedd, Ore., m. Lena Hansen. Son of David G. VanNostern and Milissa J. Thompson.
Lena (Hansen), 6-23-1880 - 6-8-1950, b. Sherman, Texas, d. at Yakima, Wa., dau. of Thomas Hansen and Elizabeth N. Lundorff. Wife of Joseph Isaac VanNostern. Lila L., 11-4-1893 - 10-16-1909, dau. of George Edwin Van Nostern and Lulu Jane Beck. Lula or Lulu Jane (Beck), 8-4-1878 - 9-28-1915, dau. of Charles Marion Beck and Etta Marget Johnson. Wife of George Edwin VanNostern. William O., 9-28-1867 - 12-21-1917, son of David G. VanNostern and Milissa J. Thompson. Married Almeda B. Collins 1898. VARNER, George E. "Wick", 1892 or 1894 - 1955, single, b. Yakima Co., Wa., son of Henry C. Varner and Pauline McCredy. Pauline E. (McCredy), 12-20-1852 - 10-29-1931, dau. of William Andrew McCredy and Elizabeth R. Beaman. Married 1887 to Henry C. Varner. VINCENT, George E., 2-1-1884 - 9-24-1892, b. Milton, Ore., son of Frank Pierce Vincent and Sybil D. Coley. * WALKER, Susan Barrett Please write Ada Whitmore, Bickleton, Wa. WARD, Albert Franklin, b. about 1913, d. as infant, son of Stephen Ward and Florence Alice Smith. Christopher Alfred III, 5-9-1908 - 11-20-1910, b. and d. at home near Cleveland, son of Christopher Ward II and Sarah Harriet "Bird" Bailey. Elvon Wesley, 5-3l-1904 - 2-10-1972, b. Bickleton, Wa., son of Stephen Ward and Florence Alice Smith. Florence Alice (Smith), 10-17-1882 - 3-14-1927, b. Rosetta, Colo., dau. of David Simpson Smith and Mary Eliza Paling. Wife of Stephen Ward. Mamie Gertrude, b. and d. at Bickleton 5-23-1916, dau. of Stephen Ward & Florence Alice Smith. Twin Minnie Grace survived. WARD, Oliver Preston, 1881 - 11-12-1881, 10 mo., Son of Christopher Ward and Thirza (Williams) Timms. Stephen, 10-29-1871 - 12-2-1952, b. Emporia, Kansas, d. at North Bonneville, Wa., son of Christopher Ward and Diantha Moore. WARREN, Simeon L., 3-8-1844-. 8-21-1924, b. Franklin Co., Maine, son of Samuel Warren and Joan Lamkin. Married 1st Lucinda White 1875 in Maine; second Augusta Jane Noblet 7-3-1883 Klickitat County, Wa.
Augusta Jane (Noblet), 8-14-1859 - 4-5-1906, b. Calif., dau. of William B. Noblet and Elizabeth Young. Second wife of Simeon L. Warren. Joseph "Fred", 11-29-1899 - 7-11-1923, b. near Cleveland, Wa., son of Simeon L. Warren and Augusta Jane Noblet. Married Ollie Grace Woods 1908 east of Goldendale, Wa. Fred Sherman, age 3 or 4 months about 1910, first child of Joseph "Fred" Warren and Ollie Grace Woods. Durward Warren, b. about 1911, d. April 1936, son of Joseph "Fred" Warren and Ollie Grace Woods. WEER, Alexander, 6-8-1837 - 5-1-1905, b. North Carolina, d. Jersey area south of Bickleton, unmarried, brother of William Weer. William, 2-18-1825 - 1-25-1912, b. Davidson Co., N.C., came to Klickitat Co. March 1886. Married 1850 Ill. to Mary L. Wier. Mary L. (Wier), 3-6-1831 - 3-13-1908, b. North Carolina, wife of William Weer. WEST, Carrie P., 1-7-1873 - 10-3l-l911, 38 yr., 9 mo., 24 days, single, sister of Thomas West. Thomas M., 9-3-1857 - 1-18-1907, brother of Carrie P. West. WHERRY, Charles May, 5-21-1853 - 1-7-1926, 72 yr., 7 mo., 17 days, b. Marshalltown, Iowa, d. Goldendale, Wa., son of Major Wyatt A. Wherry and Roenna Josephina Hill. Married 1-27-1879 to Nancy Agness Miller. Nancy Agness (Miller) "Nannie", 3-18-1859 - 2-6-1911, 51 yr., 10 mo., 22 days, b. Scio, Ore. Terr., d. Dot, Wa., dau. of Rev. Samual Thomas Miller and Mary Elizabeth Gibbins. Wife of Charles May Wherry. William W., 6-23-1850 - 1-15-1896, 46 yr., 3 mo., 23 days, b. Marshalltown, Iowa, d. at home in Dot, Wa., son of Major Wyatt A. Wherry and Roenna Josephina Hill. WOODS, Alfred Otis, 6-20-1847 - 5-3-1929, 81 yr., 10 mo., 13 days, b. Willamette Valley, Ore, d. Goldendale, Wa., son of Joseph Wareham Woods and Martha Jane White. Married 11-18-1872 Martha Caroline Soper. Civil War Pvt. D I ORG INF from 25 Nov 1865 to 16 Jan 1866. Joseph Wareham, 6-18-1813 - 2-20-1907, b. Westborough, Mass. Married 1845 Martha Jane White, probably in Oregon. Sailor for 7 yrs. Lillian Rosannah (Johnson), 7-25-1883 - 9-30-1904, dau. of Joel F. Johnson and Josephine Beck. Married Ellis Leroy Woods 1-3-1904. Margaret Jemima (Seely), 11-26-1907 - 8-22-1942, 34 yr., 8 mo., 27d., Dau. of Johnathan Owen Seely and Launa J. Benbow. Married Claude Calvin Woods 2-7-1923, Goldendale, Wa. WOODS, Martha Caroline (Soper), 7-4-1854 - 2-23-1928, b. S of Portland, Ore., dau. of Rheuben Soper and Triphena Priscilla Powers. Wife of Alfred Otis Woods. Martha Jane (White), 3-12-1828 - 6-2-1905, b. Eng., grew up in Canada, dau. of Richard White and Caroline Rider. Wife of Joseph Wareham Woods. Richard Arthur, 11-6-1875 - 9-24-1914, b. Klickitat County, Va., d. Lyle, Wa., son of Alfred Otis. Woods and Martha Caroline Soper married Hazel Josephine Glass 12-27-1906. Rosa Mae (Phipps), 7-25-1883 or 8-15-1874 - 1904 or 7-29-1903. Dau. of Larkin Phipps and Mary. Wife of John Sherman Woods, son of Joseph Wareham Woods and Martha Jane White. Virgil Butler, d. 5-11-1909, age 2½ yrs, son of Richard Arthur Woods and Hazel Glass. William Wareham, 12-7-1873 - 10-21-1905, b. Klickitat Co., Wa., son of  Alfred Otis Woods and Martha Caroline Soper. Married Jennie Loftin 9-13-1884 at Waitsburg, Wa. *  WRISTEN, Nellie Mude (Snodgrass), d. 3-13-1897, age 23 yr., 5 mo., 5 days Dau. of Alvin Snodgrass and Ann Noland. Wife of Emmet N. Wristen. ZUMWALT, Emma Jane (McClimans), 3-30-1866 - 11-3-1911, b. Wisconsin, d. 1 mi. S. of Cleveland, Wa. First wife of James Monroe Zumwalt. She was teacher in Enterprise 1913-14.                    James Monroe, 9-20-1860 - 12-20-1915, b. Missouri, d. at Albany, Ore. Married first, in Kansas, Jane McClimins, second Mrs. Jeanie Ryerse in 1912 or 1913. He was a farmer S. of Bickleton, Wa.

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