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The Goldendale Sentinel, Goldendale, WA., June 25, 1964, page 11


     A large crowd of residents, former residents and friends of the Bickleton community heard Kenneth D. Jensen, principal speaker at the Alder Creek Pioneer association picnic praise the early pioneers of that community.
     Jensen paid tribute to the early pioneers and stated that the Bickleton community was settled by men who wanted to break away from the congestion of the east and establish individual freedom and who were far sighted enough to want the same for their children.
     "The early pioneers word geniuses," according to Jensen, "in the way they had foresight enough to establish a community of independence and freedom with the ability to stand up and be heard and leisure time enough to keep up with the world affairs."
     This heritage has been passed down, according to Jensen and those in the community or those that leave the community and have the benefit of this heritage which makes them better fitted for modern life.
     Music for the program was furnished by the Grandview high school band under the direction of Curtis Mohr.
     H.O. Wilson, president of the association gave the welcoming address.
     Mrs. Chloe Walling, read the memorial and gave the following list of pioneers who had passed on since the last picnic: Russell William Shattuck, Clarence William Crider, Eugene Samueal Mason, Mrs. Anna Sigler Brockman, Frank Graham, Mrs. Pearl Leona Smith Lord, Barney Roberts, Charles R. Montague, Cecil C. Wilson, Cecil Lyle Mains, Chris Hansen, Warren J. Wedgwood, Charles E. Mains, Paul Faulkner, Hugh Sinclair, Harold E., Jackson, Arthur Bailey, Arthur Wagner, Mrs. Bonnie Belle Robertson Goodrich, Mrs. Nellie Carter Balenger, Mrs. Winona Jeff Kays, Henry W. Sledge, Mrs. Nellie Hause Macy, Mrs. Pearl Sharpe, Mrs. Jessie Lusby Fuhrman, James G. Fowler, Mrs. Mattie Brower, Mrs. Florence Gill, Rev. George F. Graham, Mrs. Ethel Rae Shattuck Church, Mrs. Claudia Patterson Hoffman, James G. Hoisington, Raleigh Timothy Beeks and Leo Schafer.
     Two brothers and a sister born in Bickleton were the oldest pioneers at the picnic. Mrs. Edith Graham Burwell, Yakima, Bert Graham and Roy Graham, Seattle, where the child …….. Graham who homesteaded near Bickleton in 1872. Another old timer, Bill Bedford came from Anchorage, Alaska to attend the picnic.
     Eli Kornblum, president of the Luxor Lighting Products Inc., New York City presented W.O. Wilson with a personal invitation from the Mayor of New York City to the people of Bickleton to attend the world fair this summer. Wilson also received the traveling past president plaque, his name being the 53rd name to be inscribed on the plaque.
     George Klein, Goldendale, received a plaque awarded to him for his many years service to the association at their annual picnics.
     Musical selections were given by Mrs. William Meyer, accompanied by Mrs. Roy E. Van Nostern and Wes Boardman, accompanied by Mrs. Milner Larson.
     Winners of the afternoon rodeo events were: Barrel race: 1st, Shirley Dickerson; second, Maidie LaPoerre.
     Calf roping: Pete Pederson, Ken Thompson.
     Saddle bronc riding: Buzz Seely, Norman Goree.
     Cow riding: Roy Van Belle, Kent Oswalt.
     Bareback riding: Bob Conforth, Don White.
     Races: Ed Oswalt, Ken Oswalt, Ken Rucker, Nedalita Tillequots, Don Mock.
     The evening program closed with a dance attended by a large crowd.

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