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The Klickitat County News, Goldendale, WA., January 10, 1935, page 7

Leaves Many Children Well Known in Goldendale-Centerville Locality

     Mrs. William Mulligan who was born in Wexford county, Ireland January 1, 1851, came to the United States at the age of 14 years. She married William Mulligan in New York August 15, 1873, and soon after moved to San Pablo, California. Nine years later she moved to Klickitat county where she resided until 1917.
     Mrs. Mulligan was the mother of fourteen children, ten of whom survive. On account of ill health she moved to San Diego, California in 1917 and where she established her home, living there till the time of her death, Friday, December 28, 1934.
     Those remaining are Myles Mulligan, Heppner, Ore., Jack Mulligan of Centerville, Martin Mulligan of Oregon City, Ore., Tom Mulligan of El Centro, Cal., Ed Mulligan of Oakland, Cal., Laughlin Mulligan of Denver, Col., Mary Ann and Kate Mulligan of San Diego, Cal., and Julia Morgan Butler of San Diego, California.
     Mrs. Mulligan, according to statements by her daughters, enjoyed her life fully till the last, particularly taking an active interest in politics and football. Death came as a result of a heart ailment.

The Goldendale Sentinel, Goldendale, WA., January 3, 1935, page 1


     As the leaves fall from a tree after the fall frost, another old-timer has succumbed to the lure of the receding dust in the dim trails of pioneer days.
     The death of Mrs. Anna (Doyle) Mulligan, occurred at the family home, 4112 Ingalls St., San Diego, Cal., Friday, December 28, 1934, as the results of a stroke.
     Anna Doyle was born in Wicklow county, Ireland, January 1, 1851. Had she lived until New Year's day she would have been exactly 84.
     At the age of 17 she came to the United States with her parents, the family locating in the state of New York. In 1874 she married William Mulligan, a native of Dublin, Ireland, in New York. That same year they went to California locating at San Pabalo. Having heard of the wonderful Klickitat valley in Washington territory they decided to come here, arriving during the month of August in 1883.
     After looking the country over they selected a homestead location in the lower valley, where the old stage road to The Dalles winds out of the hills for a final descent to the level of the prairie. The site was selected partly because the view obtained reminded them of the rugged scenery in their native Ererald Isle.
     In the early days of horse drawn vehicle travel, the Mulligan ranch was a stopping place for nearly all travelers coming or going on the way passage from the lower valley to the Columbia river. Irish hospitality extended was a great boon to many cold and weary travelers, who enjoyed the warmth, comfort and cheery wit to be found there. In this way Mrs. Mulligan became perhaps one of the most widely known women of pioneer days in central Washington.
     Born in the faith, she remained a devout Catholic during her long span of earthly existence. In many of the gloomy days, brought about by the vicissitudes and hardships of life on the frontier, she always turned to her rosary and prayer book for solace.
     After 34 years as a farmer and stockmen and the Klickitat Valley, William Mulligan decided to return to California. The family moved to San Diego in 1917. William Mulligan succumbed there in 1920. He is buried at Goldendale.
     Twelve children, 8 boys and 4 girls, made such a large family that many travelers thought the Mulligan ranch was a school house, when the children were small. Ten of the children are still living. James Mulligan was killed in a stock train wreck near North Platte, Neb., in 1913. William Mulligan, associated with his father in the range sheep business for many years, died near Fallbridge in 1917, both are buried at Goldendale. Surviving sons and daughters are: Anna M., Mary L., and Catherine Mulligan, Mrs. Claude Butler, all of San Diego, Cal.; Thos. F. Mulligan, Brawley, Cal.; Edward A. Mulligan, Oakland, Cal.; Laughlin D. Mulligan, Denver, Colo.; Myles N. Mulligan, Heppner, Ore.; Martin H. Mulligan, Oregon City, Ore.; John M. Mulligan, Centerville, Wash. Nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren also survive.
     Funeral services will be held in the local Catholic church tomorrow, with interment in the Goldendale Catholic Cemetery.

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